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15 Minute time limit: The wrestling podcast

15 Minute time limit: The wrestling podcast

By 15 Minute Time Limit
Like the title says, each daily episode will be with a 15 minute time limit!
Wrestling reviews, news, opinions and whatever else will fit within those 15 minutes!
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S1E44: No TLC, G1 record breaking, Full Gear card leaked? IInspiration at BFG!

15 Minute time limit: The wrestling podcast

S1E44: No TLC, G1 record breaking, Full Gear card leaked? IInspiration at BFG!

15 Minute time limit: The wrestling podcast

S1E63: Turning Point, Survivor Series, Raw, NXT, Dynamite reviews!
This is one of the most jam packed episodes EVER! It features reviews of: Impact Turning Point! WWE Survivor Series! WWE Raw! NXT 2.0!  AEW Dynamite! For more, check out
November 26, 2021
S1E62: more WWE releases, Survivor Series predictions
On this episode: New WWE releases! Survivor Series predictions! Visit
November 21, 2021
S1E61: NXT review, AEW preview
On this episode: NXT2.0 review AEW Dynamite preview!
November 17, 2021
S1E60: Go home Raw before Survivor Series review!
Its a full on rant! The go home Raw episode before Survivor Series ended in a way that made my blood boil! Listen to the full review anywhere:
November 16, 2021
S1E59: AEW Full Gear review!
Longer than usual episode: full AEW Full Gear review!
November 15, 2021
S1E58: Raw, NXT & Dynamite review!
On this episode: WWE Raw review! WWE NXT 2.0 review! AEW Dynamite review - go home show for Full Gear! Want to be a part of a special Full Gear predictions episode? DM me on twitter! All links -
November 12, 2021
S1E57: Survivor Series RANT!
On this episode you will hear me RANT about the Survivor Series "build" this year. Announcing the teams via Twitter?  Not announcing other matches? Yeah - steps in the WRONG direction! To see all the places you can listen to this podcast, go to
November 8, 2021
S1E56: Mass WWE firings
This episode sucks. Losing your jobs sucks. Good luck to everyobe who got fired!
November 5, 2021
S1E55: Raw, NXT & Dynamite reviews!
On this episode: WWE Raw review! NXT2.0 review! AEW Dynamite review! And - will we have some more firing today from the WWE? All platforms:
November 4, 2021
S1E54: The Rotunda brothers!
On this special episode, I talk about Windham and Taylor Rotunda, FKA Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas! Make sure you vote on the poll on Spotify! All platforms:
November 1, 2021
S1E53: Impact, Smackdown, Rampage reviews!
On todays episode: Impact review! Smackdown review! AEW Rampage review! Go to for all the places to listen
October 30, 2021
S1E51+52: Double Episode! NXT, AEW, ROH!
On todays DOUBLE episode: NXT Halloween Havoc review! AEW Dynamite review! ROH closing! Go to for all the places to listen
October 28, 2021
S1E50: Raw season premiere review, NXT Halloween Havoc preview
WOW! 50 episodes already!  Raw season premiere review!  NXT Halloween Havoc preview! Check out all the podcast options to listen to this podcast at
October 26, 2021
S1E49: My birthday! Also: Impact new, Charlotte vs Becky, Carmella and Corey
On this episode: Happy birthday to me! What other wrestlers were born today? Carmella and Corey got engaged! Becky and Charlotte news keep on coming! And who was supposed to be at BFG but wasn't? Check out all the podcast options to listen to this podcast at
October 25, 2021
S1E48: Bound For Glory and Dynamite reviews!
On todays episode: Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory review! AEW Dynamite review! Go to for all the places to listen
October 24, 2021
S1E47: Smackdown, Rampage, BFG, Dynamite
What a stacked episode! WWE Smackdown after Saudi review! AEW Rampage review! Bound For Glory preview! AEW Dynamite preview! Check out all the podcast links at
October 23, 2021
S1E46: WWE Crown Jewel review, G1 finals.
On todays episode: WWE Crown Jewel review! G1 finals! Bound for Glory! Go to for all the places to listen
October 22, 2021
S1E45: Impact review, Friday night wars update
On this episode! Impact review! Friday night wars update! And a special, Spotify only poll! Go to for all the places to listen
October 15, 2021
S1E44: No TLC, G1 record breaking, Full Gear card leaked? IInspiration at BFG!
On today's episode: No WWE TLC this year! A record was broken in the G1 tournament in NJPW AEW Full Gear card leaked by TK himself? And what will IInspiration do at Bound For Glory? Go to for all the places to listen
October 14, 2021
S1E43: NXT 2.0 review, Friday night wars, RVD
On this episode: NXT 2.0 review, not enough Bron Breakker! Friday night wars will be WILD this week! RVD with a great and funny tweet! Go to for all the places to listen
October 13, 2021
S1E42: WWE Raw review, Heels on STARZ season review
On todays episode: WWE Raw review! Heels on STARZ season review! Go to for all the places to listen
October 12, 2021
S1E41: GCW, SHIMMER, Alex Shelley, Carmella and more!
This is an independent episode... almost! See what I did there? Today we talk about: GCW, Moxley, Gage, Cardonna. SHIMMER: Kimber Lee, Marti Belle, Heather Monroe, Charli Evans. Alex Shelley: champ of the indies! Carmella: beautiful indside and out! To all the platforms you can listen, check: And answer the question below, if you listen on Spotify!
October 11, 2021
S1E40: Impact's Knockout Knockdown review!
Womens Wrestling RULES! A full episode only about Knockout Knockdown, the PPV from Impact wrestling. Who won? How was it? And what was the big surprise in the end? Listen on your favorite podcast platform!
October 10, 2021
S1E39: Smackdown, KOTR, QOTR, Rampage, KO KnockDown
What a JAM PACKED episode! 🤜 Smackdown review! 👑 King and Queen of the Ring predictions! 🤜 AEW Rampage review! 👸 Knockouts Knockdown! To all the platforms you can listen, go check:
October 9, 2021
S1E38: Aew Dynamite review, AJ Lee is back, Tessa Blanchard is back!
On todays episode: AEW Dynamite 2 year anniversary rview! AJ Lee back in the wrestling bussiness! And so is Tessa Blanchard! Go to for all the places to listen
October 7, 2021
S1E37: WWE NXT review, AEW Dynamite 2 year anniversary preview
On todays episode: WWE NXT review! AEW Dynamite 2 year anniversary preview! Go to for all the places to listen
October 6, 2021
S1E36: WWE Draft night 2, RAW review, WWE women tag division rant
On todays episode: WWE Draft night 2! Raw review! State of WWE Women tag division (spoiler: bad!) Go to for all the places to listen.
October 5, 2021
S1E35: Raw draft preview, my 1st PPV ever!
On todays episode: WWE Draft night 2 preview! My 1st ever PPV, which was it? And how Adam Cole reacted to Bobby Fish coming to AEW? Go to for all the places to listen.
October 4, 2021
S1E34: Rhodes to the top, DSOTR, more draft and more!
On todays episode: Rhodes to the top review! DSOTR FMW review! More draft! Braun Stroman update! Alicia Atout and Salina De La Renta on PPV! Go to to find all the platforms to listen!
October 3, 2021
S1E33: WWE draft night 1, Smackdown, Rampage
On todays episode: WWE Drafr night 1 results! WWE Smackdown review! AEW Rampage review! Go to
October 2, 2021
S1E32: Impact review, Nikki Bella, Mick Foley
On todays episode: Impact review! Nikki Bella's future! Mick Foley to appear but not in WWE! Go to
October 1, 2021
S1E31: AEW Dynamite review, was Bray Wyatt there? Plus - Impact KO Knockdown
On today's episode: AEW Dynamite in Rochester! Huge main event between Miro and Sammy Guevarra! Was Bray Wyatt there? And what do we know so far about Impact Wrestling's KnockOuts Knockdown? Listen on your favorite podcast app:
September 30, 2021
S1E30: NXT review and Dynamite preview!
On todays episode: WWE NXT review! AEW Dynamite preview! Epic fail with my predictions! Go to
September 29, 2021
S1E29: Raw review, NXT 2.0 predictions, Ronda has a baby!
On this episode! 👊 WWE Raw review: 3 title matches! 🔮 NXT 2.0 predictions: 3 title matches! 👶 Congrats to Ronda Rousey on her baby! All the podcast links:
September 28, 2021
S1E28: WWE Extreme Rules review
The whole episode is dedicated for WWE Extreme Rules 2021. Every match is detailed for your listening pleasure! Go to for all the places to listen to the podcast!
September 27, 2021
Special: WWE Extreme Rules predictions!
Join me, Corey, Bryan and Will for our Extreme Rules predictions!
September 26, 2021
S1E27: NJPW G1 nights 3+4, DSOTR Kanyon episode, be a guest!
Todaaaaay! 🇯🇵 NJPW G1 nights 3+4 results! 🌑 Dark Side of the Ring: Kanyon episode review 🪜🪑 Come be a part of our Extreme Rules prediction episode! Go to for all the places to listen!
September 26, 2021
S1E26: Smackdown&Rampage review!
Today on the episode! Smackdown review! Rampage review! Come be a guest on the podcast! Go to for all the places to find us!
September 25, 2021
S1E25: Impact, Kross&Scarlett, Stephanie McMahon, DMD on NXT?
Today on the episode: 👍 Impact review! 🎂 Happy birthday Stephanie McMahon! 💍 Congrats Karrion and Scarlett! 🦷 DMD almost on NXT? Yes, according to BAYBAY! Check out all the links for the podcast on
September 24, 2021
S1E24: AEW Grand Slam review!
On this episode: AEW Grand Slam Dynamite review! I go pretty in depth on every match of the show, so I have to time left for other stuff! #AEW #AEWGrandSlam For all the links of the podcast, go to
September 23, 2021
S1E23: NXT review, Bliss, AEW
Today: WWE NXT review! Alexa Bliss responds to fake news! AEW at Arthur Ashe tonight! Make sure to check out:
September 22, 2021
S1E22: Raw review, Owen Hart and AEW, Heels review, Naito hurt!
On today's episode! ✔️ WWE Raw mega episode review! ✔️ Heels episode 6 review! ✔️ AEW and Owen Hart foundation working together! ✔️ Naito hurt! Make sure to check:
September 21, 2021
S1E21: NJPW G1, Suzuki, Mickie+Veda+Melissa!
On today's episode! ✔️ NJPW G1, nights 1+2 reports! ✔️ Minoru Suzuki at a major US PPV! ✔️ Announce team for Impact's KO Knockdown! Make sure to check:
September 20, 2021
S1E20: Impact Victory Road review, TayJay get a new theme, Jade Cargill is a WOMAN, Extreme Rules?
On this episode: - Impact Wrestling Victory Road review! - WWE Extreme Rules PPV: with NO Extreme rules? - Jade Cargill responds to fans that she is a NATURAL WOMAN! - TayJay get a new theme? For all the social media and podcasts options:
September 19, 2021
S1E19: Smackdown, Rampage, DSOTR reviews!
On today's jam packed episode: - WWE SmackDown review! - AEW Rampage review! - Dark Side of the Ring: Plane ride from hell review! Make sure to check out all my links at:
September 18, 2021
S1E18: Impact review, Brock vs Roman, Bron Brakker, Heels, DSOTR.
On today's episode: - Impact review! - Roman vs Brock at Saudi! - Bron Brakker - Heels and Dark Side of the Ring! For all the links, go to
September 17, 2021
S1E17: AEW Dynamite review, Charlotte VS Bliss, Adam Cole, Big E
On this episode! - Full AEW Dynamite review for Sep. 15th episode. - Charlotte and Bliss feuding on social media - Adam Cole was NOT offered to be a manager - Big E: Loved by everyone! Follow the podcast on social media and podcast platforms:
September 16, 2021
S1E16: NXT 2.0 Review, Pete Dunne, the Suzuki incident
On this episode: The new NXT 2.0 - how was it? Who won the title? And was the wedding? News on Pete Dunne's contract! What this whole Suzuki incident about? Go follow the podcast on these links:
September 15, 2021
S1E15: Raw review, WWE Draft, NXT title, Bobby Fish
On this episode: WWE Raw review - Sep 13th episode! News and dates for the WWE draft! The NXT title situation - and who will be the next champion in my opinion! Whats new with Bobby Fish? For all the place and social media of the podcast:
September 14, 2021
S1E14: ROH DBD review, Samoa Joe giving up the NXT title, Orton VS Lashley on Raw!
In today's episode: Full review of Ring Of Honor Death Before Dishonor PPV! Samoa Joe giving up the NXT title! Lashley vs Orton moved to Raw! For all the links of the podcast, go to:
September 13, 2021
S1E13: Sunday NEWS! Bray, Braun, Buddy, AEW&WWE records, Duodrop and more!
This is a special episode! No shows or PPVs, so it's a bunch of news from the last day or so! Including: Bray Wyatt - Impact or AEW bound? Braun Stroman - Will he be in Impact? Buddy Murphy's next promotion will be NJPW? Doudrop getting married! And more! Go check out all the options you can listen and follow on Linktree:
September 12, 2021
S1E12: Smackdown&Rampage reviews, Brian Cage&Melissa Santos, women wrestling rant!
On this episode! WWE Smackdown review! AEW Rampage review! Brian Cage and Melissa Santos in the news! And more!
September 11, 2021
S1E11: Impact review, Adam Cole main roster plans, AEW rating better than Raw
On this episode! Impact Wrestling 9/9 review! Adam Cole BAYBAY main roster plans, had he stayed in WWE. And... AEW Dynamite beats Raw in the ratings!
September 10, 2021
S1E10: AEW Dynamite review, PWI top 500, HHH health update, Kevin Owens and more!
On this episode: AEW Dynamite 9/9 review! Triple H health update! Kevin Owens and Samy Zayn contract status! The top 10 of the PWI top 500 list! And more!
September 9, 2021
S1E9: NXT Review, Heels, BTE, Undertaker and more!
On this episode: ✔️ WWE NXT review: the last Black and Yellow episode! 👠 Heels review! 💯 BTE Review, episode 272! 👻 Undertaker on Nextflix? YES! And more!
September 8, 2021
S1E8: Raw Sep. 6 review, Bray Wyatt, Adam Cole BAYBAY and more
On this episdoe: WWE Raw Sep. 6th review. The last Adam Cole BAYBAY watch! Bray Wyatt and more!
September 7, 2021
S1E7: AEW All Out review! What a show!
What can I say folks? We may have seen the BEST PPV of the year! Join me in my detailed review of AEW All Out!
September 6, 2021
Speical: AEW All Out predictions, featuring you!
We're only hours away from AEW All Out 2021! I gathered some brave souls who sat down and gave us their predictions to the PPV. Yes, I also did my predictions! Tell me who do you think will win on my Twitter: Special thanks to everybody on this episode: Bryan, Corey, Nolan and Ms Bad Jedi
September 5, 2021
S1E6: NJPW, Gable Steveson and more!
On this episode: 🇯🇵 NJPW Wrestle Grand Slam 1 review 🖊️ Gable Steveson signs with WWE 🎵 how to be a guest on the podcast with your AEW All Out predictions And more!
September 5, 2021
S1E5: Smackdown, Rampgae, Adam Cole, Miz and a surprise!
We have a pretty jam packed episode today, folks! ✔️ Smackdown review ✔️ Rampage review ✔️ Adam Cole BAYBAY watch ✔️ Miz away from WWE ✔️ a big surprise announcment Enjoy, subscribe and share!
September 4, 2021
S1E4: RIP Daffney! Impact review, CM Punk, NXT and more!
It's a sad and tragic loss - Daffney Unger has died. We look at some highlights of her carreer and talk about what a true pioneer she was. Also, Impact Wrestling episode review, News about Vince and Bruce in NXT, What will CM Punk do on Rampage and more!
September 3, 2021
S1E3: AEW Dynamite review, the future of NXT, EC3 and more!
A jam packed episode today! I review the 100th episode of AEW Dynamite, the go home show for All Out! Plus, news regarding the future of NXT in the hands of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard. And what are Braun Stroman AKA Adam Scherr and EC3 up to? And more stuff, so lets get started!
September 2, 2021
S1E2: NXT review, Ruby Soho and more!
On the 2nd episode, we got NXT review with all the action from last night! Plus, whats going on with Ruby Soho, the former Ruby Riott? She dropped a few hints about her future on Twitter! And whats new with Adam Cole BAYBAY? Britt Baker DMD with an update! Hope you will enjoy the episode!
September 1, 2021
S1E1: reviewes of Raw, NWA Empowerrr, NWA73 and more!
Welcome to the 1st ever episode! In this episode, I will review Monday Night Raw (the great Priest-Sheamus-Drew match and the awful Nia-Charlotte match). I will tell you which NWA event was better in my opinion: Empowerrr or 73. And we will have a few words about AEW Rampage and Adam Cole BAYBAY! So what are you waiting for? Start listening!
August 31, 2021