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& 1 more thing.

& 1 more thing.

By & 1 more thing
We take ideas and weave them into the topics that enter our daily lives. Sure there's commentary and all that but in our opinion, this is just one big conversation, with one more thing added.
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Axx'n Questions (pt. 4 of 4) ft. Chris Copeland

& 1 more thing.

Axx'n Questions (pt. 4 of 4) ft. Chris Copeland

& 1 more thing.

Axx'n Questions (pt. 4 of 4) ft. Chris Copeland
We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Copeland a former NBA athlete in the midst of making the transition from the game to the corporate world. He tells us what drives him and keeps him going when he isn't sure what to do next.  Asking questions is a big part of his life and through his mother who always said  "find a way or make a way" to drive that home.  Chris called out Brittany Elena next on the podcast to tell us about her purpose and teach us what she has learned along the way. Let's see if we can get her on!  Lookin forward to next moves with Chris, he will be a staple in B.n3rd world. :) Til next time keep pushing and talking to others. 
February 26, 2019
Axx'n Questions (pt. 3 of 4) ft. Pam & True & Cracker Barrel
It's a new year and we are continuing the talk about building on your purpose. One of the things we have been talking about is our love for old people and getting wisdom from experience.  Pam & True were hanging out at Cracker Barrel in the rocking chairs waiting for us to come outside apparently.  Cause as soon as we were leaving we locked eyes and started talking. Before you know it, I asked to record and here we are sharing relationships with you.  Look out for our fun video we plan to shoot with them. The plan is to take a page out of the diary they write in and reshoot a scene for them to see.  See our Instagram @b.n3rd to see some of the visuals of our journey.   
January 14, 2019
Axx'n Questions (pt. 2 of 4) ft. Baron Davis
We took a drive down to Los Angeles and started reaching out to people. We have a simple message, to spread the good and help all of you are ready for it. Baron Davis has that same mission and he found us, gave us days of his time and creativity and energy. After Cam & Ray Ray soaked up all the knowledge they realized it's time to ask him for some nuggets to give you. See our Instagram @b.n3rd to see some of the visuals of our journey. Please check Black Santa & U Wish especially in this upcoming holiday season. This episode was made possible by any things but URB-E really made it fun. We were able to have raw moments using their scooters, amazing to feel like kids again. ** Giving has no season!! ** For our listeners in Bay Area & Oakland.
November 25, 2018
Axx'n Questions (pt. 1 of 4) ft. Wade Morgan & Glen Dandridge
We brought a couple of gentlemen to join Cam & Ray Ray. Wade is an ex Stanford student/bball athlete who now leads sales teams at Airtable Glen is an ex Mizzou student/bball athlete who now is an Art Director for b.n3rd and freelance photographer They join us today to start on our quest to see what it means to ask the right questions. So follow us as we grow and grow this topic. ( we said 4 parts but we have no clue )
November 20, 2018
Sharelings ft Willie Shaw
We feature Willie Shaw a pro boxer out of the bay area who is undefeated. But we won't be talking about that, this is one of the most caring individuals you will ever meet. I wanted you to hear more about him as we work with him and his team together at b.n3rd. Sharing is caring :) We also have Byron Delcomb from Oakland Unified school districts to drop in and give us wisdom from the classroom. Last and certainly not least is a voice we know well now Shauna Harrison who will be a staple around here now, as we expect to see some of our guests interview the next one. Special thanks from Cam & Ray Ray for you all listening. Be sure to like s subscribe. We also have an instagram @b.n3rd
November 19, 2018
Identified The Ego ft. Shauna Harrison, PhD.
We have Shauna Harrison, PhD, help us carry the conversation forward and it turns out Identity is quite important. We break down our journeys into finding ourselves by identifying the ego.
November 16, 2018
Collect Call
Cameron & Renee ( Ray Ray ) recap battling constant distraction, looking for others who may share your purpose. This episode they dive into how connecting to people can help you, and how using the inspiration we get from others can become a verb! Join us this time and the next as we keep talking about one more thing.
October 22, 2018
Purpose Haze
Cameron & Renee dig into your freedom once you remove the things that distract you, your purpose has space to become clear. So when can we call out a distraction quicker? What isn't a distraction and instead will help us? Learn many more things about isolating your purpose this week and many more times as we discuss one more thing.
October 21, 2018
Polar Bear
Hey it's our very first episode of this podcast! We will be recording a couple times a week and staying connected to ways we can stretch your thinking. Each episdode we will pick a theme and draw as many comparisons and overlap to the idea. If that isn't enough we promise to entertain and converse much like you and your friends would but they aren't with you in the car and at work. We are happy you allowed us to fill in that gap for them.
October 7, 2018