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Uncommon with Chance Lunceford

Uncommon with Chance Lunceford

By Chance Lunceford
Welcome to Uncommon.

We do things a little differently around here, but greatness ain't normal and neither are the most interesting people.

I'll share tools, strategies and ideas for harnessing your power and bring guests on for conversations around how to be exceptionally interesting.

Come along for the ride, and you might just become an Uncommoner.

Uncommon: Break Free From The Ordinary
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UNCOMMON w/ Brendon Marotta
Join Brendon Marotta, author/film-maker/podcaster/etc, and I as we dive into his latest project Children's Justice which provided a foundation from which to discuss subjects like memeplexes, psychological fracturing, NLP and a whole lot more.
February 15, 2022
UNCOMMON w/ Dave Reaboi
I brought Dave Reaboi (his own description does a good job: National security & political warfare. Claremont Institute Senior Fellow. Jazz, vinyl and hifi audio, bodybuilding. “Right-wing Twitter pugilist”—Politico) to talk about his recent book Qatar's Shadow: The Islamist Emirate and its Information Operations in the United States. We did some of that, but we spent more time taking a look at the principles behind Dave's analysis of Qatar's operations, and how we -as individuals looking to protect ourselves and our loved ones- can better defend ourselves against the manipulation of information operations REGARDLESS OF THEIR ORIGIN. Enjoy, and please consider subscribing and sharing if you do. More from Dave:
February 06, 2022
UNCOMMON w/ Bryan Sharpe AKA Hotep Jesus
Join Bryan Sharpe and I as we discuss building community from a leadership position, building oneself into the kind of person who deserves to be in a position of leadership through honest self-analysis and course-correction, exploring one's passions in the context of a marketable public facing persona and a lot more.
January 31, 2022
UNCOMMON w/ Michael P Senger
Michael P Senger is a lawyer, CPA(inactive) and author of several in-depth articles and a masterfully researched book -Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World- in which he details the life and times of China and its dictatorial leader Xi Jinping as the backdrop to a journey down Narrative-Forensics Lane. The destination? A devious, global and ruthless campaign of totalitarianism the brilliance, scale and malevolence of which are stunning in magnitude. Want more from Michael? Snake Oil Twitter
January 13, 2022
UNCOMMON w/ Zero HP Lovecraft
Zero HP Lovecraft is the alias of a man who thinks a great deal about modern society, its relationship with the past, and the consequences of how we orient ourselves in relation to both.  This was a very nuanced and thoughtful conversation and I'm pleased to present it to you.  Links:
November 29, 2021
UNCOMMON w/ Varangian
Varangian is an alias for a man that comes to this show from a secret place where men roam free. We talk about war and violence and honor and duty, among other things. Enjoy.
November 29, 2021
UNCOMMON w/ Jesse Herman
Jesse is the founder and CEO of which is the most powerful tool for donations, NFTs and social WEB3 on the planet. We talked about the project launch, and what it might look like down the road.
November 29, 2021
UNCOMMON w/ Graeme Smith
Graeme is a dear friend, though he and his wonderful family live on the other side of the world, and it's been a pleasure getting to know him over the past couple of years. In this inaugural episode of Uncommon, Graeme and I explore meaningful living, MANA, purpose, creativity and more. Enjoy uncommonly.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 136 - William Selden
William is a dear friend and reluctant mentor. This was the last episode of the podcast in the Logocentrifugal body. That body died in this conversation, and it would take Uncommon months before it learned to crawl. This was a fitting end to the Logocentrifugal run, and I am grateful to me pal Will for taking the time to share some of his golden hour with me and you.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 135 - Dr Philip Ovadia
Dr Phil, as we affectionately call him, is a very smart and good man on a mission to keep you off of his operating table. Might be worth your while to listen.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 134 - Johnny Noble
Johnny has been on the podcast a couple of times before. He's a good dude, a smart businessman and an interesting conversationalist. Enjoy.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 133 - Doug Williams
Doug was a crusader against an industry that has done more to wrongfully convict more people than perhaps any other misstep in the US legal system ever: The Polygraph Industry. Doug recently died, and so this conversation marks one of his last in public discussing and describing the nefarious and underhanded way the legal system and the polygraph industry have used power and influence to cover up culpability and responsibility for the ruination of thousands of lives. RIP Doug, and thanks for taking the fight to the man. May you be remembered fondly.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 132 - Troy Casey
A lot of folks think that Troy Casey is a crazy person. They're not wrong. Yet, in a world full of madness, a man who's equally and fully committed to immersing himself in his idiosyncratic madness and supporting/promoting the values he believes in. Call me crazy, but I think we could use more of that kind of lunacy these days. Enjoy the conversation with a brilliant, unique and utterly entertaining man with a good heart and a grand dream.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 131 - Tex Dom
Tex is a leader of men, an elder and has a firm understanding of relationship dynamics after having been on both ends of the functional/dysfunctional relationship dynamics scale. This was a great conversation which may just help you improve your own relationships.
November 29, 2021
Logocentrifugal 130 - Patriot "Artist Formerly Known As Any Other Name With The Letter J Involved" J
Patriot J is a young man on an ancient mission.   He's working to create art that accurately expresses the creative vision of his soul. That ain't an easy job.   Takes a lot of work to create something worth exploring, because it takes a lot of work to become someone worth investing your own search for resonant art into. In this episode we discuss J's journey into becoming a true artist.   We also discuss censorship, racism, politics and whether it's weird that a young black man first discovered hip-hop through the pop-rap stylings of a young white boy.   All-in-all, this was a great conversation with a lot of points which tie into the current socio-political discourse.   Want more from Patriot J?   Twitter:  Website:
September 27, 2020
Logocentrifugal 129 - Jack "Catsfishing From Thailand" Peach
Jack Peach is a very thoughtful and intelligent chap.   He's also strong on morals and their impact on society. In this conversation we discuss the effects of feminism, hyper-sexualization, drug abuse and more in the context of their degrading effects upon the cohesion and capacity of the societies they are present in.   There's a lot to take in, and much to ponder over, so buckle up.   Want more from Jack?   Twitter:  Website:  Book:
September 22, 2020
Logocentrifugal 128 - Jayson "The Great Gazoo's Knuckle-Dragging Cousin" the Argonaut
Jayson the Argonaut is a polarizing dude. He's also a dude with a big heart.   In this episode, we talk about social issues ranging from parenting to pedophilia, and from politics to gender dynamics. Through it all Jayson displays his characteristic Devil-may-care attitude over whether or not he should speak his mind.   This was a good conversation, and there was quite a bit of back and forth over the role of men and women in society and in the home especially.    Quite enjoyable, and there's certainly a wealth of wisdom to be mined out of this episode.   Want more from Jayson?   Instagram:  Primal Fire Podcast: (Great guest selection, FYI ((yes, I've been on there)))
September 17, 2020
Logocentrifgual 127 - Mark "The Nuclear Gardener" Schneider
Mark Schneider is among the leading voices in the world of nuclear energy. He's also a very thoughtful, intelligent and interesting dude. On this fascinating episode, we spoke about the common misconceptions surrounding nuclear energy -dangers surrounding waste, meltdown and weapons proliferation for example- and about emerging technologies which will help facilitate the introduction of nuclear to areas previously devoid of nuclear energy production as well as emphasizing -or re-emphaszing- nuclear energy is areas where cultural fear and the resultant hyper-regulation have stifled the nuclear capacity for decades. In the course of the conversation we also got into some surprising territory filled with subjects like gardening, community design, space and quite a lot more. This was an altogether enjoyable conversation with a good man working towards a future in which all mankind has the energy required to build the life, community and future they are now only able to dream about. Want more from Mark? Twitter: Website:
September 14, 2020
Logocentrifgual 126 - Marc "I"ll Beat His Ass, As Long As He's Willing" Lobliner
Marc Lobliner ( @MarcLobliner ) is an entrepreneur, bodybuilder, social commentator and an all-around interesting dude.   He's definitely not interested in killing old people.   Want more from Marc?   Twitter:  YouTube:  Tiger Fitness:
August 29, 2020
Logocentrifugal 125 - Adam "Postcard Mentality" Townsend
Join Adam Townsend ( @adamscrabble ) and I as we discus his Covid Log and "the fastest roll-up of power in human history.   He's definitely not a movie villain.   Want more from Adam?   Twitter:  Website:
August 29, 2020
Logocentrifugal 124 - Michael "Gaping Holes In My Resume" Guimarin
Michael Guimarin is a very smart dude.   He came to poke holes in an article I wrote about what to do with all the entitlement money we pay to the government.   We ended up talking about everything from Lizard People and Smoke Filled Rooms to the underlying foundations of democracy and Genghis Khan.   This was a great conversation, and there is more than enough here to keep you guessing for weeks as you explore the concepts discussed.   Want more from Michael?   Twitter:
August 23, 2020
Logocentrifugal 123 - The Council of Elders - Chief Chuck Whitworth, Billy Red Horse & Dennis Hynes
The Council of Elders returns, this time with more NAVY!   Chief Chuck, The Gentleman Mystic and Mr. Do Hard Things have all been on the podcast before. In fact, all of them have been on multiple times (although the Chief's second appearance is never to be aired due to another guest on that episode requesting it be removed due to security clearance concerns...), but to have them here together is a real treat.   They're wise and wizened, careful(except the Chief) and caring, and this episode is the digital version of the conversation you have with a mentor when you need a bit of perspective on the world and your place in it.   I even offer an ad hoc parable at the end.   Listen carefully to these excellent men discuss their insight into the world, and take something with you as you adventure through your life.   Want more from The Council of Elders?   Twitter:    Chief Chuck -  Billy Red Horse -  Dennis Hynes -   Websites:    Chief Chuck -  Billy Red Horse -
August 20, 2020
Logocentrifugal 123 - Joshua "Ghostwriter In The Machine" Lisec
Joshua Lisec is a ghostwriter.   He's also a successful entrepreneur who has turned his gift for writing into a multifaceted business which has propelled him into the highest echelons of the business and marketing world.   In this conversation, we discuss how he built his empire. There's a lot more in this episode than how to become a successful ghostwriter, at least for those with senses to perceive it.   I also invite Joshua to share a bit of his heart and humanity, and we get to see a bit of the man behind the craft.   This is a great conversation, full of valuable insights, and you would do well to take note and notes.   Buckle up.   Want more from Joshua?   Twitter:  Website:  YouTube:  Best Way to Say It:
August 19, 2020
Logocentrifugal 122 - Brian "I'm Not An Expert, I Just Play One In Real Life" Roemmele
Brian Roemmele is in contention for the most interesting man on the internet.   That's why I invited him on the podcast. I wanted to discuss his work, his thoughts and philosophy and his propensity for finding fascinating content not found anywhere else.   What I got was three hours of unmitigated fascination.   Brian was ready to rock-n-roll. His heart and mind opened up and delivered such a lucid and thought-provoking monologue that I was little inclined to say anything.   So, I didn't, really.  I just let him say what he needed to say.  The result was one of the most interesting, coherent and salient testimonies I've ever had the good fortune to witness.   Grab a notebook, clear your mind and buckle up. This is a wild ride.   I'll bring Brian back on sometime relatively soon, but in the mean time, find him here:   Twitter:  Website:  Quora:
August 18, 2020
Logocentrifugal 121 - Dr Edward A "Can't Just Optimize For Sadism" Perin
Dr Ed Perin is a pal of mine, and this is his second appearance.   He's a thoughtful dude, as many in the mental health profession are, and he made his first appearance during the War Series to educate us on the state of mental affairs for veterans and what we might do, as a society, to be able to help our fighting men return to civilian life with a little more grace.   He wanted to come back on to talk about things outside of that specific framework so that he could offer some wisdom that would be more overtly valuable to the everyman.   This conversation was heartfelt, thoughtful, funny and full of wisdom for the everyman. I'd say he met his goal and then some.  I'm pleased you're here, pleased to offer the episode and all out of words except to say...   Let's ride.   Want more from Dr. Ed?   Twitter:
August 15, 2020
Logocentrifugal 120 - Jack "Overworld Overlord" Posobiec
Jack Posobiec is a remarkable dude.   Imagine having worked for the Chamber of Commerce in China, the Military Intelligence Community in Gitmo, as a grassroots organizer during the election of Donald Trump and as a reporter for One America News.   Then imagine while you were doing all of these things that you grew a million person following on Twitter, got repeatedly retweeted by the President, wrote a couple books, created a comic book, spoke at countless symposiums and conferences on the most important geopolitical issues of our time, created the anti-cargo shorts meme, and appeared on the Logocentrifugal Podcast twice.   Then imagine having done all of that, and a great deal more (including, importantly, building a growing family), by the time you were 35.   Hard to imagine isn't it?   Yet, that's the life that Jack Posobiec has been living, which makes it even more remarkable that the focus of this conversation was mostly around questions of faith and humanity.   Get ready to look past the surface into the depths of a man guided by faith and compassion.   Want more from Jack?   Twitter:  OANN:  Amazon Author's Page:
August 01, 2020
Logocentrifugal 119 - Kurt "Harvard Graduate Lattes" Schlichter
Kurt Schlichter is a fascinating dude.   He's also got terrible cel-service on his porch.   He's also an author, host, commentator and all around nice guy. This is the second time I've had Kurt on the podcast, and I invited him back this time around ostensibly to talk about his new book The 21 Biggest Lies about Donald Trump (and you!).   Really, we mentioned it a couple times, and then I got Kurt wound up talking about Gramscianism, leftist tomfoolery, future forecasting about creative destruction and a whole lot more.   He's an entertaining man to talk and listen to, and he's got that rare talent that emerges when sharp intellect meets relatable speech, which makes his points salient and relatable.   Get ready for thoughtful analysis, witty quips and glitchy digital artifacts.   Want more from Kurt?   Twitter:   New Book:   Amazon Author Page:   Townhall:
July 26, 2020
Logocentrifugal 118 - Ed "Working The Genuine Angle" Latimore
Ed Latimore is a lot of things, and most of them are pretty interesting.   Former heavyweight boxer, college graduate, king of crack and black coffee jokes, digital entrepreneur, author... this list could go on for quite some time. He's a modern renaissance man.   But, what Ed primarily is in my eyes - and I think he'd agree with me here - is a teacher.   Sure he lives a remarkable life, but Ed has a particular talent in distilling his uncommon experiences into relatable and digestible content that thousands of people across the world have tapped in to.   In this conversation we discuss some of the differences in Ed's life since the last time we spoke, creating an online presence that's representative of your offline reality, mentality and attitude and quite a bit more.   Ed's a good dude, and this conversation has much to offer, so buckle up and settle in.   Want more from Ed?   Twitter:  Website:  Instagram:
July 24, 2020
Logocentrifugal 117 - "Bucket of Facts" Longstone
Longstone is an interesting dude.   I wasn't exactly sure where this conversation was going to go, but I had been conversing with him for several months on Twitter, and he seemed like he'd have a good conversation in him.   He's got a business, but he really wasn't interested in promoting that as much as he was interested in talking about the shape of reality and the philosophical underpinnings of that which manifests from the geometrical nature of existence.   It was a thought-provoking conversation, and there's so much to consider and dive into that you'll be left wondering for days afterwards.   Buckle up.   Want more from Longstone?  Twitter:
July 23, 2020
Logocentrifugal 116 - Garrett "Not That Kind Of Commune" Dailey
Garrett is me pal.   He's stayed at my house and met my family.  He's an actual, real world, friend that I gained from the digital world.   The reason for that is because he's intelligent, thoughtful, interesting and also a good person. This combination has led him down some interesting paths.   In this episode, we discuss some of those paths he's been walking - including intentional community, revolutionary service, business as community and more - and what the takeaways have been for him.   It was an interesting conversation, full of important themes worth exploring, and it was a good time sitting down with me ol' pal Garrett.   Want more from Garrett?   Website:  Twitter:
July 20, 2020
Logocentrifugal 115 - Jeff "Washing Machine In My Pocket" Putnam
Jeff is me pal. He's a father of nine, a man of personal ethics and sovereignty who offers no apology for his stance, an entrepreneur, an author and one of the most loyal men I know.   He's been through some serious shit.   Being put up for adoption as he was entering adolescence, homelessness, back-breaking labor, the profound challenges of being the father of so large a family, and more, yet Jeff has shouldered them all with alacrity and a defiant spirit.   We discuss some of the ways in which these trials have shaped his worldview.  Jeff drops some profound wisdom at every opportunity, and his no holds barred style of conversation adds a special emphasis to his words.   I'm glad to call Jeff brother, and to be able to offer his thoughts for you - dear audience - to absorb.   Want more from Jeff?   Twitter:  Rugged Legacy Grooming:  Rugged Legacy Podcast:
July 11, 2020
Logocentrifugal 114 - Mike "The Opinion Bookie" Elias
Mike Elias is doing some very interesting and novel work. His work is focused around his brainchild, Idea Markets, which seeks to develop a currency of credibility based upon the blockchain. Built upon an updated securities exchange platform which seeks to put the measure of trust in the credibility of an information source by introducing capital risk into the game. In this very fascinating episode, Mike and I discuss the ins-and-outs of this concept through contrast and comparison with existing technologies and exchanges. He does an excellent job of explaining several concepts that many folks have had a difficult time in grasping. We carry the conversation forward into potential branches in this technology, including verging into the education realm, and then we delve into some odd and spiritual territory at the end of the conversation. All in all, I very much enjoyed the conversation with Mike, thought that his ideas made a lot of sense and there are many ideas of a complex nature expressed clearly so that you, dear audience, can absorb and enjoy them. Want more from Mike? Twitter: Idea Markets:
July 03, 2020
Logocentrifugal 113 - Adam "Pull Yourself Up By Your Kibbutz Straps" Peled
Adam Peled is a brilliant man. He's also my friend. He's also an entrepreneur. He's also a mentor and a family man and more besides. Driven by a desire to serve his fellow man, to solve problems and to promote abundant prosperity the world over, Adam has been creating solutions to problems most of us can't even see until a visionary points them out to us.   In this conversation, Adam and I discuss his upbringing and how it helped set him upon his current course. We go on to explore the principles behind his desire to serve, the specifics of several of the projects he's involved in and some of the ways he balances the many responsibilities that living such a life demands of him.   I've been lucky to have Adam as a friend, and his influence is one that spans continents to lift others to a higher level. I'm very pleased to offer this conversation to you, dear audience, and I hope you'll absorb the wisdom of a very wise man.   Want more from Adam?   Twitter:  Razor Grip:  Skkiper:
June 24, 2020
Logocentrifugal 112 - Dr. Sean "At War With Self-Licking Ice Cream Cones" McFate
Dr. Sean McFate has a brain on him, and there's no getting around it. He's the kind of smart that causes a lot of problems for itself; his brilliance is attached to an unflinching path of truth telling.s He's getting the word out on the reality that the United States and the rest of the "Western World" are being outmaneuvered, out-innovated and losing ground rapidly on the modern battlefield. While the US and it's ostensible allies continue to develop technological and military capabilities aimed at defeating the kind of enemies that haven't been seen since WWII, our enemies have been developing the powers of information, deception and manipulation to win victories over the lumbering beast of the western Military Industrial Complex at a minuscule fraction of the cost in both manpower and resources. In his new novel, High Treason, McFate lays out in disturbingly plausible detail how just such tactics could play out on a slightly larger scale than perhaps we've yet seen, and how the resources and capabilities of the US are hampered by a dogmatic resistance to accepting the reality that the battlefield is not the one we've been spending decades and trillions of dollars preparing to dominate. As ever, with the good doctor, listening to this episode will deepen the understanding of those who can already see, and for those who don't - and are willing to listen well - it will shatter the old paradigm of strategic and combative thinking to reveal a world in which the truth is hidden, the lies war with each other for supremacy and the populace is manipulated by clever and powerful groups seeking to advance their own particular, and most often devious, agenda. Buckle up, listen well and cling not to thine ignorance. Want more from Dr. Sean McFate? Website: Twitter: Amazon Author Page: Harper Collins Author Page:
June 08, 2020
Logocentrifugal 111 - AoL5 - Art of Elders - Billy "AccountaBilly" Red Horse & Dennis "Tunacan" Hynes
My "crazy uncles" Billy Red Horse and Dennis Hynes are two men who I greatly respect.   Strong - mentally and physically - wise and both with hearts that call them to serve the world by offering their guidance to those smart enough to listen, these men are shining examples of how a man can mature with his dignity intact.   We had a very powerful conversation on the ways in which the world has changed, and the ways it has remained the same, through their many, MANY, years, and how one might live with honor in any climate.   Accountability, consequences, effort, cultural uproar, shifting paradigms and quite a bit more were discussed as we created this scroll of wisdom.  It was an honor to have these gentlemen on, and their dynamic with each other was a pleasure to watch, yet the real treasures were in the bits of knowledge and thoughtful perspectives that were unceasingly pouring forth from the mouths of these elders.   I am more than pleased to be able to offer this conversation for your education and edification.   Buckle up.   Want more from Billy Red Horse?   Twitter:  Website:  Relevant Article:   Want more from Dennis Hynes?   Twitter:
April 22, 2020
Logocentrifgual 110 - AoL 4 - Art of The Phoenix - Jack "Fat In Winter" Murhpy
Jack Murphy is a remarkable man.   A towering beast of a man, with a towering intellect to match, he's been very influential in the conversations surrounding politics and masculinity in recent years.   Part of what gives him his standing is his ability to write lucid accounts of the many trials he's lived through in the last decade or so. He connects principles and current events to stories and language that people can connect with.   As part of The Art of Living series here on the Logocentrifugal Podcast, I had a conversation with Jack about the ways in which he's been able to put his life back together stronger each time following the repeated life-shattering events that have shaped his story.   We talked about connections, mentality, storytelling and a lot more. And it's clear from this conversation why many look to Jack for leadership and connection.   This was a very important conversation, and there's so much to absorb from the thoughts presented. Jack drops a massive amount of wisdom in this podcast, and I'm grateful to be able to share it with you.  Listen well, and think carefully about the things you learn.   Want more from Jack?   Twitter:  Website:  Book:
April 15, 2020
Logocentrifugal 109 - AoL3: Art of $ - Nate "The Cashflow Pastor" Dean & Caleb "Yung Dvdndz" Gregory
On this episode of The Art of Living series, I spoke with Nate Dean and Caleb Gregory about the ways in which one can put their money to work for them.   We talked about cashflow, and dividends and the mentality behind those who master their relationship with money.  This isn't an episode about budgeting or paying off all of your debt. Those are important concepts, but in this episode of the Logocentrifugal Podcast, we talk about how a person can use their money to create leverage and passive income.   This is not a "get rich quick and easy" type of conversation, but those who can wrap their head around the idea that there are more ways to earn money than trading units of time will discover a level of freedom that most will never know.   Buckle up, listen intently and consider well the concepts put before you in this episode.    Want more from these fine gentlemen?   Nate:   Twitter -  Holy Shift! -  Newsletter -   Caleb:   Twitter -  Books -
April 12, 2020
Logocentrifugal 108 - The Art of Living 2 - The Art of Style - Tanner "Not just Private School" Guzy
Tanner Guzy is among the most well-know and respected commentators and professionals working in the realm of style, particularly style with a masculine emphasis, and I sat down to talk to him about it.   One of Tanner's main refrains is the idea that "real men don't care what they look like" is a foolish and untrue line that's been damaging the potential of men who buy into it.  We talked about the psychological aspects of style - what it communicates, how it impacts your identity, how it changes the way you feel - and got into how one might begin to understand their relationship to different aspects of clothing.   This was a conversation that got me thinking about things in a way I really hadn't explored before, and I'm grateful to Tanner for taking the time to spell it out for me, and I'm pleased to be able to offer the conversation for your consideration.   Want more from Tanner?   Twitter:  Website:  Book:
April 09, 2020
Logocentrifugal 107 - The Art of Living 1 - Life As Art - Roman "Mediocrity Is Your Function" McClay
In the inaugural episode of this new series, The Art of Living, I invited on regular guest Roman McClay to discuss living one's life in a manner that expresses one's artistic sensibilities.    Good art comes from the soul, and if one is living a life attuned to the soul, it becomes an artistic expression.    Creating an environment that one can express themselves fully and naturally in, recognizing your function in the world, and following the impulses of your soul wherever they lead you are among the ideas we discussed.   It gets deep, as it always does with Roman, so buckle up and get prepared to do some thinking.   Also, go buy his book, it's remarkable and singular.   Thanks for tuning in.   Want more from Roman?   Twitter: OR   Website:
April 02, 2020
Logocentrifugal 106 WAR Series 7 - Kurt "Tri-Tips and Sweatpants" Schlichter
Col(R) Kurt Schlichter has a big personality.  I invited him on the podcast because he came highly recommended by several friends in the military and narrative warfare circles. Longtime fans of the podcast understand that I like to knock my guests out of their comfort zone a little bit, and see what comes out when in unpracticed ground. I did not succeed at this with Kurt.  I was outmatched. The man has been doing the talking head thing for a long time, and he was perfectly comfortable steering the conversation to the places he wanted it to go. That was alright with me, it was a good opportunity to learn from someone who has a lot of skill in staying on topic. This conversation was more about a war of political and social messaging - and the consequences thus derived - than it was about on the ground warfare.  That's also alright with me. Students of war understand that politics is merely non-kinetic warfare, and also that politics aims the guns. All that said, this was a good conversation, and you have to admire a man who can stick to his principles while keeping a good sense of humor. We laughed a lot along the way, and if you're not familiar with Kurt, you're gonna get familiar with him in just over 3/4 of an hour.  Want more from Col(R) Kurt Schlichter? Twitter: Amazon Author Page: Townhall Columnist Page:
March 24, 2020
Logocentrifugal 105 WAR Series 6 - King "Exploit The Weak To Destroy The Strong" Atlas
Atlas knows his business, and his business is political power. He works behind the scenes in countries that are best left unnamed to exert shadow power in the places it is most effective. This conversation lays a framework for understanding the way the world works from this perspective. We explore a couple of real world examples, and dive into some hypotheticals, all in the name of illuminating the shadow world of politics and the armed conflict that serves to enact and enforce the decisions of the political decision makers. You're going to learn a lot about the way the world turns in this episode, and it might be frightening for you, but Atlas holds a perspective that is critical to understanding why and how wars are fought.  This conversation also does a nice job of tying together several of the previous episodes into a cohesive framework. Buckle up and get ready for a bumpy ride. Want more from Atlas? Twitter:
March 18, 2020
Logocentrifugal 104 - WAR Series 5 - Dr. Edward A. "Put some ED in your pencil" Perin
Dr. Ed Perin is a good man.   He helps folks deal with the traumatic psychological remnants of their time spent in extremely taxing situations.   That's a tough job, and it takes a strong and caring mind to withstand it.   Doc is just such an one. His time in the Army may have something to do with that. It was a pleasure to speak with him about the nature of traumatic psychology - especially as it relates to soldiers - some of the causes, and what can be done to help overcome the negatives associated with a rewired brain.   He also does a wonderful job of making sure that the human element is represented, and shifting the conversation to a place where we could leave behind the fetishization of the "blood and death" part of a soldier's experience.   It was a great conversation, with much within for you to learn, and I encourage you to dive in and pay close attention.   Want more form Dr. Edward A. Perin?   Twitter:
March 03, 2020
Logocentrifugal 103 - WAR Series 4 - Jarhead "Not Necessarily Advocating Atrocities" Mike
Mike is a good dude.   In this episode we discuss brotherhood, the frustrations of limitations, the differences in war now versus Desert Storm and how those differences have are shaping the changes our armed forces are undergoing, the evilness of lobbyists, and quite a bit more.   We also discuss the life of Mike, the marine and the man, and how his time in the Marines has shaped his life and his outlook.    It was important to me that this series not focus merely on strategy and tactics, not only on politics and analysis, but on the human side of things - who are the ones actually serving in the Military, and why, and how does it effect them? - and this episode is rich in the human element.   So, press the button, listen well, and mine the rich deposit of humanity to be found within.   Want more from Jarhead Mike?   Twitter:
February 25, 2020
Logocentrifugal 102 - WAR Series 3 - John "Camouflage By Spray Paint" Dailey
John Dailey is a solid man.  He's also the father of Logocentrifugal Podcast alumni, Garrett "Ginger Hitler" Dailey, who also happens to be a good pal of mine. In this podcast, we discuss how the whole paradigm of the US Military changed after the events of 9-11, and how John's mentality changed along with it.  We get into the psychological effects that can result from armed conflict - not all of them are negative, by the way - and how a life of service in the military translates into a life of service in the civilian world. John is a thoughtful and contemplative man, you can tell, and he has a very nuanced perspective on many of the political and societal issues surrounding the subject of war. I really enjoyed this conversation, both as a podcast host and on a personal level, and I suggest you listen well that you might glean a a great deal of wisdom from the words of John Dailey. Want more from John? Twitter:
February 20, 2020
Logocentrifugal 101 - War Series 2 - Sean "Raging Out Until They're Aging Out" McFate
Dr. Sean McFate is a one-man revolution in the world of military strategy.   You might already know that, whether from his first appearance on this podcast, or from his vast body of work elsewhere, including his brilliant and accessible book The New Rules of War.   Any way you slice it, he's an endless resource of thoughtful analysis, educated takes, and controversial opinions on all things war... which is exactly why I brought him back on the podcast.   In this second episode in the series, Dr. McFate teaches us some novel ways of looking at conflict - who, how, why and so forth - that puts much of the news and rhetoric into perspective.    We also dive into some specific real-world situations, as well as some not-unlikely hypotheticals, to apply these thinking skills in concrete ways.    By the time you're finished with this episode, the world will likely look different than it did before, and you'll be ready to move into some of the more personal stories to come with eyes a bit more wide.    Want more from Dr. McFate?   Website:  Twitter:  Amazon Author Page:
February 12, 2020
Logocentrifugal 100 - WAR Series 1 - Scott "Handsome Is In My Skill-Stack" Adams
Scott Adams is a smart man. Importantly, he's used those smarts to elevate himself into a diverse collection of powerful platforms. Whether from classrooms to boardrooms, cartoons to capital, investments to influence, politics to periscope and beyond, Scott has found ways to elevate himself to the highest levels. In this inaugural episode of the Logocentrifugal Podcast WAR Series, I asked Mr. Adams to explain some of the tools he uses to avoid what he calls Loserthink (he explains these tools in depth within the pages of the book by the same name), and to apply his skill in using those tools to take a look at the world of war and conflict. He did not disappoint. Though this isn't the first episode I've recorded for the WAR Series, I've chosen to release it first so that you, dear audience member, can absorb the lessons he offers and apply them to the forthcoming episodes. In this way, I hope to be able to increase your ability to apply your own critical eye and enhance your capacity to think in an independent manner about the different perspectives you'll be exposed to in the coming months. I want you to think for yourself, and to be able to do that well. Scott Adams has the same desire, and has made it one of his central efforts. That's why I was grateful to him for coming on to help me help you do that. Listen carefully, take notes and enjoy the ride. Want more from Scott? Twitter: Blog: Dilbert: Loserthink:
February 05, 2020
Logocentrifugal 99 - Mike "Bolen A 300" Bolen
Mike Bolen has his shit together.   This was a shorter episode, but if you're keeping track of valuable insights, then you wouldn't know it.    Mike is a leader in the realm of real estate, having been in the industry for more than 20 years, and has turned himself into a multimillionaire in the process.   A man like that is worth asking some questions of, and as I did so, he revealed that he's a man of systems and mastery. I can identify with that a great deal.   We talked about the power of a strong network, tools to ensure that you're attracting the best candidates for inclusion into your network, and several strategies and practices that will allow one the ability to create a powerful mindset, lucrative endeavors and a method to the mastery.   All in all it was an excellent conversation, full of valuable information, and I hope you'll listen carefully.   Want more from Mike Bolen?   Twitter:  Website:  Instagram:
January 05, 2020
Logocentrifugal 98 - Dr. Robert "Quoth the Raven, Not Moth to the Flame" Toth
Dr. Robert Toth sees things.  Not dead people, probably, but answers to questions most people don't know how to ask.  But he answers them anyway, and new worlds of function open up along this journey into distillation that he's on.  In our conversation, we talked a lot about how one might use processes and problem-solving tools to refine the most relevant information into the most useful groupings.   There's a lot going on here, you might say.   This was a conversation that will, as you reach the end of it, have given you a lot of things to think about, and not all of them overt.  Dr. Toth is a strategic thinker, and listening to him speak about the future reveals the depth of his faith in himself to influence it. Yet there's a humbleness born of being very realistic about his place in the scheme of things, too.   This balance makes for a wise vantage with the potential to steer events significantly.   Is Dr. Toth the wise owl sharing wisdom from the canopy, or is he the Tootsie-Pop owl, eating the candy of those who ask stupid questions?   When you're ready to find out, we'll see you on the inside.   Thanks for tuning in.   Want more from Dr. Robert Toth?   Twitter:  Website: Ki Book Club: -
December 13, 2019
Logocentrifugal 97 - Robin "Go BINK! Your Comfort Zone" Black
Robin Black is a fascinating dude. This conversation was very much the Robin show, and that suits me very well. I love this kind of "put a quarter in a sit back" kind of guest because I get to sit back and enjoy the experience. Though he's best known for his martial arts video breakdowns and commentary, the man has developed a profound worldview built upon his study of martial prowess.  Just as a thrown fist or shin is subject to the rules of physics and chemistry, and just as the mind which threw them is subject to the rules of psychology and evolutionary impulses, so too has Robin's study taken him down these roads. In what is simultaneously a wide ranging and circular conversation, we talk about such disparate subjects as the nature of reality and knowledge, confidence and humility, the limitations of understanding imposed by language and a lot more besides. This conversation is a veritable smorgasbord of wisdom and insight which will challenge you to think about things a bit differently. I think you'll find a great amount of value to be harvested from this conversational field. Buckle up and get ready for a breakneck ride through the mind of Robin Black. Want more from Robin? Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Merchandise: 
November 25, 2019
Logocentrifugal 96 - Elliott "Demons At The Door" Hulse
Elliott Hulse is a powerful man. This is true in more than just his juggernaut physicality, though that is certainly an impressive feature of the man, but it also true in the measure thoughtful mind and soulful desire to lift those he works with up several levels in the game of paradigmatic ascension. "I'm a strength coach," went the refrain several times throughout the conversation. Sure, that's true, but usually when people say that they are not also the head of a movement involving millions of people. Elliott is. The strength he teaches is based on his philosophy that there is more to a person than the meat and bones of their body; a person is a mind, a body, an emotional being and a spirit.  While the path to a balanced strength in all four quadrants started for Elliott and the men - yes men, he focuses his work on men because of his view that the world is doing its damndest to destroy men and bring them down from their Divinely appointed roles leaders and kings - he works with in the realm of the body, it does not stop there. In fact, as Elliott was humble and courageous enough to expound upon in our conversation, it continues on is a never-ending process of introspection, reflection, prayer and service. I really enjoyed this conversation, and I think it's an important one to have had given the current cultural climate, and I'm grateful to Elliott for taking the time to sit down with me and talk about men, and God and our place in this increasingly hostile and broken culture. Also, listen closely and see if you can spot the point at which his heart opened up and we really started to connect. You may not agree with everything that is said in this podcast, but I challenge you to listen carefully and measure your own thoughts agains those of Elliott Hulse and ask yourself where you stand. Thanks for listening. Want more from Elliott? Websites: - Instagram:
November 22, 2019
Logocentrifugal 95 - Dr. Sean "We follow my rules, or we seal our McFate" McFate
Dr. Sean McFate is a very unusual man. An early childhood passion for playing violin and an Ivy League education are uncommon enough. But, from a military career to a dalliance with the non-profit world and from the high-adventure and dark visions of the mercenary life to the stuffy offices and feuding intellectual power-point powerhouses of the think-tank circuit, Sean McFate carved a very unique path through the world of geopolitics and armed conflict.  Bringing that eclectic experience and unique world-view to bear, Dr. McFate is now a university professor and author attempting to tear down the pillars supporting the halls of past valor to prepare the modern warrior - and those who make the decisions which determine when and with whom they will go to war - to successfully overcome the challenges before them. We talked a bit of Sean's history, dissected some of the reasoning behind and extrapolations of The New Rules of War - which he proposes in his book by the same name - and lay out an overview of what a military prioritized and optimized to fight in the current and future paradigms of war. It was a fascinating conversation with a brilliant and controversial mind inside an uncommon and unflinching man. I learned a lot from the conversation, and from his book, and I highly recommend both of them to you, dear listener. I doubt this will be the last you hear from McFate on this podcast, but in the meantime... Want more from Dr. Sean McFate? Twitter: Website:
October 31, 2019
Logocentrifugal 94 - Dr. Shawn "Objectively Better By Every Measure" Baker
Dr. Shawn Baker has a lot going on for him. A savage beast of a man, breaking records in athletic events like power-lifting and rowing, while speaking with force in the world of nutrition as one of the strongest voices in favor of a diet based primarily - or even, and often solely - in meat.  Needless to say, he's a polarizing character. Polarizing, but not wantonly. He lives as an example of the lifestyle he's advocating for, and he's a very thoughtful and articulate speaker. We had a conversation that ranged from his own experiences with carnivory to the effects he's seen in others, from a very granular view into how the medical profession is failing to serve us as well as it could to a bird's-eye look into some of the possible motivations and causes behind it and from how a person might look out at the world and make more accurate assessments to how they might look within to do the same. We also talk about his upcoming book, The Carnivore Diet. All in all, it was an informative, interesting and powerful conversation which will help you to build a more informed platform to build your health upon. Want more from Dr. Baker? Twitter: Website:
October 30, 2019
Logocentrifugal 93 - Andrew "Steven Motherf*cking Seagal" Tate
Andrew Tate is a fascinating character. He's a natural showman, yet he's wrapped up inside the mind and body of a lifelong fighter. This conversation needed little in the way of a host, Andrew was ready to talk with just a hint prodding along any direction. He also shaped the conversation to travel the roads he wanted to drive along. In a conversational podcast like mine, this is something I encourage in my guests, because I want them to tell their story and pick their brains for useful bit of wisdom or to highlight certain parts of their mentality in a way that leaves the listener able to form their own judgments. Andrew needs no encouragement in this department. Part of that is because he has a message that he's committed to, and part of that is because he's prepared to accept the consequences of his words - whatever they may be - both of which are rare traits. This is the source of my respect for Andrew Tate. There are many things I disagree with him on, and there are a couple of things in which Andrew engages which I strongly disagree with on a moral basis. That being said, my moral compass is not his, and from what I can tell, he's a man who operates according to principles and he sticks to them with uncommon tenacity. He's a polarizing character in that way. I'll let you decide what you think about Andrew Tate, and I'm sure you'll think some thoughts about the man after listening, but I'll tell you this as a final thought: Andrew has told me he would do something on several occasions, and he's done so each time. I've had several conversations surrounding the man, and of those who have had direct interactions with him, they all say the same thing - he follows through, and is loyal in his relationships. Thanks for tuning in. Want more from Andrew Tate? Website: Instagram: Twitter:
October 10, 2019
Logocentrifugal 92 - Jon "Lying is what they were designed to du" du Toit
Jon du Toit is an fascinating character. His work on the film Hoaxed: Everything They Told You Is A Lie is what sparked my initial interest in the man. It was an incredibly well crafted film and revealed more than most are prepared to accept about how the world of narrative and media is put together. In this conversation we discuss a bit about how Jon got to be where he's at, running through a brief sketch of his personal history, before touching upon some of his beliefs and personal experiences that shape the way in which he interfaces with the world and which allow him to see the world through his particularly clear lens. Whether it's being raised as an immigrant in a foreign land, or holding beliefs and a worldview that caused him to be a pariah in his chosen field, Jon has had the distinctly uncomfortable but undeniably powerful title of outsider for most of his life. This has allowed him to see things that would be otherwise difficult nigh unto impossible to see were he as deeply enmeshed in the various cultures to which he has been exposed to across his life. This was a great conversation, and likely the first of several, and it was an honor to have Jon on the podcast as I return from my hiatus to focus in on providing what I consider to be the most interesting and relevant perspectives on the shifting foundations of society at large during a time of great political and cultural upheaval.  Listen in, pay attention, and you won't be disappointed. Want more from Jon? Twitter: Website: Hoaxed:
October 03, 2019
Logocentrifugal 91 - Nicholas "The North Pole is the entrance to the Rabbit Hole" Hinton
Nick Hinton was recommended to me by a previous guest on the podcast, Justin C. Scott, and I was interested immediately, because of his interesting work on conspiracies and interesting quirks in the fabric of reality and perception.  This conversation was a very interesting one, and we covered many fascinating pieces of the mysteries surrounding reality. From the nature of God and Man to the perceptions - or misperceptions - surrounding the concept of time, and from the role of light and dark to the interconnectedness of all things, we ran the gamut of esoteric musing.  There's a lot to consider in this episode, and of course, as is ever the case when discussing such matters, there's plenty of room left for you to make up your own mind about these concepts.  Nicholas was an great guest, and he has a fascinating view on the nature of our existence.  Want more from Nick?
August 30, 2019
Logocentrifugal 90 - Johnny "This body oil contains the essence of my soul" Noble
Johnny Noble makes his second appearance on the podcast, and it was quite a conversation. The first thing I saw when Johnny turned on his video was a large television behind him showing a picture of some fiery galaxy. I busted up laughing. The conversation proceeded from there exactly as you might expect. We talked about the essence of being, the universe, the nature of reality, how to manifest your will into existence and - hard as this might be to believe - a lot more. It's fun to have repeat guests on the podcast, because we've already established a relationship, so the comfort level is much higher than the first appearance. This was no different, and while we did spend a small amount of time talking about Johnny's business endeavors - and there are some very important points made about that - we spent most the conversation plumbing the depths of reality looking for hidden pearls. I enjoyed the conversation very much, and I'll be sure to have Johnny back on, but for now enjoy the conversation and ponder the concepts presented. Want more from Johnny?
August 30, 2019
Logocentrifugal 89 - Beth "Can't see yourself if you only watch the circus" Martens
Beth Martens is a woman I was introduced to through one of her students who also happens to be a friend of mine. After learning what she does to aid people in their journey of self-knowledge directed at both personal and professional development, I was curious to learn more. So, I invited her on the podcast, and what ensued was a very valuable conversation relating the to path of understanding your purpose and how one might reveal more of it in a practical manner. This conversation went deep into areas of Jungian psychology - archetypal patterns and thoughts about the shadow - and there were many personal stories and paths of consideration presented. There's a lot within the episode itself, and there is much to explore based upon the hints offered within the episode as well.  It was a pleasure to talk with Beth, and I know many of you will benefit deeply from the listen. It's well worth considering what you're meant to be by understanding how you're wired to see and think, and which mechanisms of action align most harmoniously with those patterns. Want more from Beth?
August 26, 2019
Logocentrifugal 88 - Az "All I know about life I learned from 1980's issues of Vogue Magazine" Samad
Az Samad is a fascinating character. Son of one of Malaysia's artist laureates and a journalist, he was brought up in a home that would be atypical anywhere, but especially in a culture which values a "sensible" career path typically embodied in engineering and the sciences. As was instead encouraged to pursue a life of artistic expression and going with the flow of his fascination. After picking up a guitar around the age of 16, he quickly stepped onto a path that would lead him all around the world, learning and playing music across continents and cultures. His heart and soul shine through in a big way in this episode, and it was a great pleasure to have this conversation with the man. We talked about his upbringing and education, his perspective on artistic creation, the values that have shaped his outlook and the unique blend of cultural and educational elements that have shaped his musical stylings. He also played a bit of music on his guitar, and that's a unique spin on the episode. All in all, what was revealed during the course of this episode was a highly intelligent, life-loving and thoughtful man sharing of his essence and the lesson learned after more than 20 years pursuing his passions. Want more from Az?
August 23, 2019
Logocentrifugal 87 - Craig "It's freedom of speech, not freedom of screech" James
Craig James is a man I encountered because of his connection to a great deal of young men I'm friendly with who have been influenced by his leadership and mentorship. He's also the partner in crime to me pal Hunter Drew, who was a previous guest on this podcast. Craig's message, on the surface at least, is a simple one. Make room for men to be men in the modern world, and instill in those men the critical lessons of personal responsibility and service to the family and community. That's a message that is increasingly vilified in the modern narrative landscape, and we talk about some of the reasons why. We then transition into discussing what a young man, or a man at any age, might do to become something more than they are and to claim their birthright as a strong man and leader of a family.  The conversation ranges from societal issues, to personal development and much in between. This conversation has no shortage of gems, and it will be beneficial to any man seeking guidance. It will also be useful for women to gain a better understanding of men and their motivations and outlook. Want more from Craig?
August 22, 2019
Logocentrifugal 86 - Kunal "The new culture is no culture" Dharamsi
Kunal is a friend of mine. We worked together to create some tools and systems that would enable him to make progress on a number of fronts, both personal and professional, and through that process I came to respect the man. Kunal lives in India, and my relative unfamiliarity with the modern iteration of this ancient land took up much of the conversation. I knew I could count on him to have a wealth of knowledge - he's a highly intelligent young man - and so I let my fascination with the evolution of the Indian way of life drive the train. Kunal did not disappoint, and I learned a lot about the ways in which the globalization and modernization trends occurring across the world have made their effects felt in India. There's a lot to be glad for, and much to lament the loss of, but the future will tell how it all plays out. We also talked about Kunal's own life, his atypical upbringing, and how these things shaped him into the kind of man who was compelled to jump from an uncomfortably comfortable career to make his own way within the realm of digital business. All in all, it was a great conversation full of topics and perspectives that most of you will be unfamiliar with. Want more from Kunal?
August 21, 2019
Logocentrifugal 85 - Tiger "The artist formerly known as Weed & Counterstrike" Joseph
Tiger was a pleasure to talk to. It's refreshing and heartening to me when I get the opportunity to speak with a young adult with their shit together. Tiger has made certain realizations by 19 that it took me until my late 20's to figure out, and he's no need for the decade+ of recuperative work I had to put in to rebuild my life from the ravages of the dark world. He's a burgeoning filmmaker, and a burgeoning human as well. We talk best practices, principles, how mistakes and accidents can be our best teachers and a lot more. This episode will be of particular interest to younger members of the audience looking for a role-model in their peer group, but there's also plenty here for older listeners as well. We discuss foundational principles that you might have missed along the way, and then there's always the sentiment of appreciated a well-adjusted youth which you're likely to share with me. Tiger was a recommendation, and he didn't disappoint.  Want more from Tiger? Twitter  LinkTree (Lots of Links) TYGR Productions
August 20, 2019
Logocentrifugal 84 - John "I remind you that you're free, and so I'm forced to flee" McAfee
John McAfee is a man who need no introduction. Even so, I'll give a brief one: Computers, Money, Advocating Freedom, Running for President, Government Targeting, Traveling the World (Fleeing Persecution), Social Media Messenger John has been advocating for personal sovereignty, an end to wars of aggression, ceasing the financial fuckery of centralized fiat currencies and the banks that control them, deconstructing the failed institutions of government and enjoying your life for many years now.  This is a message that has cost him no small amount of money, time, conflict, stress and more. It's made all the more remarkable because he could have just sat back on the beach with more money than he knew what to do with, and enjoyed the twilight of his life with the love of his life, Mrs. Janice McAfee, sipping drinks and tripping balls. Instead, he chose to be a messenger for freedom and personal sovereignty. Because he was not some fringe hippie with no means or connections, the powers that be saw an actual threat in the man, and have to this very day run a campaign to bring McAfee down. When a plantation owner with no slaves, but plenty of resources, announces to the unwitting slaves of the other plantation owners that they are slaves and don't need to be, is it any wonder they turn their eyes, along with their proclivity for lynching, to the man with the bullhorn? Tune in and listen to the man as he seeks to enlighten you to the mess you're in, and suggest to you the ways in which you might remove yourself from it. Want more from John McAfee? Twitter McAfee 2020
August 18, 2019
Logocentrifugal 82 - Joe "The Kubrick of Jersey Shore" Vrola
Joe Vrola has been on the podcast before, and I invited him back to talk about his film Buzzkill New Jersey, because it's almost out and I think that's pretty badass. The last three years of Joe's life have been spent obsessing over every detail of the making of this film. Writer, director, editor, lead actor, etc... Joe basically did everything on this movie but run the camera, and that's quite a feat. I know many of you out there have had daydreams about creating a film, and we get into some of the nitty-gritty behind the process, and you'll get a feel for how much work actually goes in to making a film that isn't a piece of shit. Joe's a good dude, and he's sacrificed in immeasurable way to bring his vision into reality, which is something that I respect. This is a valuable episode for those in the artistic professions, or seeking to move in that direction, because it will teach you the reality that there's no place for slackers anywhere, including in the arts. Support Joe, he's created this film independently, and it a remarkable feat. If we don't support independent artists, then all we'll ever have is remakes of the same 15 movies that the major studios foist upon the unwashed masses in a constant recycling of simple stories for simple minds. Want more from Joe, or want to check into the film? Twitter Buzzkill New Jersey
August 18, 2019
Logocentrifgual 81 - Dev "A deep crystal brightly, or some such nonsense"
Dev is an interesting gal. She was recommended for the podcast, and had a lot of interesting perspectives and useful insights. We talked about things like relationships with mentors, waking up to responsibility, relationships with God and your roots, how to identify when it's time to cut threads on poisonous relationships, and a lot more. We got into some of Dev's own past, and pulled out concepts and tools that she used to climb out of pain and self-pity into the light of responsibility and taking life by the horns.  At 23, Dev is quite a bit younger than most of the guests, and as the conversation unfurled, I found myself appreciating two things about that: 1) Dev seems to have some important and, in my estimation, critical concepts figured out at a relatively young age, and 2) That the seeds of an idea take years to mature. At 33, I recognize the seedlings of ideas that I have nurtured into mature fruit trees in the ideas and pursuits of a person a decade my junior. It is revealing to me in a way that I am beginning to understand in a deeper manner; elders really do understand, and care, and come from a place of caring when they impart wisdom and encourage learning. I was grateful for the conversation with Dev, as I ever am with all my guest, and I feel that there is a lot to pick up on in this conversation, and a promising future being explored for the world to see. Want more from Dev? Twitter
August 15, 2019
Logocentrifgual 80 - Justin "Everything to gain, and nothing Deleuze" Murphy
Justin Murphy was an interesting feller to talk with.  He's a sharp-minded dude, and has clearly spent quite a lot of time thinking about his place in the world, and what this life means to him. I came across Justin awhile back, because of me pal Jason Snyder, and I found his content to be quite thoughtful and lucid.  I invited Justing on the podcast because he's been requested more than once, and I thought he'd make a very interesting guest. He did not disappoint. Our conversation ranged from intellectual integrity to Catholicism, and from thoughts on the nature of existence to perspectives on the power inherent in rigorous adherence to honesty, and all along the path, Justin had either an answer prepared or was prepared, at least, to answer. One of the standout features of Mr. Murphy's character, in my eyes at least, is the obvious curiosity driving his attention. He seems to have targeted but bottomless fount of fascination, and this is a characteristic I can identify with. This episode presents no shortage of challenging concepts and ideas to explore and contend with, and I think it will deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking listening experience. Want more from Justin Murphy? Twitter The Other Life Now Podcast Based Deleuze
August 01, 2019
Logocentrifugal 79 - Phillip "Am I still laconic after 90 minutes of talking?" Eubanks
Phillip Eubanks is a genuine and decent human. He's been one of the most ardent supporters of this podcast, and of my work in general, and I was curious to see what makes the man tick. So, I invited him on the podcast to get a better understanding of who Phil is, and what his mission is. I'm very glad I did.  Many of my guests are already established as notable personalities in their respective realms. Phil is a bit different in this regard. He's been a more behind-the-scenes kind of guy until very recently, but he felt compelled to step out from behind the curtains and take his place on the world stage. Between developing connections and relationships with several high-impact people on twitter, continuing to develop his professional skills and creating the Laconic Brand of men's accessories, Phil is at a crossroads in his digital life that will be illuminating and informative for many interested in taking similar steps. Phil has a deep-seated faith that directs and informs his journey, and he speaks of it in similar terms to ones I've often used to discuss that tell-tale sensation that accompanies the tap on the shoulder delivered by your destiny. As has so often recently been the case, we get into matters of creation and creator, and dive into the topics of faith, ascension and signposts of divine purpose. I really enjoyed getting to know me pal Phil a little better, and I found a very engaged, intelligent and thoughtful man behind the Laconic brand, and I think you'll find Phil a worthwhile man to connect with. Want more from Phillip Eubanks? Twitter Email List Laconic Shop
July 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 78 - Justin C. "Synergetic Eyebrows and Hypnotic Hand Jive" Scott
Justin C. Scott has been a pal since shortly after I joined Twitter. He's also one of the few people I recorded and impression of, and it has been one of the most popular I've done. Justin is an easy dude to befriend. He's relentlessly positive, and constantly offering up insights into how to shift the flows of energy of the layers beneath the surface. There's a very cathartic energy that comes from Justin's videos and thoughts, and it's a gift that is rare at any age but especially for a man in his twenties. Some people seem to be fountains of wisdom from birth, and Justin is one such. It was a pleasure to have a conversation with him, and we dive into a rich conversation that travels the roads of the subconscious, the spirit, the creative aspects of our nature while we synthesize what we can into concepts and practices that can enhance your connection and capacity to engage with the underlying energetic flows of existence in a more harmonious manner. We get pretty far out there in this conversation, but there is an uncommon tendency for each of us to attempt to distill something concrete out of even the most ethereal and uncertain realms of thought, as we adventure through this metaphysical call and response. There's a whole world of thoughts to explore based upon this conversation, and I doubt that there is anyone who would not be better for having done so. Let us blow your mind out into deep space, and then try to guide you back. Want more from Justin C. Scott? Twitter Blog Further Resources
July 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 77 - Matt S. "President: Tool Fans for World Peace" Stephens
Matt Stephens is a strong man.  Not just in the physical sense, but in his bearing, in his very demeanor. His passion for life is evident in nearly every sentence he uttered during our conversation. There were several times where it seemed as though he had to consciously keep himself from bursting out of his seat and bellowing out the message.  One of the reasons I reached out to Matt to bring him on the podcast is the transformation story that is central to the narrative he presents to the world. Where once stood an out of shape, and unhealthy man now stands a man who is lean and yoked up like an ox. The startling metamorphosis did not just occur in the physical realm, but in his mentality. We dive in to the mental aspect of becoming more tomorrow than you are today, and deliver a lot of thoughts and ideas that will be beneficial for you to content with. We also wade into the waters of the spirit, and converse a bit on the nature of reality and the manner in which we interface with it, and what that interface might mean about the source and the direction of existence.  We also talk about how badass the band Tool is, and how we both listen to them while doing squats. Then I do a pretty lame job of trying to make the divergence a relevant thread in the larger tapestry of the conversation. All in all, this was a great conversation, and Matt showed that his intellect is swole as his physique. Want more from Matt S. Stephens? Twitter Website Instagram
July 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 76 - Shadeed "I'm not an optimist, I just play one on TV" Q. Eleazer
Shadeed Eleazer is a thoughtful and intelligent dude. I ran into him in the potential maximizing realm of twitter, and I've always appreciated his useful and positive content. He's delivering value, and avoiding most of the beef that can be part and parcel to competitive types. In our conversation, we talked about mentality, environmental factors on outcomes, visualization, strategic thinking and a whole slew of other topics pertaining to business and success in life generally. There are visions of the future, strategic frameworks for building a vision, methods of finding and refining your vision and a great deal more ideas and tools for you to absorb in this episode. Shadeed was easy to talk to, was prepared to expand thoughtfully on any questions I asked, and was sharp and responsive in his communication style. I think everybody who listens to this episode will find much to consider. Want more from Shadeed Eleazer? Twitter Ruthless Time Analysis Journal Website
July 25, 2019
Logocentrifugal 75 - Niels "The Nose-Gasm Guru"
Niels is a smart fella. I ran into him on Twitter, and after about two-dozen insults back and forth (which I clearly delivered with more skill and better content), we became pals. Though his emphasis is something quite different than mine, his skill in persuasion and narrative analysis combined with his use of uncommon mental tools to elicit growth in his clients are things I can appreciate. So, I brought Niels on the podcast to take a look at some of the underlying factors that allow things like hypnosis and other psychological tools to be so effective under the right circumstances. We get into psychosomatic effects, body language in context, benevolent mentalism, and a lot more. There are certainly a long string of interesting and thought-provoking ideas explored in this episode. You'll not regret the interesting perspective that Niels brings to the table, and as en erotic hypnotist, his angle is one that is quite uncommon. We don't get explicit in that regard, but the principles in this episode might well assist your own ability to treat sexuality in a healthy light.  Want more from Niels? Twitter Email List Website
July 22, 2019
Logocentrifugal 73 - Adam "One day we'll all be techno-wizards" Kokesh
Adam Kokesh is a man on a mission. A while back, I put out a call to my audience for interesting guests I might bring on the podcast. Adam was one of the first names dropped, and was quickly seconded. He was ready to make that happen, so we got the ball rolling, and I'm very glad we did. The dude has passion flooding out of him, and it's all about dismantling the onerous federal government in a methodical and systematic way, then returning the function of government back to the states, and removing the compulsory participation in any government whether federal, state, county or city.  Many of you know I'm a radical personal-sovereignty advocate, and this is a message I can get behind. It was a pleasure to sit down and have a conversation with a man who's making a serious attempt to win the presidency so that he can abolish the position immediately after signing the necessary executive orders to abolish the federal government. In the conversation, we touch on his motivations for this mission, a brief rundown of how it would work, why he thinks it's possible to make this work, and quite a lot more. There's no end of concepts and principles in this episode, and it will lead you to consider things in a new light if you're not already of the Libertarian bent, and even if you are, the actual prescription for accomplishing the goal is much more lucid and rational than the narrative of thoughtless abolishment of the government in favor of instant anarchy. It was a great conversation, which went well beyond the hour which Adam was originally prepared share. He was very easy to talk to, charismatic and relatable, and there's an obvious and open depth to the man that is truly refreshing in a man running a campaign to become President of the United States, even if for only a day. Want more from Adam? Twitter The Freedom! Line Kokesh for President
July 17, 2019
Logocentrifugal 72 - Praetorian "Jesus still loves you, but what the f***" Swift
Praetorian Swift is a good dude, but he's a bad man. Badass that is. He's spent the last couple of decades learning and teaching the skills necessary to ensure that soldiers, law enforcement and the Average Joe are able to defend themselves and those whose protection has been placed in their hands.  I stumbled across Swift in the same way I usually find my guests; I found the man on twitter due to his association with several of the other people I have befriended. He can highly recommended by several people I respect, and I'd already appreciated his sharp edged wisdom delivered with simplicity and a sense of humor. Once, he suggested he would remove my eyeballs with a spoon. So I brought him on the podcast to talk about his worldview, the weak points in society and in individuals and what he thinks can and ought to be done about them. We ranged from Jesus to stun-guns, from pepper-spraying Ivan Throne to justifiable homicide and from building a strong marriage to building strong defenses in this insightful conversation. There's plenty to contend with in this episode, and everyone is sure to find something to disagree with Swift over, but that's where the learning is done, and he'd be more than happy to help you learn...with a Swift punch to the head if needed. Want more from Praetorian Swift? Twitter Website
July 16, 2019
Logocentrifugal 71 - Jonathan "If you think that's magic, you should see my" Pritchard
Jonathan Pritchard is a man who lives a very uncommon life. He's made his way through the world as a mentalist, juggler and magician of sorts, creating a path for himself that veers well off of the beaten path.  Along the way, he realized that the skills he had developed to engage an audience and to lead them into a perception of the world that was different than the one they walked into his room with could be used to create a lasting and beneficial difference in their lives. So, he set about doing just that. Motivational Mentalist might seem like an odd career path, but nevertheless, the man has chosen it and built it into what can only be described as a unique legacy. We talked about physical reality and it's relationship with imagination, mental tools and frames to help catalyze change in your life, his fascinating history and quite a bit more.  There's something for everyone in here, and don't let the idea of "woo-woo" so often attached to a man in Jonathan's industry scare you off, he's got a very grounded perspective and makes sure to tie his ideas into the real-world in a very clear and understandable way. It was great getting to know Jonathan, and I'm pleased to share this conversation with you. Want more from Jonathan Pritchard? Twitter The Hellstrom Group Website
July 15, 2019
Logocentrifugal 70 - Steel "Backpacking travelers are the worst people" Janz
Steel Janz is a feller I met on Twitter because of his association with a couple of the blue-collar geniuses I have befriended, previous and future guest Roman McClay among them, and it's been a great connection. It was a long conversation, and I may or may not have had two high-test beers during the course of the conversation, so we were able to range across a wide variety of concepts and contexts in a manner similar to the nomadic lifestyle Janz holds dear.  From parenting to principles, from loyalty to lethargy and from growing roots to seeds on the wind, we covered the gamut. Janz is a very relatable dude and, though he speaks with common language, he delivers uncommon wisdom. A world traveller, and a man who holds respect as a critical principle, Janz has much to offer. It was great getting to know the man behind the pseudonym, and I'm happy to be able to share this conversation with you.  Want more from Steel Janz? Twitter Barbarian Rhetoric
July 15, 2019
Logocentrifugal 69 - David "It's already too late, but Florida has nice weather" Reaboi
David Reaboi came highly recommended by several people I respect, and after our conversation, it's not hard to understand why. National security, information warfare, cultural analysis are subjects for which David has an academic level of understanding, and that knowledge is supported and expanded by his on-the-ground experiences working in these realms, and his network of similarly credentialed and experienced connections. We sat down for a conversation that, though comparatively short, couldn't have been more dense in relevant and poignant information. The conversation ranged from his family history and years in college to 9/11 and his emergence into the realm of national security. We talked history through the lens of cultural movements and took a very real and, to be perfectly frank, rather daunting look at how the Gramscian "long march through the institutions" and the impact that those emerging from the Frankfurt School has infiltrated Western Society and  chipped away at its foundations for decades.  We also talked about American style war tactics, possible near-future outcomes and how an individual might become more attuned to the world around them from a geopolitical perspective. This isn't a podcast to listen to if you're hoping emerge from it with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but sometimes recognizing reality means recognizing dire situations and planning accordingly. Want more from David? Twitter The Federalist Security Studies Group
July 11, 2019
Logocentrifugal 68 - Jean-Jacques "It's not that I'm disagreeable, I just disagree a lot" Theron
Jean-Jacques (JJ) is one of my first pals from Twitter. He also used to have a beard. He's one of the few guests I've had on who had a specific agenda to his appearance, and since it was right up my ally, I was all for it.  The value of being weird is something that I have a lot of experience in, and it was a very thoughtful conversation surrounding the subject. We got into a light sprinkling of Jungian thinking on the matter, related some personal anecdotes, discussed ways in which a weirdo can be of benefit to a society and the pitfalls a weirdo can present both to themselves and the world around them. There was an easy flow to this conversation, and it has a lot to do with JJ's good-humored demeanor. He's similar to me in that almost everything is amusing, and that amusement elicits some sort of snort, chuckle or laugh. We had a great time while doing a fairly intellectual dive into the subject out outsiders and outliers. I think this conversation has some very important perspectives to consider, and that it will help to illuminate the human spirit in a way that many may not have considered before, which apropos of the conversation in a very meta way, is what a couple of weirdos are good for. Want more from Jean-Jacques? Twitter
July 10, 2019
Logocentrifugal 67 - Uncle "They haven't done anything to their downstairs...yet" Hotep
Uncle Hotep has an infectious laugh, and it's one of his trademarks.  I was glad to share in the laughter as we sat down to talk about all things culture. Whether we were discussing the narrative tactics of black feminists, why Talib Kweli is an asshole, the art of genuine listening or The Avengers, that laugh and the good-natured man behind it made this conversation very enjoyable. Uncle Hotep has a decade or so on me, and his perspective on the changes and influences that have flooded the media landscape in the last 15 years or so is informed by having lived in a world where the internet and the SJW influence on the conversation were not present at all. It was interesting to hear his take on some of these topics, and I appreciated that even though he could imagine a time where things fall apart due to the divisive tactics so common in todays social and political discourse, he could even treat doomsday with a hearty gut laugh. If you'd like to enjoy a conversation with a man who's been steadily growing a large audience and developing his influence largely through his good humor and his genuine friendships, then you've come to the right place. There's a lot to be gained from this conversation, and I'm grateful to Unc for taking the time to have it. Want more from Uncle Hotep? Twitter Hoteps Been Told You YouTube Website
July 09, 2019
Logocentrifugal 66 - Dylan "Wherever I am, there I'm at, and you can be too" Madden
Dylan is an interesting case. Young and ambitious, but not so much in a materialistic way so much as in a developmental way. He seeks to become the man who can embody the values he is revealing through faith in acting on his instincts. He's doing a damn good job of it if you ask me, and his network of business and personal relationships seems to verify this claim. We've been meaning to get together to do a podcast for some time now, but our schedules hadn't worked out, but then I had a podcast guest who needed to reschedule, and Dylan popped into my Twitter timeline to fill the vacancy. I'm glad he did, because we had a great conversation that centered on his path to living a very interesting and energetic life, faith in oneself and in God, networking, mentality and more. This episode will have much to offer for any listener, but particularly for ambitious young men looking for guidance in how to assemble a life worth living. It was a pleasure to have a conversation with Dylan, his energy is bright and friendly, and there's no shortage of wisdom shared between the two of us during the course of our talk. If you want to know how a man in his mid-twenties has connected himself to prominent personalities across the globe, then listen well.  Want more from Dylan? Twitter Calm and Collected YouTube
July 08, 2019
Logocentrifugal 65 - Zuby "I have only one name, and there are only two genders" um... Zuby
Zuby is something of a sensation on social media and beyond these days.  It wasn't always so, and he's been on the path to worldwide recognition for more than a decade. It's easy to believe, for those that have never tried, that "overnight success" is something that literally happens overnight. It almost never does, and Zuby has held the faith and walked the line for all these many years and has now become a figure of no small amount of notoriety. Though I haven't been around to see his growth over the years, I have been around to see his growth over the course of about a year. In that time, I watched him go from a well-respected independent rapper with the uncommon trait of clean lyrics and relentless positivity to a champion of the idea that reality and logic are things that should be held dear by any society that wishes to survive.  This is the third time I've had the pleasure to sit down for a conversation with me pal Zuby, and he's always been very gracious and thoughtful during these chats. This time was no different, and we discussed quite a few important and relevant ideas in this conversation. It will come as no surprise to those that know either of us that we talked about faith, biological reality, social standards, truth and even a short exploration of hypothetical squirrel societies.  Needless to say, this was an interesting conversation for the both of us as it is sure to be for you, so I suggest you buckle in and listen to the smooth dulcet tones of the one and only Zuby. Want more from Zuby? Twitter YouTube You can find links to all of Zuby's work from his website as well.
July 04, 2019
Logocentrifugal 64 - King Mohammed "Hold up, I need to chant some Q'uran verses real quick" Afikur Rahman JivanMukti
Mohammed Afikur Rahman is unique among all the guests I've had on the podcast, and indeed, of all the people I've met. This episode was quite bizarre in many ways, and will require a lot of patience if you are to listen to it. I suggest that you do.  The JivanMukti, as I mention within the episode, has only a sliver of his experience intersecting with that of what we'll call the "average" person's experience, and because of that, communication with him is something of an experience. During the course of this episode, he made sound effects, chanted, had moments of startling clarity and lucid intelligence, lost his train of thought entirely and played clips of Muezzins all while attempting to relay a grand unified theory of the universe through barely intelligible treatises on the nature of man and physics.  Yeah. But, here's the thing, I found myself opening my heart to the man, and listening to what he had to say, taking the time to let his words have their effect on me, and attempting to translate his message into something that other people might understand. Perhaps I succeeded, perhaps I did not, but it was the mere fact that I was able to allow myself to enter that space with him that I found remarkable.  You can tell that Mohammed is a good hearted dude, and in the moments of clarity he found during the episode, he relayed some very simple dreams for the future. He'd like to see a world purified of the chemical contaminants and psychological poisons that are so ubiquitous in the world today, and to see a return to harmony with the singular truth of existence which exists within each of us and, indeed, in all things. There's not a lot more I'd like to say about this episode other than this: Do please give your best attempt at staying in this strange space with us for the duration and see what happens to your experience afterwards. Want more from Mohammed Afikur Rahman? Twitter And by his request:
July 03, 2019
Logocentrifugal 63 - Ali "The Rabbi's Rabbi" Alexander
Ali Alexander is a well-know political operator, and a passionate one at that. I first discovered Ali during my deep dive into narrative warfare and saw that he was able to create a lot of movement around the issues he champions. Then, after a recommendation by one of my fans (who hates to be called a fan), I reached out to Ali to invite him on the podcast. After I did, and he accepted, I began to pay more attention to what he was doing. One thing that really stands out to me about Ali is his relentlessness and focus on the issue(s) at hand. At almost any hour of night or day, you can find Ali on Twitter or Periscope pushing his current operation with constant content.  He might do a live Periscope 3-4-5 times per day, or more, and hammer on the same issue. This has proven to be extremely effective and influential, which helps to explain why so many others in the narrative battlegrounds are responding and reacting to Ali's frame so often. He's a smart dude, and has a lot of experience in this realm, and it's clear he knows what he's doing. Thus, it was interesting for me to be able to sit down with Ali for a short time to pick his brain. What I found in there is much what you would expect: Dedication, persistence, willfulness and drive. Some might look at that list and see negative traits, but not me, I see those as necessary ingredients in the recipe of elite success. Add that to the fact that Ali applies those traits to an overarching vision of a world he believes will be better than the one he is shaping it from, and what you get is a man absolutely dedicated to serving his divine mission. Whether or not you agree with Ali's mission or his tactics, one thing must be said; Ali Alexander is a force to be reckoned with. Want more from Ali? Twitter Cul+++ure Ditch YouTube
July 02, 2019
Logocentrifugal 62 - Uncle "It only seems like it doesn't make sense since you think things make sense" Kairos
Uncle Kairos and I had a chat back in January that was intended to go on the YouTube account of Aion Media Co. It somehow got lost in the shuffle, and it's been bugging me ever since, so today, I decided to honor the time he took to chat with me and load it onto the podcast feed. This was a free-wheeling conversation in a lot of regards, and you can tell that I'm not as polished at the process as I am now (not that polished still, as you well know), but the content in the conversation is going to be of great interest to many of you and Kairos is quite a character. This conversation was on of those that left me feeling like I was on the right track with the podcast endeavor too, because after I finished it, I really felt like I was going to be able to make a difference in people's lives. We talked natural building, holistic communities, managing of ones own responsibilities in the physical and metaphysical aspects of life and a whole heap of other stuff too.  Uncle Kairos, as I affectionately call him, reveals his name in the podcast, but we'll let his anonymity in text form remain for the time being. Pay attention to the man and hear what he has to say. He's a challenging dude to know, but you wouldn't be here if that wasn't something you were into. Want more from Uncle Kairos? Twitter
July 01, 2019
Logocentrifugal 61 - Andrew "A Podcast Guest With Cancer Is Still A Podcast Guest" Laird
Andrew Laird, or Drew as his friends call him, is a treasure of a human being. I am constantly awed by people like Drew. We all get caught up in the day-to-day travails and frustrations of our lives, and it can be difficult to take yourself out of your own frame to gain some perspective on just how lucky you really are.  It's not that hard when you talk to someone who's battling leukemia. If he were to be wasting away, feeling little hope, and letting the illness get the better of his mind, few would blame him. It's a very daunting and uncertain situation to be in, and to be certain, Drew has been in those places. But that is not what makes him remarkable. What makes Drew remarkable is the fact that instead of doing what would seem so natural to do, he has instead dedicated himself to turning his illness into an opportunity to bring positivity and perspective into as many lives as he can. He's a physical beast, still going to the gym all the time. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing his moves in the gym, and to educating others about how to do the same, and to sharing his perspective and progress while doing battle with leukemia.  He also works in the mental health profession, helping others to gain a more useful mental frame from which to operate in the world and overcome their own mental hurdles. The best counselors, I have found, are the ones who've actually lived something that takes deep work and long-suffering struggle to overcome, and that's just what Drew brings to the table. This was a shorter podcast. Me pal Drew had an afternoon with his family, and I wanted to respect his time, so we kept it pretty short. But, that doesn't mean we didn't get into some very important topics and the like, nor that there isn't a wealth of ideas for you to consider.  There is.  We talk dealing with darkness, service as an answer to suffering, faith, family and more in another heartfelt episode of the podcast. Ready? Go. Want more form Andrew? Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube
July 01, 2019
Logocentrifugal 60 - Joseph "Broseph Smith: The Prophet, Seer and Revelator" Smith
Joseph Smith was a great dude to talk with. For whatever reason, his presence caused me to open up my heart, and he did the same. We had a very genuine and open conversation about God, the process and practice of prayer, my typical heretical musings on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, dark pasts and bright futures, gardening, hunting, responsibility and more Ol' Joe is very easy to talk to, and you can tell just by listening to him that he's got good intentions in his heart. I was glad to have the opportunity to sit down with the man and get to know him a bit better. There's no guile in him during this conversation, and I appreciated that throughout. Want more from Joseph? Twitter The Baptist Bee
June 28, 2019
Logocentrifugal 59 - Joe "I'm so introverted I collapsed into another dimension where I'm an extrovert" Vrola
Joe Vrola was a surprising guest.  One of the reason is that, to be frank, I knew little about the man before we had our conversation. Basically, I knew he is a filmmaker and leans conservative in his politics, and that he reached out to me with an interest in coming on the podcast.  So, when this conversation went so deep into areas of the heart and soul, it was far from expected. You folks know by now, if you've been listening, that I like to help my guest share from their heart, and Joe opened his right up. We discussed his movie, we then transitioned into a political foundations, and then veered into counseling, addiction, obsession, God and religion, AA and all kinds of other things. This was a special conversation with a man who's only now beginning to emerge onto the social media scene because he's created something he's proud of. It was a pleasure getting to know Joe, and I'm happy to offer you the chance to do the same. Want more from Joe? Twitter Twitter (Movie Account) Facebook Website
June 27, 2019
Logocentrifugal 58 -Hunter "Master of the Mines of Moria" Drew
Hunter Drew will not be unfamiliar to many of my listeners, but for those who don't know him yet, you're in for a treat.  It was very easy to talk to Hunter, and he wears his heart on his sleeve, which is why it's so easy to see that he's got a great heart underneath all that beard.  We talked responsibility, friendship, removing poison from your life, and a wide array of other subjects. It was, as Hunter puts it, "a farmer's market" of useful ideas and concepts mixed in with plenty of real life and real talk (I wish you really would burn my clothes). This kind of free-flowing but impactful conversation is what the Logocentrifugal Podcast is all about. Tune in and enjoy the ramblings of a madman, and Hunter Drew. Want more from Hunter? Twitter Instagram
June 21, 2019
Logocentrifugal 57 - Will "Twice Will The Third" Wilson
Will Wilson is a dude I connected with on Twitter due to our mutual friend Garrett "Ginger Hitler" Dailey, and I'm glad we did. Twice Will is a young dude, but he's got a good head on his shoulders and has a number of things going for him that most do not, especially at such a young age. We talk business, philosophy, politics, capitalism, and more in this very conversational podcast. One thing that struck me about Will's approach is his willingness to speak his mind combined with his willingness to clearly state that he might be wrong. This is a hard skill to develop for many, and to have it in your twenties is rare indeed. I quite enjoyed my conversation with Twice Will, and I think you will too. Tune in and check out a man with a plan that's already underway. Want more from Will? Twitter Tertius Printing and Apparel
June 19, 2019
Logocentrifugal 56 - Jordan "Insert every permutation of a nickname with the letter J in it here" Dixon-Hamilton
J-Hotz, AKA Jordan Dixon-Hamilton, AKA Patriot J, AKA etc... is a young man with a very bright future.  Between law school, making music, developing an online presence and multiple digital income streams, J has a lot going on, and he seems to be doing it with ease and style. We talked about the nature of the law, narrative, pattern recognition, collectivism vs individualism and a lot more. For a dude not even in his mid-twenties, Jordan has an impressive depth of knowledge and a good sense of the world.  In this conversation, I play the perplexed old man with occasional insights and J-Hotz plays the hip youngster well-versed in the modern means and methods. It was a good chance for me to understand the perspectives of the "Always Had Internet and 9/11"  crowd a little better, and I restrained myself from yelling at him to get off my lawn. Tune in for a very insightful conversation with a very promising young man. Want more from Jordan? Website Twitter Spotify Apple Music
June 18, 2019
Logocentrifugal 55 - Chris "Rowboat Renegade" The Primal Man
Chris, AKA The Primal Man, who's mysterious last name is secret even to one such as I (it isn't), is exceedingly sharp.  He's got a very clear-headed approach to life, and has made himself a success on a number of fronts, one of which is being a compelling podcast guest.  We talked about the evolutionary mechanisms behind attention and physiological adaptation, and how those can be leveraged into useful practices in your day-to-day life. In addition to that, we covered things like networks, public speaking, obsession and competition, and plenty more. We also talked about Chris's nipples, and why he decided to stop showing them to the world. This was another instance of very dense and hard-hitting conversation in a relatively short amount of time, and there is much here you would do well to take notes and and explore further.  Want more from Chris? Twitter Website Primal Eating Ebook The Primal Ebook Trilogy
June 17, 2019
Logocentrifugal 54 - Stephen "Last of the Cane-Masters" Storey
Stephen Storey was a pleasure to talk with. He's a world traveling, skill building, language learning man who loves to help others become closer to their ideal selves through teaching and mentorship. This was an excellent conversation, and Stephen delivers on a whole host of subjects including competition, dedication, transformation and lots more besides. I had a great time in this conversation, and I've developed a great appreciation for the man after having the opportunity to have this long chat with him. There's a ton of value in this conversation for anybody with ears to listen. I found myself smiling almost the whole time, either because of Stephen's winning personality or because I could identify so strongly with the principles he was advocating for.  Ready to get better? Listen in. Want more from Stephen Storey? Twitter Instagram
June 14, 2019
Logocentrifugal 53 - The "Agent Huntsman Does Not Actually Exist" Huntsman
Huntsman is me pal.  He also a very intelligent dude, and writes thoughtfully. I appreciate that, and through developing an appreciation for his viewpoints, I've grown to have a lot of respect for the man. That's why I invited him on the podcast. He and I are part of a small group of people who are paying close attention to the threads of stories playing out and seeking to deduce how far back the thread goes into the past, and the pattern of the weave in the future. We talk a bit about ideas like that in this episode, but the emphasis was more on how one might better prepare themselves to thrive in the world and ways of looking at the world that bring additional layers of understanding within your grasp. There is a lot of content in this conversation that will get you thinking.  Huntsman demonstrates his uncommonly lucid thinking and speaking ability in this episode, and if you can listen half as well as he can speak, you're going to learn a lot. Want more from Huntsman? Twitter
June 12, 2019
Logocentrifugal 52 - Ed "On Some Fire-Alarm Type Sh**" Latimore
Ed Latimore is a smart dude, and has had a lot more success using social media and the digital domain to build a solid foundation from which to live his life than almost anybody else. Most of you listening to this podcast will already have a pretty good idea who Ed is and what he does. Many of you will have developed your own opinion about the man as well, and it's no surprise, given that he's one of the more prominent figures in the self-improvement realm of Twitter and elsewhere on the internet.  I'd suggest you suspend your previous judgements and thoughts regarding the man and just give this episode a listen with fresh ears. Ed is a caring dude, and he's living a life that is heavy in the gratitude department. He's delivering a message that is primarily focused on doing hard things and becoming more than you are.  Are either of those concepts new? Nope.  Are they both necessary right now as much as, if not more than, ever? Damn right, and Ed Latimore delivers. Listen in as we talk about generational positioning, strategic approaches to the digital paradigm, strengthening your baseline metrics and a lot more. Want more from Ed? Twitter Instagram Website:
June 11, 2019
Logocentrifugal 51 - Skip "Dr. Peterson is not your real dad" Conover
Skip Conover is a gentleman who I discovered due to my friends Steafan Fox and Ole Jim-Bob Dowling having a conversation with him.  I invited Mr. Conover on the podcast because of expertise in Jungian psychology, and because he seems to have a thoughtful approach to the content he publishes. It was a great conversation and we took a lot of interesting scenic views as we went. I had some family business to attend to, so we ended the conversation a bit suddenly, and I'll have Skip back on again to continue the discussion.  However, there is certainly plenty here for you to enjoy. We talk about balance, logos and chaos, where Skip sees Dr. Jordan Peterson making some errors in nuance and a lot more. Get ready to challenge your presuppositions.  Want more from Skip? Twitter YouTube
June 11, 2019
Logocentrifugal 50 - Dr. Jake "Fly Like A Veigel" Veigel...MD
Dr. Jake is one of the few people I've met online and then met in the physical realm.  I was pleased to make his acquaintance. He's a good dude, and we met up at a Kurt Vile concert, and then again for lunch.  I wanted to have him on for several reasons, but one of them is the importance he places upon his family life. It takes a smart and dedicated person to become a doctor, and it is also very expensive to go through all the schooling. Many times many doctors feel so burdened by $100K+ in debt, that they don't start a family until very late, or they neglect the duties at home in favor of the career. This is understandable not just through the monetary lens, but also because helping people recover from or prevent debilitating injury and/or illness is a very satisfying and rewarding career.  Dr. Jake Veigel is no different in that sense. He loves having the opportunity to be able to assist top performers to become even better, and to help those will physical limitations obstructing their dreams to be able to remove or mitigate those limitations in order to live a more fulfilling life. I think most people can see how the satisfaction in doing so could end up sucking you in deeper, perhaps, than it is wise to allow. That's why I find it particularly honorable that Dr. Jake has made sure to prioritize family time and to limit his work life to allow for an appropriate paternal presence in his home.  We discuss family, adventure, balance and keys to long-term satisfaction and life-long engagement.  Listen in for some very important lessons on life from a man who has the experience and legitimacy to offer them. Want more from Dr. Jake Veigel? Twitter
June 07, 2019
Logocentrifugal 49 - Akira "You're right, Nihilist, YOU shouldn't have children" the Don
Mr. the Don was a pleasure to speak with.  He's a dude who's chosen a unique path, combining the impactful teachings of people like Jordan Peterson, Jocko Willink, Frank Herbert, Alan Watts and more with the powerful emotional response brought about by music to create a symphonic synthesis which promotes the integration of the information in a truly profound way. Referred to as Meaningwave, this unique blend of spoken word and trancelike music has been gaining a lot of momentum in the self-improvement and self-actualization communities, and Akira is the progenitor of the genre. He puts out new music constantly, and is committed to continuing the journey. In addition to all that, as we spoke during the podcast, I continually found myself amused at the fact that the ideas and even some of the phrasing coming out of Akira's mouth was exactly the same as so much of the work that I've done in an attempt to serve the people I interact with. So of course, given our alignment of ideas and perspectives, I think he's a genius and a gentleman. It was great to have the chance to learn from a man who is rapidly becoming a massive inspiration to thousands upon thousands of people across the world, and I'm grateful he took the time to share some of his light with you and I. Ready, set, go. Want more from Akira? Twitter Instagram Website
May 30, 2019
Logocentrifugal 48 - Sean "F*** You Chance" Moore
This episode did not go smoothly. I'm publishing it anyway to demonstrate my imperfections, and to allow you to have a more realistic view of who I am. It started well enough, but that didn't last.  Firstly, though I had intended to stop this episode from turning into a tirade on the foolishness and malevolence of collectivism, it became just that because I failed to play the role of devil's advocate effectively. But, most significantly, as the end of the episode was approaching, I asked Sean about sacrifice and honor in the context of his service in our nation's military.  He did not appreciate it, and, after letting me know that he did not, he left the podcast abruptly.  I continued to record, offered some thoughts and then signed off. If you're not into rants about the perils of collectivism, or unresolved conflict, then you might want to skip this one. A final thought: I harbor no ill will towards Sean for the way this conversation went, and though it was not my intent to create conflict, I did. Perhaps I failed to communicate well, perhaps Sean has psychological obstacles that will not allow any sort of conversation that touches on these themes, or perhaps it is both.  Either way, I'm grateful to Sean for coming on the podcast, and for sharing his thoughts, and I hope that you'll give him the benefit of the doubt just as I hope you'll grant me the same.  Want more from Sean? Twitter
May 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 47 - Jamie "Gaming the game with games within games" Combs
Jamie Combs is a cool dude.  He created a framework called 4Games that was a synthesis of many tools and perspectives he'd gathered during his time in business school and from being involved in high-level business development all over the world.  He knew that much of the information out there was useful, but there was something lacking. What he wanted was an easy and accurate way to place the relevant information into the appropriate place at the correct time, and to have a holistic way of looking at both life and business that anybody could put into use. That's what 4Games does, and that's what he came to talk about. The system is deceptively simple, but once you begin to the the way that it overlays so seamlessly into your current model, you'll appreciate the usefulness of the tool. Jamie is a successful businessman, and has a whole foods company based in the UK. He came to share this system, not because he want to sell you anything, but because he wants to help others succeed, and has a genuine excitement for the world that could be built if more people were able to build their dreams. This will be a great episode in particular for those who struggle with understanding what to do when and why.  Want more from Jamie? Twitter Natural Balance Foods
May 28, 2019
Logocentrifugal 46 - Jeremy "Attachment styles with an attachment of style" Fox
First things first: On May 7, 2019 a tragedy struck.  Freya Larsen, who was my sister-in-law's best friend, faced her boyfriend, who held a pistol level with her forehead from approximately a foot away.  He pulled the trigger once, and delivered Freya a fatal gunshot wound to the head. Adding to the tragedy, she was well educated in such matters, having served as a social worker in child and family services. She knew the signs, and had even helped friends and family to remove themselves from violent and otherwise abusive relationships in the past. Nevertheless, even after multiple incidents of physical abuse before that fateful day, she stayed in one herself, and the cost for doing so was her life. I say this not in judgement, for it is far from my place to do so, but to highlight that even one who knew all the rules, the signs and the potential outcomes of such a relationship could find themselves within the same cycle of abuse that is far more common that anyone would like to admit. That's why this episode of the podcast exists.  I felt the need to honor her legacy of service, and fighting for those with no voice, by doing what I could to help educate and inform people about how these kinds of things happen, what to look for in your relationships and in those of your loved ones, how to best prevent yourself from entering into a similar situation and what to do should you find yourself already in one. So, I reached out to my friend Jeremy Fox. He is a licensed therapist, and was already scheduled to come on the podcast, but when Freya was murdered, I reached out to him and asked if he would be alright with changing the focus of this conversation to one which would serve to help people gain a better understanding of relationships and the problems that can arise within them. He was very gracious in his consent, and brought his thoughtfulness and expertise to the table with great care. There are many resources which are mentioned in the show, and Jeremy was kind enough to send me a list to give you guidance on pursuing them if you're interested. You'll find that below. I'm very grateful to Jeremy for his help in creating this episode to aid in honoring the legacy of Freya Larsen. Be vigilant.  Have courage. Love well. Want more from Jeremy? Twitter Email: And here is the promised list of resources: Literature Review for Jeremy Fox LPC Logocentrifugal podcast appearance (5.25.19) Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find- and Keep- Love by Amir Levine, MD and Rachel S.F. Heller, MA I Hate You-- Don’t Leave Me: Understanding the Borderline Personality by Jerold J. Kreisman Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care about Has Borderline Personality Disorder by Paul T. Mason, MS and Randi Kreger Words Can Change Your Brain: 12 Conversation Strategies to Build Trust, Resolve Conflict, and Increase Intimacy (“compassionate communication” model of conversation) by Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman Resources for female abuse survivors: Resources for male abuse survivors: Find an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist: Find a local chapter of NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness): Vaillant's categorization of defense mechanisms (search for further information)
May 28, 2019
Logocentrifugal 45 - Paul M. "The dude in the purple robe has a book? That's wicked awesome!" Domenick
Paul was a pleasure to talk to.  We've been pals for awhile now, and I've watched his following grow into that rare 10K+ range on Twitter. He did this by honing his delivery of simple truths in a way that people have felt an easy connection to. Paul's emphasis in delivering content is to focus in on social dynamics and thoughtful interactions that begin with being thoughtful and having a good relationship with yourself. This message resonates with many people, and it should come as no surprise, given the ease of connection but the lack of physical interactions with other people. By guiding your attention to the musings of the stoics in easily digestible and highly relatable snippets, and by tying that in with perspectives and tools to allow for more positive interactions, Paul has built a reputation as one of the most promising young men in the self-improvement realm, and has a bright future before him. Join in on his journey, and learn what you can from the man, because soon it's going to be $1000 to attend his seminars, but you get to jump in for free here on the Logocentrifugal Podcast. Want more from Paul? Twitter Instagram
May 21, 2019
Logocentrifugal 44 - Stacii "Thanks Chance, I'll take it from here" Lewis
Stacii Lewis has led a wild life. From childhood tragedy to adolescent confusion to early adulthood foolishness to mature adulthood redemption, this is a story that will hit you hard. Stacii has bee through it all, but he emerged from it all with a smile on his face and a message in his heart. In this episode, I give the reigns to Stacii and let him cover his life story from the time he was a baby until the time he was apprehended by law enforcement after a string of decisions which would land him in prison for 21 years. Instead of getting out and resuming the same old habits, or hiding out in a private life of resentment and fear, Stacii has done the uncommon and chosen to step into the light and set the example for those who have very few. Now an Author, a frequent guest on television, radio and podcasts, and a speaker who engages with at risk people, Stacii is paving a new path forward for those who so often continue on in imprisonment, even after they are released, by maintaining a prison of the mind.  Listen in to a fascinating story, and learn what you can along the way. I'll have Stacii back on fairly soon to take a little time to ask him some questions and to get some perspective, but for now, just sit back and listen. Want more from Stacii? Twitter The Universe Thru My Eyes Instagram
May 17, 2019
Logocentrifugal 43 - Jack "Maybe the Poles started the rumor about light-bulbs... let that sink in" Posobiec
Jack Posobiec, "Poso" if you're part of the team, is a seemingly unstoppable force in the world of political influence, and his nearly half-a-million followers on Twitter can attest to that. Before I get into it, be advised that the audio on this episode is a bit noisier than usual, because we recorded this episode while Jack was commuting through a noisy Washington, DC. Don't let that deter you. Onwards. I became interested in Jack for the second half of the term 'political influence,' because i stumbled across him as I was beginning my research into the mechanisms and influence that narrative has on both our individual lives and the broader cultural impact. What I saw was much of what I'd been researching at play, and with a very high-degree of impact. It's one thing to read the research on narrative and memetic warfare to be found in the "filetype:pdf" searches on Google, and quite another to see someone using the tools within the research with great effect. So, I bought Jack's book 4D Warfare to see what I might learn. What I read was easily understood, was tied to real-world examples, and delivered a set of tools and perspectives which could be considered the starter guide to narrative warfare.  I reached out to Poso because I wanted to dive into some of the mechanics behind the headlines, and to understand how a notable player in the Story Wars decided which battles to fight and what strategies to employ. He did not disappoint.  This episode is as dense as granite with tools and tactics to enhance your own ability to wage narrative war, even if it is only to wage it against the narratives that have infiltrated your own life.  But, if you were so inclined and listened carefully, you'd have an understanding of how to begin to take the fight to the opposition.  Either way, if you're picking up what was put down in this short but powerful episode, you're never going to see the world the same way again. Want more from Jack? Twitter One America News Network 4D Warfare
May 14, 2019
Logocentrifugal 42 - Jordan "I've worn many masks, and they've all been cult-leader masks" Casstles
Jordan Casstles is a good friend of mine. We connected early on in my Twitter emergence with the common goal of freeing the minds of those who were being destroyed by their romance with nihilism. Along the way, Jordan, in an attempt to assume the mantle of such an one and reason his way back out, nearly lost himself to the siren's song of meaninglessness. Nearly, but not actually. His reemergence from the pit, though not his first such journey, left him with an abiding fascination with the nature of meaning, the connection to the human experience and a desire to connect the stories of our past with the predicaments and triumphs of this modern life. In this episode, we dive into the Luciferian archetype, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Kabbalistic Judaism, and what can be inferred by the divisions and commonalities that can be derived from this comparative examination. Keep in mind, we're both rather heretical when it comes to these matters, so take what you hear with a grain of salt.  Always take what you hear with a grain of salt. Get ready for an opportunity to gain a measure of enlightenment. Want more from Jordan? Too bad there isn't more for you, but you can find the essay mentioned on my blog right here. If you're ready to write your own destiny, I can help: Uncommon Mentality
May 13, 2019
Logocentrifugal 41 - Doe "If Hov can get to $900 Million, there's no reason I can't get to $3 Billion" Doobs
Doe Doobs and I shared a very cool experience. You might think this is a tall-tale, but I assure you it is not. I reached out to Doe inquiring whether he wanted to come on the podcast. He said, "I spoke this into existence! YES!" When I asked him what he meant, he explained that he'd been paying attention to the growth of my podcast, and had been impressed by the caliber of guests I was beginning to draw in, and made it a personal goal to come on the podcast. See? Pretty cool right? The episode we recorded together was one which fully met and exceeded the expectations we each had given the synchronous nature of its origination.  Race, politics, narrative, very personal histories, wealth, and soap were just some of the topics discussed in this episode. Get ready for some deep discourse here, and be prepared to take notes.  It was a pleasure to have Doe on, and it will be a pleasure for you to learn from him. Want more from Doe? Twitter Stop Being Poor Volumes I & II Ready to unlock your genius? Uncommon Mentality
May 13, 2019
Logocentrifugal 40 - Asad "Never mind the haircut, just call me Asad"
Asad is me pal. We've had a relationship on Twitter for a few months now, and what initially drew me to him was the fact that he could deliver useful content in regards to e-commerce and entrepreneurial mindset, and in the next breath make me laugh at his sardonic wit. You can probably see, if you've interacted with me on Twitter at all, why I would befriend such an one. This episode with Asad is a true treasure, especially if you're wanting to get a start on creating something for yourself, or if you're in the beginning stages of your journey with a side-hustle or online business. We discuss mindset, expectations, time-management and a whole slew of critical tools and ideas you'll need to consider when striking out on your own. Even if you're already well along into your journey of entrepreneurship, this episode will serve to reinforce and remind you of the things you need to have in your life, as well as those you don't, in order to stay the course and succeed over the long term. Want more from Asad? Twitter Amazon Masterclass Instagram Ready to level up your brain game? Uncommon Mentality
May 13, 2019
Logocentrifugal 39 - Brendon "Skin in the game" Marotta
Brendon Marotta spent 6+ years making a film, which is in itself rather extraordinary, but add that to the fact this film is a documentary taking a look at the issues surrounding the practice of circumcision, and you've got something truly remarkable. Going into this episode, I have to admit, I wasn't sure where it was going to go, or what kind of conversation it would be. I was honestly pretty stunned.  I've had an opinion around this issue for some time, but it was never something that I thought about deeply, and to find someone so well informed and passionate around the practice, I was startled into awareness of a tension and movement that I had no idea existed. Brendon is a dude with a lot of heart, and his interest lies in developing the ability for people to understand and experience the emotions and effects that the practice of circumcision brings up in themselves and the people around them. It was a fascinating conversation, and I guarantee you'll come away having learned a great deal about a subject that, for the vast majority of people, is something normally avoided and rarely brought to light. Tune in and deepen your understanding of the issue, and of people in general. Want more from Brendon? Twitter
May 11, 2019
Logocentrifugal 38 - Dennis Michael "Youth is an attitude, except for everything about your body" Hynes
Dennis Michael Hynes is a gift to you. He's a man who's put in the years to prove that he knows what he's talking about, and has the life and the physicality to prove it. Dennis is physically stronger and more conditioned than most men half his age in today's weak and undisciplined world, though, he would have been anyway, given what a savage he is. This was a great conversation, and we had a good time talking with each other. Along the way we share a great many personal anecdotes, sometimes doing the work of extracting the relevant principles, sometimes leaving that for you to do. That being said, there's everything in this podcast you need to understand about building a strong body to last the rest of your life, about building a strong mind to stay engaged the rest of your life, and to build a great life with the strength that you embody. It was an honor and a pleasure to learn from an elder warrior, and I suggest you listen with an open ear and a humble heart. Want more from Dennis? Twitter
May 07, 2019
Logocentrifugal 37 - Liberty "I'm the guy who makes the guy who makes the guy who makes you uncomfortable uncomfortable" Bill
What if there was a dude who had read all the philosophy, and heard all the arguments, and spent a couple decades distilling and refining them into both a deep philosophical framework and a collection of digestible platitudes and principles? Enter Liberty Bill. Get your dictionary ready, and keep a pen and pad handy, this is an episode that requires some mental fortitude. Bill is a philosopher, and a hyper intelligent man, who has been crafting a work called The Heroic Ethic. He'll do a sufficient job of unpacking an introduction to his philosophy, but you'll need to pay attention. That is, if you want to understand the why and not just the what.  If you're good with blindly following rules, there's three great ones you can find within this episode.  I could've talked to Bill for many more hours, and I will in the future, but for now, introduce yourself to his philosophy and discover just how stubborn my natural inclinations are as we parse out some of the points. Want more from Bill? Twitter
May 06, 2019
Logocentrifugal 36 - Alli "I think I just created an algorithm" Convington
Alli Covington was a recommendation from a previous guest, Max "Max Pander" Panzer. It was a great recommendation. Alli is highly intelligent and motivated, and has a powerful blend of science, finance, and health underpinning the works she creates.  Between raising kids, authoring a fitness algorithm, writing a book and helping people manage their finances, Alli takes the time to share her wisdom with us here. This episode will enlighten you in a number of ways, and we even find time to discuss God and divine purpose. Tune in and get some knowledge. Want more from Alli? Twitter Instagram Bod Company Want to follow Merlin's advice? Uncommon Mentality
May 02, 2019
Logocentrifugal 35 - Steafan "Uber Boil" Fox
Steafan Fox is a fascinating boyo. I befriended Steafan several months ago, due both to his association with a couple other friends of mine and his unique and interesting music, and it's been a rewarding experience.  The man has much to say in the realms of archetypal psychology, religion, and the nature of reality, and we got into all of that in this episode.  Listen in as we explore the war of the Gods, the fundamental questions of our time, with a couple jokes sprinkled here and there. This episode is a bit different than the others, but there's much to be gained from the listening, if for no other reason than the dulcet tones of his smooth Irish voice. Want more from Steafan? Twitter: YouTube: Want to follow Merlin's Advice? Uncommon Mentality
April 30, 2019
Logocentrifugal 34 - Nick "I'll either light a fire under your ass, or I'll light your ass on fire" Lowary
Nick Lowary is a dude I connected with on twitter because of two things: 1) I like his dark sense of humor 2) I always like to support and learn from people who set out to do something uncommon and difficult, and succeed I'm referring to Ground Shark Coffee Co on that second item on the list. Nick started a coffee company in August of 2018, with a partner, and has just crossed the line into profitability. That in itself is quite remarkable, but the more remarkable thing about it is that he's no even knocking on the door of 30 years old yet. That's not usual. I wasn't sure what to expect with this episode, because most of our interactions before this podcast had been of the comedic variety, but I figured being such a motivated feller that I'd be able to squeeze some usefulness out of him. I didn't have to squeeze.  Nick delivered. Whether tools for mindset, platitudes to get you motivated, passion to help you get yours flowing, and more. Listen in and enjoy a powerful episode. Want more from Nick? Twitter: Websites: Want to follow Merlin's advice? Uncommon Mentality
April 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 33 - Victor "Beektor Bahlayntyng" Valentine
Victor is one of my dearest friends from Twitter. I even did an impersonation of him one time, and I made him seem as gay as possible. He laughed, and we stayed friends. That's not why I invited him on the podcast. I invited him on the podcast because he's a too-smart-for-his-own-good type of dude, and he's got some skills that are very useful and marketable in this age of the internet. He's also got a unique and fascinating way of looking at the world.  We had a great conversation that rolled with that easy cadence that friends have, but we got into a vast array of subjects and pulled out all kinds of useful thoughts and perspectives along the way.  This episode is a journey, and it's a journey where I may have had a couple drinks before we started, and there may be quite a few uses of the word "fuck" and it's derivatives.  Want more from Victor? Twitter: Website: Victor's Quick 162 Want to take up Merlin's Advice? Uncommon Mentality
April 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 32 - John "I'm a sperm-donor" Giuffré
John "Jew Fro" Guiffré (Yep, he got two quote-encased monikers) is a brilliant young man. Between a knack for comedic expression and a burning desire to make something of himself, something that will positively and profoundly affect the lives of others, he's rapidly becoming a very unique blend of some uncommon traits. You know I like uncommon traits. I invited John to the podcast because he was recommended to me by Garrett Dailey, James P. Dowling and Steafan Fox, all of whom have been or will be on the podcast, and all of whom helped to found the AION Media Company with me. Hard to pass up a recommendation like that. I was not disappointed. The lad has dreams, and drive, and a set of skills that I believe will allow him to build that dream into reality. Listen in for a glimpse into the life of one of those guys you're going to feel lucky you knew before he became a cultural giant. Want more from John? Twitter: Website: Compulsive Thinking Podcast (I'll be making an appearance on here soon) Want to take Merlin's advice? Uncommon Mentality
April 29, 2019
Logocentrifugal 31 - King "If you see my face, then you must be killed" Atlas
Atlas is my friend, and one of the first I made on Twitter. He lives half a world away, and lives a life very different from my own in many ways, but we connected because we both share a passion for family and for making ourselves into the greatest beings we can manage. In this conversation, we discuss politics, power, influence, strategy, war, greed, and a lot more. If you've ever wanted an inside view from the halls of power, or wondered what it's like to be an advisor to the throne (literally), then Atlas is your man. Atlas is a pseudonym, by the way, because African politics isn't like American politics, and putting a face and name to the man would put him at great risk. This is a powerful episode, and much darker in tone than any of the previous episodes, but it is important to acknowledge the realities of this world, even when they're painful.  Want more from Atlas? Twitter: Want a link to the book from the advertisement? Uncommon Mentality
April 26, 2019
Logocentrifugal 30 - Sahil "I don't respond to Bill Gates on Twitter" Lavingia
This was the 30th episode of the Logocentrifugal Podcast, and what a great guest to mark the occasion with. Sahil Lavingia is the mastermind behind, the best and easiest platform for content creators to sell their creations.  I asked Sahil to come on the podcast because I use Gumroad to sell my ebooks, and also because I heard him on my friend Jose Rosado's (Jose has been on this podcast too) podcast a while back, and I was impressed by the young man. Sahil has made himself into a multi-dimensional success by implementing intelligent systems consistently over time. In the podcast we get into many tools and mindsets that he has used to achieve the towering level of success that he's reached, and also much of what he mentors Gumroad creators with on a daily basis.  The man has more conversations with more creators than almost anybody alive, and it would serve you well to listen to the man who has risen so high and assisted so many. By the way, he's 26 years old. Want more from Sahil? Go to these places: Twitter: Website: Gumroad:
April 23, 2019
Logocentrifugal 29 - Sarabeth "There's a difference between MY clean and Noble's clean" Urech
Sarabeth is engaged to one of my friends. Noble Brown, who was one of the first guests on this podcast, is the lucky fellow, and he's the reason that I know of Sarabeth. He's not the reason that I invited Sarabeth on the podcast. I invited her because she's highly intelligent, successful and quite reasonable in her opinions, but firm on her principles. I also invited her on the podcast because I wanted a chance to discuss roles and relationships with a representative of the feminine coalition. (Hehe) It was a very revealing discussion about relationship dynamics, the balancing act of the different sets of attitudes and behaviors for personal and professional settings, effective mentorship, and a lot more I was enlightened and had a list of things to take home with me after this discussion and I'm grateful for the chance to sit down for a discussion like this.  This episode will be highly valuable to young men who are just beginning to develop their long-term relationships, but will enlighten everybody. Want more from Sarabeth? Twitter: Facebook: Website (With Noble Brown): YouTube (With Noble Brown): Sociopathletic LLC
April 22, 2019
Logocentrifugal 28 - Rey "I'm selling a story about how to sell a story about a story that was already a story" Poullard
Rey Poullard is a man I met through Twitter. His presence came across my radar when I joined a group with a couple of gentlemen to discuss and apply certain strategies to our Twitter timeline. I found him to be very intelligent and I liked the things he had to say about the power of stories and the tools he has been able to build around this reality. So, I invited him on the podcast to have a chat about narrative, memes, popular culture, and how one might analyze these phenomena to enhance one's ability to tell a story that people will want to hear. It was another excellent episode, and for those with an ear to hear it, there are many levels of conversation occurring throughout the entire episode.  Listen well, my friends, listen well. Want more from Rey? Go to these places: Twitter: Course Creation: Digital Side Door
April 22, 2019
Logocentrifugal 27 - Alexander Juan Antonio "I'm not autistic, I'm just really f****** smart" Cortes
Alexander Cortes is has done something remarkable. He created a life for himself, based upon a personal brand and within just the last three years, that has afforded him something profound.  Alexander Cortes wakes up every day free from the demands of someone else's schedule, free to decide what he will do with his day and financially capable of making those things happen. He is, in short, living the dream. In this conversation, we talk about some of the ways he made that happen, and how one might do the same. We also talked about what one might do if they did not desire to build a personal brand but still wanted to leverage the opportunities of the digital world. There's a lot here, I mean a lot, and it would behoove anybody who's interested in learning a whole pile of critical information about building your presence online. Want more from Alexander? Go to these places: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Website:
April 19, 2019
Logocentrifugal 26 - Chief Chuck "My wife dresses me, and I'm okay with that" Whitworth
Chief Chuck Whitworth is an honorable man.  He's also very funny. He's also a practiced and enthusiastic mentor, and a great friend. It was great to get to sit down with the Chief and talk about all manner of things, from Twitter to the Navy to Mentorship to Dad-Jokes and beyond, we ran the gamut and in an easy and comfortable manner. You'll love what you hear, and you'll learn some valuable lessons along the way. Want more from the Chief? Go to these places: Twitter: Website:
April 19, 2019
Logocentrifugal 25 - Dr. Ralph "You're one with the universe, unless you're a f****** fugazi" Napolitano
One of the easiest things as the host of a podcast, especially one dedicated to extracting tools and ideas intended to help you become excellent, is when you come across an exceptional person who needs little prodding to share the wealth of their knowledge. Dr. Ralph Napolitano is one such man. With little more than a poke here, a prod there, Dr. Ralph took the baton an ran with it, dropping gem after gem, and all in a relatable and well-reasoned voice. It was nice getting to know a bit about the past that led up to the man who has taken much of the growth-oriented tribes of Twitter by storm. You'll learn plenty of down-to-earth and practical avenues to travel, and there're hints at some deeper truths you'll catch if you're a seeker of such things. Want more from Dr. Ralph? Check these places: Twitter: Website: Instagram:
April 17, 2019
Logocentrifugal 24 - Adam "Adam Lane Smith is now a drinking game" Lane Smith
Adam Lane Smith is a great dude with an massive heart. His name has now also become a drinking game. Every time you hear me say Adam Lane Smith in the podcast, you drink. *Ahem* Onwards... I connected with Adam over twitter, where he is equal parts humorous and enlightening. I knew he'd be a great guest, and we lined it up. When we got rolling, what manifested itself was a conversation pointed directly at those who have significant challenges to overcome in their lives.  Adam works as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and often works with low-income families. This is as hard as work can be, in some regards, but also as fulfilling as life can be in other ways. I've been on the other side of the therapy equation, and that is in large part why I'm here offering what I can to you fine folks. Between us, within this episode, we created a great resource for those looking to find a foundation to build from, and many tools and additional resources were described and named which can help to further the journey. Those of you who are further down the path, there is still plenty for you to absorb, and it will help to confirm that you're doing the right thing. By the way, he's written some books, and I suggest you read them. Want more from Adam Lane Smith? Go here: Twitter:
April 15, 2019
Logocentrifugal 23 - Patrice "Living the Liver Life" Adeline
Patrice is the first woman to grace the Logocentrifugal Podcast with her presence. She's set the bar very high.  I connected with Patrice after a recommendation from a previous guest Max Panzer, and I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Those of you who know me realize that image is not at the top of my list. That didn't matter in the least. This discussion was a great look into what it takes to develop an online brand, and the trials involved in the development and refinement of the brand. We talk family, techniques for cooking liver, managing relationships when business and personal worlds become intertwined, and a whole lot more. If you've ever been interested in developing your own professional presence online, this episode would be an excellent resource for informing your decisions. Want more from Patrice? Check these places: Twitter: Instagram: 
April 15, 2019
Logocentrifugal 22 - Jeff "The Badass Beard-Boy" Putnam
Jeff cares about his family. There's a lot in here for a lot of people who have a misconception about what it means to be a man. Jeff cares about his beard. So he made a business out of it. Here's a dude who's been through some serious turbulence, and instead of holding on to his armrests and waiting for the crash, he jumped off the plane with an untested chute. It worked, and though it was a rough landing, he hit the ground running. Learn what it takes to accomplish what it takes when everything that you've worked to build in your life is on the line and there's no second chance. Learn what it means to love unconditionally and what measures determine the quality of a person. Want more from Jeff? Check here: Instagram: Twitter:
April 15, 2019
Logocentrifugal 21 - Johnny "I want my oil on a billion bodies" Noble
You ever wonder what it's like to start a real brand creating actual products the work well and as described? Me too.  I had the privilege of speaking with Johnny Noble about the process he underwent that led him to jump into the cosmetics industry. From there we talked about how he navigated the difficulties and the obstacles that have presented themselves to him along the journey thus far. Johnny is a thorough and intelligent man, and this will be clear when you listen. Be sure to pay close attention, because there are some valuable tools all over the place in this episode, not the least of which is a big dish of harsh reality about the amount of effort and dedication it requires to create something from scratch. Want more from Johnny? Go to these places: Twitter:
April 14, 2019
Logocentrifugal 20 - Larry "What the f*** is this duck?" Chiang
Larry Chiang is a genius. I don't say that often, because it isn't often true.  This was a remarkable conversation with an utterly incomparable man. I found myself sounding off with laughter and Hmmm's in equal measure, and I never even had the chance to rest on my heels. There is so much to learn from this episode, and there are keys on many levels. Larry did a remarkable job of relaying information on about 10 different levels simultaneously throughout the entire episode. I really enjoyed this conversation, and it was fascinating to talk with a dude who's life exists on such a vastly different paradigm than mine. I must stress this thoroughly: LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THIS EPISODE Want more from Larry? Here's how: @LarryChiang on YouTube Twitter Facebook #LarryChiang #ChiangGiang
April 12, 2019
Logocentrifugal 19 - Jose "I won't even tell you my IQ because I don't want to make you jealous, but it's...pretty high" Rosado
Jose is one of my oldest friends from Twitter.  When I joined, he was already fairly popular, but did not have the direction or focus that he does today. Then he jumped into a decision.  What was it? He decided he wanted to make his money online. So, he set about learning how to do that, and then he started doing the things he learned.  Every day. This podcast touches on some of the life and environment that has shaped Jose, and it touches on much of what he does to accomplish his tasks.  It is also the longest episode of the podcast yet.  Want more from Jose? Go to these places:
April 11, 2019
Logocentrifugal 18 - Benjamin "Many Lands, No Home" George
Ben is my friend, and he's also involved in many of my projects bigly, believe me. This episode may be a bit too advanced for my more simple-minded Logocentrifigoons, but I'd suggest you listen anyway. Narrative influence, memetic manipulation, mastery of networking and more are discussed. This was a very interesting conversation to be a part of, and for those with ears to hear it, there is much to be learned from the discussion.  Listen carefully, and enjoy Benjica and I rambling on about brain magick.  Also, my audio on this one is for shit, sorry about that, but it was recorded on some stop-gap equipment that I procured while repairing a damaged computer. Nevertheless, you won't want to miss out on this episode. Want more from Ben? Go here: Twitter:  Website:  Email List: 
April 09, 2019
Logocentrifugal 17 - Nathan "Ahm About Tuh Blow Yer Mahnd About Money Raht Now" Dean
Nathan Dean is a great dude.  He's got a huge heart, and it is clear to everyone, including me, that he has kind intentions just pouring out of him. It was a pleasure to sit down with Nate and have a far-ranging discussion over various topics. There's some about money, and family and Twitter and quite a bit more.  By now you know that I like to take these discussions off the beaten trail from time to time, and this episode is no different. What you'll find is a man who's good intentions are backed up with a willingness to serve and an orientation of action all the way down. There's plenty here to pick up on, and so I hope you'll pay attention. If not, then here's to learning by osmosis. Want more from mi amigo Nate? Go to these places: Twitter: Financial Legacy: Holy Shift!
April 09, 2019
Logocentrifugal 16 - Billy "Bless your heart, but if you give me a nickname then you ain't right" Red Horse
Billy Red Horse is a special kind of man. If you know much about me, then you know that I can appreciate a man who has moved through some serious darkness to be able to arrive on the other side stronger and wiser. My friend Red Horse is one such man, and he's got a couple-few decades on top of my three+ to add to and amplify the experience. He's got a heart of gold, but don't confuse the Gentleman Mystic for being a weak man. Deadlifts abound. There's not much I feel like I need to say about this episode. Just strap in and collect all the wisdom that's placed in your path. You're guaranteed to encounter something useful for you. Want More From Billy Red Horse? Twitter: Website:  Gumroad: Instagram: Lectures on the 4 Noble Truths: 1st  2nd 3rd and 4th
April 03, 2019
Logocentrifugal 15 - Hotep "Don't ask me why I'm Hotep Jesus" Jesus
This was a great conversation. Me pal Bryan Sharpe, aka Hotep Jesus, is a very intelligent and thoughtful gentleman.  This conversation is very special for those interested in how you can develop an authentic online persona that and still be able to channel influence and create an impact. We cover things like being genuine, relationships, how to manage your attention, business opportunities, even parenting. There's a reason that Hotep Jesus has the massive and engaged following that he does, and that's because he conducts himself thoughtfully, intelligently, and genuinely.  This is a great opportunity to note the difference between someone who's been in the public eye for some time (Bryan) vs. someone who has only recently entered it (me).  Where I'm rather dorky and rough, Bryan Sharpe conducts himself as his surname might suggest. Want more from Hotep Jesus? Twitter: @VibeHi Websites: Book: Dominate Twitter
March 27, 2019
Logocentrifugal 14 - Aedonis "It's Uh-Donis not A-Donis or B-Donis" Bravo
Aedonis was a very easy dude to talk with. Here's a young man with some potential in action.  A freelance copywriter who's also developing some e-commerce skills, we talked about some of the keys to making a lifestyle like this work for you, and the differences between those who are able to do it and those who are not. This was a wide ranging conversation, but I think this episode will be of particular value to those seeking to begin their journey into the online business landscape. Learn to code? Maybe, but first, learn to write copy. Want more from Aedonis? Twitter: Site:
March 25, 2019
Logocentrifugal 13 - P.D. "No, not Petey, letter P letter D" Mangan
P.D. Mangan was a pleasure to speak with. His mind is admirably sharp, even at the ripe old age of 60-something, and his mission is even more admirable: Spread the good word about the revelations and revolutions in our scientific understanding of nutrition and exercise, and how to build a lifestyle based upon these best practices. We talk about that some, of course, but in this conversation we talk more about systemic factors, philosophical matters underlying the pathologies of the modern medical profession, and other fancy-pants sounding terms. But we do it in a way that you'll easily understand, and also in a way that will deliver buckets of gold to your brains. Dig in. Want more from P.D. Mangan? Twitter: Website:
March 25, 2019
Logocentrifugal 12 - Hooa "I am he who must not be named" Fury
Fury is a fascinating dude.  Thant's not his real name, in case you're wondering, and I do know his real name too, in case you're wondering that too, but I will not be revealing it here, in case you were wondering that as well. We talk about living a life as someone who used to live as a bitch, and now lives as an adventurer.  We talk about what it's like being of asian descent in a land of blond-haired blue-eyed giants. We talk about Quadka Life. Tune in for an entertaining look inside the life of a fascinating man. Hooa. Want more from Fury? Twitter:
March 25, 2019
Logocentrifugal 11 - Bobby "Fancy Hats" Dino
Bobby is a genuine dude. I had a great time talking with him, and I felt like our conversation was smooth and easy. Bobby's been through some shit, and his ability to open up about it and to extract lessons from it are uncommon, even less common is his ability to package those lessons into the written word and transmit them to people who need those same lessons in their own life. It was a pleasure talking with Bobby, and you'd have to be oblivious to miss out on all the treasure this episode has to offer. Want More From Bobby? Go to these places: Twitter: @RealBobbyDino Website: Book: The Code Want More From Me? Here be: Twitter: @LogoCentrifuge Email List: Here Books: Uncommon Mentality / Uncommonly Strong / The 5 Pillars of the Ascendant Mind Blog:
March 20, 2019
Logocentrifugal 10 - Joe "Average Is The Enemy...And You Must Karate Chop The Enemy" Hart
Joe is a great dude. He's my friend on Twitter, and he even has my phone number, which he's used a couple times, which makes him an actual friend too. We talk a lot about the ways in which wrong-headed thinking can be a hindrance in your life, and Joe enlighten's us on what can happen when you stick to principles, confront problems head-on, and develop a  winning attitude. This was a great conversation, and there's a tone of goodness ready and waiting for you here. Want more from Joe? Clicky-Click: Twitter: @CoachJoeHart @CARCHATSQUAD The Art of Flipping Want more from me? Here be: Uncommon Mentality Uncommonly Strong The 5 Pillars of the Ascendant Mind
March 18, 2019
Logocentrifugal 9 - Tanei "The Science Guy...Plus Magick" Ricks, PHD
Tanei is a cool dude.  He holds a PHD in organic chemistry, and is well-versed in the laws of attraction and vibration.  What you get in this interview is an opportunity to see how a mind of science and a heart of faith combine to create a man who's purpose drives him to offer value to the world. My awkwardness in hosting is also made clear in this episode, as at times I seem like Chris Farley interviewing Paul McCartney on SNL, but Tanei's patience and benevolence are given an opportunity to shine through in these moments, so I guess it worked out. Give it a go, I think you'll really get a lot out of this episode. Want More From Tanei? Here you go: Twitter: @TJRicks_TSP  His Email List His Website Tanei's Organic Chemistry Resources And More From Me? Here you go again: Uncommon Mentality Uncommonly Strong The 5 Pillars of the Ascendant Mind
March 18, 2019
Logocentrifugal 7 - Max "Max Pander" Panzer
Max is a solid dude. He hails from an older generation than I, and has a lot of wisdom and insight to offer, and he does it like a punch to the face. Notice I didn't call him old.  Max goes hard, with his writing and with his workouts, and takes care to eat well. We talked about how one recovers from a personal storm and comes out the other side harder and stronger. Want more from Max Panzer? Here's how: Twitter: @becomingaforce Blog:
March 13, 2019
Logocentrifugal 8 - Ryan "Path To Manlinests" Felman
Ryan is a friend of mine, but he's also among my teachers. He was one of the first people to befriend me when I joined the online ranks. His presence online is well known and well loved, and his rocket-powered rise on Twitter has been something to watch. We talk about a lot of things in this episode, and there are gems all over the place. Want more from Ryan? Here's where you go: Twitter: @PathToManliness Blog: His Books: Reclaim your Manhood How To Not F*CK UP Your Brand More Titles
March 13, 2019
Logocentrifugal 6 - "Noble" Noble Brown
Noble Brown is my pal. He's a good dude, and honorable, and you'll see how much he cares about the truth and standing up for what is right. He's always been willing to lend a hand to those who're willing to help themselves, as I found out several months ago when I joined Twitter. Noble was one of the first people to discover my magnificence on Twitter, and we've been pals ever since. If you want more from Noble, here're some ways: @Sociopathlete on Twitter for lots of excellent essays The White Arrow is Noble's debut novel, and is quite excellent Sociopathletic YouTube Channel be sure to check out the bi-weekly live-streams
March 08, 2019
Logocentrifual 5 - Garrett "Ginger Hitler" Dailey
Garrett and I are founding members of the Aion Media Company, a growing media empire dedicated to the proposition that true speech is the cure for nihilism and ignorance. In the episode, we talk about religion, and what we think lies within religious traditions.  Philosophy and ascension and all the good shit.  If you want more from Garrett, here are some links to his fantastic content: @Libera_Rex on Twitter MasterSelf - Garrett's excellent website. You'll find countless articles on philosophy and the nature of truth to read and ponder. The 5 Pillars of the Ascendant Mind - A book that Garrett and James P. Dowling and I wrote together. Get your systems in place. MasterSelf Year One - A collection of the first year of MasterSelf essays, all in a convenient and beautiful paperback format. Aion Media Co. YouTube Channel - You'll find lots of awesome content there, including several podcast appearances from yours truly.
March 08, 2019
Logocentrifugal 3 - James Prowling Dowling
This episode is an inaugural interview episode.  I was intending on editing this together in the same cartoonish manner as the previous two episodes, but I found that this conversation is too deep to treat is all chucklehouse-like. So I'm presenting the interview in its raw, uncut form, and I think you'll really take something from it. James is a smart boyo, and he's been my friend since the beginning of my internet emergence. We talked about all kinds of things, including evolutionary psychology, why he thinks Americans don't understand sarcasm, Mormonism and SO MUCH MORE!  Hehe. Enjoy. I think, moving forward, that interview episodes will be left in tact, and the odd soundscape episodes will be created when I'm taken by whimsy and have the time to craft them. If you want to hear more from my good friend James, check his youtube channel. It is singular in its rich content and depth of material.
February 23, 2019
Logocentrifugal 2 - Viral In Nature
What came first, the life or the virus? 
January 09, 2019
Logocentrifugal 1 - The Past Becomes the Present
I procured a recorder 4 years ago, and I began recording in many different environments. I wasn't sure exactly which direction I wanted to take my podcast, so I recorded snippets and rants and sounds and all kinds of stuff.  This first episode is made from some of the oldest recordings I have, and, to be quite honest, is a bit rough. I'm just getting started with this, and I'll learn as I go, but I can promise you this: The Logocentrifugal Podcast will never be an ordinary affair. Listen in, enjoy the ride, and feel free to comment. Thank You Very Much, Chance Lunceford Logocentrifugal
December 30, 2018