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Adri Michelle - TeachStyleLiveFaith

Adri Michelle - TeachStyleLiveFaith

By Adri Michelle - TeachStyleLive
Teaching in fashion while living healthy and growing in my faith.
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#7 Miles and LaVonshe Robinson | Marriage, Friendships, & Sexual Desires

Adri Michelle - TeachStyleLiveFaith

Yes. Periodt.
If we're honest, following the Lord is not always "easy" or "fun." It is definitely fulfilling and worth it, but it does call for sacrifice. Jesus said it himself, "If anyone would be my disciple, they must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me." Read at Support at this link World Race Page
September 30, 2019
Wow, That's a Lot!
We don’t live in a world where everyone is trustworthy. We don’t live in a world where we are all without sin. But we do live in a world where God is good. We live in a world where our ultimate Judge is the Lord. We live in a world where He sees the heart and motive of the giver regardless of the action of the receiver. Read at Support at this link World Race Page
September 22, 2019
You Remind Me of (Training Camp Pt. 3)
It’s SOOOOO easy to let the wounds, hurts, and rejections of the past seep into your future. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to label people before or as soon as we meet them. Every person is worthy and valuable. No, you don’t have to be best friends with people you simply don’t get along with, but there is common ground and respect. Read at Support at this link World Race Page
September 17, 2019
Could It Be? (Training Camp Pt. 2)
But maybe the goal is not to understand all of God's ways, but to simply trust His ways and His goodness. Click here to read more. Support Update Click this link to see the updated video.
September 05, 2019
What Training Camp Taught Me (Pt. 1)
I've believed in healing, but I've never seen it in person, so I've always thought any healing on TV was fake and hoaxed. I vowed if my leg wasn't healed, I wasn't going to say it was and pretend something happened that didn't. Read More here.
September 01, 2019
#7 Miles and LaVonshe Robinson | Marriage, Friendships, & Sexual Desires
In this episode, we jump right back into it with questions regarding the single years. Our friends share what their actions and desires were when they were single. They express the lack of examples of good marriages and how that played a factor in their desire to get married. Furthermore, what is it like to have friendships of the opposite sex? As Miles stated, the church does so much "separating" that we never learn how to be just friends. Is this different from singleness to marriage? In marriage, there must be communication. What's the purpose behind what you're doing? When you're single, you're free to live your life as it honors the Lord. "Living my best life!" There's clearly no cookie-cutter formula, but both Miles and LaVonshe had fun during their single years. They made the most of them! And what about the BAD ADVICE? Should you pray against your sexual desires? Yes, we talk about that in today's episode. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe!
September 25, 2018
#6: Miles and LaVonshe Robinson | Dreams, Confirmations and Divorce
Today we are joined by our friends Miles and LaVonshe Robinson as they share with us their journey of how they met, one crazy pursuit and God's hand in it all. If you've ever wondered if our dreams can tell us who we are to marry, if a breakup can be what actually leads you to your spouse, and what happens when you take a crazy leap of faith, then this is the episode for you!
September 18, 2018
#5: Tyler and Subha Smith | Emotional Promiscuity, Why Are You Single & Childbearing
In today's episode, we continue with our friends Subha and Tyler. Our conversation will touch on what to do during your single years, what God is doing IN you during those years, and some of the pitfalls that can happen as a single. Enjoy!
September 10, 2018
#4: Tyler and Subha Smith | Online Dating and Opposite Sex Friendships
On today's episode, we have the lovely opportunity of Tyler and Subha Smith joining us. The two of them met on Christian Mingle and have been married 5 years. They will share how they navigated singleness, online dating, and friendships with the opposite sex.
September 04, 2018
#3: How to Get in the Habit of Working Out
Do you struggle with forming and sticking to a consistent workout regime? Well, here are the steps I use to stay consistent in working out.
August 13, 2018
#2: Why Marry if Jesus Wasn't Married (Pt. 2 - To Live is Christ)
Why is marriage so important if Jesus never married? But is that really true? Sometimes that statement is just tossed around without regard to what scripture really says.
August 08, 2018
#1 : To Live is Christ - Single or Married
This first episode is in regards to singleness and desiring marriage. Lately, in the Christian community it seems as if the desire for marriage has been discouraged. We hear many statements such as, “When I stopped looking, my spouse came” or “Just be single and content” or “I didn’t even desire marriage anymore when my husband came.” Well, I’m here to share with you my thoughts, as I have read in scripture regarding this topic.
July 28, 2018