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F33 Podcast

F33 Podcast

By Adam Massey
F33 CEO, Adam Massey with guests discuss emerging trends in technology, leadership, and innovations in business
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Shane Paladin - Lessons in leadership and the future of AI

F33 Podcast

Denise Gosnell, PhD - Accelerating AI with Graph Analytics & API enabled distributed data
This week I get the pleasure of sitting down with Denise Gosnell, Chief Data Officer at Datastax. We had a fun discussion about overcoming adversity, her career journey and the future of AI. Denise talks about why graph analytics is so cool as well as tells us about "Cassandra Stargate", and what Datastax is doing to open up massively distributed datasets to enable next generation ML/AI use cases.  Relevant links from our discussion:  The Practitioner's Guide to Graph Data This is the link for the press release. Links to DataStax Blog: Announcing: Stargate 1.0 in Astra; REST, GraphQL, & Schemaless JSON for Your Cassandra DevelopmentStargate  Blog:  Announcing: Stargate 1.0 GA; REST, GraphQL, & Schemaless JSON for Your Cassandra Development
December 9, 2020
Shane Paladin - Lessons in leadership and the future of AI
In this episode I get the chance to sit down with Shane Paladin, President of Services at SAP. I have been getting to know Shane over the last year and have frequently looked to him for guidance and coaching given his highly engaging personality and wealth of experience. Shane has an incredible background; US Army, Services start-up founder, CRO and now running a huge organization at SAP.  Shane and I discussed his career journey, some key lessons learned along the way, the power of specificity, as well as SAP and the future of AI. I hope you enjoy!  Adam
December 1, 2020