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Cloud Insights

Cloud Insights

By ACCA Cloud
Asia on Asia: Reflections on the cloud and data market
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Unlearning Cloud - An interview with Mark Ross, Founder of CloudGarage and GridMarkets

Cloud Insights

Cloud: Still A Tough Sell - an interview with David Rosengrave, Verizon
2 Oct 2013 @accacloud -- In this episode, ACCA asks: Do we still need to pitch for Cloud in Asia? Is it a good idea to run Centers of Excellence for Cloud in enterprises? What is the value proposition in Private PaaS? How far are we from IT-in-a-Box for enterprise?
October 02, 2013
Innovataholics! - An interview with Kingsley Wood, Amazon Web Services
18 Sep 2013 - In this episode our discussion revolves around the impact of Cloud Computing on Innovation. AWS's Kingsley Wood shared with us a number of examples of the innovative ideas leveraging on Cloud. We also talked about DevOps and the future of Cloud in Asia.
September 18, 2013
Time as a Service - an Interview with Hakim Karim, co-founder of GridMarkets
We ask Hakim Karim, the co-founder of GridMarkets -- should startups locate in Asia, given globalization? What does Asia offer to startups? And also, what on earth is this notion, "time as a service"?
May 02, 2013
A Public Cloud Story - an interview with Nicholas Weston, International Treasury Services in Asia
How does a technology migration to public cloud work, especially for banking and financial services in Asia? Where does a company start? We speak with Nicholas Weston, who has lived that journey, and what processes an organisation would need to follow in order to make the digital move from a local, on-premise IT setup, to cloud computing solution.
April 21, 2013
Unlearning Cloud - An interview with Mark Ross, Founder of CloudGarage and GridMarkets
We discuss what cloud computing is and what it is not, and how to distinguish real cloud offerings from the fake.
April 14, 2013