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9to5workrebels podcast

9to5workrebels podcast

By Ebony
A podcast dedicated to freedom seekers, goal-getters, and those interested in escaping the 9to5 matrix. For the rebels that are down to chase their dreams and passions and live on their own terms. Covering, the entrepreneurial journey, wellbeing, and making money.

Ebony Gayle is an author, independent consultant, coach, speaker, and a big advocate for being yourself and freeing yourself from the 9-5 matrix.
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Never had a job & started her first biz with £150! Lisa Newton, author, course creator & award-winning serial entrepreneur

9to5workrebels podcast

Entrepreneurial 9to5er creates children books series with black lead character - Murray the Milkman & friends
In this episode, Ebony speaks with Trovers Orr, a 9-5 hustler who is the author and creator of the Murray the Milkman & Co. children's book series.  Trovers is also a publisher, clothes designer @Exodus Africa, mentor, and football coach.
June 29, 2021
From waitress to 7 figure business owner & founder of Mommy Income
I chat with Kristin Ostrander author, serial entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and eCommerce expert. Kristin is the Founder and CEO of where she uses her years of experience in ecommerce to teach others to grow businesses and brands on Amazon. She also hosts a weekly podcast, The Amazon Files.
June 7, 2021
From Million dollar accounts to The Mind Whisperer & Best Selling Author - Dawna Campbell
Ebony chats with Dawna Campbell known as the Mind Whisperer and best-selling author as she shares her journey of working for 25years in finance, managing million-dollar accounts to transitioning to focusing on abundance & becoming the mind whisperer and author of 'Financially Fit'.  Dawna has an international private practice where she assists her clients in creating a life of happiness, prosperity, and love and is a motivational speaker sharing her techniques.  To learn more about Dawna, visit her website at
May 11, 2021
Maths teacher creates black doll line to empower her daughter & young girls
Ebony chats with Charlotte Francis the maths teacher turned entrepreneur who created the black doll line 'Biankha and friends' after her own daughter fell out of love with her natural hair and heritage after starting school.
April 8, 2021
From 9-5 to awarding winning 7 figure Business (SnoozeShade) & Amazon best seller - Cara Sayer
I have a chat with Cara Sayer a 9 to 5 work rebel and mum with no experience in retail or manufacturing who created a product inspired by her daughter - SnoozeShade. She wanted her baby daughter to sleep when they were out and about and Cara believed other parents had the same problem. So she decided to create a solution that resulted in a 7-figure business.
March 25, 2021
Self-taught vegan cosmetic entrepreneur & Founder of Nizz Cosmetics - Charlene Laville - reloaded
I have a chat with Charlene Laville, a self-taught cosmetic entrepreneur who took her passion for makeup and Founded Nizz Cosmetics. She is also a registered nurse and author for more info visit
March 25, 2021
Never had a job & started her first biz with £150! Lisa Newton, author, course creator & award-winning serial entrepreneur
9to5work Rebel founder Ebony Gayle chats with Lisa Newton, a successful award-winning serial entrepreneur on her story of starting out with £150 and never looking back or having to join the 9-5 matrix.
January 31, 2021