Triple Health Podcast

Triple Health Podcast

By Amara Uzodigwe
Do you wish to know issues related to your health and its maintenance?

Have you been fed with lots of myths and areas related to diseases and its causative organisms?

Do you seek clarity in search of healthcare?

Do you wish to make safety a top priority?

Are you concerned about your health and that of your loved ones?

Then this podcast is for you.

Our mantra is Health is wealth.

This is tied to the fact that health can not be separated from nature, Nuture and Nutrition, hence the name Triple Health.

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People have the picture of their desired body shape in mind, but often times they get disappointed by the results they get from their supposed efforts of losing or gaining weight. This episode described guidelines one should note before making the decision to either lose or gain weight. One of such is the knowledge of your body type. There are three distinct types of body. Described as Ectomorphs, endomorphs and Mesomorphs. Another thing to consider while on the Journey to lose weight is the class of food that suits you and your body type. While some need more carbohydrates than protein, others need more protein than carbohydrates as well as the rest. The third and last point we described is knowing the type of exercise suitable for your body type. With these three distinct points, I hope those with burning desire find it helpful on their journey towards achievement of their desired body shape. It is worthy of note that this episode is the audio extracted from one of the videos in my YouTube Channel. You can find the video using this link Don't forget to subscribe to my channel in YouTube, like and follow me on Facebook and Instagram @ Amara Uzodigwe.( I changed my name from Amara Uttah to Amara Uzodigwe after my wedding. You can send me mail for your questions, suggestions and contributions using Thanks so much for tuning in.
March 7, 2020
My first Radio Show/Interview 2020
Main message of this interview centered on Health Goals with Amara 2020. A program I Started on Facebook this year. I was invited by an On Air Personality from GO Uni Radio 106.9fm, Enugu, Nigeria; via a reply I left on his comment in my Facebook post on 31st January 2020. We discussed the first three Goals which are Oral Care, Skin Care in relation to use of antiseptics and disinfectants, and finally we dealt on "people being aware of incorrect health teaching" in this case, who talked on definition of diabetes, and it's major signs(Polydispia, Polyphagia, and Polyuria), hypertension, it's causes and risk factors. If you are new here kindly subscribe to channel, you can follow me on Facebook @Amara Uzodigwe. Don't forget to leave a voice message for me, if you find this podcast interesting. Here is the link to send a voice message to me:
February 9, 2020
Basic Facts of pregnancy diagnosis
This episode, gave a full but basic description of how to diagnose pregnancy. It cleared the doubt that every bloated abdomen or missed period is pregnancy. Similar gynaecological cases that can mimick some symptoms and signs of pregnancy, were also discussed. The entire episode was described based on three headed signs of pregnancy diagnosis. These were; Possible signs, probable signs, and positive signs. The possible signs were discussed on four headings: Amenorrhea, breast changes, morning sickness, bladder irritations, and mimicked quickening. Probable signs were treated under: Presence of Human Chorionic gonadotrophin Hormone(HCG), pulsation of the fornices, blueing of the vagina, and softened isthmus Positive signs were stated as: visualization of the gestational sac, visualization of the fetal heart pulsation, detection of fetal heart sound, fetal movement, palpable and visible fetal part and visualization of the fetus by the use of ultrasound. feel free to share with friends drop your questions, and contributions using the new record feature and be sure to be attended to.
May 23, 2019
Causes of IntraUterine Fetal Demise
Feto -maternal health are often disposed to various changes during the process of pregnancy and child birth. Over the years mothers and families have lost their fetus (babies) while pregnant and some delivered as still birth. Here, we brought into light various factors, that can predisposed a fetus after 24 weeks of conception to losing it's life; ranging from maternal , fetal and placental conditions; Like haemorrage, hypertension, Anaemia, etc. This espisode contains lots of medical terminologies. Kindly use the voice note to send your questions and contributions. Thanks for joining us.
April 28, 2019
Introduction: Why the name triple health?
This Episode describes the reason behind the name Triple Health and what we tend to achieve on this platform. Health can not be removed from nature, Nuture and Nutrition. They are interwined such that none can not do without the other. Tune in weekly to enjoy rich episodes.
April 24, 2019