The Podcast About Nothing

1.02: The Stakeout

An episode of The Podcast About Nothing

By Richard & Claire
Twenty years ago, the television show Seinfeld took the world by storm. Co-hosts Claire Brehmer and Richard Dedor discuss episode by episode the series about nothing. Everything from bad dating advice, made up characters, and cheap wedding invitations; we will cover it all. Each episode will have guests from the show and people who have lived real life Seinfeld-like moments. The show is released each Thursday morning.
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1.05: The Stock Tip (with special guest Wil Hunemuller)
Season one is over with our fifth episode, The Stock Tip. We get into typical Seinfeld conversation of real stock tips, drive etiquette, and rules of fashion (which Richard still doesn’t understand). And we are joined by guest fan and financial guy Will Hunemuller of Allies Wealth.  Hosts:  Claire: Richard: Show: Follow Guest Wll Hunemuller:
May 30, 2019
1.04: Male Unbonding
The fourth episode takes Seinfeld leaps forward. In Male Unbonding, we learn about male relationships and how true this situation is, even today. Oh, and we are introduced to Kramerica Industries.  We find out that Richard is an over-sharer, while Claire is an under-sharer.  “I would have been friends with Stalin if he had a ping-pong table!” Truth. Hosts:  Claire: Richard: Show: Teaser Podcast: 
May 23, 2019
1.03: The Robbery
The third episode of the first season starts to bring out the best (or worst?) in our characters … We discuss the robbery, the wardrobes, NYC apartments, and Kramer’s slide into history.  And Claire gets a pay-it-forward while Richard has yo-yo weight syndrome. Hosts:  Claire: Richard: Show:
May 16, 2019
1.02: The Stakeout
Nearly a year after "The Pilot" aired, the second episode of Seinfeld premeired, "The Stakeout." This was the first time we met Jerry's parents and it was also Julia Louis-Dreyfus' first episode as Elaine. We discuss our stage names (Art Vandelay) and how this situation with Jerry and the girl he is interested in still happens today. Hosts:  Claire: Richard: Show:
May 9, 2019
1.01: The Pilot
In our “pilot” episode, we introduce ourselves — Richard & Claire — and discuss the lukewarm pilot of the then “The Seinfeld Chronicles” soon to be renamed simply, “Seinfeld.” The show was relatively flat and audiences were less than excited. But we did get to meet three of the four main characters. Also, we discuss baby brain and how useless the name Claire is.  Hosts:  Claire: Richard: Show:
April 30, 2019
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