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Dr. Kimberly: Tea and Therapy

Dr. Kimberly: Tea and Therapy

By Dr. Kimberly
Mental health and holistic care from the perspective of an African American Buddhist Psychologist. Tea and Therapy is an extension of Tea and Therapy workshops presented by Dr. Kimberly. Trained as an Adlerian Psychologist, Dr. Kimberly presents information that is designed to Teach, Empower, and Advocate while decreasing the stigma of mental health and increasing access to mental health information. Tea and Therapy provides information related to mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellness. If you're interested in overall well-being, join in for a listen with a cup of tea.
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Intimacy, Kink, Shame: Let's talk about sex
Let's talk about sex, How important is pleasure?  What false narratives do you have regarding sex? What are your sexual boundaries? Am I kinky? How does body confidence impact your sexual identity and sexual experiences? During this edition of Tea and Therapy, Dr. Kimberly engages in a friendly conversation with Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez.   Listen in as they engage in conversation covering topics related to sex.  Want to learn more?  Be sure to follow Yael on her social media accounts!  Contact information for Yael R. Rosentstock Gozalez: Sexual attitude reassessment: Reading recommendations:   Nagoski, E. (2021). COME AS YOU ARE: the surprising new science that will transform your sex life. Simon & Schuster. Girl Sex 101 by Allison Moon Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree brown Speaking from the Heart: 18 Languages for Modern Love by Anne Hodder-Shipp The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor People & Organizations Sex Positive Families:      An AMAZING collection of resources Sonalee Rashatwar's      Instagram @thefatsextherapist for fat justice/liberation Dr. Donna Oriowo's instagram:      Black Sexuality, Colorism, and Texturism What was the tea: Paris by Harney and Son Black and oolong tea, vanilla and black currant flavor, bergamot oil, caramel flavor. Briskness 2  Aroma 4  Body 2 ChocoMate Chai ‌
October 27, 2021
Tea and Therapy: Finding Yourself in Transition
During this episode of Tea and Therapy, Dr. Kimberly revisits an in-person presentation: Finding yourself in transition: mental wellness and change.   This episode includes a discussion on The various types of transitions, Stages of Transitions, Psychological conditions associated with transitions, Grief and Transitions, Stages of change, and the interplay between developmental stages and transitions/change.   Questions to explore while listening to this podcast:  What type of transition are you experiencing? What is your current transition or change? Does this transition appear within or out of your control? Where were you before? Where are you now? Where are you going/where do you need to be? What is your current stage of transition? Ending, The Void, New Beginning? What needs to be done at your current stage of transition to move to or maintain a new beginning? What emotions are you experiencing as you go through this transition? What stage of grief (if any) are you experiencing during this stage of transition? What do you need to do to feel more emotionally stable/reduce stress/feel at peace? What systems of coping can aid you in your transition? What systems need to be strengthened/increased? What is your current stage of change regarding your transition? What steps do you need to take to move to the maintenance stage of transition/change? What is your current developmental stage of transition/change? What questions do you have during this developmental stage of your life? What would you like to accomplish during this developmental stage of your life? What's next? Contacting Dr. Kimberly • •(202) 951-9942 * 317-721-9067 100 M. St. SE, Washington, DC 20003 •Facebook: •Twitter:@drkimberlym •Instagram: drkimberlyteaandtherapy •Podcast:
July 24, 2021
Tea and Therapy: Dr. Kimberly chats with Dr. Cassandre Dunbar, the founder of Be Well Sis.
Be Well Sis!, join Dr. Kimberly and Dr. Cassandre as they have candid conversations on podcasting, community, sisterhood, acceptance, and parenting during a pandemic.   This podcast starts as we check in with both over their cups of tea.  Dr. Kimberly describes her morning sip of Adagio Tea's FoxTrot blend.  Dr. Cassandre's favorite tea companies are Adjourn tea and Organic Spiced Ginger Yukki tea.   Spilling the TEA with Dr. Cassandra: How do you teach, empower and advocate?  Teaches: Self-care is a necessity.  Empowers: Black women that self-care is your right.  Advocates: For Black women to keep engaging in self-care.  Follow Dr. Cassandra on her web-page and podcast: Join Dr. Cassandra for the fourth Tea and Therapy Saturday, March 27th at Noon EST. Advance registration required, donation appreciated: Tea and good Book;  Dr. Cassandre's book recommendations: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho The Four Agreements  by Don Miguel Ruiz Adagio FoxTrot tea contains a blend of Chamomile, Rooibos, Peppermint, and Vanilla. Vanilla: Sweet treat, curbs appetite and satisfies cravings. Natural Vanilla is an antioxidant and elevates mood. Chamomile: More of a bitter taste, chases blues away, and aids relaxation, and quiet moments. Soothes body aches and arthritis.  Antibacterial property can treat irritable bowel syndrome, ease indigestion, and fights E. Coli.   Peppermint: Cooling, fights nasal congestion, good for lungs, and cools inflamed joints.   Rooibos: Antioxidant qualities. 
March 06, 2021
Kristen Swart, MSW LSW and Brainspotting
Join Dr. Kimberly as she welcomes Kristen Swart, MSW LSW for a discussion on Brainspotting.  Kristen will join Dr. Kimberly and Kristin Tenuta LMFT on Saturday, February 26th at Noon EST for a presentation/workshop on Brainspotting.  Spaces are still available and advanced registration is recommended.  Tea and Therapy events are free of charge, your suggested donation of $10 helps support this community endeavor.  A portion of proceeds for this month will be donated to Prevail in Noblesville Indiana.  Prevail provides crisis intervention and restorative support services for adult, adolescent and child survivors of crime and abuse. Contact information for Kristen Swart, MSW LSW: Kristen Swart, MSW, LSW Peace Counseling Group Individual, Marital, and Family Therapist 317-966-6394 p Additional Information on Brainspotting:
February 19, 2021
Three Persepectives: Intersecting reflections on lived experiences and current events.
Following the Presidential inauguration on January 20th, 2021, Dr. Kimberly placed a call out for individuals who wanted to share their experiences of the events and the past several years.  During this podcast, Alenka Kyslik (Canadian and resident of California), and Tanisha Neely (California born and Hoosier transplant).  Together they share their lived experiences, thoughts on current events their hope, and coping strategies for the future.  Listen in as they come together for the first time for a light yet thoughtful discussion.  
January 26, 2021
2021 The start of a new year!
Join Dr. Kimberly for this brief segment as she kicks off 2021. As a bonus, Dr. Kimberly adds a Buddhist teaching "Beginning Anew" to the end of the episode.  Tea and Therapy moves to Noon EST January 23rd.  On-line schedule: January 23rd; Dr. Sharesa McCray: Mother-Daughter Dyads February 27th: Kristin Tenuta, LMFT Brain Spotting March 27th: Dr. Kimberly: Self and intersectionality April 24th: Dr. April Krowel Ph.D. HSPP: Dementia Available Now: Sips of Tea: A Journal for self-reflection: Shop Tea and Therapy:
January 01, 2021
Making meaning of 2020
In this episode Dr. Kimberly offers tidbits in making meaning of 2020 and moving forward to 2021.
December 23, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Social Justice/ Telling it like it is.
Join two social scientists as they discuss Martin Luther King's 1967 speech to the American Psychological Association.  During this speech, Dr. King urged Social scientists to "tell it like it" in regards to issues related to Civil Rights movements and challenges in society.   During this episode, Dr. Kimberly is joined by Hallie M. Williams Sr.  Hallie is a Master's level Clinical psychotherapist in St. Paul Minnesota.  He is the President and Executive Director of Squared Away Youth (A nonprofit Cooperation in Minnesota) and Vice President at NASAP: North American Society of Adlerian Psychology.   These two social scientists spend an hour discussing personal and professional thoughts related to Dr. King's speech, components of Adlerian theory, and the connection between social scientists and social justice.   To Contact Hallie, please email Join Dr. Kimberly on Saturday, November 28th at 10 am as she continues the discussion and presentation on Social Justice and thoughts post-election Tea and therapy podcast and community events are donation-based events.  You may listen and attend for free, donations received this month will benefit the Poor people campaign in Indiana. To Donate to Tea and Therapy:
November 17, 2020
Sips of tea #3 Dr. Kimberly discusses Tea and Therapy
During this brief episode, Dr. Kimberly shares personal insights and history on Tea and therapy, and the future of Tea and Therapy endeavors.   Tea and therapy timeline: January 2018: Ideal presented to a cafe in Indiana February 2018: Meeting with the event planner March 2018: First in-person session of Tea and Therapy October 2019: Tea and Therapy Trademarked October 2019: Trailer episode of podcast released January 2019: Full podcast episode released  March 2019: Tea and Therapy moves to online events 2021: So many more things to come  If you would like to be part of future Tea and Therapy podcast episodes or workshops please fill out this form on Dr. Kimberly's webpage: If you would like to schedule Dr. Kimberly to speak at your event please fill out the following form: To make contributions/donations to Tea and Therapy: Visit the anchor home page for monthly contributions.
November 11, 2020
Tea and Therapy with special guests Chanelle Lawson, Ph.D. and Dr. Sharesa McCray
During this podcast episode, Dr. Kimberly welcomes Chanelle Lawson, Ph.D and Dr. Sharesa McCray as they discuss Mother-Daughter relationships and Domestic Violence Awareness month.    Dr. McCray will be joining Dr. Kimberly on October 24 at 10 am. for a Tea and Therapy fourth Saturday presentation. “Emotional and Sexual communication patterns  between African American Mother-Daughter Dyad”  To contact Dr. Sharesa McCray: For more information on Chanelle Lawson visit:   Upcoming events with Chanelle Lawson:  Domestic Violence Awareness Summitt Substance Art for the Soul Event
October 17, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Reconnecting with Dr. Kimberly and Joi
Thank you for joining in this episode of Tea and Therapy.  During this episode, Dr. Kimberly and Joi have a casual conversation regarding their experiences over the past six months, projects they are working on, and their experiences with change, grief, and loss.   The conversation on grief and loss will continue on September 26 with Dr. Kimberly's ongoing fourth Saturday sessions of Tea and Therapy.  The online workshop of Tea and therapy is presented at 10 am (EST) via Zoom.  Advance registration for the event is required. Tea and Therapy events are offered freely to the community.  Donations are suggested to assist with the continuation of these events.  Unable to make a monatery donation?  Share your testimony by leaving a review of Tea and Therapy, or forwarding Tea and Therapy on your social media platform.   Donations can be made through Paypal
September 22, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Raising our children
THIS EPISODE CONTAINS VOLUME FLUCTUATIONS. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly welcomes four mothers, Cissy, LaShelle, Morgan, and Sarah to the podcast.  This diverse group discusses raising children during the time of COVID and Racial tensions in North America.  During this casual conversation, topics include: Single parenting, raising sons, interracial families, and transracial adopting. These mothers candidly share their personal experiences and offer insight into parenting children who range in age from 3-30.   Apologies for the volume difficulties.   Dr. Kimberly continues parts of this discussion on Saturday, August 22 at 9 am during an on-line presentation of Tea and Therapy.  During this presentation, Dr. Kimberly discusses the goals of children's behaviors, logical and natural consequences, and navigating during 2020.   Register and join Dr. Kimberly  Looking for guidance on talking to your children about Race, join Dr. Kimberly for a book discussion of "Why are all the Black kids sitting together in the cafeteria? and other conversations on race" on September 5th, 2020 
August 15, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Race as a social construct: How black do you like your coffee?
Dr. Kimberly’s Tea and Therapy: Race as a social construct: How black do you like your tea? Welcome to the July Podcast for Tea and Therapy. This month Dr. Kimberly is joined by members of the community in an open discussion on Race and Community. While Tea and Therapy is dedicated to decreasing the stigma of mental health and decreasing access to mental health care for communities, this episode was created as a result of tragic situations and subsequent protests that occurred throughout America and other countries in May 2020. Those events added to the spark of century-old conversations and possible solutions regarding racial distress. This podcast brings forth a variety of discussions and hopefully the start of individual and community healing. Dr. Kimberly’s guests for this podcast are Brandi Bennett, Danielle Gilmore, George Middleton, and Kendra Wilcox.                                                            Brandi Bennett is the CEO of Go Off Sis, LLC a branding, marketing, and social platform that focuses on the empowerment and achievements of Women in all aspects of life. A lifestyle brand specializing in the edification of women to “Go Off” and take their dreams and aspirations to the next level.  Danielle Gilmore is a speaker, facilitator, and wellness activist. Her commitment to community has allowed her to travel across the US and Canada promoting mindfulness and holistic health. Danielle is the founder of Activated Activists, an organization focused on equipping leaders with the tools they need to lead from a self-knowledgeable capacity. This offering is informed by her Masters in Organizational Leadership and development, and ten years of experience in community-focused wellness; she believes in holistic support for activists and change makers. Danielle’s desire to cultivate awareness and sustainable change is what fuels her continued commitment to doing the work.  George Middleton is the CEO of George Middleton Consulting LLC. GM Consulting is a consulting-based entity whose mission is to provide human services guidance and direction in support of alignment of organizational missions with client advocacy needs.  Kendra Wilcox is a nurse, facilitator, and activist working in Indianapolis. She organizes with Indy SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) to mobilize white people to dismantle White Supremacy in accountability with, Indy10 Black Lives Matter, IUYA, and the American Indian Movement Chapter of Indiana and Kentucky.  Part two of Race as a social construct, the Tea and therapy on-line workshop will be July 25th, 2020. At 9:00 am (TIME CORRECTED FROM THAT STATED IN PODCAST) Be sure to join in. During this time, Dr. Kimberly will provide a brief PowerPoint related to race and psychology.  You all are invited to attend and be part of this conversation.
July 21, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Sips of tea #3
Just a brief check-in and a reminder of their necessity to be imperfect and uncomfortable.
June 18, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Clarifying Mental Health Terminology
Join Dr. Kimberly, Joi Defrantz, and Ashlyn Douthitt, LMFT for an informative round of Tea and Therapy. During this episode, Dr. Kimberly describes a brief overview of different types of mental health professionals.  Joi offers her suggestion for a conversation tea while you listen in to Dr. Kimberly and Ashlyn Doutfitt, LMFT from Midwest Behavioral Health discuss their professions.   Ashlyn  Doutfitt, LMFT: Kimberly Martin, Psy.D. Psychology Today: Boris L. Henson Foundation: Providing a referral base and limited free therapy sessions: Verification of Indiana Licensure:
April 28, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Episode 3 Yoga
During this third full installment of Tea and Therapy, Dr. Kimberly discusses the third root of her practice as a psychologist and mind body practitioner. She is also joined by Joi who discusses the connection between tea and yoga.
April 22, 2020
Tea and Therapy On-line Pop Up: Community Response to Covid
Listen in the to Pop-up episode of Tea and Therapy.  Dr. Kimberly is joined by members of the Indianapolis/Indiana community as they discuss their experiences and provide insight and resources to help members obtain optimal mental and physical health during the COVID pandemic.   Panelists: Jeffery Burgin, Mayor's Neighborhood Advocate.,  Joi DeFrantz, Moderator and General Manager of Tea's Me Cafe., Kandace Kyere, MSW/LSW School Social Worker, and Charlie M. Reed (she/her) Owner + Creative Director of Haven yoga studio.    Resources discussed during the presentation: www.
April 04, 2020
Finding normal in abnormal situations.
Join Dr. Kimberly as she provides suggestions for creating a sense of abnormal during times of upheaval, uncertainty, and transition.    - Follow her Instagram for resources during current public health restrictions.   - Online yoga classes - On-line dance and language classes  - 90 day free trial for the app (no equipment needed for classes)  Remember to visit the website of your local library for additional resources.  
March 22, 2020
Sips of tea #2. Thoughts on social distancing.
Join Dr. Kimberly as she gives brief thoughts on the benefits of social distancing. Utilize this as a time of self reflection and reconnecting with community in creative ways. Now is the perfect time to respond to friends you’ve been too busy to reach out to, take some time to yourself, and really build virtual and small in person community.
March 16, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Episode 2 Buddhism
During this episode, Dr. Kimberly continues to discuss the foundations of her philosophy and work as a Clinical Psychologist.  During this episode, Joi shares her research related to tea history and traditions of Buddhist monks while Dr. Kimberly discusses her background with Buddhism and briefly discusses the Four Noble Truths, The Eight Fold Path and the three roots of suffering.    
February 07, 2020
Sips of Tea #1
Sips of Tea is a six minute or less episode that may include community events, information, random observations or thoughts for you to swallow. Sips of Tea!
January 23, 2020
Guided progressive muscle relaxation.
During today’s podcast, Dr. Kimberly guides you through progressive muscles relaxation. This episode is designed to help you release tension, relax and become another tool in your self-care kit.  T: Teaching Progressive Muscle Relaxation  E: Empowerment through greater ease and relaxation in the body.  A: Advocating for relaxation as an additional tool for self care.  #TeaAndTherapy
January 18, 2020
Tea and Therapy: Episode 1 Adlerian/Individual Psychology
Welcome to the first full episode of Tea and Therapy.  In this episode, Dr. Kimberly provides a brief overview of Adlerian and Individual Psychology, while Joi pours the tea with her tea knowledge.  During this episode, Dr. Kimberly discusses the basics of Adlerian Psychology while Joi provides insights on the various types of teas.  Join us and please remember to subscribe, rate and share the episode.  Are there topics you'd like to hear on Tea and Therapy? Be sure to leave a message or send an email to  
January 06, 2020
Third and final Trailer episode of Tea and Therapy.
Welcome to the third trailer episode before the full launch in January 2020. Join me in this episode as I introduce the “Tea Chemist” Joi DeFrantz. Joi will be a regular feature on Tea and Therapy providing listeners with tea recommendations and wellness benefits of tea.
December 09, 2019
Tea and Therapy Trailer #2
Hello and welcome to the second trailer episode for Tea and Therapy. The official launch remains on track for January 2020. I look forward to speaking with you soon. If you have any questions, please visit my website at
November 16, 2019
Dr. Kimberly: Tea and Therapy
Welcome to the trailer introduction for Dr. Kimberly: Tea and Therapy. This podcast is an extension of monthly Tea and Therapy workshops. This podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Listening to Tea and Therapy does not establish a working professional relationship with Dr. Kimberly, and listeners are encouraged to speak with their own health provider before making any changes to their current health and wellness plans. This podcast will begin airing January 2020.
October 31, 2019