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Africa on focus is an African platform dedicated to sharing and celebrating the success stories of young black Africans from the continent and the Diaspora world. These young entrepreneurs aim to reshape the stigma attached to how Africa is viewed in terms of lifestyle, business, entertainment, charity, sports and more.
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Ms.aba ft Donny Addison - How Burnouts take over Africa’s Entrepreneurs

Africa on Focus

Trigmatic – Creating Cultural Capital in the African Music Business #Ghanamusic
Time to talk to Trigmatic, multi award-winning Ghanaian music artist and serial entrepreneur from Ghana. The rapper/singer hopped by our Amsterdam studios as part of an impactful networking and recordings tour to talk about creating music and the positioning of African music on global markets. Trigmatic shares his journey on starting out in the Ghana music industry and developing his raw talent, which have helped build a sustainable music career to more than just making music. He grew up truly cherishing his ‘roots’ styles of music. He shares how his starting years dropping mixtapes, collaborating with noted Ghana artists, like Reggie Rockstone, Stonebwoy and creativity helped him to grow his core fanbase. As an ambassador for Ghana music, Trigmatic is determined to help turn Ghana music into cultural capital. Find out how the multi-talent has built a sustainable career In music and the business and how he intends to grow the impact of African music.
June 01, 2022
Terry Afram - What it Means to Invest in Ghana #TheGhanaianDream
Joining us for this episode is Terry Afram, founder and Managing Director of Bridge Partners, a consultancy firm which bridges the gap between the international- and local markets by acting as a local partner and providing market entry and -growth solutions. Having started his career in Ghana as the Country Managing Director for Jumia Food Ghana, the largest online food delivery service on the African continent. Terry was able to significantly grow Jumia Food Ghana into a million-euro business and is passionate about seeing other ventures grow to achieve the same, to the benefit of the local economy. One of his noted initiatives is The Ghanaian Dream Diaspora Investment Forum, an annual investment forum showing what it truly takes to invest in Ghana. For 5 consecutive years he has established this forum in between Amsterdam and Accra. Tap into this episode as we talk with Terry Afram about economic relevance, how to position yourself for international opportunities and investments and what it takes to invest in Ghana.
May 18, 2022
Carla Kabamba – Driving Change in Amsterdam #Blackvoices
Time for a chat with Carla Kabamba, political scientist, Amsterdam city councillor, artist and speaker. As a true advocate for diversity, Carla has made it her mission to address issues affecting the African Diaspora living in Amsterdam. Being the first Dutch Congolese-Angolan person to be a part of the 45-member city council in Amsterdam, Carla highlights why she has put a plan of action in place to drive change and encourage multiple black representation in politics. Enjoy! Watch the full interview on YouTube. 
May 04, 2022
Ursula mabolia – the topic of ‘daddy issues’ #daddyissues
We’re talking about “Daddy Issues” with Ursula Mabolia (@ursmabolia), philanthropist and author of ‘Grieving Daughters’, a book about emotional and psychological effects of fatherlessness on young women. As the author highlights the impact of fatherlessness on (young) women, she also speaks on the particular need for the presence of men in the lives of their (future) daughters. As we tap into what it means to be responsible in terms of fatherhood, we explore the impact on our modern societies. The writer also fearlessly shares how reconnecting with her dad’s family helped her heal. Going further into the topics of her book, Ursula helps particularly women pinpoint other related issues like low-self-esteem, isolation and more.
March 16, 2022
Meverly Adjhei Benjamin – The Urgency of Financial Literacy
In this episode we dive into how can we get the most out of our money? Joining us this episode is Meverly Adjhei Benjamin – Twum-Barimah (@meverlyadjheibenjamin), author, business and consultant Process & Project Management Financial Institutions and Regulations. As the pandemic has taken longer than we all expected, financial strains yet new financial opportunities have become part of our realities. Meverly touches on the topic of understanding regional and community issues to master the challenges of financial management. The consultant shares how we can overcome the social pressures of our surroundings and communities to truly grasp what is needed for financial investments. Get your notebooks ready as we discuss investments vs. savings, giving church offerings or funeral money and more. Watch the live show here >>
February 10, 2022
MS.ABA & Donny Addison – The Dutch and Black Profiling #blackprofile
In this episode, MS.ABA and Donny talk on the topic of Ethnic profiling following Dutch court ruling Dutch border as not guilty of ethnic profiling. The hosts engage with a listener tuning in from the United Kingdom to talk about the global problems relating to black profiling and more.
November 17, 2021
Belinda van der Stoep – Celebrating Ghanaian Excellence #Dutchfilm
We love to see global Africans making major moves. Time for a talk with Belinda van der Stoep, Dutch based Ghanaian actress and performing artist known for her roles in in ‘Alleen maar Nette Mensen’, ‘Gek van Oranje’ and more Dutch movies. After having won Golden Calf 2021, a Netherlands Film Festival Awards for her first movie role in ‘Bon Bini: Judeska In da House’, the actress reflects on the journey needed to make it in film as a woman of colour. After the interview with the actress, MS.ABA and Danny also explore career opportunities in tech. Watch the live episode here.
November 10, 2021
Carl Asamoah – Is Africa Ready for a Tech Future #embracingfintech
As we dive into the most in-demand skills for your career in the coming 5 years. Carl Asamoah (UK) joins us to talk about if we’re ready for a tech future. Carl is a Doctoral Researcher and accomplished STEM Advocate, Ex-Banker, Tech Entrepreneur and Real Estate Broker among other things. He aims to suggest innovative approaches to banking operations. Tune in and find out the impact of the pandemic to our current digital age. Explore how tech can be of added value to your career.
November 03, 2021
Ms.aba & Donny Addison - How to Work on Your Mental Health During This Pandemic
Ms.aba and Donny Addison meet again to discuss what it means to stereotype Africa and how our current media contributes to the various images of our continent. The presenters also dive into what it means to invest into Uganda’s film industry and how Naomi Campbell’s move to promote a Nigerian song as Kenya New Tourism ambassador is not taken lightly. Finally, we look at tips for your mental health during this pandemic.
September 15, 2021
Ms.aba ft Donny Addison - How Burnouts take over Africa’s Entrepreneurs
Another episode with Ms.aba and Donny Addison as they discuss media protests occurring in Ghana and Nigeria, our faith in African leaders and how burnouts also affect entrepreneurs on the continent.
September 08, 2021
Bbaloji, Adam Mensah and Comfort Arthur – Shaping the World’s View of African Film #GhanaforYou
While Amsterdam received some of Africa’s noted filmmakers, during Actual Africa, a special focus on Sub-Saharan Africa by World Cinema Amsterdam. MS.ABA caught up with Baloji (Belgium/Congo), Adams Mensah(Belgium/Ghana), Comfort Arthur(UK/Ghana) to talk about the impact of shaping the world’s view of African film. As a renowned rapper, songwriter, film and music video director, Baloji’s movie Zombie highlights how colonialism is still running in Africa.  The multi-talent also shares the impact of ‘scroll’ culture, grasping the attention of his audiences to unveil more serious topics relevant to Africans and the Diaspora. Ghana for you Comfort (award-winning animator, graphic designer, visual artist, editor and founder of The Comfy Studio) expresses how animation has always been her outlet to express topics that are hard to discuss. I'm Living in Ghana Get Me Out of Here (her animation film) is what she calls her on-the-continent frustrations turned into a short humorous episodic film. We dived into the questions: why people should move back to Ghana vs. why people are moving to Europe. Adams, who is a Ghanaian-Belgian actor and filmmaker shared his devotion to address misconceptions coming both from Africa and Europe when it comes to way of living. Through film and documentation, Adam portrays how travel can enriches experiences and ultimately your work. All participants shared their ‘Ghana-for-you-moments’, which is in a comical way their ‘aha’ moments they’ve all experienced travelling back to Ghana. Have a good laugh and learn more on how these film makers convert their stories to timeless films that impacts how the world is to view Africa.
August 25, 2021
Byron Kwaning & Emmanuel Annim - The Position of Faith, How do Young People Handle it Differently? #FaithWithinTheCommunity
In today’s episode we’re talking faith, our position in faith, and the Christian community. Ms. ABA and Donny Addison are joined by two noted faith leaders in the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands: Emmanuel Annim and Bryon Kwaning to discuss how young people handle faith and what it truly means to be a devoted Christian. These men highlight the importance of transitioning and finding God willingly than forcefully. Furthermore, they touch on how service and church has changed during the pandemic. Though the number of church numbers has decreased, prayers are still being held via zoom to stay connected as a ministry. In addition, the episode also discusses Covid vaccinations, how the working environment has changed, stricter cocoa laws for ivory Coast and Ghana, and a disrespectful #fufuchallenge. Watch the live episode on YouTube.
August 18, 2021
MS.ABA and Donny Addison - FixTheCountry protesters take movements to the streets
A new episode where Ms.aba and Donny Addison talk about a list of relevant topics. Debunking the myths surrounding vaccinations, #FixTheCountry Ghana protesters taking the movement to the streets, Ghana’s first Olympic medal since 1992 and a humorous highlight where Senegalese man dresses up as girlfriend to sit exams. Tune in and be informed about what’s taking place in our world. Watch the live episode on YouTube.
August 11, 2021
Ms.aba & Donny Addison - Lets Talk Africa and the Ongoing Pandemic #AdaptingGlobally
Join Ms. ABA and Donny Addison to discuss current issues in Africa and the ongoing global pandemic. The coronavirus has taken the world by storm, yet, many countries are still struggling to get vaccines. Currently in Europe- UK, Malta, and Serbia are leading when it comes to the most people vaccinated. UK is leading the world with over 42million vaccines, but the nation is still struggling to get things under control. In addition, there have been concerns linked to pregnant women and the vaccine, but there is now enough data to prove vaccines are totally safe for pregnant women. The episode also highlights the political leadership of Rwanda in being the first to aid refugees with vaccines, the struggle Africa is facing getting vaccines, and Twitter opening its first African headquarters in Ghana. Watch the live episode here. 
July 28, 2021
Maysa Iman and Jane Ortet - The untold Pan-African History #PanAfricanism
Following the worldwide black lives matters movements we’re joined by Maysa Iman (@iammaysaiman) and Janet Ortet (@jeandxarc) from Africamaat Institute (@africamaat), a Dutch based history and cultural platform aimed to provide the Dutch based Africa Diaspora relevant African History. Better yet, their passion to build bridges in the African Diaspora starts with African history. The two cultural and history enthusiasts dive into the importance of knowing the details of pre-colonial history, specifically within our educational landscapes outside of the African content. On the 24th and the 25th of July, the institute introduces a masterclass in Rotterdam, the Netherlands for anyone who truly seeks to learn ancient Pan-African History. Dive into some of the teasers Africamaat Institute will provide at their workshop and let’s test how educated you really are. Watch the live interview on YouTube.
July 21, 2021
Raisa Kumaga – Mental Health Matters #Mentalhealth
We’re talking ‘How serious is mental health?’ with Raisa Kumaga, a Doctoral student at the Counselling Psychology programme at the University of East London. Her specialism involves psychological interventions for various mental health difficulties and expertise in conducting rigorous qualitative and quantitative research studies on racial and ethnic identity, the black mental health experience, forced migration experience and the phenomenology of mental health in the United Kingdom, as well as in the Netherlands and the United States. With her experience in Mental health in The Netherlands & U.K, she discusses how we, people from Africa have our philosophies that impacts how we view mental health. Have a listen and find out more on the aspects of mental health and how we, subsequently can find the right help for mental health issues in our communities. Watch the live interview here.
July 15, 2021
Oliver Yeboah – Shifting the Mindset #MakeityourJourney
This evening on Africa on Focus, Donny Addison is talking to Oliver Yeboah, Dutch-Ghanaian life coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur. Yeboah’s newly found platform ‘Africans like me’ seeks to celebrate Africans in the Diaspora. Throughout the show, Yeboah discusses his life journey and how he came to discover his true passion of counselling. Yeboah emphasises how lack of counselling can affect the decisions we as individuals make. He discusses his life experiences while growing up, dealing with being honest to himself and going against what people think they know, addressing how church doesn’t necessarily provide church goers with the help that they need, and having his faith tested while studying theology. In addition, the men discuss what’s been happening on the continent, Covid-19 and the progress that has been made, Nigeria suspending Twitter post the president Buhari’s Tweet, and Fix the Country movement that is currently going on in Ghana. Tap into this talk to learn more your relationship with Christ and understanding the true meaning of a calling. In addition, this podcast reflects to keep a positive mindset. Watch the live interview on YouTube.
June 23, 2021
Palgrave Boakye Danquah - Time to listen to the youth #LeadershipMustBeFixed #fixthecountry
Donny Addison is joined by Palgrave Boakye, founding executive director of Kandifo institute, and a special returning guest on Africa on Focus, to discuss current issues in Ghana and the world. ‘Fix The Country’ is a movement that has been started by Ghanaian youths fighting for a change in leadership in Ghana. Every single year, the number of unemployed people within the country keeps rising and it is becoming a huge problem. Palgrave, highlights the importance of being educated when it comes to business and knowing your rights. He talks the importance of the youth being disciplined and looking for entrepreneurial opportunities instead of just employment opportunities. In addition, they discuss current corona measures, vaccines, making resolutions, and how your mentality is what helps you think outside the box. Watch the interview on  YouTube.
June 15, 2021
Black Men Talk – Redefining Masculinity in The 21st Century #MoreThanAStatistic
This valentines’ special centres around a topic with a stigma that is quite difficult to understand. For years there has been an ongoing battle in the black community surrounding black men’s emotional availability, neglect, and the lack of protection when it comes to black females and their rights in relation to their white counterparts. Members of Black Men Talk join Ms. aba and Donny Addison to discuss views on African men, relationships and love, family, job roles and more. The men of Black Men Talk emphasise the importance of dealing with emotions and how black men struggle with this. We learn about how things that happened in our early childhood years shape us to become the individuals we are today. Going astray comes from somewhere and these men aim to help black men become the best version of themselves. There is a difference between emotional and physical availability, and this must be addressed. Communication is key to any relationship. Join the cast as they discuss the importance of mental health from their own experience, black love and learning love languages, black fatherhood, black women and beyond. Watch the live interview on YouTube.
June 09, 2021
Patrick Adom – I Really Want To Give Back To Africa #AGiftThatWasNeeded
This time Africa on Focus talks a topic so close to heart any person no matter what age can relate. Alongside MS.ABA and Donny Addison, special guest star Patrick Adom, founder of Very Puzzled, who aims to provide children and young adults a platform to learn more of the richness of the African content through puzzles. Adom recognised the lack of diversity in children marketplace after the birth of his daughter and realised there were no black characters should could identify with. This was very troubling and sad to say the least, which can make us all question the actuality of the situation when we were growing up ourselves. Determined and willing to make a change for his child and other black children around the world, Adom started creating different puzzles targeting representation and diversity within its product roll-out.  Adom sprung onto the jigsaw puzzle scene with Very Puzzled. continuing its mission to bring more diversity to the children’s market by connecting them with their African or Caribbean roots. The change this has created has been amazing. Not only does this give parents an opportunity to educate their children on history, but it also shows the beauty of their culture and not only the struggles that are shown on TV. Adom discusses how this started as something for kids, but has blossomed into a project that helps all age groups. This podcast doesn’t only teach one the ways of integrity, but it also showcases the will of determination in a business. Watch the live conversation on YouTube.
June 02, 2021
Diasporas are the Future - #CreatingGreatnessTogether
Join MS.ABA and Donny Addison to discuss current issues in Africa and the world. This episode discusses Africans from the continent and the Diaspora who are making an impact. In this episode we learn how Africa is seen as a continent of need but are rather a continent of creators. The world is now starting to recognise Africa for the talents and wealth they possess. Africa is a land full of entrepreneurs and innovators. Africa is a continent of professionals, institution leaders and teachers. The episode also highlights the ongoing case of George Floyd and the officers relating to his brutal death. In addition, we learn more about the partnership between PiggyInvestment and Udux- an African music streaming platform. Watch the live interview on YouTube.
May 26, 2021
Nana Agyeman Prempeh- How to Invest in a Farm #apassionforcrops #agricultureinafrica
In an ever growing fast paced environment, agriculture is a beam for hope. In the nearer future the agriculture industry is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars in Africa. The problem however, is that there is lack of education amongst many Africans as to how they can make the agriculture industry work for them. Joining MS. ABA and Donny, in this educative and engaging podcast is Nana Prempeh Agyeman, a high-growth serial entrepreneur and Chief Executive of Grow For Me. Agyeman, is the CEO of a web based Agricultural crowdfunding platform that funds farmers to scale and grow more crops, using the income received from interested sponsors. Agyeman has multiple businesses in various African countries including Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Not only a business man, but also a pastor. Agyeman talks the importance of a good foundation when growing up to have the motivation to go on in life, the benefits that come with being exposed to the right people in the industry, working together as a team, and ensuring you build trust in your partnerships. Ghana, specifically, is a country blessed with land and water. Tap into this inspiring podcast which consists of life tips and experiences, business advice and chances for future developments in diasporas of interest. Watch the live episode on YouTube.
May 19, 2021
Jake Jason Timm – Africa is The Future of Agriculture #AnyBusinessTakesTime
In recent times it’s become so evidently clear that Africa is the face of the future. Yet, many are still struggling to understand how business works, or what kind of business they should get into. Alongside Ms. ABA and Donny Addison, special guest star Jake Jason Timm, techpreneur and founder of Hakuna Group B.V. bringing Agri-related technology to the forefront of Africa, shines light on how to position yourself in the African market. Not only has Timm been able to create a business that has members spread all over Africa and Europe, but he is also making money during the Covid-19 pandemic. Timm discusses how many seem to miss the business potential in Africa because Africa doesn’t follow the same business rules Europe does. In his beliefs, each individual in Africa is an entrepreneur because in Africa you need to go out and get it to make the money. With a booming sweet potato and ginger business, Timm explains you have to ease people into things by training them on how to use it. Furthermore, he discusses believing in your-self, not forcing investors if they don’t see your vision, educating yourself as much as you can, and taking a leap of faith. Watch the live interview here on YouTube. 
May 12, 2021
Caroline Onyamea – Health Must Be Made A Priority #ThePowerOfTheHumanBody
How often do we hear how important it is to take care of your body? How often do we hear about the link between physical and mental health? That’s right, I’m sure just like us you’ve heard it more than a 100 times. In this educative podcast with Caroline Onyamea, health educator and founder of Afrakan Health, we discover why it is very important to take care of the two, and the risks associated with lack of proper physical and mental health care. Alongside Ms. ABA and Donny Addison, Onyamea discusses health matters! Onyamea highlights how background cultures plays a role in the eating habits of many, how lack on education about how the body functions and processes things affects consumer choices, insecurities, and much more. In order to make healthier choices and long-lasting changes, it is important that one thinks of health as a lifestyle and not a short-term goal for a quick result. Onyamea emphasises that it is okay to start bit by bit. No one works well under pressure and if you try to do too much too soon, the body crashes and succumbs back to old habits. Furthermore, believing in your-self, the right support systems, not forcing others, and understanding it’s okay to reincorporate certain foods is discussed. Watch the live show here.
May 05, 2021
Kwasi Adom – Paving a way for art #ExpressYourself
When we think of art we visualise a beautiful painting or design. However, there is always more to a paintings history than what meets the naked eye. In today’s special episode, artist Kwasi Adom (@kwasi_adom), joins Ms. ABA and Donny Addison to discuss why Ghanaian artists are undervalued and the limitations in science and tech careers when it comes to black graduates. Kwasi Adom, an entrepreneur with a background in finance and tech, is an artist and founder of ADOMSQUARED, a collective and gallery aimed to promote artisans, talks the relevance of monetizing African art. Not only is his work placed in some of the top hotels in Ghana, but he has always wanted to be patronised by people to live up to the challenge. Repatriating looted Nigerian sculptures, Adom explains how a slogan and the world of social media can change one’s career. He talks the importance of staying authentic, doing it out of real passion, and not putting value on your work. Adom believes if your work is that good it should speak for itself. Not only does he touch upon an industry that is not understood by many, but he also explains trends come and go, affecting the creativity of many, and how remaining humble can be very rewarding. Watch the live episode on YouTube.
April 28, 2021
Myx Quest – Serial entrepreneurship is the way forward #YourNetworkIsYourNetworth
Tap into your inner creative side in this special episode featuring guest star Myx Quest. Anything is possible if you try to put your mind to it regardless of how crazy it may seem. Alongside Ms. ABA and Donny Addison, Quest discusses different business opportunities in Africa and a global level. Quest, a creative entrepreneur is a British-Ghanaian record producer, serial entrepreneur, and property developer. He bridges the gap between working in an African continent and a European continent. Quest, explains how it all starts with an idea, but it takes creativity and consistency to drive a business to sustainability. Quests highlights the importance of building a lasting income. He also emphasizes the necessity for the right networks and connections. In order to make a business successful it is important that one is properly calculated. Connections strengthen a business image, but how your success is measured is how you approach your business truly to your personality. Furthermore, support systems are discussed, believing in yourself, infrastructure and how to stay ahead. Watch the live episode on YouTube.
April 21, 2021
Covid-19 Prevention’s With Dr. Iris #ThinkAboutTheBiggerPicture
Nene & Lis  – Finding positivity during hardships  Today’s special episode focuses on covid-19, it’s measures and how it is affecting society as a whole. Dr. Iris joins Ms. ABA and Donny Addison to discuss the effects of covid-19, conspiracy theories, other related outbreaks such as Ebola that took the world by a storm and the precautions we as a society can take to stay healthy. Dr. Iris emphasises how it is so easy to catch a disease from an animal. You can catch diseases from your cats or dogs. It’s very common, but the problem with covid-19 is because it stemmed from a bat to man, there’s not enough research to tackle the issue. Additionally, she discusses antibodies and how covid-19 antibodies differs, limiting social contact and touching, staying protected and always wearing a facemask. Later on in the show, hosts are joined by Nene & Lis on Let’s Chat Africa to discuss effects of lockdown on people, inequality and human rights, governmental policies and LGBTQ in Ghana. They touch on positivity and if we will be voting 17 March 2021. Watch the live recap on YouTube
April 14, 2021
The Acheampong Family – The Bold Step of Relocation #HappinessInAfrica
Let’s talk relocation. Why are so many western millennials deciding to take the step to move back to Africa? By now we all know that many Africans want to show the world that Africa is not the “village” it’s made out to be, but is that the only reason? Joining MS. ABA and Donny, in this exciting and engaging podcast is the Acheampong Family, a Dutch-Ghanaian influential content creating family who continue to impact our perceptions about moving back to Ghana. The Acheampong’s, reflects on their personal experiences that prompted this move, such as unspoken lack of acceptance in job roles and the community, how Ghana has saved their marriage, and the true happiness that comes with having the confidence to take a risk. The family initially planned to have a long stay which has ended up being a permanent move. They use their social media channels to give the world a ‘real’ view on living and working in Ghana. Tap into this stimulating podcast that consists of life experiences, life advice and future developments. Watch the live episode on YouTube. 
April 08, 2021
Charles Agyemang – I Really Want To Give Back To Africa #HealthMatters
This episode Africa on Focus discusses a very important issue- Health care in Africa. How can we come up with theories that make sense? How can we as a society improve? Alongside MS. ABA and Donny Addison, special guest star Charles Agyemang, Professor of Global Migration, Ethnicity and Health, and Principal Investigator at Amsterdam University Medical Centres addresses the misinformation and inequalities when it comes to our health. Agyemang emphasises that it is important that we as a society become more aware and educate ourselves on how to stay safe and healthy. Agyemang poses the question of how we as Africans are affected? What should we be mindful of? How can we, Africans count more successes during this pandemic? These are important topics that must be brought to attention and discussed. Not only has he published over 300 published papers, and edited several books, making him of great advantage to this topic, but he also sheds light on the importance of working from a populative perspective. It is important to work off facts and science, rather than rumours. In this very educative episode we come to understand the importance of clinical research, how dietary and physical lifestyle changes can transform our health, using logic, and gaining the clarity that we need in understanding. Watch the live show on YouTube. 
April 03, 2021
Oyin Solebo – The unknown opportunities in Africa #BrandingInAfrica
Do you know of the limitless business prospects in Africa? In this episode devoted to growing black owned corporations in Africa, Ms. ABA and Donny Addison are joined by Oyin Solebo who highlights the business opportunities in Africa. Oyin Solebo, is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for driving positive global change. Oyin is the cofounder of Movemeback – a members’ community of top global talent, leaders and influencers, interested in Africa. Movemeback is enabling organizations to access engaged talent quickly, and for talent to find high impact opportunities. Oyin talks about the importance of learning your partners, collaborations, knowing which skills you are good at, and how you can only succeed as an entrepreneur if you get up and wish to do the things that you do. This interview is truly exciting for those who want to get into the African market, learn about how to conduct themselves in a business world, or anyone who may need some business guidance and advice that they can use one day.
March 24, 2021