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HC Squared

HC Squared

By D.M. Bighter
Commander A.R. Iknowmorethanyou Ph.D. is a naval officer whose career has just hit an all new high, he got a promotion and has sailors to boss around. Commander Ph.D. is a dangerous man who could be a Navy SEAL for no reason other than his Ph.D. in meteorology. He’s grown accustomed to being thanked for his military service, but ten percent discounts and mandatory salutes are no longer enough. Harken his words and you'll discover everything you're doing wrong with your life and how to fix it.
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That's Not What That's For

HC Squared

That's Not What That's For

HC Squared

Retention VS. The Sailor's Creed
We are reaching a boiling point. I've always done my best to remain calm but "Kewl Dawg' CDR Ph.D pushed my limits this episode. He makes fun of me calling myself D.M. Biter and demands I used my real name, which he then mocks. He also talks about his views on sexual harassment, government spending, and I'm pretty sure he admitted to driving drunk. This episode takes me beyond my limits.
February 10, 2020
Bumper to Bumper and Grindr
Well, I finally touched base with CDR Ph.D Turns out he's deployed! Even though he knew about this deployment in advance and didn't bother to tell me about it, we finally touched base after he ghosted me for "not sending enough emails". In this episode we listen to a voicemail from a listener and discuss topics ranging from the space race to mars (don't tell China, Russia, or North Korea) to Grindr. It's impressive this man was chosen for this high level deployment, but I guess he has Adams and Wallace to thank for that.
February 2, 2020
Dweebs, Twerps and Bullets
Our final episode before Commander Ph.D. ghosts me entirely to serve his country. To protect us, or that's what he claims anyway. But before he goes an arrogant gate guard prevents him from entering his base.  So what if he forgot his ID and the base policy is everyone has to have an ID? He is a (Lieutenant) Commander and he has a Ph.D., he should be allowed on base. Naturally, he combated the base security in a way only our Commander Ph.D.  would; he turned the car off, threw the keys on the dashboard and cried tears. He called them tears of justice or something. 
January 26, 2020
Nipples and Groin
Commander Ph.D. goes over proper and the lesser-known customs and courtesies of the Navy. You know, the ones that say high-ranking persons should never look low-ranking persons in the eye and that everything you need to know about a sailor is between his or her nipples and groin.  
October 30, 2019
China Please Don't Listen...For Real!
In this episode, Commander Ph.D. tells us all of his secrets. Secrets of his diary, I mean journal. He has plans that will revolutionize space travel! It involves bungee cords, a 400ft tall tuning fork, space blankets, and tang. I also question him about the difference between naval tradition and wasteful spending. 
October 22, 2019
That's Not What That's For
In this episode we attempt to discuss the growing pains that a professional organization has regarding syncing their locations around the world to ensure the professional knowledge is spread to all who need it; however, we quickly expose and discuss another type of growing pain that I was not prepared to handle during an interview. Brace yourselves for some hard hitting advince on how to handle changes to your body as well as how to avoid sending mixed signals or how to read signals properly...or you know, just reading emails and taking their literal meaning and not assuming there's something hidden between the lines. 
September 1, 2019
Filler For a Bad Date
CDR. Iknowmorethanyou PH.D opens up about what it truly takes to be a great leader. What it's like to go on bad dates and take the Navy's wood with a smile on your face. 
August 17, 2019
My Work That He Did
Commander Ph. D. Iknowmorethanyou take us down a path that we did not want to go down. In the civilian world I always thought a leader respects their people and finds infinite value in their employees. Well, apparently the Navy has some new next-level strategies. The leadership advice we hear today is definitely cringe-worthy! Commander Ph.D. goes over everything from a lack of trust in subordinates, Greek philosophy, and Navy SEALs. It's all on the table and overly explained in this week's episode of HC Squared.
July 28, 2019
Leaders Always Demoralize
Commander Ph.D. discusses his coming of age tale and relays words of wisdom stemming from personal experience both in and outside of the military. He takes us down a road with many turns, with his self-proclaimed elite education, dropping some knowledge bombs for the rest of us to enjoy. Expanding upon grandeurs of good and bad leadership, the misconceptions of both are explored along with deterring the thoughts of a monolithic approach, and developing an all-encompassing strategy to better lead, and better motivate others to follow.
June 19, 2019