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By Zuzana Zuzi Sochova
#AgileWay Podcast is exploring challenges organizations face on their agile journey. How to become a great ScrumMaster, how to change your leadership style, or how to embrace agility at the organizational level.
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Great ScrumMaster
Great ScrumMasters are rare. Not because it is too difficult to become a great ScrumMaster, but because there is not enough advises on how to become one. In this episode we focus on what is the landscape where the great ScrumMasters operate defined by the #ScrumMasterWay concept. On their leadership journey ScrumMasters need to become Catalyst leaders, be able to empower people, create a collaborative and creative cultures, and work with networks and teams, not just individuals.
June 8, 2021
In this episode I have a pleasure to talk with my third guest in this podcast Marsha Acker, the author of the The Art & Science of Facilitation book. Marsha is a founder of Team Catapult and she is one of the most passionate people about facilitation I know. We have a lot in common, we collaborated on several occasions, and she was always my inspiration on a field on facilitation. This quote resonates with me a lot: “Inside every person is a great leader just waiting to emerge.” Let’s hear more about facilitation and leadership from Marsha on this episode of the #AgileWay Podcast.
June 1, 2021
ScrumMaster State of Mind
In this episode I talk about the ScrumMaster State of Mind concept focusing on the five approaches, ScrumMasters can use in different situations. There is no one right approach to react on any situation, to be successful, ScrumMasters need to experiment with different approaches, and challenge their habits.
May 25, 2021
System Inspired Leadership
In this episode I have a pleasure to talk with my second guest in this podcast Marita Fridjhon the co-owner and CEO of CRR Global. CRR Global is the first ICF accredited systems-inspired coach training provider and the creator of the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. I joined the ORSC series a few years ago and it was an eye opener for me as it literally changed the way I work and approach things. It allows me to address challenges organizations face at different level, be able to work with not only teams, but organizations and leaders and later on create the Certified Agile Leadership development program and wrote my new book The Agile Leader. Marita and her work is my inspiration from then and I keep following her talks, podcast and books.
May 18, 2021
Agile HR
In this episode I talk about the change of the HR in agile organization. Agile HR helps organizations to change their culture to be more creative and collaborative and less control and compete oriented. They are here to create best employee experience from the first contact, through day1, support their growth, motivation, and increasing their value to the organization.
May 11, 2021
Business Agility
In this episode I have a pleasure to talk with my first guest in this podcast Evan Leybourn the founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute. We talked about how to work with communities, what aspects are important in modern organizations, and how business agility is needed to help you be ready to whatever future brings.
May 4, 2021
You are a leader
In this episode I talk about the change required from the organizations to successfully address the VUCA challenges. We explore the business agility and the shift organizations need from the leaders on their agile journey.
February 23, 2021