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28: Dharma for Real Life

An episode of Embodied Living Yoga

By Shannon Elliott (Malati)
Welcome to Embodied Living Yoga, with Shannon Elliott. Shannon is a yoga instructor and owner of Onyx Yoga Studio. Her gift to others is to pass on the teachings from those who have done the same for her. Enjoy the briefer dharma talks from live yoga classes and the longer podcasts on topics ranging from breath, to the ancient texts, to Ayurveda, and many things in between. She has the ability to make students feel as if she is speaking directly to them, take a listen! These discussions are elevating, fun, and full of wisdom steeped in the teachings. Thank you for being here. Om Shanti.
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49: All Things India
Hi! In this episode, Gabriella Perrotti and I talk all about our upcoming retreat to Vrindavan, India. We will be heading there on March 1-10, 2019. Check out more information at www.onyxyogastudio.com. Thank you for listening! Om Shanti
December 12, 2018
48: Being a Woman
In this episode, I am inspired by being reminded that next year will be the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote. This leads me into a brief but powerful talk on what it means to be a woman and how to own and embrace all of our emotions- including passion, fuel, anger, and rage. Embrace the power, the love, and the joy we have through our femininity. Thank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com Om Shanti
November 28, 2018
47: Ahimsa- Protecting Life
The first and most powerful of the Yamas- Ahimsa, protecting life. As we enter into this practice how can we hold ahimsa for ourselves, be kind and caring in our personal relationships, and most importantly to have fun! Thank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com Om Shanti.
November 28, 2018
46: Nourishment for the Fall
As we move into the cold how can we support, nourish, and build up the quality of ourselves in a way that feels good? This short, sweet dharma talk is very powerful as we move into the colder weather. Happy nourishing! www.shannonelliottyoga.com Om Shanti
November 28, 2018
45: Habit related to nature's law
When we understand that an object in motion stays in motion until something stops it, and an inert object stays inert until something moves it- we see how much power and access we have to redirecting ourselves when necessary. I am talking about habit- but for me, when I look at it regards to nature verses the actual personal Shannon habit, I find it much easier to take action where needed. THank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com Om Shanti
November 28, 2018
44: What's the problem with too much clear?
In Episode 4, I discuss the consequences of being too clear, light, and pure in our life. Whether that is through diet, meditation, spiritual goals, what are the consequences of overdoing these things? I invite you to take on what is most nourishing for you as we move into Fall. What a beautiful thing, to engage in your life and celebrate all 3 parts of yourself- body, mind, and soul. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 28, 2018
43: How Discipline Gives You More Time
In this episode, I discuss the benefits of discipline, maybe the most useful one being the gift of more time. Thank you to my kid's karate teacher for this great teaching! Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 19, 2018
42: Trust in All Things
In this dharma talk I discuss how to build trust and in turn, the result being that fear is removed. There are a couple little things I have been doing every day and it has helped to break some lifelong patterns of not trusting in myself and others. It is deeply powerful, connected, and freeing. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 19, 2018
41: Why I Love a Good Cry
In Episode 41, From the Couch Fridays, I talk about the healing benefits of crying. Some of us really resist crying when it comes up. Based on Ayurveda and the law of like increases like and opposites balance us, I will explain why it is one of the healthiest things we can do. Introducing crying into your regular routine will help keep you healthy, clear, and happier. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 12, 2018
40: Your Imperfection is the Perfection
You Imprefection is the Perfection and in this episode I tell you why. Breaking it down from the book: 'Tantra The Supreme Understanding,' I share the words from a wise teacher. This teaching of "you are already perfect as you are" became alive in me after ready these couple of paragraphs. I am here simply passing it on. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 10, 2018
39: How to Live According to Your Own Nature
In Episode 39 I pass on a teaching from Babaji Satyanarayanas Dasa from the Jiva Ashram in Vrindavan India. Its an in-depth discussion about the understanding that if you work according to your nature life will be easy. Sounds nice, but what does that really mean? And how do you do it? You could really spend a lifetime on just this one teaching, so this talk is in-depth but also just a beginning. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 10, 2018
38: The Body is the Greatest Creation
"From the Couch Friday!" on a Wednesday. This share is on about when we get harsh on ourselves, our behaviors, our physical attributes, and we get in a rut of not feeling great about ourselves. I came across a great reading on how to love the body, unlearn the things that haven't helped us, and how to connect deeply and feel the love, awe, and joy not just in nature and others but in and towards yourself as well. Please enjoy! Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
October 3, 2018
37: Say Good-bye to Your Practice!
In episode 37 I talk about our culture's tendency to always be practicing. When we are practicing we are thinking, and in thinking, we are not in pure presence and experience. So this episode encourages you to throw your practice out the window, move beyond thought, and to live your life. www.shannonelliottyoga.com Om Shanti.
October 2, 2018
36: Like Increases Like
Today's talk goes over one of the laws of nature, like increases like. It explains why we crave the things we do, how to bring ourselves back in to balance as needed, and how to gain more awareness over what is really best for us in any given moment. Thank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 28, 2018
35: Svatantrya, the Power of Freedom!
This episode goes over Svatantrya, one of my favorite concepts in Yoga. We have so much freedom in our ability to weave and shape our internal world. How do we connect to that power, begin to use it in a practical way, and have a deep and meaningful experience of ourselves in our daily lives? This is a really fun and powerful topic and something to really go deep with if you are curious. Happy weaving! www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 27, 2018
34: Ayurveda's Stages of Dis-ease
In this episode, I go through one of my favorite Ayurvedic teachings on how doshas build in the body, how we can connect deeper to identifying our own imbalances, and how to take steps towards self-care and healing, if needed. This is such an important and useful teaching. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 18, 2018
33: Being Okay in the Dark
From the Couch Friday! In this episode, I talk about the dark and being okay with it. Why do we want to be okay in the dark? What is it about the unknown that scares us? How can we begin to change our relationship to the dark and get comfortable with both darkness and light? Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 14, 2018
32: The Yoga Lull
in Episode 32 I talk about the Yoga Lull and how it happens to most of us at some point and it is ok. When going through it, it's asking yourself "what's useful" in how you respond to yourself and to not take it all so seriously. Embrace your humanness. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 12, 2018
31: Speaking Your Truth
I share some ways in which I have followed my own personal truth. I put a framework about how to get in touch with that, what you can expect to happen, and how to build the courage (alongside fear) to follow your path to inner and outer freedom. Om Shanti www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 9, 2018
30: Why Meditate?
This episode talks about why we want to meditate, how to meditate simply, and the power of routine. My goal is to get you excited about meditation and to understand the freedom that is accessed by creating an elevating routine in your daily life. It's fun, Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 5, 2018
29: Yoga is a Remembering
This brief dharma talk is packed with a powerful teaching. The teachings teach us how to keep it simple, keep our journey moving inside, and how to create an enlightening waking up to you. You have it all already, and through Yoga we Remember and connnect to our truth. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
September 5, 2018
28: Dharma for Real Life
From the Couch Firday! This episode was inspired by my 6 year old son and the book 'The Orphan Keeper.' Sounds random but it all comes together quite nicely into an important and deep dharma teaching. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 31, 2018
27: Be Here Now- Atha!
In this episode the word "atha" is broken down. This is the first word in 'Patanjali's Yoga Surtra's' and it quite deliberate. You could take this one word and make it your entire life's work. What is all this talk about Now? Why is it important? How do we gain access to it? "Now" is the entry point into something deeper, and that something deeper is you. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 20, 2018
26: Pranayama and Breath of Fire
This episode discusses Pranayama and what this practice has to do with our Words and Emotions. Breath is interesting because it is both automatic and conscious, therefore we have a tendency to ignore it. What are the consequences of that? What are the benefits of conscious breathing, again specifically related to your words and emotions? After the talk, there is an intro on Breath of Fire and a 3 minute practice. It is wonderful to feel what can happen in just 3 minutes! Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 15, 2018
25: Resilience
Resilience is one of my favorite topics/experiences in the Yoga practice. This is a talk explaining what resilience is and how to build it in your own life. It ends with a meditation but be sure to stick around after as I offer one of my favorite resilience-building practices at the end. Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 15, 2018
24: Sutra 1.14 from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
This episode of "From the Couch Friday" has less Shannon and straight up teaching. I break down Sutra 1.14 "The practice becomes firmly grounded when well attended to for a long time, without break, and with enthusiasm." This, to me, is a key sutra to move Yoga from something you do to who you are. I use both Reverand Jaganath Carrera and Swami Sathcidanda's translations as reference. Thank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 10, 2018
23: Acceptance
In this episode, I discuss acceptance, referring both to the yoga teachings and an excerpt on acceptance that is read in recovery circles. This reading aligns deeply with the yoga teachings and is something I love to remind myself of when I feel "stuck." I find that acceptance is the first step and then we can move into the power of choice. Thank you for listening. Peace to all. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 8, 2018
22: The Power of Choice
In Episode 22 the dharma talk is about feeling stuck and how the yoga practice can help us. The teachings continue to have us look within and from that, we see how many choices we actually have to process, experience, and create in the world. May we all be elevated through the power of our own Bhav (heart filled devotion- aka attitude!) Thank you for listening. Om Shanti. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 6, 2018
21: Yoga and the Power to Heal
In Episode 21: "From the Couch Friday!" I discuss healing using the yoga practice, the 8 limbs of yoga, and our relationships. Yoga has been the consistent piece through my life transitions, one I am grateful for and here to say works. Make sure you listen all the way to the end of this one, I leave you with a beautiful pearl of wisdom from Reverand Jaganath Carrera. Much love.
August 3, 2018
20: Control versus Flow
In Episode 20, the dharma talk discusses the consequences of control and flow in your own inner experience during your practice. How do we move towards open breath, flowing movement, and a peaceful inner state? What does this really feel like and what are the benefits? And most importantly know you will experience both states thousands of times potentially in one practice, welcome to your humanness. May you embrace yourself and move towards integration. Thank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
August 1, 2018
19: Deepening Your Intention
In Episode 19 the dharma talk discusses how to move from Source and what that has to do with Intention. I go over the benefits and how to create a meaningful and personal Intention, discuss a theory I call "Hands and Feet," and we end with an Intention Meditation. Peace, peace, peace. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
July 30, 2018
18: Stop wasting time not being you!
Allowing yourself to be you is the greatest gift you can give to the Universe. The journey is the point. All parts of you in this moment are complete within you, as you are. You may have anger, jealousy, impatience, etc- love those parts too. I share incredible advice from Guru Jagat, Brene Brown, and Wayne Dyer on how to get yourself right with You and the Divine. Thank you for listening. www.shannonelliottyoga.com
July 27, 2018
17: Meditation, the Journey to you
What is the point of the physical movement class? Is there something post-savasana we can be doing before we get up and off the mat? Yoga is FOR you. The yoga process is a journey to YOU. This is a meditation (however there is talking so you can listen in your car instead of doing the meditation- there are about 3 minutes of silence at a certain point.) And then enjoy it at home and try it out! Thank you for listening.
July 25, 2018
16: Breaking it down: Ahimsa
In Episode 16, Ahima (non-violence) is broken down. How can you explore this in your daily life? How can we turn this into a positive that elevates our capacity for love? And what does love have to do with it? From the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the Yamas right here on the Embodied Living Yoga podcast. Thank you for listening.
July 24, 2018
15: Self Esteem and Yoga
From the Couch Fridays!!! An honest conversation about self esteem. What do the doshas and the yamas and niyamas have to do with it? Imagine what more you could do in the world if you had an inner confidence that could not be shaken.
July 20, 2018
14: Balance and the Laws of Nature
In Episode 14 Living in Balance is discussed. Balance is defined through the yogic lense as the natural order of things. But how do we play with it in a useful way, integrate this into our daily lives, and create even deeper and more fulfilling relationship to both ourselves and others?
July 18, 2018
13: Just Do the Thing!
In Episode 13: How do we move through the blocks when we feel like we can't? What's the secret to reconnecting? How do we take the action of our own dharma (life purpose)? In this episode I break it down, give simple suggestions and tools to live your life with a smile, build friendships, and move into fulfilling both your inner and outer world. Just do the thing!
July 15, 2018
12: Rigidity, is it worth it?
In Episode 12, its a dharma talk from my couch. Are there benefits from being rigid in your life? What does it mean to be world embracing? Do you have the courage to be whoever the eff you are, and are you willing to go big on you?
July 11, 2018
11: Transformation!
In Episode 11, our dharma talk is about Transformation and what that really means from a yogic perspective. "You owe it to yourself to be yourself." Yogi Bhajan
July 4, 2018
10: Brain Fog is Real. Drain Your Brain!
In Episode 10 the toxic sludge that can build up in the brain is discussed. You have the power to lubricate your internal channels, increase your own vitality, sense of self worth, and clarity in your daily life. Listen to find out how. Happy brain draining!
June 20, 2018
09: Non attachment, what does that even mean?
In Episode 9 nonattachment is contemplated. What does nonattachment even mean? How do we know what we want is even what we need? What do wants really bring out in us? Can we be okay just being? Does nonattachment mean we do not care? Listen here to explore how nonattachment can actually bring you more peace, purpose, and internal joy in your life. Thank you for listening.
June 20, 2018
08: How does Yoga help when you are 10 steps behind?
In this episode we begin with the Sanskrit word Purnatva, the state of being whole and fulfilled (you have everything you need and everything you need you have.) I was reminded of this teaching when my day started out 10 steps behind before my eyes even opened. I reveal how I used the teachings of Yoga to stop the downward spiral and come back to center. This episode is a great example of how to use the Yoga practice in a real way, when anxiety and overwhelm strike. Please listen, practice and share. Much love.
June 7, 2018
07: Inner Exploration, oh My!
In this Episode I discuss what happens when we begin to do the deeper work of staying in awareness and allowing ourselves to be with the revelations that come. Yoga gives us an opportunity to know ourselves better, to accept, to cleanse, and to elevate. And this can only come through radical honesty. May we all be willing to share our truths in each moment, may we connect deeper, and may we help to elevate one another. Thank you for being a part of this community.
June 4, 2018
06: Free the Breath, Free the Mind~
In Episode 6 I share a breathing practice that will reveal a deeper inner experience and elevate how you think, feel, and act in the world. I am finding profound shifts in my subtle body through this breath focus, I would love to hear about your experience of playing with this technique. Honored you are here, thank you for listening.
June 4, 2018
05: Growth on the Yogic Path
In Episode 05 it is time for reflection. One of my teachers, Reverand Jaganath Carrera (http://www.yogalifesociety.com/) states one of the ways to reflect on our own spiritual evolution, is to ask ourselves the question: "Am I more loving today than I was yesterday?" What a beautiful practice and a way to hold ourselves to center and stay honest on our path. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Many, many thanks for being here.
May 30, 2018
04: Satya, Truthfulness
In Episode 4 of "The Embodied Living Yoga Podcast" we explore how being rigid in our beliefs can keep us in a "truth" which ends up not being beneficial to us or our relationships. Satya is one of the Yamas, which is the first of the 8 limbs of Yoga, from "Patanajali's Yoga Sutras." What I love about this is the infinite ability for us to explore and expand or viewpoints when it comes to truth- creating deeper connection to ourselves and holds more tolerance and space for others. Thank you for listening!
May 30, 2018
03: Relationship to You
In Episode 03 of the Embodied Living Yoga Podcast, we explore how to, and the importance of going deeper in Relationship to the inner Self. This has been a huge part of my recent growth and I hope you find it meaningful to explore within your own being. Thank you for listening!
May 21, 2018
02: Assimilate, Weave, Meditate
In Episode 02 we learn about Ama (undigested food, thoughts, and emotions) and how to begin to weave our Prana (life force) clearing through our own blocks. We also do a "neutral mind meditation" which I hope lights you up the way it does me. Thank you so much for listening!
May 17, 2018
01: Exhale to Nourish
The very first episode of Embodied Living Yoga! Did you know the way to a deeper breath is to exhale first??? What I value most is creating a nourishing practice for both myself and passing it on to others. This is a simple but deep concept and I hope you take the time to play with the profound internal shift this can create in your own being.
May 14, 2018
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