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Philosophy for the Vulgar

Philosophy for the Vulgar

By Aaron Yarmel and Amitabha (Ami) Palmer
Two philosophers make a good-faith attempt at public philosophy. Each episode contains two segments: 1. Philosophical tools and methods to improve your thinking 2. An analysis and discussion of an important text.
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Federalist 10

Philosophy for the Vulgar

Rousseau: What Makes Government Legitimate?
In Section 1 we discuss the fallacy of composition. In Section 2 we discuss Rousseau's idea of the social contract and how government and government coercion can be legitimate. 
June 15, 2021
Edmund Burke Part 2
In Part 1 we cover the slippery slope fallacy. In Part 2 we explore more ideas from the Godfather of Conservatism--Edmund Burke.
May 19, 2021
Edmond Burke 1
In Part 1 we explore the ways in which people often make misleading comparisons. In Part 2 we explore the Godfather of political conservatism. We break down is main ideas, extract the wisdom, and see how well his ideas apply to the world today.
April 23, 2021
Federalist 10
In Part 1 we explore the distinction between belief and knowledge and why it matters. In Part 2 we break down the ideas in the most philosophical of the Federalist papers then ask how well the ideas and assumptions stand up in our contemporary context.
April 23, 2021