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The Breakdown

The Breakdown

By Aaron Barker
The Breakdown with Aaron Barker is a fast paced, dynamic talk radio show that is full of life – Eternal Life, that is – proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ and His power to save sinners. Each episode is chock full of proclaiming the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.

Family friendly; fun; energetic; humorous; provocative; always Biblical, and always focused on the Gospel, The Breakdown with Aaron Barker a force to be reckoned with in talk radio.

Join Aaron in "Asking the Questions that Get You Kicked Out of Bible Study and Sent to Therapy."
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Breaking Down Canadian Pastor's Arrest, Weak Pastors in America, Thoughts on El Rushbo
Follow Aaron Barker and The Breakdown on all his socials here. A Canadian pastor is arrested, eh, and is serving jail time.  His crime?  Obeying the Lord's command to have church. We don't have many pastors like that here in the United States.  We have pastors that will apologize to the LGBTQPUKE for doing what God has commanded them to do. Christians (and the culture at large) need to stop talking about the next Civil War.  It doesn't help; actually, it's exactly what the Elite Globalist's want. It's the first show since the passing of the Great El Rushbo.  I'll give my thoughts on the whole situation and answer a very poignant question (that may get you kicked out of Bible study) regarding his work. Be sure to check out more about the show by going to
February 24, 2021
Breaking Down Power Outages, Preparedness, Vaccine Centers, Gun Confiscation and Steve Harvey's False Gospel
The Breakdown can be heard at The Daily Barker. Finding the Light in the Rolling Blackouts Many in the United States are without power due to historic low temperatures in combination with rolling blackouts enacted by states.  Many are without power, heat, and water; what can be positive about this?  Aaron Barker gives a primer on thinking like a prepper.  He also helps you consider your geographic location, and it's impact on how you plan. It just so happens that Aaron Barker is an affiliate for My Patriot Supply.  If you are interested, head on over to this link to prepare for difficult situations. Vaccine Mega Sites Freaking People Out Across the nation, professional sports stadiums are being used for vaccine mega sites.  Not only that, but one thousand active duty troops are being deployed to help in the distribution of the vaccine at these places.  There's nothing to worry about with that, is there? Biden Pushing Gun Control Quickly On the third anniversary of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the Chinese Communist Party Installed Dictator, Joe Biden, called up congress to act for more gun control.  Any gun-owning American is now in the cross-hairs.  The Supreme Court is also hearing a case about your Second Amendment rights and whether cops should be allowed to search your house - without a warrant - if they claim to be acting reasonably. Steve Harvey Has Another Slip Up - But He Doesn't Seem Sorry About This One Steve Harvey released a video recently from Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in the United Arab Emirates where he claims that there is more than one way to get to Heaven.  This is a dreadful mistake.  Aaron lays out the Biblical case for the blasphemous and arrogant statement that Jesus isn't the only way to the Father. Aaron Barker is Editor-That's-Large of The Daily Barker.  You can follow him on all his socials here.
February 18, 2021
Breaking Down Time Mag's Election Conspiracy, Terroristic Christians, Big Brother Crack Down on Social Media
The Breakdown is now broadcast on  Check it out for more shows and information. Time Magazine Admits There Was A Conspiracy Against Donald Trump and the American People Time Magazine is not holding back any longer.  They've decided it's time to tell everyone about the vast conspiracy that was hatched to circumvent the election process and usurp the will of the people.  Even though there is an admission of a conspiratorial shadow campaign by Big Corporation and Big Labor, the majority of Americans will not believe that other things are going on behind the scenes. Oddly enough, the title of the article is, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" blatantly admitting that there was more happening, yet some still refuse to believe it. Tech Companies Are Required To Report "Suspicious" Activities and Spy on Americans Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. VA.) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) have decided that there isn't enough spying going on in the world.  As such, we now have the introduction of the "See Something, Say Something Online Act" requiring tech companies of any size to report suspicious activity to a new government agency being created. Essentially any website can be held liable if they do not report something that is deemed as suspicious which "means any public or private post, message, comment, tag, transaction, or any other user-generated content or transmission that commits, facilitates, incites, promotes, or otherwise assists the commission of a major crime." Facebook Continues Its Mind Control Operations Mark Zukerberg has stated that Facebook's goal is to reduce the amount of political commentary that you see in your news feed.  Evidently it's time to get politics out of everyday life.  Not only will your feed have fewer political information, but you won't get suggestions for groups to join or be informed of what groups you are a part of post. Christians Are The Next Terrorist Threat Increasingly we are hearing the Christians are a terroristic threat to the fabric of our country.  Mainstream media outlets are reporting that the true danger for America sits scheming in church pews on Sunday mornings and is more dangerous than Isis. In a recent piece, Politico says that "It’s Time to Talk About Violent Christian Extremism" in which they attempt to make the case that Qanon theories have infiltrated the church fertilizing homegrown terrorists. Elizbeth Neumann is a former Department of Homeland Security top official and says that she's a Christian.  Throughout this piece she gives a clear picture of just how the DHS views Christian conspiracy theorists.  Aaron Barker is Editor in Chief of The Daily Barker and host of The Breakdown.  Follow him on all t socials here.
February 09, 2021
Breaking Down Marilyn Manson's Sexual Abuse Allegations, Child Sacrifice and Ritual Abuse in Hollywood
The satanist Marilyn Manson is being accused of grooming and sexually assaulting former girlfriend, Rachel Wood.  Can anyone be surprised?  The sex slave industry is a massive moneymaker bringing in $150 billion dollars annually.   Hollywood and the music industry trains and grooms children consistently.  The Luciferian child sacrifice guilds abduct children by the hundreds of thousands, sell them to the elites to harvest adrenochrome. Multiple testimonies from Hollywood insiders tell how the Elite in entertainment abduct, abuse, perform Satanic, trauma-based mind control, and ultimately sacrifice children. Elijah Wood, Mel Gibson, and Macaulay Culkin testify to the dark underbelly of Hollywood. Child sacrifice is rooted in Satanic worship and has been for decades: “In Magic, blood sacrifice releases a flash of power, which the magician uses for a spell or conjuration. The old grimoires call for killing animals and using their skins to make parchment used in drawing the magical symbols needed. Animals offered should be young, healthy and virgin, for the maximum release of energy. The letting of blood, and the fear and death throes of the victim, add to the frenzy of the magician,” Source: Sacrifice – Occult World Also, Black Lives Matter shows that it was never about black lives but only about imparting an occultic form of Marxism on anyone of differing beliefs.  Their 13 Guiding Principles further reveal that they wish to attack the "nuclear" family (which is simply an attack on God Himself), affirm perverted lifestyles, promote Marxism.  Black Lives Matter is a Trojan Horse to help bring on social Marxism and Communism.   How does the family mirror the Gospel?  Found out more on The Breakdown. To listen to the podcast and for updates on all things of massive import. Check out The Daily Barker.
February 03, 2021
The Breakdown: Controlled Speech, Swabbing in the Nether-Regions, On Men Being Men
Aaron Barker is Editor in Chief of The Daily Barker and host of The Breakdown.  Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Parler, MeWe, Gab, and YouTube. Watch What You Say About Biden's Biggest Doner - China China Joe is accelerating the New World Order's Trojan Horse of the fake COVID-19 Shamdemic by banning the phrase "China Virus." Contact Tracing and Your Private Info Contact tracing has been ringing in everyone's ears for nearly a year.  If you have been in contact with your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate who tested positive for COVID-19, then you need to be made aware by Bluetooth spying technology.  In the United Kingdom the government is retaining fingerprints and DNA of COVID-19 infectees using the information to create profiles under terrorism clauses.  An innocent person whose only crime was contracting a trumped-up flu is now being saved in a database with the label "terrorist."  Many will gladly allow this to be harvested because they feel there is nothing to hide. The Plans Are in Motion for the Next Extinction Level Event A video has surfaced showing a warehouse full of body bags with the person filming asking "what are they getting ready for?" Now that your speech is controlled, and they are preparing for a mass -extinction event, it's time to see to it that you will comply to any absurd declarations thrown at you.  Namely, making it a federal offense to not wear a mask on public transportation or in Uber and Lyft rides. Dehumanizing People in the Name of Safety - Where Are The Men? If you are willing to cover up the Imago Dei (the image of God) what else would you be willing to do?  Perhaps let the government probe your nether regions for the most accurate COVID-19 test possible?  Well, it is - because China is now using anal swabs to detect the China Virus. Will you let this happen, good sir?  Where are the men who will fight against this?  They are standing in line fighting for uterine transplants.  Men are no longer acting like men - they are parading around in dresses crying out to have periods and babies.  Sorry to be crass, but that is what they are doing. What would actually “improve quality of life in transgender women, alleviate dysphoric symptoms, and enhance feelings of femininity”?  Doing exactly what the Apostle Paul. “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong,” 1 Cor. 16:13
February 01, 2021
The Breakdown - Biden is God and Loves the New World Order, Patriots Are Terrorists, Vaccines and Media Bias
Get archived episodes at The Breakdown - hosted by Aaron Barker (@breakdradio) The media has found yet another person over whom they can salivate - it's Joe Biden.  In attempting to make him better than what he actually is, they have referred to him with scriptures that are talking about God.  Not only this, but they feel some type of esoteric hug from the man.  All of this is very disconcerting. But China Joe has his own slobbering love affair - the New World Order.  A rediscovered essay written by the CCP installed Dictator Biden reveals just how much he adores globalism. In the first day of Biden's fake presidency, there were seventeen Executive Orders signed just to combat COVID-19.  Listen as Aaron breaks them down and lets you know just how they will be implemented. Vaccines are killing people and causing allergic reactions to those who make it through the jab alive.  Somehow, though, those who are against the vaccines are considered the extremists and terrorists. Big Media is calling for Trump supporters to be deprogrammed and treated like Isis terrorists.  Yes - that is where we are now. Catch more from 
January 29, 2021
The Breakdown - Emergency Powers Bill in Kentucky Makes Any Governor A Tyrant, Martial Law Is Coming, Mobile Vaccination Units and More
The Breakdown is now housed at The Daily Barker. THIS IS THE NEW WORLD ORDER! Kentucky bills that give governors extreme powers AN ACT relating to emergencies and declaring an emergency. 1 Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucy FEMA can tell him to take property?  To seize your stuff? We also take a look at New York's Bills Gov. DeWine has his own plans That won’t happen!  That is the voice I constantly hear from people.  Let’s not talk about how the United States putting Japanese citizens in internment camps. Germany to Put COVID Rulebreakers in 'Detention Camp' Oh, but that’s when we were in war Look at the language the political class and the mainstream media is using. Violent rioters Insurrectionists Domestic terrorists They are at war with us. Martial Law is coming.  Travel restrictions, food lines, and full on Surveillance Society. Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce join effort to develop COVID-19 vaccination digital passport American rolls out Daon health passport, digital ID from Evernym and IATA chosen by major airlines Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard as part of national vaccination plan What’s going on in DC? Get more info and updates by going to The Daily Barker.  
January 20, 2021
Santa, Jesus, and Kids; Persecution in North Korea and Looking into the Mirror of God's Law
Is Santa Claus stealing the glory from Jesus during your holiday celebrations?  If we aren't careful, Santa can be used to manipulate our kids into doing what we want - but missing the point of the Gospel. Reference:  Christians and Santa Claus:  A Biblical View Christians should take every opportunity to share the Gospel - especially at Christmastime. Reference:   Question of the Day:  Should churches have a policy in place to monitor what staff members post on social media so that everyone is on the ‘same page’? The BIble is a mirror, but often times we hold that up for other folks and never look at our own reflection. Reference:  Mirrors Work Best From the Front Get more from!
December 07, 2020
The Breakdown: Forced Cafe Closures, Prepping and Suffering Well
We are facing another round of shutdowns in the United States.  There are many businesses all over the nation who are staying open regardless of their governors demands.  One local shop in Kentucky has lost their license from the board of health and may face additional fines if they stay open.  What should these owners do in the face of these demands? Kentucky coffee shop loses license over defying coronavirus order Not only is there a renewed push from states to close businessess again but Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is saying that you don't have a constitutional right to not wear a mask.  It's always important to remember that our hope doesn't come from wordly governments or politicians - our True Hope is in Jesus Christ and His provision.  How can we balance trust in God with wisdom to prepare?  Recall that Solomon told us in Proverbs 6:6-11 that we are to be like the ant who prepares for in the summer and gathers food in the harvest.  There is nothing wrong with preparing to take care of our families especially when grocery stores are closing down and food lines are forming outside. Is Jesus a vaccine?  John Hagee seems to think so.  This year has definitely provided many opportunites for us to see just how much suffering can happen to us.  How do we suffer well?  How do we deal with the pain that comes through any affliction, not just COVID-19?  Too many try to avoid pain missing out on the richness of Christ that we can experience during heartache.  How do we suffer well? For more info, head on over to The Breakdown's website and keep up with all things @breakdradio.
December 04, 2020
The Breakdown - Thanksgiving Recap, Thankful Americans and Good Pro-Life News
Whilst everyone is still getting over their tryptophan comas and dreaming of turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey gravy, turkey hash, turkey a la king or gallons of turkey soup it's a good time to discuss just why a Christian's Thanksgiving is uniquely different from the typical American one. What are American's truly thankful for this season?  Health?  Wealth? Family?  To whom do they give thanks when each of these come up? Did you know that allowing abortion for reasons such as the babies ethnicity, color of their skin, gender or potential for Down's Syndrome is still allowed?  Except for Tennessee!  A court has permitted Tennessee to enforce a disability abortion ban.  Wasn't this already cleared up, like, uh...4,000 years ago when God revealed His Word to mankind?  Surely Jesus' words followed by our humanistic constitution should have made some impression.  Alas, there is no word from the ACLU or BLM about babies murdered due to their ethnicity. Also covered - a major LGBT group want's President-Elect Joe Biden to remove accreditation of Christian schools and college who don't meet their anti-discriminatory policies. Are you aware of what your children are being taught in sex ed classes?  The new curriculums will shock you. Get this and more on today's show!  For all things Breakdown, visit
December 02, 2020
The Breakdown: Speaking the Truth in Love, Conversion Therapy vs. Biblical Counseling, and Marriage Advice
What does it mean to "speak the truth in love"?  Some see it as weakness, otherse see it as always calling out sin.  What is the Biblical process?  What does it look like in real-time? Conversion therapy is not Biblical Counseling - there is a big difference between the two.  One is behavior modification through unproven methods.  The other seeks to restore the spiritual aspect of a person by walking alongside them and teaching them how to practically apply the principles of scripture and getting to the heart of the problem - which is a problem of the heart.  One glorifies the methods, the other glorifies Christ. Culture has a bad habit of infiltrating churches and infecting our worship, message, and purpose.  And some churches have a bad habit of letting the culture get away with it.  What does it look like when the culture begins to shape how Christians talk about sex within the confines of marriage? While we're talking about marriage, have you ever thought about what habits lead to divorce?  Not so you can do them but so you won't do them.  Take a journey with Aaron as he gives you some advice on marriage and how to avoid divorce in this seperation-crazy society. Get more info at
November 30, 2020
The Breakdown - #FreakyFriday Edition; COVID and Turkey Day, UFOs, Signs, and Wonders - Oh My!
COVID is still wreaking havoc on all of the world and is causing much consternation as we approach Thanksgiving.  Gov. Andy Beshear in Kentucky has added additional restrictions/suggestions which are supposed to help stop the spread of COVID.  Will they?  Have they so far?  We'll talk about that and how the church and Christians are responding. Articles:   Kentucky Gov. Beshear enacts new wave of 'targeted' Covid-19 restrictions - Cincinnati Business Courier  Beshear issues new restrictions as COVID cases, deaths surge COVID not only impacts our social gatherings but it is hampering our rights, too.  Not only are social media outlets "fact checking" posts about COVID, but they have upped their restrictions on election posts also. But what will happen when you post something about the Bible, the Resurrection, or Christianity in general? Will you be fact-checked? Aaron Barker thinks those days are just ahead. You can see this as new Conversion Therapy bans are happening across the globe. Not only are definitions being changed to include legitimate Biblical Counseling, it’s beginning to impact regular religious speech and preaching. Article: Why ‘conversion therapy bans’ are really about banning Christian preaching, teaching, pastoral support Now for #FreakyFriday - Tucker Carlson follows the truth - even if it means investigating UFOs.  On a segment of his show he said that there is evidence of possibley flying saucers so they investigate.  Did you know that there has been a drastic decline in abducutions since the early part of the 21st Century?  The reason is simple - cell phone cameras.   These have not only impacted UFOs - but the signs and wonders movement.  Oh, this is gonna be fun! Tucker Carlson Cites His UFO Obsession as Proof He's 'Open Minded' (Video) For more of The Breakdown head on over to
November 23, 2020
Breaking Down The Importance of Discretion
Are we blowing it when we talk to other about politics and social issues?  How can we be more loving but still stand up for righteousness?  When certain topics come up, they alienate some of those we should be reaching for the Gospel.  We work through a couple of ways to address the issues and how we can still be Christians in this crazy political climate. Check out for more info on the show!
November 18, 2020