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Episode #222 ~ On Embodiment, Trauma and Plants

An episode of The Medicine of Being Human | Plants, Stars & Everything In Between

By The Medicine of Being Human
The Medicine of Being Human Podcast is for the seekers, the consciousness explorers, the Starseeds, the plant medicine enthusiasts, and for anyone looking to make sense of the human experience.

We view the human experience as a healing journey. From Inner Earth to the Cosmos, I explore the healing power of being alive. This is a vehicle and bridge for your Embodiment. It is here to help you remember who you are, and why you came here.

Weaving in cosmic astrology, channeled messages, and storytelling, I help you make sense of the bliss & chaos.

Thank you for being here.

Sena Maria
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Plant Medicine With Docta Nick of Essential Oil Wizardry
Enjoy 10% off of essential oils, alchemy blends, tinctures & more at with code: medicineofbeinghuman Enjoy 10% off of your Wizard Alchemy Club Membership: click JOIN THE CLUB, sign up for your membership of choice with the code medicineofbeinghuman and then email to ask for the full membership discount Show Notes: Podcast update and where I’ve been! How Nick entered the world of plant medicines while getting his pharmacy degree How a ritual handpoke tattoo ceremony in Costa Rica led me to Essential Oil Wizardry Energetic qualities to look for in your essential oils How essential oils are the soul intelligence of the plant Terpenes (the aromatic qualities) in plants are the communicators between plant species How working with essential oils taps you into the high intelligence of the plant realm How working with plants directly has a positive impact on the world and helps us reverse the damage we’ve done to our social systems and the natural world The download on ORMUS Live tasting of Nick’s products including: Krishna Immune Boost (best for colds) The difference between essential oils & essential oil tinctures  How tinctures help mitigate the risks of ingesting essential oils orally The importance of setting intentions and discernment when choosing to ingest essential oils Taste testing an ultrasonic cacao tincture Working with different craft spirit alcohols: organic coconut, lychee, honey, orange and more Working with Release tincture to transition away from addictive habits Damiana, Cacao, Horny Goat Weed, Mugwort & more The differences between pharmaceutical drugs & plant medicines The relationship between stars, plants & light Intuitive plant alchemy & co-creating with plants How a transformational psilocybin journey at age 16 helped heal childhood wounding and alcohol addiction Ascension, evolution, the turning point, global consciousness awakening & the alignment-full timeline of 2019 Plants & Products to support us through the ascension process ~ Prosperity (inner gut knowing), Psychic Protection (cutting negative/dense energy), Positive Transmission (increase Light & richness of experience
June 19, 2019
My Belize & Guatemala Cacao Trip Recap
My Belize & Guatemala Trip Recap - Living on an island for 6 days with no wifi or electricity - Uranus in Taurus, and how this energy is helping me manifest my visions into reality - A big personal process and realization that I had while traveling - The story of how I puked in front of everyone during an epic jungle hike - Visiting incredible Q’eqchi’ Maya Cacao farms that were basically like Cacao Narnia - A bit about Belizean history & the impacts of colonization - How staying with rural farmers shifted my perspective about money and my privilege and access - My decision to take a permaculture design course this summer - My biggest takeaways from this 3-week trip - The upcoming New Earth Purpose webinar series that I’m hosting with Ceres Andromeda, starting on the Equinox: Firefly chocolate: My Instagram: @sena__maria More episodes:
March 15, 2019
Why We Are Here & Ascending With The Earth | Ascension Discussions Pt 7
The context for our entire life experience: What are we Ascending from? What really happened during the fall from Grace? Why are we here? What is the point of all of this? What is our purpose here?  This is the final part of this 7 part series of Ascension Essentials with Ceres & Sena - This episode expands the context from focusing on our personal Ascension journey to what is happening at a planetary scale. - The numerology for the year, and what we've been experiencing during this very full February in preparation for March (this is IT, y'all.) - What really happened during the fall from Grace? - Atlantis & Lemuria - Why it is normal to feel resistant to being here. - How & Why Ascension has to happen with the Earth - Crystalline Light, Crystalline Networks, Crystalline Water, and how we used to work with Crystalline Technology. - What happened to the Crystalline Networks during the fall, and how they are coming back online. - How our body and the Earth go through similar Ascension processes. - Why our bodies are converting from carbon to Crystalline, and how this happens. - How we worked with Crystalline technology during our earliest civilizations on Earth. - How we can work with crystals now and why this is important for our collective Ascension - Our upcoming webinar series to go into more detail on these practices.   Link to the Ascension Essentials course: which is on sale through the March Equinox.  Link to free complementary videos to this series:   More podcast episodes at Follow along with Sena on Instagram: @sena__maria
February 22, 2019
Empowered Surrender | Ascension Discussions Pt 6
Part 6 of the 7 part series of Ascension Essentials with Ceres & Sena - How this series helps bring the details of Ascension into applied life to make a tangible impact. - The two sides of everything in February & the importance of finding simplicity in your heart. - How we're transitioning from having to understand first before acting, to the embodied practice of doing/living in the moment and understanding later.  - Acting from Resonance, Soul Gut, Heart Knowing & Higher Guidance Prompts while fear is still present. - The truth behind how this series came about and how we didn't understand the full scope of this project until being half-way through. - How there is a divine plan unfolding, and when we let go we can actually allow it to unfold without trying so hard. - What it means to allow your Ascension process, and why this is important - How do we know the difference between yielding to a healthy process and surrendering our power. - The key to surrendering in an empowered way. - Shifting out of self-guilt & blame when 'bad' things happen to you // separation wounds. - How our processing approaches /patterns shift as we ascend. Link to the Ascension Essentials course: which is on sale through the March Equinox. Link to free complementary videos to this series: More podcast episodes at
February 19, 2019
Fear & Embodyment | Ascension Discussion Pt 5
Today we get really real.  In part 5 our 7 part interview series with Ceres Andromeda we go deep into fear, illness, death, and what it means to go through the ascension process while we are in our human bodies. We're in a very accelerated process of Embodyment right now. As Ceres shares, "the light is pummeling anything that is separation based in our bodies right now."  This series of Ascension Discussions covers through the 7 main pillars of Ascension as created by Ceres, in her online course. These pillars providing tools and tiered Light activations for those feeling called to consciously engaged with their Ascension process. And to be clear, anyone and everyone on the planet right now is going through an Ascension process. The difference is that you may or may not be conscious of it. This work will meet you where you are at and support you in your continued path of evolution & awakening.  IN THE INTERVIEW: - Energetic update for the middle of February 2019 ~ how duality (this or that, my side/your side) is very up this month. - Twin flames & the significance of Valentine's Day. - What Embodyment means from an Ascension perspective and why we may be experiencing more rigorous embodyment right now. - The importance of getting sick how that actually means we are getting well. - Why there is no Ascension without Embodyment. - Why it feels like an absolutely insane time to be alive right now and how this has never been done before. - My personal process with being sick and the fear that I will die. - The use of Western / Allopathic medicine & the importance of trusting yourself - How getting sick physically is directly related to our emotional processes and can help release distorted emotional energy. - The true purpose of our spiritual practices, such as meditation. - How to self heal by talking to our cells. - How intense spiritual practice without embodyment = spiritual bypassing. - How to give yourself permission to trust your body even when it goes against collective belief systems around health and wellness. - How our identification with certain diets or health regimens can be a detriment to our Ascension process. - Acknowledging the fear of death and how our desire to control it drives all of our actions around health in our life.  Link to the Ascension Essentials course: which is on sale through the March Equinox.  Link to free complementary videos to this series:  More podcast episodes at
February 13, 2019
How To Truly Love Your Self | Ascension Discussions Pt 4
Welcome to February! Wow. This is part 4 of a 7 part interview series with Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria We discussed - The numerology of this month and how it relates to the mastery lessons of 2018 - The closing of the wormhole - The turning point energy entering the Chinese New Year - Chiron in Pisces and what this means for our FEELS - The fall from Grace - The 2 principles of Self Love - How Love can only come from within - Why Honesty, Authenticity & Acceptance are crucial to true Self Love - How to do shadow work/shadow care - How/why Love is the natural order of the universe - How to approach the pain and the suffering of the world around us from a state of Love - Practices to bring Love into the body - How Ascension & Embodiment are one and the same, and the path to this is love Link to the Ascension Essentials course:…ials-ecourse which is on sale through the March Equinox. Link to free complementary videos to this series: Book Ceres mentioned: Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford More podcast episodes at
February 6, 2019
2019 - A Turning Point Year
- An update on how the podcast is going - 2019 Year of the Boar downloads from Ellias Lonsdale ( - The impacts of Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and a 3 Eclipse Year - How any resistance left that we have to being human  is no longer going to work - The energy of New, Fast, Now happening where it's not a time to figure things out, but to step forward and embody to create what you want to create. See more episodes and tune into the Ascension Discussion Series at
January 30, 2019
Living Authentically, Heart First | Ascension Discussion Pt 3
Part 3 of a 7 part interview series with Ceres Andromeda & Sena Maria (5% discount ends Jan 31st!) - Why now is a potent time for your personal and our collective Ascension journey. - Why we are offering these free podcasts and videos and the simple truth within all of the information that we share here. - What it means to live Heart First - What it means to live authentically, and how we access that place - How the 3D Linear mind operates - The practice of letting go of mental stories and listening to the heart's truth - How the heart is the multidimensional anchor point between all of our chakras, and all of the frequencies and realities - How we are operating on many levels beyond and in addition to what we think of as 'being productive' - Why we often think of Heart Vs Mind, and how we can find unification between the two. - How trust & living heart first are practices that strengthen and support each other. - Link to the Ascension Essentials course: Use code 'january' for 5% off through the end of January 2019. - Link to free complementary videos to this series: - Other podcast episodes at
January 29, 2019
Trust & Discernment | Ascension Discussion Pt 2
Part 2 of a 7 part interview series with Ceres Andromeda. - Why now is such an incredible, supported time for your Ascension journey. - How becoming Self Referential is key to your Ascension path - How Trust = Power, and we've been conditioned to give our power away. - By trusting yourself, and acting from that place, we empower others to do the same and thus heal the collective - Ways we can misconstrue trust, and use it as a way to escape and bypass life rather than engage and show up - How disconnecting from most information sources can be supportive when you are re-learning Self Trust. - How to cultivate discernment for who and what to let in to your world, and what to say 'no' to. - Why honesty, and saying 'no' is so important, and how we've been living in a reversal pattern with this, collectively. - Link to the Ascension Essentials course:…ials-ecourse Use code 'january' for 5% off through the end of January 2019. - Link to free complementary videos to this series: - Other podcast episodes at
January 25, 2019
My New Relationship With Instagram
A short episode about my recent social media detox, and how being intentional with my social media consumption helps me trust myself more.
January 24, 2019
Inspiration & Empowerment | Ascension Discussion Pt 1
We discussed: - Why now (Jan 14, 2019) through the spring equinox in March is such a critical blank slate for us to plant the seeds of potential for our Highest Purpose that we are working with through the rest of our current incarnation. - Why and how we can CHOOSE to show up for the New, and to activate our new paths, and templates. We can now align our frequency space. - Without choice to align with the New, we will continue our old karmic patterns. - About the new Galactic Earth cycle as of 2019 - How embracing your Ascension path right now will result in the easiest, most supported means of forward expansion on our journey. - Why Inspiration is the first and foundational pillar of our Ascension journey, and how this raises our frequency to embrace the limitless potential of our ability to create. - The natural cycles of dis-inspiration/low frequency & Inspiration/high frequency. And why it doesn't need to be a problem. - How Inspiration helps us get unstuck. - How accepting periods of dis-inspiration is empowering. - The similarities and differences between the Law of Attraction & Ascension belief systems. - How Ascension helps you be more of your Self. - How working with Ceres & this course is a way to align the most important trajectory for what your soul came here to do and it provides activations that will continue for your lifetime. Use code: january for 5% off through 1/31/19: Email with questions or if payment plan is needed. Listen to this and other interviews on Thank you for being here.
January 17, 2019
#777 Aligned Sexuality
Happy New Year, Beloveds! Join Ceres & me to talk about Sexual Alignment as we venture into this Trinity year of 2019.  We explored:  What Ascension is  How sexuality directly affects all areas of our lives and our Ascension journey  How and why codependency happens and how to return to Sovereignty  Union of masculine & feminine energies within us, how this is the ultimate path for Ascension | Awakening | Evolution  How the external world and our relationships are direct mirrors for our inner world.  How to identify sexual distortions and work with them  within  Methods to work with sexual distortions to unblock stuck energies and reclaim your power  Where we are at collectively with sexuality, and how to maintain your personal sexual alignment within the collective shadow.  This may be supportive for you if:  Feel unclear about sex and it’s role in your life. Are working on codependency patterning. Are curious about the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Know your sexuality could be Soulfull, Heartfull, and Cosmic, and want to remember/learn how to achieve this. Want to understand how distorted sexual energy may be showing up in your life.  Want methods for bringing sexual distortions conscious.  Receive 20% off the Sexual Alignment Handbook by using code senamaria Share the love & leave a review on iTunes: See more episodes at “When we can allow Soul and Spirit to flow through the Heart, with someone doing the same; we access Cosmic portals, records, Sacred Creation codes, and the power of the Universe... experienced via Divine/Human Bliss.”
January 1, 2019
Episode #666 | We Are God
In this episode I share about: - How we are each God|Goddess|Source - The infinite amount of Source energy available to us for embodiment - How we are operating at less than half capacity and why - Why we are here at this time, and have chosen to ascend. - What we are Ascending from - The fall from grace - Our shared past lives in Lemuria and/or Atlantis - Why past templates from ancient traditions can only get us so far - Overpopulation and the 10% tipping point - The core wound that we all carry - Why we are terrified to embody our Light Sexual Alignment Webinar Share the love & leave a review on iTunes:…een/id1446359205 See more episodes at _____________________ A note on reclaiming #666: The number 6 is asking you to come back to the original seed thought/blueprint of life with a reverence for its numerical explanation. 6 is of earth but there is a beautiful holiness within earth and within those of earth. The mother earth begins to move back into her original form not waiting for her children to agree. By aligning with the true essence of the number 6 you will find a smoothness and harmony while riding upon an earth-road that is under construction. - Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
January 1, 2019
Episode #555 | Wormholes & Sexuality
 We're back! - New podcast website: - Link to iTunes to leave a review as an exchange for the loving energy I put into these episodes! (I
December 21, 2018
Ascension Essentials Interview with Ceres Andromeda | Episode #333
In this special interview episode I interview my Ascension Guide, Leah Henningsen, who I have been working with for the past 2.5 years. We explore: What Ascension is How the Earth is Ascending alongside us How climate change and the Earth's Ascension process is related How the physical body will purge & adjust to anchor in more light How the collective Ascension process differs from our individual processes (i.e. the current political climate) How to handle feelings of not wanting to be here (Leah drew upon her 10 years as a trained psychotherapist in her response and it was very impactful for those who joined live.) For more depth and support on your personal Ascension journey, see Leah's Ascension Essentials Activation Course at and use discount code SENAMARIA for 5% off.
December 9, 2018
Episode #222 ~ On Embodiment, Trauma and Plants
What does it mean to be embodied? In this episode I talk about: - how being in a body allows us to heal dense trauma and karma in tangible ways - what it means to 'leave' when it gets tough - why grounding our energy is imperative to the human experience - why it's so hard and scary to be here - how we have been conditioned to leave our bodies, keep our energy UP and disconnected from the natural timing of the earth - how being ungrounded has resulted in anxiety, ADD, and other disorders prevalent in our society - how Ayahuasca opened up my lower energy centers, and helped me live a more embodied life - practices to ground your energy, clear energetic density and anchor into the core of the Earth - ancestral trauma and healing through our bodies - stopping the trauma cycle so we don't pass it on to our children - a common spiritual path that takes us up and out, and how we need to balance this with going down and in - how we are the ones here bridging between old and new paradigms - the shadows within the lower 3 chakras and the power that lies within them - our transition to a symbiotic, reciprocal relationship with the Earth - how plants are our guides, and wisdom keepers supporting us on this shared journey - how to foster a connection with plants and the Earth - how plants are more tapped in to the greater web of life, and what they have to teach us about embodiment. Show notes: - Tada Hozumi: - Kelly Behrend: - *Ayahuasca is traditionally utilized by cultures in other places besides Peru & Brazil. See: for full transcription
December 9, 2018
Episode #444 ~ Relationships, Death & Mastery
In this episode we explore: - my unconventional approach to creating this podcast - how this Ascension work soothes the struggle of your soul - how the work you do in interpersonal relationships helps the collective - Venus RX, Taurus Full Moon, Scorpio Season, & the Cosmic Restart 16:30 - #deathmedicine and why now is the time to reconcile our collective fear of death - my experience visiting my grandpa as he prepares to transition out of his body - how death portals help us access the deepest parts of our soul essence 26:42 - Looking ahead to the 11/11/11 Mastery Stargate which we are already preparing for - How Venus RX is preparing us for this in perfect alignment - The Masculine Martian paradigm shift from 3D Warrior archetype to the 5D Master of Right Action archetype - How you can learn more about your own Ascension path in my teacher Leah's new offering, Ascension Essentials Use code SENAMARIA for 5% off this powerful activation.
December 9, 2018
Episode #000 ~ Your Life Purpose
The fundamental question: Why am I here? What is my purpose? In this episode I reveal your True purpose and share what The Medicine of Being Human really is.
December 9, 2018
Episode #999 ~ Close of Eclipse Season
In this first episode I share: - my unconventional process of launching this podcast - the intention behind this project - about the eclipse wormhole we have just completed - 999 stargate - what we have shifted into Now, and what you may be experiencing - deep gratitude for being here at this time - JOY that we have traversed this portal - why this is a time to bask in the radiant Light For any questions, feedback, or thoughts, please comment below or e-mail me at I LOVE hearing from you!
December 9, 2018
Episode #111 ~ Space = Source | The Planning Spiral
The anxiety of planning is worse than the event itself.
September 18, 2018
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