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Mind-Body Clarity the plant-based lifestyle podcast

Mind-Body Clarity the plant-based lifestyle podcast

By Zoe Zuniga
Mind-Body Clarity is about healing lifestyle diseases and losing weight with plants, meditation, herbs, and natural supplements. Get free from big Pharma and processed food addictions
Cover art photo provided by Vadim Gromov on Unsplash:
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Public Health Experts Call for Help Preventing The Root Cause of Covid-19
Learn simple steps you can take to protect your family from future epidemics! For reserach links  go to Mind-Body Clarity Public health experts have been warning us for decades that intensive animal agriculture is the origin of most of our communicable diseases and that we need to change the food system fast: Margret Chan Director General of WHO at the 69th World Health Assembly called animal agriculture one of three “slow motion disasters” that will soon “reach a tipping point where the harm done will be irreversible.” Focus on a vaccine is just a band aid when the root cause is staring us in the face from our plates
April 25, 2020
How to End a Weight Loss Plateau on a Plant-Based Diet
 All material provided at is for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as medical advice or recommendation. Any and all health conditions should be addressed by a medical doctor or another appropriate medical professional.   Get all the links I mentioned at Mind-Body Clarity on the Weight Loss Plateau article page  Weight loss plateaus are natural Eating a plant-based whole-food diet can mean rapid weight loss at first. Your body is eager to dump toxins built up in the tissues and colon. The high-fiber in plant foods helps carry away toxins rapidly and help you feel much more satiated with fewer calories. You may also lose a lot of water weight early on if you cut back on salt consumption. What I learned: Weight loss plateaus are natural Higher nutrients and fiber equal fast initial weight loss Reduce stress to lose weight more easily More raw foods can aid in speeding up weight loss More exercise is not exactly the answer Eating the right fats and essential fatty acids is important Eat complex carbs instead of processed sugars and powders works best Smoothies could be making you fat The right kind of protein and the right amounts are important Detoxification might be necessary for weight loss Intermittent fasting can help along with a whole-foods diet
March 28, 2019
Does a Plant-Based Whole-Food Diet Cause Orthorexia?
Read more at  Mind-body Clarity If you don’t conform to the standard diet does it mean you have a new disease called “orthorexia”? To me, orthorexia is a made-up term to justify getting us to consume more processed foods and feel ok about it. Yes, there are eating disorders where people starve themselves or become obsessed or binge and purge, etc. But eating a healthy diet of unprocessed foods and whole-plants is not a new disease called “orthorexia” Our culture has gone off the deep end with using food as a drug and making processed, chemicalized and extreme foods commonplace. Why would you want to put poison in your body when it only takes a few weeks of abstinence to lose all desire to eat that stuff?
March 11, 2019
Are Your Gut Bacteria Making You Fat?
 Can you really lose weight by changing your gut health? Check out the links at Mind-Body Clarity to find out how you can get your gut to behave Diets that are low in fiber and high in processed flour and sugar can cause gut bacteria dysbiosis or imbalance. Certain molds, fungi, and parasites can influence what we crave and cause us to want refined foods like sugar and flour because these guys thrive on foods that don't make us feel good and keep us fat. It doesn't seem logical that we crave these foods when we know they are bad for us but it isn't our fault. The good news... Once you correct your microbiota imbalances you can start to lose weight and keep it off more easily because you are less likely to overeat. For years I was being pushed around by tiny microscopic bacteria that lived in my gut but I didn't know it I used to have a craving for sweets every night after dinner and sometimes during the day too. After a healthy lunch or dinner, I would get this craving for more food even though I was full. And it was always the wrong kind of food. If I didn't follow the commanding thought in my brain to go out and walk over to whole foods 4 blocks away and buy some Haggen Daz swiss vanilla chocolate almond ice cream or some processed bread or cookies, or muffins or something unhealthy the thought would get more insistent. It was very hard to resist.
March 3, 2019
Mind-Body Clarity Plant Based Life Style Blog: Empower Yourself
Mind-Body Clarity is a blog about healing chronic lifestyle illnesses like obesity, diabetes, depression etc, and losing weight with a plant based plant  strong lifestyle. Get free of big pharma and untie yourself from processed food addictions. It's your birthright to be healthy and happy and so you have the energy you need share your unique self with all of us.
February 26, 2019