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Wildlife SemiFiltered- TTU TWS

Wildlife SemiFiltered- TTU TWS

By Blake Grisham
Professional wildlife biologist talk academia, students, professional societies, and what it really takes to be in-tune with nature. Hear real stories and science-based facts about North American Wildlife.

Join Dr. Blake Grisham, Associate Professor of Wildlife Management at Texas Tech University, and student officers from the Texas Tech Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society weekly! New Episodes available Saturday mornings!
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TTU TWS Stream April 24 - Dr. John Tomecek

Wildlife SemiFiltered- TTU TWS

The Consequences of an Ecological Education
Listen in as we welcome and get important semester updates from our new sponsors: Texas A &M Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society. We also get updates from TTU-TWS, go on a Bramble, and discuss all things Aldo Leopold. Special guest Dr. Sarah Fritts from Texas State University joins in and adds IQ points to the co-hosts!
October 02, 2020
Wildlife SemiFiltered. That Sounds Like a You Problem
Monthly Topic Synopsis: Welcome Freshman! University is a whole new world, and to be blunt, you’re doing it wrong. You haven’t suffered through NRM 3407 in Junction with Sunshine (Grisham), Rainbows (Conway), and Kittens (Tomeček) and it shows. But alas, we’re here to help you get ahead of the curve have a successful student career in NRM, in our own unique, unabashed way. Join us as we highlight your subpar and inadequate behaviors through real-life examples of what not to do, behave, or say as a young student professionals. We’ll take it one step further and provide practical advice, that, if followed, will demonstrate why TTU NRM students are in high demand post-graduation!
September 04, 2020
TTU TWS Stream April 24 - Dr. John Tomecek
What makes a coyote chonk?
April 26, 2020
TTU TWS Stream April 17 - Clint Perkins
Skunks Rule!
April 26, 2020
Student Officers - Texas Tech University Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society
With the on-going pandemic, the student officers of TTU TWS banter with Dr. Blake Grisham, and play a round of student vs. professor. They also reflect on their time at Texas Tech University in the Department of Natural Resources Management as well as The Wildlife Society.
April 14, 2020