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Trek Through the Scriptures

Trek Through the Scriptures

By Zion Lutheran Church
Join Pastor Tom Marcis and Vicar Aidan Moon as they journey through the Scriptures in the year 2022, in conversation and preaching. Each week, they will reflect on the upcoming daily readings, giving you fresh perspective to guide your reading and help you approach the text, and sermons that apply Biblical themes and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for you.
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Episode 4: The Exodus From Egypt
Power-hungry dictators, babies in baskets, burning trees… Exodus is a wild story, with larger-than-life characters and images of God’s power. In the midst is the picture of a faithful God and his plan for his people. Join us this week as we continue our trek, seeing how God calls individuals to serve his purposes, specifically the prophet Moses. God uses this seemingly unqualified man to do his will, and ultimately to demonstrate his power over all other powers by rescuing his people from slavery and bringing them into new life.
January 17, 2022
Episode 2b: God the Covenant Maker
Join us as we hear the good news of Jesus Christ and the promise of a savior through the lineage of Abraham.
January 14, 2022
Episode 3: God's Chosen Family
God chooses. It’s just what he does! As we continue our trek this week, join Pastor Marcis and Vicar Moon as they discuss the family that God chose to carry his promises for the world. This week we hear of how God is faithful, even to a dysfunctional family and through painful and uncomfortable stories. Ultimately, we will hear how even that which man intends for evil, God ultimately uses for his own good purpose. Join us as we continue to hear how God fulfills his promises of deliverance for his chosen family.
January 10, 2022
Episode 1b: God's Plan of Salvation
Join us as we hear the good news of Jesus Christ and his story of salvation. This sermon is meant to accompany Episode 2: Creation, The Fall, and the Covenant with Abraham. Have a great week! 
January 05, 2022
Episode 2: Creation, The Fall, and the Covenant with Abraham
Join us as we go through our first week of reading! We start this week in Genesis, reading chapters 1-28. Happy New Year!
January 03, 2022
Episode 1: Reading the Scriptures
Listen as Pastor Marcis and Vicar Moon introduce the Trek Through the Scriptures for the year 2022. Get your tools and your resources ready for our trek!
December 27, 2021
The Song of Mary
Singing and music in general is big part the Advent/Christmas season. But why do we sing? Why do we celebrate freely in this month of December? A local FM station has been playing only Christmas music for the past several months. And do you know what most Christmas music is all about? It is about Jesus – The Savior of the World!! Yes, we sing of a baby, but we also sing of the salvation of the World. We sing of God’s involvement in the world. Our Text for today speaks of the reality of uncontrolled singing. Mary sings and rejoices in song and teaches us much about our God and just how He breaks in on our reality! The call is to sing! Yes, to sing with Mary, to SING, to CELEBRATE, and to WORSHIP. It is a call to change our focus from merely our circumstances and ourselves to our lovely and caring God. So, what is Mary’s Song? Mary’s song is a song of Praise (vs 46-49). Mary’s song is a song of Purpose. Mary’s song is a song of Promise. It is time to sing! It is time to celebrate. God is to be praised. God has a purpose. God has fulfilled his promise. Are you singing! Are you rejoicing? Sing Mary’s Song!!
December 22, 2021
What Will It Take for You to Have a Merry Christmas?
Pastor Tom Marcis preaches on Philippians 4:4-5, and how we can find true joy amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy season.
December 15, 2021