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A Future Inspired By Christ

A Future Inspired By Christ

By Babatunde Sobola
My podcast is honest documentary of my journey as a growing Christian. I will be reviewing books I have read, bible study, sharing my understanding of who God is and what God is looking for in any Christian. I hope this channel helps you as you listen. I am new to podcasting and I hope to gain more experience along the way.
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Bible study with my family

A Future Inspired By Christ

A for Accept - Upholding the Christ we have ACCEPTED
In this second episode of our bible study with family We looked at what A stands for from the book "Gospel ABC for Children". We discussed what our acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Savior means in our everyday lives. We discovered that by ACCEPTING and holding unto what we have accepted helps us to develop a strong, healthy Christlike foundation for the life of Christ to be fully manifested in us.
May 23, 2021
Bible study with my family
So myself, sister with my niece and nephew decided to study the bible together using a book guide called "Gospel ABC for Children". The book was God inspired by the need to have a Godly learning resource booklet for children. Although we are all of various ages ranging from 11 to 32, we can all find connection with the word of God. Studying together is a way of sharing a common interest and as a result our love for one another will deepen to be more like Christ - by God's grace.
March 18, 2021
Episode 6 - Lamenting the wasted youth: chapter 5, "The Battle for The Young" book review
In this episode, I read the chapter 5 of the book, "the battle for the young". It gave us a better understanding of the conscious life style we should develop as young people if we are to build a future that is free of regrets when we get old. Old age is not a problem if you have made the best use your your youthful years. But old age can be full of several laments if you miss the opportunity to maximise your youth. Young people should have vision..... listen on. God bless you
June 07, 2020
Episode 5, Chapter 4 of "The battle for the young" - The Peculiar Challenge
This chapter showcases the stages of life we need to be attentive to pass through and to take full advantage of as youths. These stages cannot be skipped and you cannot stay forever in any of the stages. The need to harness the energy of our youth is made apparent from the passage 1 john 2:12-14, as we see that it is only the youth that can overcome the wicked one. Failure in ones youth really leaves not room for victory in ones old age. God bless you as you listen.
May 10, 2020
Episode 4 - chapter 3: the raging battle | Review of the book "battle for the young"
In this episode we read and discussed why the devil is waging war with God just to have ownership of our life. We discovered that we have the ability to choose who wins the battle - whether it is God or the devil we want, we get to choose. We also looked at God's intention for our life if we choose Him. Equally we saw how the devil uses people and dump them too.
April 21, 2020
Episode 3 - Book review: Chapter 2 (The Prime time) of the Battle for the young
In this episode I read chapter 2 of the book titled "The battle for the young". This chapter is only three and half pages long but had also much to ponder on regarding the attention and the carefulness I need to give to how I spend the time of my youth. We discovered the essence of our youth, how it is a time of making indelible decisions and the decisions we make now that we are young makes up the elements of our future foundation. We also discovered what we need to do in order to set our future foundation right so that we are able to live in the life that God has destined for you.
April 13, 2020
Episode 2 - Battle for the young: While you are young, know the treasures of your youth (book study)
In this Eposode, we read and studied a book called "Battle for the young". We started chapter 1 of 10. We see that being young has its use and the purpose of being young is far more than we have acknowledged. When we are young, we have the highest amount of energy of our life to do what's right, the best time to lay the right foundation, it is the best time to settle down and discover God, the list is long. There is however one thing; there is a battle over your youth. Will God be glorified or will the devil be given your God given youth life to the devil? The call if in our hands. Please listen and pray along
April 05, 2020
1. The beginning - testing and introduction to my podcast
This is my very first episode, so I guess I can call this - episode 1. I want to assure you that this channel is not about me but about my journey as a Christian. You can also expect to hear some of my experiences and dealings with God as a husband, brother, son, father, a business owner and a church servant.
March 31, 2020