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S1 E7 Utes Crush Stanford

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Digging into what drives the passion for and the culture of U of U sports fans. Capturing the culture and cultivating the "Quan". Go Utes!
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S1 E8 Utes Annihilate Arizona
How sweet it is! Utah records its second straight Pac 12 win with another dominating performance vs the Arizona Wildcats
October 17, 2018
S1 E7 Utes Crush Stanford
Dropping some grooves and setting the way back machine for some cuts from local bands Swim Hershel Swim and Hoo Ray Who from days gone by, we review the Utes curbstomping of Stanford and look ahead to the matchup vs. Arizona.
October 10, 2018
S1 E6 Utes Fall to WSU
Cry me a river. The Utes lost again. But War Party U is here to validate your pain and make you giggle at least a couple of times.
October 2, 2018
S1 E5: Utes remain UNDEFEATED vs. Bye
Matt flies solo this week, mixing in some choice cuts from Ryan Boyce, Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Duran Duran, Bosstones, and Boingo...recap of Pac 12 games, bye week urban legends featuring the Fountain of Ute, and the cutest, shortest interview in the history of podcasts. GO UTES
September 26, 2018
War Party U Weekly - Episode 4 "You're Drunk, Ryan. Go Home"
War Party U - Weekly "You're Drunk Ryan, Go Home!" Episode
September 18, 2018
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