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The Bluegrass BAMR Podcast

The Bluegrass BAMR Podcast

By The Bluegrass BAMR Podcast
Welcome to The Bluegrass BAMR Podcast. BAMR stands for Bad Ass Mother Runner. This podcast will bring you stories from across Kentucky (and beyond) about BAMRs and the people that support them.
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E24: Wife, Mother, Runner and Type 1 Warrior with Melissa Inmon
Melissa began her running journey with a 5K, then took a hiatus. After having 2 children, she returned to running and has completed several races up to the marathon distance.  In this episode, we talk about her running journey and what it is like to be a runner with Type 1 Diabetes.  I hope you enjoy this light-hearted conversation and learn more about T1D along the way! Show Notes Learn more about Type 1 Diabetes at Calla and Forget Me Not Ministries: The Falls 100 Ultra Trail Race - The Louisville Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K:
November 24, 2020
E 23: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You “You can’t”! With Stephanie Lehr
Don’t let anyone tell you “You can’t”! The Stephanies collide in this fun, free-spirited episode where they chat about women and running. Stephanie shares her first race memory (Throo the Zoo 5K), the moment when she felt like she was truly a runner, and how running has positively impacted her life. When she started running she never imagined not only would her fitness level evolve, but she would gain wonderful friendships as a result. From her adventures with her “Goonies” ladies to her first marathon experience, Stephanie has some great stories and insight for listeners! Enjoy getting to know her and get her pep talk- don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  Show Notes  Couch to 5K Program
May 22, 2020
E 22: "Don't Look Back!" with Ashley Shutts
I am excited to introduce Ashley Shutts to all the listeners out there this week. She is a mom, hiker, wife, barber, and ultrarunner here in the Louisville area.  In this episode, she describes to us how her love for the outdoors as a kid helped create the runner she is today.  Ashley describes falling ill with an autoimmune disease after having her first child.  Experiencing Guillain-Barre Syndrome greatly impacted the way Ashley approached life after going through therapy and re-learning how to walk.  She started chasing distances and times after her first 5K and progressed to finishing her first 100-mile race at The Falls 100 in 2019.  Ashley states her gratitude to the running community is overwhelming and her best piece of advice is that while bad things can happen to us in life, "don't look back", just keep moving forward and persevere. Show Notes Learn about Guillain-Barre Syndrome The Falls 100 
April 9, 2020
E 21: "Boston Bound (Again!)" with Rhonda Braden
Stephanie interviews her friend and NYC marathon travel mate, Rhonda Braden in this episode. They talk about the start of Rhonda’s running journey and how she’s made her dream of running Boston come true-more than once! Rhonda & Stephanie also share some fun stories including their adventures during the 2018 NYC Marathon as well as Ragnar Trail Relay.  Lastly, Rhonda offers some great suggestions to keep healthy and motivated during your training.  
March 26, 2020
E 20: “We Are All Works in Progress” with Kim Priest
Season 2 of the Bluegrass BAMR podcast kicks off with Kim sharing her story of returning to running. She shares her feelings about running later in life and provides insight to those who want to run but are not sure where to start. Kim also talks about her love of trail running and training her first 50K, The Knobstone Knockout! I hope you glean some life wisdom from this episode as Kim reminds us we are all works in progress. The Knobstone Knockout
February 6, 2020
Mini Episode 2: Are you Team Road or Team Trail?
Can you guess if Bluegrass BAMR is Team Road or Team Trail?   She has been thinking a lot about her running journey...not only the past but what the future will look like, including race goals for next year. In talking with other people about their 2020 goals, she notices that many runners tend to identify as road runners or trail runners. Sometimes the conversation turns to if/why a person can love one over the other; can they love both the same, Stephanie came up with a list of pros/cons for both trail and road running as she explores her own running "identity".  You will also hear why other listeners might prefer one over the other (thanks to everyone who called in to share their thoughts)!  At the end of the episode, you'll find out is the Bluegrass BAMR prefers roads or trails.  Enjoy this fun bonus episode and don't forget to leave her a message on whether you love road or trail running more!
December 20, 2019
E 19: "Overcoming Obstacles" with April Castle
Stephanie sits down to chat with April Castle, mom, wife and OCR athlete.  April shares how she started running later in life and describes when she fell in love with obstacle course races.  She also explains how she overcame an OCR injury and is subsequently training for her next race: another 50K.  April explains the importance of believing in yourself and to treat life as an obstacle course by just continuing to move forward, despite the obstacles! Show Notes Find April on Instagram @AprilCastle
December 6, 2019
E 18: "Running is My Moving Meditation" with Joyce Colwell, MA, BCBA, LBA
Stephanie invites her first yoga instructor (and runner) to the show this week! Joyce tells us how she got into running (an Ironman inspired her) and her amazing transformation - physically, mentally and spiritually.  She talks about her love for trail running and how it connects her to something "bigger than me".  She also shares why yoga can be a helpful practice for runners.  Most importantly, Joyce tells her story to help encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone and to never give up.   So sit back and hear more of Joyce's wonderful sense of humor, but most of all her love for life and her positive spirit!  Show Notes  Follow Joyce on Instagram  Learn about Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center
October 30, 2019
E 17: "Don't Be Defined by Your Obstacles; Overcome Them" with Kristi Roach
It is Urban Bourbon race week here in Louisville!  In this episode, Stephanie sits down with Kristi Roach, a fellow Urban Bourbonite to talk about her running journey, which she found "accidentally" after a break-up.  She found running was a great way to claim time for herself and then found a running community with Fleet Feet Louisville.  Now, she runs because she was told she would not be able to do it by the medical community.  What most people don't realize is that Kristi was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and subsequently, Dysautonomia at a young age.  These diagnoses require Kristi to approach running in a completely different way than most runners, which includes a permanent IV and TPN nutrition solution.  Despite these challenges, Kristi maintains a positive attitude and supports so many other runners in the local running community.  Her story will definitely inspire you to live life with no excuses!  Show Notes Fleet Feet Louisville Urban Bourbon Half Marathon Learn more about Dysautonomia at Dysautonomia International 
October 14, 2019
E 16: “Be Stubborn About Your Goals, but Flexible About Your Methods” with Jeanette Dunlap, CPT
In this episode, Jeanette Dunlap, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), sits down to talk with Stephanie about her running adventures, from her first half marathon to her first 100-mile trail race. She talks about the importance of finding a mentor and building your mental toolbox.  You will also hear how she overcame salivary cancer in 2016 as she explains how it made her stronger (literally).  Jeanette is sure to bring you great wisdom and a positive attitude in this podcast.   Show Notes LiveStrong at the YMCA -
October 2, 2019
E 15: “No Judgement, Just Love” with Rochelle Lindsey, Author/Writer
Are you ready for a judgment-free zone? Listen in as Stephanie sits down with Rochelle Lindsey, Chicago native (but Louisvillian-at-heart), to talk about life as a mother runner.  Rochelle talks about running after injury, balancing family life with training, and just being that woman that supports other women.  She also shares how watching her husband run the Boston Marathon inspired her to train for her first marathon. You’ll also hear Rochelle stress how important it is to acknowledge that running is for each individual and you never know what other runners are going through.  Lastly, she’ll inspire you to run with a purpose. Her book, "Overcomers Versus Survivors" also details the challenges she has overcome in her life and how they have shaped her into the person she is today!  Show Notes  Follow Rochelle on Instagram @rofergie Follow Rochelle on Facebook  Rochelle's Book "Overcomers vs Survivors" can be found on Amazon at
September 25, 2019
Mini 1: Let’s Talk about Sexy Pace
The BluegrassBAMR is kicking off a series of mini episodes on hot running topics with this Mini #1: Sexy Pace! See the article that inspired this show here:  "How Slowing Down Can Help You Speed Up": Listen to Episode 12: "Who the Hell is Amy?" here.
September 18, 2019
E 14: "From 5K to 50K" with Susan McLoughlin, Co-Leader of Trail Sisters Louisville
In this episode, Trail Sisters Louisville Co-Leader, Susan McLoughlin, chats with Stephanie about her running journey. She tells us how she started running, when she decided to take that leap to long distance running and how she ultimately found (and fell in love with) trail running. Susan shares insight on balancing running with being a mom and also shares some fun stories about her kids and her races. You will also learn more about Trail Sisters and how local races are now jumping onboard to meet the needs of women in the sport. I hope you enjoy this light-hearted chat and get some inspiration to follow your dreams, big or small. Show Notes Trail Sisters Trail Sisters Louisville on Instagram Trail Sisters Louisville on Facebook Back Yard Classic 8 Hour Endurance Run. Show Notes Trail Sisters Trail Sisters of Louisville on Instagram Trail Sisters of Louisville on Facebook Back Yard Classic 8 Hour Endurance Run
August 16, 2019
E 13: “Find your Community” with Kaitlin Buchanan
Kaitlin joins the Bluegrass BAMR in the latest episode-Lucky Number 13! Kaitlin is currently expecting her second child and is an avid runner and badass stroller mom.  In our local running community, you can find her at Feet Fleet runs and Moms Run This Town events, always wearing a big smile!  In this episode, we chat about several topics, including the importance of finding a running community that fits you and we hear about her motivation for running her first marathon, the Flying Pig!  No matter where you are in your running journey, Kaitlin's story will inspire you. Show Notes Find Kaitlin on Instagram Fleet Feet Urban Bourbon Half Marathon Flying Pig Marathon Moms/She Run This Town
August 8, 2019
E 12: "Who the Hell is Amy?" with amazing BibRave Pros
Watch out! Stephanie is fresh off of the 2019 Chicago BibRave Pro Summit and Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon in this podcast episode.  Listen in as she talks about it with BibRave Pros: Amy, Jenn, Jessica and Renee. They will share their thoughts on the Summit weekend as well as how they started running and what motivates them to keep going.  In true BAMR style, they give advice to new runners and talk about what makes someone a BAMR.  Enjoy and don't stop being a badass! Show Notes: Find Amy on Twitter and Instagram Find Jenn on Twitter and Instagram Find Jessica on Twitter  and Instagram  Find Renee on Twitter and Instagram
July 26, 2019
E 11: "Ultra Running Deer" with Amber Running Deer Bliss
Amber earned the name 'Running Deer' as a young girl in Michigan.  Self-described as 'Mohawk and Ojibwa marathoner", Amber is also the mom of 2 human kids and 2 fur babies.  In this episode, Stephanie and Amber sit down to chat about real life, the importance of the right shoes for you, and just being a BAMR.  Amber also tells us a little bit about her running journey, (including a hard pause from running in her twenties) and how she has gone from "never running" a 5K again to now training for Rough Trail 50K.   Show Notes Amber on Instagram Southern Indiana Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town Rough Trail 50K
July 5, 2019
E 10: "Life as a Celiathlete" with Karen Brady
Karen Brady, aka The Celiathlete, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 30. After some trial and error, and help from a Registered Dietitian, Karen was able to find the nutritional solutions to help fuel her greatest passion: running.  Not only has Karen learned to live and run with her celiac diagnosis, she has also overcome an injury that caused a major setback to her first Boston Marathon experience in 2015.  She is now back and ready to chase Boston again!  Karen's story is one of great inspiration and motivation- I hope you enjoy it and are inspired by Karen's positive spirit and love for running. Show Notes Karen on Instagram Karen on Twitter Karen on Facebook Karen's Blog Indy Monumental Marathon Running with Celiac Disease
June 28, 2019
E9: "Take that Baby Step" with Tara Jo Thomas
Tara Jo Thomas, 2020 KDF Ambassador, mom, and Army wife shares her passions and future goals with us in this fun episode.  Tara Jo shares with us how her unhealthy habits led her to start a running journey she never imagined.  And, little did she realize joining a running club would help her find her current passion project; she helps motivate moms to get out and run...with their strollers!  An OG of the Louisville Moms Run This Town stroller crew, she loves getting moms out to run and connect with other moms! You will laugh and get motivated with Episode 9, just "Take that baby step!". Show Notes: Tara Jo on Instagram Level Up Run Coaching Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town - Louisville, KY  Derby Festival Marathon Ambassadors
June 14, 2019
E8: "Keep Moving Forward" with Donna Yurt Giovenco, RDN, LD, CN, ACSM-CPT
In Episode 8, Stephanie chats with Donna Giovenco, RDN, LD, CN, ACSM-CPT.  Donna has an amazing running resume that includes earning a BQ and completing Ironman.  We find out more about how Donna started running and what running has brought to her life, including great friends, her husband and an attitude that inspires new and seasoned runners alike!  Donna has some great advice for new runners who might be hearing their inner critic and she shares how she has been able to deal with her own inner critic to achieve her goals. You do not want to miss this health enthusiast's inspirational words of wisdom. Show Notes: Donna's blog and social media accounts
June 7, 2019
E7: "Don't Overthink It" with Abbi Auger
Get to know Abbi Auger in this episode! Abbi is an Ironman, Ultrarunner, Achilles Athlete and all-around BAMR.  Hear more about Abbi's running journey, including how she balances training with life, advice she gives new runners as well as her take on living with Bechet's disease.  Abbi has a contagious spirit and is always willing to help motivate her fellow athletes. We hope you benefit from her take on running, and life in general, which is: "Don't Overthink It'.  Show Notes Achilles Athletes Bechet's Disease Follow Abbi on Instagram
May 24, 2019
E6: "NYC Bound" with Sherry Boesch
Stephanie sits down to talk with Sherry Boesch in episode 6 about overcoming hurdles women often encounter when working to lose pounds and gain fitness.  Sherry talks about the support her husband provided as she trained for her first (and subsequent marathons) as well as the friendships she has gained from joining an all women's running club. Lastly, we talk about race anxiety and ways to overcome it as well as get excited about Sherry's next big adventure-the New York City Marathon in 2019!   Show Notes:  My Fitness Pal   Norton Sports Health Training Plans  Run Walk Run - Jeff Galloway
May 17, 2019
E5: Happy BAMR's Day: Special Episode with the Bluegrass BAMR boys
In Episode 5, Stephanie interviews her sons, Cole and Vance. The Boyd boys describe the beginnings of their running journeys at ages 4 and 6, respectively, and provide encouraging words to kids who might be thinking about taking up the sport of running or triathlons. Also, in celebration of Mother's Day, they have some encouraging words of advice for moms who run. This lighthearted interview takes you into the minds of 10 and 12 year old kids and what they think BAMR means.
May 10, 2019
E4: "Shell Shocked" with Norma Currey
In Episode 4, Stephanie introduces you to Norma Currey, who restarted her running journey at age 50. Hear a little about how Norma got back on track with running after making the decision to take charge of her own health. She shares her running highs, lows and her unintentional start of the Louisville, KY Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town "Turtle Club".  Her enthusiasm for running and her friends is sure to inspire and motivate others thinking about restarting their own running journeys. Show Notes/References Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town Shell Shocked (Unofficial anthem of the Turtle Club) Rock and Roll Nashville Half Marathon
May 1, 2019
E3: "Boundless" with Chris Boyd, RD, CPT
This episode gets up close and personal as Stephanie interviews her husband, Chris Boyd. Chris is a Registered Dietitian (RD), NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and is training for his first 70.3 (IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant).  Listen in to hear more about Chris' running journey, his appreciation for Moms Run This Town and BAMRs, nutrition advice & more in this third episode of The Bluegrass BAMR Podcast. References/Show Notes Moms Run This Town Bel Fong on Instagram (The Fonginator) IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant, Quebec Boundless on Esquire 
April 25, 2019
E2: "Firsts" with Allison Reid
In this episode, Stephanie sits down to chat with Allison Reid, co-leader of Moms Run This Town/She Runs This Town in Louisville, KY. They discuss "firsts" in running journeys, as well as lessons learned in training. If you are a busy parent training for a "first" race, there are great tips and insight from Allison in this episode. Show notes: Moms/She Runs This Town, Louisville, KY
April 17, 2019
Episode 1: BAMR Beginnings
Learn more about your Host Stephanie, aka Bluegrass BAMR, in this inaugural episode. You'll hear how she started (and restarted) her running journey and learn more about what to expect from future episodes.
April 4, 2019
Welcome to the Bluegrass BAMR podcast. Learn more about the goal of this podcast now.
April 4, 2019