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15 Minutes Of Fame

15 Minutes Of Fame

By CelebConnect
Your destination to learn from people that are passionate about their business and have an amazing story to tell. Are you ready to Elevate Your Expectations of what you thought was possible?
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030 - Networking On Purpose -

15 Minutes Of Fame

048 - Gratitude at Work - Steve Foran
On Episode 048 of The 15 Minutes of Fame podcast we decided to go a little crazy. We decided to record this LIVE on Facebook.   Check it out here: Luckily our guest this week is a brave and VERY smart person and is well versed in live presentations, thanks for coming on the show Steve Foran. Steve founded Gratitude at Work in 2007 and started hosting conversations in his community which have since grown into work with leaders across Canada and into the United States, shifting cultures, helping leaders and their teams bring more gratitude to work each day. So, if there was a time for more gratitude, now is the time! Here are 21 Tips to making a gratitude list from Steve. #15MinutesofFame #ElevateYourExpectations
April 03, 2020
047 - Pivoting - Mia Voss
We have been working on scheduling Mia Voss as our guest for months, and as you can see by her website below she is a very busy lady.   Mia is a Brand Ambassador and Lifestyle Blogger, as well she has a building inspection business.  What can't she do??? Our topic is very timely, as we were originally going to talk about Pivoting in your business.  In the age of COVID-19, where many industries and entrepreneurs are really unsure of what is going to happen, you have to be proactive.   Join Mia and Erica as they talk about how you can take advantage of this time for you and your business., and set you up for success! *We also at CelebConnect want to send our love to you, and wishes that we all can get though this together.  Stay healthy friends! Learn more about Mia Voss: #15MinutesOfFame Connect with Erica:
March 15, 2020
046 - Joy Thieves -
In this Episode we take our first trip to South Africa to chat with “Purposepreneur” Cherona D. Here is a little more info about Cherona: “So, who or what are you, exactly? I inhale and feel the weight of the answer. Will I be too much or too little? You see, I do not have a set job description. I have grown, evolved, grown again and I have continued to do so. I don’t fit the traditional mould. I have moved into the realm of influence where I was needed.” Join us as we talk about her journey as well as what she has named “Joy Thieves”. Check out her site: #ElevateYourExpectations
March 02, 2020
045 - OCD Awareness and becoming "UnStuck" - Chris Baier
Chris is a parent of a teenager with OCD.  For the last few years he has helped raise awareness for families and kids dealing with this disorder in an effort to expand access to resources and effective treatment.  Part of his work includes producing a film about kids with OCD called UNSTUCK:an OCD kids movie and creating the first digital OCD conference called OCDeconstruct. In this episode Chris shares how OCD became a passion, some tips for parents to help them and their kids, as well as some resources to help them.   Thanks for sharing your passion with us Chris! Keep up to date: #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
February 17, 2020
044 - The Legacy of The Mamba Mentality - Paul Bromby
Over the days following the horrific helicopter crash in California where 9 lives were lost, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter 13 year old Gianna, there has been an outpouring of grief and tears.  Obviously this shook the basketball world, but it really has effected many of us outside that world as well.   Why?   We wanted to bring on someone that would have first hand knowledge of Kobe and his legacy.  Paul Bromby is not only a lifelong Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan, he works as a Senior Producer at Sporstnet and was part of the team that had the difficult task of reporting this accident in real time.   He is here to share his thoughts on why so many have been impacted by this tragedy, while also explaining the legacy of Kobe and his Mamba Mentality in sports, in business and in life Our guest is,Paul Bromby:  Senior Producer - and Tim & Sid Lead Coach - New Horizon Basketball 1999 CIS Basketball Champion  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Paul #RIP #ElevateYourExpectations #WomenEmpowerment Our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the victims: Christina Mauser Ara Zobayan Sarah Chester Payton Chester John Altobellis Keri Altobelli Alyssa Altobelli Kobe Bryant Gianna Bryant
February 02, 2020
043 - Be Fierce -
Karen Dean is a speaker, entrepreneur, survivor and is one FIERCE lady.  In this episode, Erica and Karen talk about what you should expect to see when seeing her speak as well as some helpful tips to over coming and becoming who you were meant to be! "As a successful coach, speaker & author, Karen Dean leads a movement of brilliant women who are redefining resilience." Learn More: Please share this episode with someone that you know needs to hear Karen's message. #ElevateYourEvent #ElevateYourExpectations
January 24, 2020
042 - Make People Matter -
In this episode Erica spoke with Victoria Taylor all the way from the UK.  They discussed hospitality, experience design, Vikki's "why" and more that all speaks to her focus of making people matter. "For over 15 years I have helped those I work with to think differently and design and create unique experiences that deliver beyond expectations of just great performance and sales (those come naturally as a result of delivering exceptional experience). I help businesses to reach the heart as well as the mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that people want to feel with them time and time again." Learn more about Victoria Taylor: or Follow @VictoriaTayluk everywhere #ElevateYourExpectations #MakePeopleMatter #SubscribeNow
January 12, 2020
041 - Know Your Audience -
Today Erica sits down with Sara and Brent of Dashboard Living.  They are not your typical Travel Bloggers. So, what makes them different and what is their goal? "To provide inspirational travel experiences, showcasing our community, country and beyond with a focus on the people & cultures that make these places unique.  With sustainability and philanthropy leading the way, we strive to inspire dreams and live free." In this episode, these two share some great information about knowing your audience, as well as some great tips and takeaways.  The great thing about Dashboard Living is, what you see is what you get.  They are themselves, always, and after you listen to them for 5 minutes you understand why they have built such a loyal audience. Enjoy! For more info: #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
December 23, 2019
040 -Trying, Dying and Diversifying - Cliff Prang
Today we talk to Comedian, Emcee, Speaker etc.... Cliff Prang.  We caught up with Cliff at 7am from his home in British Columbia, and though it was VERY early he still had us laughing.  There are many things that make Cliff different than other speakers and comedians, as you will hear in this episode. "Even with the best intentions any event can end up feeling… so… boring. I take great pride and delight by infusing Funny, Freshness and Flow to any event without dropping the other F-word. Hire me to be your comedian, emcee or keynote speaker and we will have a Fantastic time." Learn more To inquire about hiring Cliff for your event, check out: #15MinutesOfFame #SpeakerSeries
December 01, 2019
039 - - Peter Anthony
Our guest this week is Peter Anthony, Maritimer at heart living in Toronto.  Peter has been working as a stand up comedian for almost twenty years, starting in clubs and moving to the corporate world.   "Some of Peter's credits include: Montreal's "Just for Laughs" Festival, CBC's "Halifax Comedy Festival," Toronto's "North by Northeast" Festival, CBC Radio's "The Debaters," and television appearances on The Comedy Network, MTV, and CTV's "Comedy Now." To learn more about what Peter would bring to your event: or visit
November 25, 2019
038 - Authenticity and Integrity -
Today we talk to Kayla Short, blogger, speaker, lifestyle expert and digital influencer.  In this episode we talk about the importance of being your true self online, as well as what Kayla thinks of the term "Influencer".   "Trained as a teacher, I hope to inspire my readers to live their best life possible whether it’s through a healthy (and delicious) recipe, or beauty and style advice. Motivated by kindness my goal is help others look and feel good both inside and out."  Read more.. Who do you follow for your food and fashion tips? Be sure to follow Kayla @ShortPresents everywhere. #15Minutes #ElevateYourExpectations
November 17, 2019
037 - The Multi Generational Workforce - Eddie Lemoine
For the first time, we had so much content that we had to record two episodes with guest, keynote speaker Eddie Lemoine.  This time we speak about The Multi Generational Workforce: "There is overwhelming research that shows bridging the generation gap leads to a much more productive and happy work environment. We have passed the point where training leaders to manage a specific generation (i.e. the Millennials) is in any way affect. To be truly effective as a leader it is critical to understand, manage and communicate across all generations." Read more: To inquire about hiring Eddie for your event: #ElevateYourEvent #15MinutesOfFame
November 04, 2019
036 - Bring about what you think about - Eddie Lemoine
The next episode in our Speaker Series, features Eddie Lemoine.  Eddie is a Canadian-born international author, keynote speaker, seminar leader and corporate trainer. He specializes in leadership, employee engagement, stress management, safety and the psychology of success. In this episode we talk about his best selling book "Bring About What You Think About" , and how Eddie began his speaking career.  As you will hear, Eddie is very passionate and we could have recorded two we did.  Episode 037 comes out next week ;) Enjoy! For more info about Eddie Lemoine: #ElevateYourEvent #15MinutesOfFame
November 03, 2019
035 - The Art of Bombing - Chip Ambrogio
This is another of our Speaker Series, and today we have Comedian Chip Ambrogio.  Chip not only has over 25 years of stand up comedy expererienc, he is a producer, writer and has worked in the corporate world.   He also teaches comedy.  A big fear of getting onstage as a comedian or a speaker is dealing with "bombing".  How to handle it?  Do you acknowledge it?  Do you run off stage screaming?   Chip has some great advice, and some fantastic stories to share.  Enjoy!!! #ElevateYourEvent Learn more about Chip:
October 18, 2019
034 - Being funny in a world where everybody gets offended - Davin Rosenblatt
In this episode our guest is Davin Rosenblatt.  Davin is a standup comedian and host of his weekly internet radio show Davin's Den.  In the show he and his cohosts Joe Currie and Pip Helix cover the most controversial topics of the day.  They also devote a portion of the show by taking on scammers, called  #ScamsTheScammers .  A very interesting concept, you have to hear about it. The main topic we covered in this episode is the challenge of being funny in a pc world where everyone is offended all of the time. Enjoy! #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
October 14, 2019
033 - Executive Assistance - Amanda Rainville
Today I talked to my friend, and former co worker Amanda Rainville.  Amanda is an Executive Assistant, and a VERY good one at that.  In this episode we discuss some misinformation around the career, how to become one, and most importantly how to become a GOOD one. Enjoy, and please share! For more information of the companies that Amanda works with, Check out: #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations
September 30, 2019
032 - - Todd McDonald
Caution, this episode WILL INSPIRE YOU.  Our guest this week is Todd McDonald of Energy Atlantica.  He and Erica talk about the importance of having a business with a purpose.  As Todd explains, it is not only good for your soul, it is good for the bottom line, and especially for attracting and keeping the best talent for your company. Todd and Energy Atlantica launched a charitable organization called Give To Live, and why did they launch it?  You will just have to listen and find out. Enjoy!! #ElevateYourExpectations
September 15, 2019
031 - The 1° Difference - Chris Gibson
Our latest episode is our second in our Speaker Series. This time we talk to Customer Service & Sales Expert Chris Gibson from BC. He is so service oriented he took some time from his travels to talk to us from his car on the side of the road in Alberta, now that is service! :) Chris is all about training large organizations about the importance of going above and beyond, or as Chris says, that 1° difference. Join Erica and Chris in this episode as they talk about how today customer service is more important than ever! #ElevateYourEvent #CelebConnectSpeakerSeries For more information about Chris Gibson
September 07, 2019
030 - Networking On Purpose -
Our guest this week on The 15 Minutes Of Fame is Menna Riley.  With over 20 years’ experience delivering effective, unforgettable events for her clients, Menna Riley is most passionate about developing experiences that transform communities and industries, inform, engage and get real results. Menna currently goes by Event Strategist, Speaker, Founder of Leading Ladies Networking and Festival Director for the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl – what a mouthful! Menna has so much on the go, and so much wisdom to share.  Enjoy the episode!!! To hear more about Menna and Leading Ladies Networking: To learn more about Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl: #ElevateYourEvent #ElevateYourExpectations
August 25, 2019
029 - The Least You Can Do - Adam Growe
Our first guest in our Speaker Series is Adam Growe.  For over 30 years, Adam  has been performing in radio, television and on-stage. In addition to hosting 8 seasons of Cash Cab Canada, Adam is a highly sought after event host and an accomplished stand-up comedian, starring in Just for Laughs, Comedy NOW!, COMICS!, and appearing on CBS’s, Star Search and Comedy Central’s, Premium Blend. In this episode Adam tells us how he got into the business, as well we hear about the philosophy that he now lives by, "The Least You Can Do".  After hearing Adam explain it,  maybe we all should be doing the least we can do :) For more info on Adam Growe: #15MinutesOfFame #ElevateYourExpectations #ElevateYourEvent
August 12, 2019
028 - The Grip Reaper - Nick Tomasi
In this episode Erica hosts our youngest guest so far on The 15 Minutes Of Fame podcast, Nick Tomasi.  Nick is an 18 year old inventor and creator of the no slip guitar pick The Grip Reaper.  In this episode they talk about how he came up with this idea, as well as some conversation around the power of music to help you through the good and bad times.  Enjoy! Check out the Grip Reaper Here: Listen to Reaper Remedy Here: #ElevateYourExpectations #15MinutesOfFame
July 26, 2019
027 - Outrageous Empowerment - Ron Lovett
On episode 027 Erica chats to long time friend and Co Founder of Celeb Connect, Ron Lovett.  Ron is a passionate entrepreneur, and rather than come up with something to say about Ron, we thought we would paraphrase a quote from his company website that sums him up quite nicely:   Ron Lovett is the outrageous and empowered founder of  He dedicates his life to helping organizations big and small with systems, tools and coaching.  He is a pretty snappy dresser too. You do not want to miss this episode, it is informative and very entertaining.   Thanks for joining us Ron! #ElevateYourExpectations Ron is also a featured speaker with Celeb Connect: **If you are interested in seeing the hiring video Ron speaks of in this podcast, check it out below.  It is both funny and genius.
July 13, 2019
026 - New Website Launch - With Erica & Adam
On this episode I sat down to discuss our BRAND NEW website with Adam of Caring Counts, who helps me with my social media, and he also produces this podcast.   We talked about the many reasons why our new site was necessary and what the new site has to offer.  I cannot wait for you to see it!!! Check out the new website here: #ElevateYourEvent #ElevateYourExpectations
June 24, 2019
025 - PJ Mäkinen -
In this episode we sit down with PJ Mäkinen of "Team Myles" powered by "Lifemark".  What is Team Myles?  "The Team Myles ambassador program is a special program within the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon that invites people who are pursuing lifestyle and fitness goals to band together and train for a 5KM or 10KM at the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon. This free program offers access to professionals who will work with you to set personal goals, and also provides opportunity to learn about exercise, running, technical gear, training, diet and nutrition from qualified professionals. Individuals will apply what they learn during weekly training sessions, and support one another as they work toward their fitness goals. Team Myles members also serve as Blue Nose Ambassadors, helping spread the Blue Nose word throughout the community." Join Erica and PJ as they talk about this amazing program, and we hear some of the success stories from this years Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon. About Lifemark: Get involved:  #ElevateYourExpectations
June 17, 2019
024 - Melissa - @RollinWithTheTumbleweeds
In this episode we talk to Melissa of     "We are a family of 5 that live in “George” our 35’ class A motorhome. Our goal is to learn by experiencing and take time to be together as a family. We roadschool and we travel... LOTS!" Melissa, just like our guest from an earlier podcast Sarah White, lives the RV Life with her family.  In this podcast we hear about lots of ups, and also the reality of living this lifestyle.  They really do love their life, but aren't afraid to share the "horror stories".   You can find some of those funny, and cringeworthy stories here:  Thanks for coming on the podcast Melissa #ElevateYourExpectations
June 01, 2019
023 - Kim Steele -
Our guest in this episode is Kim Steele of @ThePuffyBiscuit.  She has been blogging for 6 years, initially as a parenting blogger but now she shares family-friendly recipes that her family enjoys.   Join us in episode 023 as Kim shares her journey to becoming a food blogger, where the name "The Puffy Biscuit" came from as well as some great tips for those thinking of starting their own blog. #ElevateYourExpectations Check out:
May 27, 2019
022 - Sam Warshick -
In this episode we talk to  Marketing and Communications Professional Samantha Warshick.  We have known Sam for many years, and Non Profits and giving her time to help others has always been a passion of hers.  Listen as she tells us all about The Canadian Liver Foundation, and how you too can help make a difference. #ElevateYourExpectations
May 20, 2019
021 - Debbie Adams -
Our guest today is Coach and Speaker, Debbie Adams of People Can Training and Development.  Debbie has a pretty incredible story to tell, as her journey to entrepreneurship has taught her many lessons.  These lessons have given her the tools and knowledge to help new and "forced" entrepreneurs find their way to achieving success.  This episode is filled with tips and a ton of that Newfoundland Sass that only Debbie Adams can deliver. For more information: #ElevateYourExpectations
May 13, 2019
020 - Customer Discovery - Katelyn Bourgoin
In this episode we talk to growth strategist, trainer and expert on "Customer Discovery" Katelyn Bourgoin.  Katelyn helps product teams figure out who their best customers are and what triggers them to buy.   "Companies that invest in ongoing customer research grow 2-3X faster. Yet, studies show that only 3 out of 10 teams do it regularly — crazy, right?Many teams know they should be talking to more customers. Yet they’re constantly challenged with who to talk to, what to ask them, how to analyze the feedback, and how to share what they learn with their teams. I help product teams overcome these common hurdles." This conversation is full of great intel on how and more importantly why you should invest in customer research. Find Katelyn here: #ElevateYourExpectations
April 15, 2019
019 - Beyond The Cover - Charlie Toth
In this episode we host Author Charlie Toth.  He has written a book of poetry called "Eye Love You".  You may not think that Football and poetry go together, but within one minute of meeting him it all just makes sense.  Charlie is smart, kind and just wants everyone to #ShareTheLove.  Enjoy this episode, it is sure to make you smile! Thanks Charlie!!!! #ElevateYourExpectations
April 06, 2019
018 - Growing Your Business - Patty Howard
On this episode we talk to the incredibly inspiring and smart owner of Kitchen Door Catering, Patty Howard.  We recorded this episode in her brand new space at 110 Higney Ave in Dartmouth.  She has taken her business from a small kitchen with her Aunt, to a thriving innovative food business with up to 50 full time and part time staff that is growing every year.   So, when we thought, who should we talk to about how to grow your business?  The answer was pretty easy.  There are lots of great takeaways in this episode.  Enjoy! #ElevateYourExpectations *They also have amazing cooking classes in their brand new studio, for more info:
April 01, 2019
017 - The Podcastic Voyage - Scotty Mars
We first got to know Scotty Mars from his time on the radio.  He has hosted his own show, he has interviewed so many cool people and now he has launched his own podcast, "The Scotty Mars Podcast".  Scotty has some great stories to share, as well as some tips for those looking to start their own podcast. #ElevateYourEvent
March 27, 2019
016 - Get Your FIX - Brian Byrne
In this episode we talk to Brian Byrne, best known as the former lead singer of Canadian Rock Band "I Mother Earth".   However, as you will hear he has so much going on, and so much to share.  From Speaker, to Blockchain to the FIX Rewards app and his brand new band "Bonds Of Mara", this episode is full of great info and entertainment.   Enjoy!!! #ElevateYourExpectations
March 23, 2019
015 - Finding Your Story - Tina Capalbo
Today we sat down with Tina Capalbo of Lift Communication.  Tina is passionate about storytelling and works with small businesses to help them find their story.   In this episode we get some golden tips about creating compelling stories for your business. #ElevateYourExpectations
March 18, 2019
014 - Life Is Funny - Chip Ambrogio
On this episode we talk to Chip Ambrogio of "Outside The Box" and the Improv Business Training Company "Productively Funny".  We talk to Chip about how he got into comedy, answered the question "can anyone be funny", heard some great stories about the world of comedy as well as his night with Dave Chappelle. :) #ElevateYourExpectations
March 11, 2019
013 - Behind The Scenes - Krista Benoit
Our guest in this episode is here to talk about events, the good, the bad and the funny ;) Krista Benoit is the Owner of Ispark Consulting, and they are truly passionate about events... "What we don’t do is vanilla, status quo or beige … we prefer to invigorate rather than enervate (with ideas that are bold, powerful and stand out from the crowd)." Join us as we go behind the scenes of event life. #ElevateYourEvent
March 03, 2019
012 - Wearing Many Hats - Jenine Panagiotakos
On this episode we talk to Jenine of Many Hats. "Many Hats is a co-working space that promotes a community atmosphere, inspires harmony, protects health and wellness and stimulates growth through cross promotion and internal networking." Jenine and Erica talk about why she started her business, how it has changed, and the importance of evolving as an entrepreneur. #ElevateYourExpectations
February 23, 2019
011 - I Am Good Enough - Tracey Underhill
In this episode we host Tracey Underhill of  Tracey is a coach that helps you design and create inner and outer environments that propel you toward success.  The discussion today touched on many things, but the main message was in order to have true happiness and true success you have to know the answer to "Am I good Enough"?    The answer as you will hear, is YES, but it isn't always that easy. #ElevateYourExpectations
February 15, 2019
010 - Professional Confidence - James Dwyer
Entrepreneurship is hard, though there are lots of good times, we must find a way to fight through the tough times.  We sat down with Award Winning Halifax Real Estate Agent James Dwyer of  He has done an incredible job of building his business through social media and by building relationships.  It has not been easy, and as you will hear in this podcast it is on YOU to find a way to push through and succeed. #ElevateYourExpectations
February 11, 2019
009 - Humanity At Work - Jeff Chant
On this episode we hosted Jeff Chant of  Magnanimous.  Here is a sneak peak into what they do, and what Jeff and Erica speak about in this episode. "The solution to our performance pain is magnanimity – integrating our capacity and caring by bringing our humanity to work. It begins with awareness of ourselves and how we’re impacting others (and not how they are impacting us or the bottom line). The big-picture objective is to bridge the gap between the profit-focused and people-focused parts of our business (more typically, the hard and soft sides of operations and services)." For more information: #ElevateYourEvent
February 08, 2019
008 - Women Empowerment - Karen Dean
On this episode we have the amazing entrepreneur Karen Dean.  She is an advocate of women empowerment, kindness and so much more.  Her latest event is the "One Women Event" happening on February 5th, for more info or to buy your tickets: We are just scratching the surface of all of the good the Karen does.   Enjoy the inspiration! "One Girl Can Change the World!" #ElevateYourExpectations
February 02, 2019
007 - Listener Supported - Paul Lamb
We all listen to music, we all love music, and we all have our favourite artists that we like to play.  But, what is the best way to support these artists in todays world? We sat down with one of our favourite local musicians Paul Lamb to talk about the release of his upcoming album "The Prize".  We chatted about where he got his talent, his writing process, how we can support our favourite artists and he treated us with one of his incredible songs from the album. Enjoy!!! ps We even got a taste of the song that he wrote for his son Mason, break out the tissues. ;)
January 28, 2019
006 - The Accidental Entrepreneur
On our latest episode we host Jen MacDougall of "Cake Therapy".  Imagine, a cupcake for every feeling?   Jen and Erica not only talk about her amazing business, but also how she became an Accidental Entrepreneur. There are lots of GREAT tidbits in this podcast, enjoy! #ElevateYourExpectations http.:// Follow: @CakeTherapyNS
January 24, 2019
005 - Find Your Cause - Nicole Barron
This time we sat down with Nicole Barron of The Arthritis Society for her 5 Minutes Of Fame.  Erica and Nicole talked about non profits, and the importance and value of finding your cause. #ElevateYourExpectations
January 20, 2019
004 - Creating A Culture Of Customer Service - Adam Purcell
Customer Service is a pillar of our business, and we take great pride in treating our clients as well as our talent better than anyone.  In this episode we bring in our friend Adam of Caring Counts to talk about how to create amazing customer service within your company.  Adam explains some very simple steps....on paper.  As we discuss, it isn't as easy as it looks. Follow Adam @caringcounts
January 05, 2019
003 - Living Outside The Box - Sarah White
On the podcast today we have our friend Sarah White.  Two years ago Sarah her husband and their two kids grew tired of the grind so they bought an RV and a truck and took to the road.  They have a truly amazing story to tell.  In this podcast she shares the many ups, and some of the downs of the journey of taking the leap of faith and going all in on your dreams. #ElevateYourExpectations
December 22, 2018
002 - Managing Millennials - Marie Boccabella
Managing Millennials is a HOT TOPIC in the workforce these days. Our guest today is Marie Boccabella, she has a lot of experience in managing a multi generational staff, and gives us some very interesting insight. As well, as Marie has 40 years of hospitality experience, we discussed one of our favourite topics, the importance of the customer experience. Enjoy the show!!! #ElevateYourExpectactions
December 15, 2018
001 - Introducing Celeb Connect - Erica Chiasson
On our very first episode we brought on our friend Adam Purcell of to interview the Owner of Celeb Connect, and host of this podcast, Erica Chiasson. They talked about the business, the podcast and the answer to the age old question "Who's The Boss", Angela or Tony. #ElevateYourExpectations
December 07, 2018