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2 Scoops of Inspiration

2 Scoops of Inspiration

By 2 Scoops of Inspiration
Our podcast captures authentic and meaningful conversation around life, health, happiness and personal empowerment. Each week we invite you to PAUSE, so you can consider NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR YOUR LIFE. Helping people become physically healthy, mentally happy and emotionally whole is our mission, so we hope you will tune in. Our podcast drops every Tuesday at 7:30am. We hope to become part of your drive time entertainment and/or one of your favorite podcasts.
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2 Scoops Are Better Than One

2 Scoops of Inspiration

How Moms Deal with Life's Challenges, Part 2
Terrie and Cel talk with 2 Mom's about - Establishing healthy routines during high-stress times - Creating fun family activities - Finding joy in the simple things. 2Scoops of Inspiration Facebook and Instagram #TrainForLife2BeAmazing  #ConsiderNewPossibilities  #WomenSupportingWomen  #2ScoopsOfInspirationPodcast #pinterestfailtuesday
May 12, 2020
How Moms deal with life's challenges
Terrie and Cel talk with 2 Mom's about - Family dynamic - How they have adapted to the new normal - The greatest challenge they have dealt with during this time.  Don't miss Part 2 of this spirited interview. Podcast will be available next Tuesday, May 12th.  2Scoops of Inspiration Facebook and Instagram #TrainForLife2BeAmazing #ConsiderNewPossibilities #WomenSupportingWomen #2ScoopsOfInspirationPodcast
May 5, 2020
Life is Beautiful and Messy
Terrie and Cel talk with five women about their life experiences over the past 30 days. Obstacle’s spark creativity, gratitude and growth -  Sometimes a forced PAUSE can help you put life into perspective - What do you want to take back into your new normal, and what do you want to leave behind? 2Scoops of Inspiration Facebook and Instagram Patrice Gibson - Facebook, Organic Food Blog, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest Karie Greathouse - Facebook, Blog Lori Honeycutt - Facebook
April 23, 2020
Roadmap to Compassion - Interview with Cardiologist, Jonathan Fisher, "The Mindful Heart Doctor."
Terrie and Cel interviewed Cardiologist, Jonathan Fisher about –  Panic and anxiety – The mind, body connection – Strategies to manage stress "The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change." - Carl Rogers, American Psychologist Contact Jonathan Fisher on  LinkedIn Facebook  YouTube Twitter Instagram
April 14, 2020
Therapist, Cindy Tice Weighs in on How to Manage Disruption and Adversity
Terrie and Cel talk about - How to stay healthy in high-stress times - How to wake up your five senses - How to ground in gratitude Visit for more information about Cindy Tice, or e-mail  If you or a friend are in need of health visit 
April 7, 2020
Life Gets Messy, Pivot and Proceed
Terrie and Cel talk about - Pause, process, pivot and proceed - New possibilities and opportunities - Live informed, not in fear 
April 1, 2020
How to Deal with Adversity
Terrie talks about - How to flex your re-framing muscles - Developing resiliency during adversity - How to rise stronger together
March 24, 2020
Giving Back is Good for the Heart, Mind and Body
Terrie and Cel talk about - The benefits of giving back - How to choose the right charity - What Mayo Clinic is saying about volunteering.  Click the links for more information about  Pulse & Flow Fit Fest 2020 Tunnel to Towers Tower Climb Charlotte  Carolina Breast Friends  Dancing With The Stars of Charlotte for The Pink House
March 10, 2020
Interview with Jude Johnson, Licensed Therapist and Meditation Teacher
Terrie and Cel interview Jude Johnson about - Why seek counseling - Mindfulness integrated into counseling - Information about Jude’s MBSR mindfulness program.
March 5, 2020
Interview with Cardiologist, Jonathan Fisher, "The Mindful Heart Doctor."
Terrie and Cel interview Cardiologist, Jonathan Fisher about - His personal story through struggle to the other side - His perspective on mindfulness - How he is helping to implement mindfulness to an entire healthcare system
February 25, 2020
Train For Life Change Process
Terrie and Cel talk about – The change process – Terrie guides Cel from awareness to ideal being – How using the actions change model to develop a plan
February 18, 2020
Feel to Heal
Terrie and Cel talk about – The stages of grief – Terrie shares her personal story – Healthy ways to deal with the grief process
February 11, 2020
Add Play Into Your Day
Terrie and Cel talk about - The importance of play - The benefits of play - Tips to add more play into your day
January 28, 2020
Mindfulness Demystified
Terrie and Cel talk about - What is mindfulness - How can I start a mindfulness practice – What are the benefits of mindfulness
January 21, 2020
Power in the Pause
Terrie and Cel talk about - Why pausing is so important - What can happen when you don’t pause - Tips to help you practice the pause
January 14, 2020
Self-Care - The Quality of Your Life Depends on it
Terrie and Cel talk about - Why self-care is so important -Tips on how to practice more self-care - Compassion and why it's so important
January 7, 2020
2 Scoops Are Better Than One
This podcast will cover: Who are Cel and Terrie - What is the intention of the 2 Scoops of Inspiration Podcast - What type of information will be covered - What’s in it for YOU, the listener
December 30, 2019