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Our Work Is These Conversations

Our Work Is These Conversations

By Access Gallery
"Our Work Is These Conversations" features conversations between the participating artists of "Conditional Belonging," a multimedia exhibition at Access Gallery that foregrounds nuanced personal and communal narratives while enacting a temporary belonging of alternative ways of being, knowing, and making. Art Action Earwig, Taryn Goodwin, Maria-Margaretta, Sydney Pickering, Neena Robertson, and Tadafumi Tamura partner up into three pairs based on their own interests and engage in a discussion on common themes in their work, such as power relations, kinship, resistance, grieving and healing.
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EP2: To Belong Beyond Nationalities

Our Work Is These Conversations

EP3: Is Personal Art Not Political?
In the final episode of Our Work Is These Conversations, Red River Métis artist Maria-Margaretta and Lil'wat artist Sydney Frances Pickering discuss strategies in navigating the colonial society as Indigenous women, such as storytelling, humour, and how their multi-disciplinary practices, especially beadwork, provide a space for personal archive, expressing confusion, grieving, and healing.
October 05, 2021
EP2: To Belong Beyond Nationalities
In this episode, Minah Lee and Wryly Andherson from Art Action Earwig, and Tadafumi Tamura talk about the injustice and struggle inflicted by colonial systems and capitalism, and how their lived experiences as Asian immigrants and a former sex worker animate their work. It also features a trip to the dollar store at which Tadafumi works and a discussion on the cultural implications of mass-produced everyday objects.
September 16, 2021
EP1: A Gentle Form of Activism
Taking their work in Conditional Belonging as a starting point, social practice artist and community organizer Taryn Goodwin and artist, photographer Neena Robertson talk about access, learning (from our bodies and the land), labour, and self-care in institutions and their practices. A transcript will be available on Our Work Is These Conversations soon.
August 31, 2021