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Okay, I'll Byte

Okay, I'll Byte

Aaron and Matei talk about college, computer science, productivity, and pretty much whatever they want. They sometimes answer their own and their audiences’ questions.

Your hosts are students at UC San Diego and members of the ACM club there.
Listen between your classes to stay up to date on current events and maybe even have a good time.
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The Dining Hall Episode

Okay, I'll Byte

Finals Week!
Matei reminisces, Aaron goes to a concert, and they both talk about finals week A LOT. Show Notes The Ballmer Peak TypeScript Ruby on Rails Rust is Full-Stack
December 06, 2021
Routine Changes
Matei tries staying home, Aaron watches too much YouTube, and they both follow up on various topics. Show Notes Ben Eater Timery
November 21, 2021
Moving Around
Matei drinks too much coffee, Aaron moves on-campus, and they both talk about the importance of physical work. Show Notes Modern Times Coffee Beer Incas Used Cocaine Leaves Where Matei Gets His Coffee Beans
November 14, 2021
So Many Issues
Matei is sad about Halloween, Aaron has many troubles, and they both talk about open source projects. Show Notes FireWire Scoop Scoop-backup Ninite
November 07, 2021
Retail Therapy
Matei buys a new speedcube, Aaron fishes at UCSD surplus, and they both share their thoughts on productivity tools. Show Notes Flagship Cubes Store Google Calendar OmniFocus Toggl Track Notion JetBrains Space ClickUp
October 31, 2021
Hanging Out In #vent
Matei is amazed by the new MacBooks, Aaron finally covers an interesting backburner topic, and they both vent about their last weeks of schoolwork. Show Notes Example of needless type-checking in Discord's API CTFBot Putnam Exam Paper on LANTENNA
October 24, 2021
The Dining Hall Episode
Aaron and Matei host fellow ACM member Ronak as they all go ballistic on rating dining halls. This was bound to happen eventually. Show Notes The Definitive UCSD Dining Hall Tier List Conan O'Brien at Foodworx
October 17, 2021
AI-Assisted Foot-Shooting
Aaron and Matei address feedback and talk about Facebook's monumental failure and the reason why the podcast got delayed by 4 hours last week. SHOW NOTES Responsible Disclosure Lot P304 Mount Laguna Cloudflare's Article on the Facebook Outage The Thing Happening at the Same Time as the Outage
October 10, 2021
Whole Foods Basement
Aaron and Matei discuss dining halls and WiFi, how to adult, how to kick off an academic quarter and the sacred Whole Foods Triton Cash Terminal. SHOW NOTES Reached expected enrollment numbers for 2035 HDH Pines Placard CAPS Google Calendar Notion
October 03, 2021
That Time Already?
Aaron and Matei do a totally slick and planned intro and chat about hybrid learning, dining halls and getting around campus. SHOW NOTES: Enrollment Numbers for Fall 2021: The UCSD Housing Crisis: Whole Foods does indeed accept Triton Cash: Come talk to us! Look for the channel called "podcast" -
September 28, 2021