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A Cup of Coffey

A Cup of Coffey

By LeVell Coffey
In this podcast I will be talking about all of the latest topics, telling stories about my life, giving some advice to people and also talking about sports




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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul
There was a pay per view boxing match this past weekend, but it was not the typical kind of boxing match. Typically you have two professionally trained boxers, who have been boxing for 5 - 10+  years and it is somewhat of an even affair. The boxers both have a game plan, both of the fighters have film and both of the fighters have fight fans that can argue all the way until the end of the fight. This past weekend we had Floyd Mayweather (51 - 0) vs Logan Paul (0 - 1) (Wins - Losses). Usually the fighters both will have wins, maybe even held a title or two and they have some status in the boxing world. Listen to this episode as I break down why athletes get into sports, why people shouldn't be mad at Floyd Mayweather, and why I believe he should continue to do exhibitions.  Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
June 10, 2021
Side Chick
This past week I had the same conversation with 2 different people. In both conversations we talked about the promise that most people made when they were in middle school and high school "if you are not married by 30 we are going to get married." Both conversations then went from talking about getting married at 30 to women being Side Chicks and the risks of geriatric pregnancy. Geriatric pregnancy is when a woman is pregnant past the age of 35. Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
May 30, 2021
Self Improvement
I believe the goal is to get better 1% everyday, and by doing so you will gain positive habits. It is impossible for anyone to be perfect, however we all can chase perfection. There are 4 things we all can do to be better people and to help improve ourselves. We can all practice Judo Emotions (1:23), we can all take every situation one event at a time (11:48), we need to begin to learn the difference between trauma thoughts and actual ideas (19:39), and we can all stay true to ourselves and not live your life based upon other people's expectations (29:09). Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
May 24, 2021
Police Brutality
In this episode I talk about the recent police murders of Ma'Khia Bryant, Adam Toledo, and Daunte Wright. I begin the podcast speaking about the police woman who killed Daunte Wright while yelling taser multiple times (2:06). The next thing I talk about is the murder of Adam Toledo. He was killed in what appears to be an alley way while his hands were up (7:48). I also speak about the Derek Chauvin trial and how he appeared to be surprised by the verdict. George Floyd should still be alive today, and he would be alive if it was not for Derek Chauvin (15:47). In my opinion many people failed Ma'Khia Bryant in the video that was released for the world to see. At first I thought the police officer was in the right, but after watching the video multiple times, and after watching other videos my opinion has changed (24:24). I also watched two videos in which the police did not kill the people that they were called to arrest, instead they were able to arrest those men and everyone was alive the next day. The first video I watched involved a man driving a white truck, and a Hutchinson police officer hanging onto the truck (27:15). The second video I watched was a police officer being stabbed in the neck by a man. After the cop was stabbed the man ran away, the cop chased the man, and then tazed him (29:39).  Rest In Peace  Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
May 11, 2021
Moral Code Question
Tatum and I were having a discussion about a moral code question and I just had to bring it to the podcast. Would you kill everyone California to save everyone else in the world, or would you kill everyone else in the world to save everyone in California. I chose to save California, but then we discussed what would life be like if everyone out of California was no longer there.  Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
April 19, 2021
Why Men Should Go To Therapy
In this episode I will be giving you all my thoughts around men and therapy. Some men do not believe that therapy works, some believe that showing emotions will make them weak, and some believe that there is no point in asking for help because they are strong. Therapy is "also called psychotherapy or counseling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses (sensations in the body)."  Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
April 9, 2021
How Well Do We Know Our Parents
As children we see our parents as Gods and some people still idolize their parents. Our parents raise us and they know us pretty well until around the ages of 13, 14, 15. That is when most people began to become independent, and they began to form their own lives. That lead me to the question, how well do we know our parents? If the child becomes independent during their teen years and they begin to hide things from their parents, are the parents already hiding things from the child? Parents do not know everything that their child has gone through, so it is safe to assume the child does not know everything the parent has gone through. We are literally raised by strangers!!! Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
April 1, 2021
The Vegan Doctor, The Queen, and Meek Mill vs Tekashi69
In this episode I talk about 3 things that have been in the media lately and all three things have been bothering me. First I speak about the Vegan Doctor and her Youtube video about changing the meaning of the N word.(:58). Megan Markle recently had an interview with Oprah and the things that Megan said shocked the world............for some reason. (11:16). Meek Mill and Tekashi69's "beef" has been going on long enough. The trolling needs to stop asap. (25:23). Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok: Youtube:
March 10, 2021
Can a Hoe Become a Housewife
I start this podcast episode by thanking all of my listeners. I truly appreciate every single person who listens to my podcast. Things have been a little difficult over the past two months, however more episodes will be released in a more consistent timeframe. (1:00) Chloe Bailey tried the bussit challenge and a lot of people were upset with her. I thought she did an incredible job and people need to leave her alone, and let her grow into herself. (2:44) A lot of people have lists that they use when they are trying to date someone. Is having a list blocking blessings from people when it comes to who they date? I think so (8:21) Can a Hoe become a Housewife? (25:00) We all want equality, but are we willing to treat people equally or do we just want to be treated better. (32:12) Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: tiktok:
March 2, 2021
The Vaccine, Aliens, Bridgerton and Fatphobia with Tatum Blinn
One of the most important things that is being discussed by everyone in the world is the COVID-19 Vaccine. Tatum and I both give our input on why we are/aren't getting the vaccine. (1:11) A part of the latest stimulus check law that was signed included something about Aliens. The government already let us know aliens are real and after 180 days they will be letting us know more about aliens. (7:00) In 2020 the pandemic happened and we were forced to stay home. While staying home we both watched a ton of television shows, and one of the best shows we watched was "Bridgerton". Bridgerton is a show that has people of multiple races, it has people of difference sizes (Tall, short, fat, skinny, etc), and it is a great thing to watch. We also discuss our favorite show that we watched. Tune in and enjoy this episode. My ig: Tatum's ig:
February 5, 2021
Dwayne Burns is Back! Part 1
Dwayne Burns is back and in this episode we talk about a bunch of different things. Some of the topics we discuss are the vaccine, the sacrifices that big earners make, and changes that should be made. The first episode with Dwayne was amazing, so you will definitely enjoy this episode as well. Listen, laugh and learn from two open minded men who are growing everyday to become better men. ig: acupofcoffey_ Twitter: coffeylevell Dwaynes ig: dwayneburnsofficial Youtube:
January 22, 2021
During the pandemic I have been watching a lot of television, and when I watch television I tend to watch Sports or Anime. Since sports have been off and on, because of COVID-19 I have not had the chance to watch sports that often, so I have been watching a ton of anime. While watching anime I had a thought, what if I had a superpower? I could not think of one superpower so I narrowed it down to my top 3. Teleportation, Super Speed or Knowledge are my top 3. Listen to this episode and listen to how I would use these powers. ig: acupofcoffey_ Twitter: coffeylevell Youtube: A Cup of Coffey
December 16, 2020
A Talk With an Old Friend Dwayne Burns
In this episode I talk with an old friend of mine and we have fun. While having fun we also discuss real life problems and we give our take on what we believe the solutions could be. Dwayne is an entrepreneur, free thinker and overall a wise person. We discuss everything from politics, to sports, life, and etc. so,  give this entire episode because there is knowledge being given from the beginning until the end.  Youtube: A Cup of Coffey Ig: acupofcoffey_ Twitter: Coffeylevell Dwayne's Ig: lordzanee
December 6, 2020
Birkin Bags
Sometimes we all reach out to our old friends to check up on them. Then there are times when people reach out to old friends, because they want to see if they can rekindle that old flame. Everyone has someone from their past that they can text, call or DM and that person will come running. (1:06) A lot of people have been talking about whether or not they could, would or should buy a woman a Birkin bag. People are letting the thoughts and feelings of rich people like Saweetie cloud their judgment. I do not know why people are even having this discussion during a pandemic, but here we are. (7:33) ig: acupofcoffey_ twitter: coffeylevell tiktok: levellcoffey Youtube: A Cup of Coffey
October 31, 2020
What if you had.........
People always claim that they know what they would do in certain situation, We all have said and heard people say "If this happened I would do this" or "If I had this I would do that". I have been hearing that a lot lately, because of all of the protests, riots, fights, and shootings that have taken place. My mind began to wonder and I had a thought, what if you had two penises or two clits. This is an 18+ episode, so if you are below 18 please do not listen to this episode without permission from your parent(s)/guardian(s). The video portion of the podcast can be found on my Youtube. All of my social media handles are below ig: acupofcoffey_ twitter: coffeylevell tiktok: levellcoffey Youtube: A Cup of Coffey
October 21, 2020
My thoughts around the Breonna Taylor Case
In this episode I share my thoughts and concerns with the Breonna Taylor case. What is wanton endangerment? Why are no knock warrants legal? Why did the DA/police offer Breoona Taylor's ex a plea deal to say she was selling drugs? What would you have done in that situation? If someone breaks into your house without knocking, and it is the police, do you have the right to defend yourself? What would happen if they were white? ig: acupofcoffey_ twitter: coffeylevell tiktok: levellcoffey Youtube: A Cup of Coffey
October 7, 2020
Support Your Friends
In this episode I share a conversation that I had with a friend of mine about people supporting me and why I do not beg people for support. If you know a person who is trying to do something, it costs nothing to support that person. You should always support your friends and family, because if they make it big you will want to reap the benefits. I also discuss the recent interview that Tekashi 69 had with Shaderoom. I now understand why he snitched, but I do not support him snitching. ig: acupofcoffey_ Youtube: A Cup of Coffey twitter: levellcoffey tiktok: levellcoffey
September 19, 2020
Podcast update we are doing some new stuff over here. I am now doing video podcasts, so each episode will be available on my Youtube page as well on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. I was raised by a single mother and I know a few single parents. I saw a question being asked "Can a man teach a girl how to be a woman?" 3:10. There is a viral video going around of a father and step mother whooping their daughter in their garage. Was the whooping necessary? Did the father go overboard? 13:31. Bella Thorne hopped on Only Fans and made $1 million the first day, but now everyone else is upset about it. 24:05 ig. acupofcoffey_ twitter: levellcoffey Youtube: A Cup of Coffey tiktok: levellcoffey
September 9, 2020
Is Marriage Still Valued
Do people still get married as often as they used to? Why don't marriage last as long as they used to? I believe social media is the reason people are getting married less or at least people are perceived to be getting married less (:30). If you are single you have no business giving advice to people who are in relationships (13:00). The police was called on me after an argument I had in my house, but I met a pretty cool officer named Dan (19:51). I have been seeing a lot of people saying they are emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually tired from all of the police shootings, protests and riots. People are deciding to leave social media, because they need to take a break (24:25). Tory Lanes shot Meg the Stallion and she defended him (33:44). ig: acupofcoffey twitter: coffeylevell
August 28, 2020
We Fall Down, But We Get Up
There are three things that I believe are important in life, that will keep you moving forward and that will help you reach your wildest dreams. Those three things are: what/who motivates you, the goals that you have/how to reach your goals, and the company you keep. There is nothing more important than those things, because what happens when you fail? How do you get over failure? What happens when you don't reach a goal? What do you do when the people around you don't support you? Some colleges and high schools are trying to bring sports back, while others are cancelling sports for this season/year. I give my two cents on what I think should happen and why. ig: acupofcoffey_ twitter: coffeylevell
August 23, 2020
Let me just be me
I saw a post on Facebook that asked the question are Black men protected mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had to tell you all about my experiences and what I think (1:20). There was a viral video of a man handing a woman some paperwork. It turns out the little girl that he was raising was not his daughter. Most people were defending the woman, but I took my time to defend the man in this situation (17:20). There is a show called Marriage Bootcamp, which is like group therapy for celebrities. There was a fight on the show and I discuss how it happened and how it could have been prevented (25:43). There is a double standard when it comes to men saying no when it comes to sex, we can say no too (34:10) Ig: acupofcoffey_ Twitter: Coffeylevell
August 14, 2020
Check Your Mental Health
I start this episode out with a message to everyone about mental health. It is important to check your mental health especially in these time (:21). Dr Emmanuel got my hopes up with the viral video about the COVID-19 cure, but people don't believe her because she spoke about having sex with demons. I speak about what she said, and I let you all know if I believe her or not (10:40). Can men and women truly be platonic friends? Yes? No? (15:03). We all know the world has some good and the world has some evil, but is the world more good or is it more evil? (19:04). ig: acupofcoffey_ twitter: coffeylevell
August 1, 2020
Q&A with LeVell and Tatum
In this episode we answer all of the questions that you all asked us. We talk about our future family, place we will travel to once Covid-19 is over, who is the better looking person in the relationship, and so much more. We give you an inside scoop into our relationship and our dynamic as a couple. This is an episode you do not want to miss!! Ig: acupofcoffey_ Twitter: coffeylevell Tatums ig: tatumblinn, disneytate Tatums twitter: tatumblinn
July 19, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 24
Everyone wants to be rich, but how many people truly have what it takes to become rich? Would you be single or would you be married? What if you had to choose between the two? (:23). I did not know who Mia Khalifa was, but porn has changed her life. I often think about how many things I did to earn an extra buck or two and those things have not ruined my life. (11:10). Times are hard during these times because of Covid-19, and one of the things that are suffering right now is relationships.Not just the relationship you have with your partner, but also the relationships you have with your friends. (22:11). I am in a group chat with 3 people and we all are in interracial relationships, and it is tough to be in one during these times of protest. (24:54) Companies like Reddit and Disney have made some changes, but none of the changes that Black people have asked for. People are losing their jobs, roller coaster rides are being changed, and they are taking down statues, but Black people are still being threatened and killed. (32:06) Ig: acupofcoffey_ Twitter: @coffeylevell
July 3, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 23
THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE AND IS NOT TO BE INTERPRETED AS SUCH. This is an important episode and it needs to be listened to in its entirety. Take notes and be prepared to learn more about the law. These are all things that every person needs to know about the law and I believe that most of us do not know these things currently. Kathleen and Shina joined this episode, so we all can learn about Constitutional law and Criminal procedures. I had some questions that I wanted answered and so did you all, so we have two knowledgeable women who will help answer those questions. The podcast begins with a quick introduction of Kathleen and Shina and what they have done so far in their careers. After the introductions we discuss constitutional law and criminal procedure (4:47), the importance of the supreme court and their job (13:10), what is freedom of speech (24:52), What impeachment is (49:48) I give a few hypothetical situations and the ladies share their opinion on how things should be handled and much more. You are also given so fun facts about textualism, non originalism, Rational-Basis, Intermediate Scrutiny, and Strict Scrutiny.  my ig: acupofcoffey_ my twitter: coffeylevell
June 21, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 22
I begin this episode with two questions why is hate speech legal? Why is the confederate flag legal?(1:20) I give my reason as what a good cop is and what a bad cop is.(7:22) Many people do not know that I once wanted to become a police officer, but I was unable to do so. I explain what happened and why I wanted to become a police officer. (12:45) (17:13) I was taught about the backfire effect and I share to you all what that is. (25:58) I had a conversation with a guy that I know and I asked him a simple question Where can Black People Go?(30:50) I am not upset because I knew this would come, and now things will hopefully change.(35:03)
June 13, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 21
Ladies and Gentlemen I finally have a guest on my podcast, my first guest is Anthony Mays. In this episode we start off by discussing who is the GOAT in basketball? Anthony brings up a new phrase GOTE (Greatest of this Era) (1:15). My girlfriend asked me a question one day, so I asked Anthony the same question, should there be billionaires? What are you going to do with all of that money? (8:13). We then get to the current events and we speak about everything that is going on with George Floyd protesters (16:50). There are a lot of people protesting, but there are also riots happening during the protests. I asked Anthony what does he think about the protests and the riots? Are they wrong? Are they right? What is the best way to handle this? (37:23). At the end Anthony gives some insight to what is happening in his life in a speed round. He is expecting a beautiful baby boy in June I wish nothing but the best to him and his family. Go support Anthony's music, He has an album out called Mellifluous and it is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and all other DSPs. Anthony's ig is: antmays.music_ Anthonys' facebook is: ant Mays Please go listen, follow and share his music, he is a talented artist with a message, no mumble rap. My ig is: king_coffey My twitter is: CoffeyLevell
May 31, 2020
ACupOfCoffey Episode 20
In this episode I start by giving an update about the Ahmaud Arbery case. All three men involved with the shooting have been arrested (0:10). Fellas stop sending my lady and other women dick pics. It is not okay to slide into someone's DM and send them a picture of your penis. I also give advice on how to properly slide into someone's DM (3:35). There needs to be a background check done on celebrities before you all began to "love" them, because a lot of celebrities have been messing up and their past is now being displayed. Every week someone new is cancelled (14:45). Biden stated that you are not black if you are confused on voting for him or Trump. I thought I was born Black. (20:29). 1996 Bulls vs 2017 Warriors (45:03) Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
May 27, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 19
**THERE IS BACKGROUND NOISE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PODCAST, MY GF WAS COOKING** I start this episode talking about Tekashi 69 and I give my definition of what a snitch is (:10). Lil Boosie went on IG live and admitted to paying a woman to have sex with his underage son and his underage nephews. Child molestation is not okay and we need to protect little boys how we protect little girls (12:13). People are creating only fans because of the money they could make and because sex sales. Some of yall are just lazy and need to get a job (21:43). Fat does not equate to someone being ugly and skinny does not equate to someone being cute. Adele lost weight but that does not mean she had a glow up, STOP FAT SHAMING PEOPLE (30:00). IG: King_coffey Twitter: Coffeylevell
May 15, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode18
When Kaepernick first began protesting people condemned him for doing it. Now a bunch of Trump supporters are protesting the stay at home order that the governors of their state has implemented(0:18). Lately a lot of videos have surfaced of black and brown people not getting a long. That has been happening for years, but now people want to try and act as if certain people are victims (12:36). Is it okay to be friends with an old lover, fuck buddy, or someone you had feelings for? (29:41) Ronda Rousey said WWE is fake, and the UFC is trying to buy an Island to hold their upcoming fights (29:41). The MLB is thinking about holding all of their games in Arizona, I MISS BASKETBALL, and the NFL better give Cam Newton a JOB. PS I REALLY MISS SPORTS!!! Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
May 4, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode17
Ever since I met Tatum I have been attempting to get her to play video games. Well thanks to Coronavirus this has happened. I start this podcast by talking about the new game my girlfriend enjoys playing (1:30). I have been seeing a lot of posts with people talking about racism getting worse as the years past. I always try to tell people that racism isn't getting worse, it is just being filmed now (5:30). Men need to keep there hands to themselves. That goes for old men and young men, age is only a number. No man should be hitting a woman, and women shouldn't hit men either (18:10). My friend asked me if he should do a threesome with his girlfriend and I gave him a few thoughts I had to that question (28:37). Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
April 26, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 16
A lot of people do not know the value of the barbershop. The barbershop is a place that someone can go to get a haircut, counseling, education and food. the barbershop is the staple of communities and helps the local economy (00:14). I told a story about how I was robbed, by someone I know, outside of the grocery store in Hayward (8:50). It does not matter how tough or how high of an emotional wall you build, no one is immune to getting hurt. Take that hurt and build on it, and allow it to help you grow (17:14). A friend of my wants to chase his dreams, but he does not think he is special. People have made him feel unimportant, so he does not want to go to Colorado. Never let someone make you feel insecure about your dreams (25:15). No you cannot say the N word, if you have to ask if it is okay to say something, then you know it is not okay to say (32:37). Fake body influencers cannot do 10 push ups, but pose half naked on ig all day (38:07). The great Jon Jones is in trouble again because of drugs/alcohol. Tom Brady has left the Patriots and he has chosen to go to the Buccaneers.   Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
April 5, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 15
This is a good episode about Coronavirus. Rather you think it is serious or not please be safe. People are being harmed and people are scared. Scared people make rash decisions. ALSO STOP OVER BUYING TOILET PAPER!!!!! Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
March 27, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 14
Being loud, rude, and ratchet is not cute, and that behavior needs to stop. People think it is cute to act like that, but it is not (00:22). Equity and Equality are similar, but there is a difference (5:49). There is no reason for someone to not have knowledge. As people we must continue to educate ourselves, because lack of education only hurts yourself (10:23). Coronavirus is now a pandemic and we must use knowledge and listen to the scientist. We also need to stay as healthy as possible (23:23). Harvey Weinstein is in prison for 23 years (29:11). Someone from the Tennessee Titans got paid $118 million and it was not Derrick Henry (32:32). Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
March 17, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 13
In this episode I talk about healing one's self and how that will help the people around you (00:34). Part of healing your mental and physical health is learning how to handle your emotions. Men are taught to be tough as kids and we often are not taught how to handle our emotions in a healthy manner (8:30). Let go of the anger you have in your heart, because it only causes you harm. It does not harm or bother the person you are upset with (14:45). Be careful with the words that you use, because words are powerful. We are taught that stick and stones may break my bones, but words may not affect me (20:00). The LGBTQ community need allies and not more haters (25:39). The refs blew the call between the Trailblazers and the Jazz, something has to be done about that (32:54). Kevin Durant mentioned that he left OKC, because he wanted to play with shooters and not just athletes (36:00). Jon Jones won his last fight, but there has been controversy over the decision to make him the winner. Tyson Fury beat Deontay Wilder Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
March 7, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 12
In this episode I discuss the distraction of cell phones. Love is something we all want and need, but we must first love ourselves (8:58). Black culture is the most popular culture in America, but we do not value the culture. I bring up culture vultures like Justin Bieber and Post Malone (16:40). Communication is important and everyone needs to work on improving their comprehension. We all talk and communicate rather it is verbally or non verbally (31:20). No attitude or habits just happen, everything in life is taught. If something is learned it can also be unlearned, and new habits can be taught (36:51). Zaya Wade (41:53). Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
February 19, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 11
I start this episode off saying Rest in Peace to Kobe and the other people who died in the helicopter crash. Gayle King asked Lisa Leslie about Kobe's sexual assault charge (3:15). I speak about Da Baby and how he is constantly in the news for the wrong reasons (11:57). Learn from the people you see, shows you watch, etc. Take everything as a learning opportunity (19:04). When you ask for greatness, or an improvement in your life, God will bring a storm before he brings the blessings (22:00). I recently watched the Aaron Hernandez Documentary (29:40). Chiefs won the superbowl and MaHomes won MVP of the Superbowl when he shouldn't have won (38:16) Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
February 8, 2020
ACupofCoffey episode 10
In this episode I start things off with a simple question that tends to have a difficult answer. Why do people cheat? After that I discuss how men now a days are the ones doing the walk of shame and 1 way women are empowering themselves (8:25). In the words of Nipsey Hussle Life is a Marathon (12:39). In life you get what you work for but do not get comfortable, because that often leads to devaluing everything you worked hard for (17:39). Serena is an example of never getting comfortable and never giving up. She has won a major in 4 different decades (26:30). The superbowl is around the corner and it is the 49ers vs the Chiefs (29:40). R.I.P Kobe and all of the other victims in the helicopter crash (36:30). Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
February 1, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 9
In this episode I bring Tatum back to speak about a multitude of topics, all centered around African American culture. Why does every race say the N word yet they do not say other offensive/racist words towards other races? Why is it that Karpernick is made fun of and crucified by the media for starting a silent protest, but MLK is now praised for doing the same thing? Jason Rodger Pope (I say Robert at first) kidnapped 693 young black women and it was not plastered all over the media. Why was this not being shown in the media for months at a time? Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
January 24, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 8
In this episode we discuss self improvement. I start off by letting you all know how I have began to learn how to properly express myself. I ask why can't men give other men compliments? If you continue to work hard and stay focus on your goals, not only will you meet your goals, but you will meet the right people to have in your life. I tell you all the difference between reaction and responding, especially if you are not getting the support you need. Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
January 15, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 7
In this episode I send my prayers out to the people of Australia and the people of Puerto Rico. they both are suffering from natural disasters at the moment. Swae lee's girlfriend Marlie put a hit out on his head for 20K, and his Step father being killed by his younger brother. Kim Kardashian bought her daughter Michael Jackson's jacket and his hat, she also posed for a magazine while looking black. Carol Sanchez is a young woman from New York who faked her own kidnapping, so she wouldn't have to move to Honduras. I watched the first episode of The Bachelor. Robert Thomas is a 93 year old man who shot the maintenance worker in his apartment complex, because he had low water pressure. Laker's basketball is in full effect and they are playing great. Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
January 11, 2020
ACupofCoffey Episode 6
In this episode I wished everyone a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I was unable to go to my 4th Christmas, because I had a Crohn's Disease flare up. I also found an app called "In My Shoes". The app gives the user a 24 hour experience of what's like to have Crohn's Disease. I talked about my New Year experience in Long Beach. I learned a new term which is "Medium Ugly" "Medium Cute".  Prayers for the people in Australia  Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
January 5, 2020
ACupofCoffey episode 5
I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In this episode I discuss Christmas, and what it is like now vs when I was a kid. All Ring, Alexa, etc. users be careful, because a man hacked one and told a little girl he was Santa. I also discuss the power of giving with examples of Sadio Mane, Akon and Yung Ro.  Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
December 28, 2019
ACupofCoffey Episode 4
In this episode Tatum and I discuss a multitude of topics. We start off with Tekashi 69, who was sentenced to 24 months in prison. Clout chasers like the white kids who are giving Crip walking instructions. What inspires us in life. Mental health and how it has effected us. Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
December 20, 2019
ACupofCoffey Episode 3
Tatum's first time on the podcast, and we discussed a few wonderful things. First we discussed how we met, and our first date. How it is for both of us being in an interracial relationship. Disneyland is a place that we both love, and Disney plus is often watched. We discussed the golden Globe snubs of black actors and movies.  Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
December 17, 2019
ACupofCoffey Episode 2
R.I.P Juice Wrld I hope the upcoming generation and everyone can learn that taking drugs is not okay. Also be cautious about those you keep around you. Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua need to fight ASAP. Lizzo needs to learn time and place. What happen to not dating your friends ex? Lizzo Dating Omarion's ex (Apryl) Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
December 12, 2019
ACupofCoffey Episode 1
In this episode I discuss what pushed me to starting a podcast, the assault on Brother Nature, the use of the N-Word. Instagram: King_Coffey Twitter: CoffeyLevell
December 11, 2019