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Hightown After Show Podcast

Hightown After Show Podcast

By AfterBuzz TV
One woman's life of boasting her authority to seduce women is interuppted when a murder pulls her into the middle of Cape Cod's heroin epidemic. Join us on the HIGHTOWN AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we dive into the seedy side of beautiful Cape Cod. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.
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Hightown S1 E1 Recap & After Show: Love You Like A Sister

Hightown After Show Podcast

Hightown S1 E1 Recap & After Show: Love You Like A Sister

Hightown After Show Podcast

Hightown S1 E6 & 7 Recap & After Show: P-Town!
Things have really taken a turn for the worse in P-town, specifically for Junior. We all knew he was on a slow spiral to hit rock bottom but Krista’s death really sped that up. Junior has become a soldier according to Osito who was quick to show his allegiance to Junior when he chose not to kill him despite Frankie’s orders. But even though Osito May have saved Junior, he could not save himself from the needle. Ironic and sad that Krista was suppose to be the one to overdose. Really makes you wonder if Junior had been honest with Donna or Jackie would he be dead right now? But Jackie is onto him. She continues to investigate everything to find out that Junior was involved with Sherry’s death. She also decides to visit Rene at the strip club and to make matters even worse, she visits Frankie in jail. Little does she know that she came face-to-face with Sherry & Krista’s killer and that she has seen Junior for the last time. What we really don’t know what’s come in the season finale is what will happen between Ray and Rene. Real feelings seem to be there but honesty and trust seem to still be missing. We know that Frankie isn’t happy about their new relationship so a happily-ever-after is probably off the table. Let’s hope the season finale answers all our questions. Hosted by: Monse Bolanos - @monsebolanos, Gabriella Castania - @gabriellacastania, Karla Contreras - @karlacontreras, Divij Vaswani - @divijvaswani
July 8, 2020
Hightown S1 E4 & E5 Recap & After Show: The Best You’ll Feel All Day
Episodes 4 & 5 of Hightown really take us on an emotional roller coaster. They give us hope. Lots of hope. Hope that Jackie will get her life back together and even make things work with Evonne. They give us major hope that Junior is ready to be a man, take care of his family and make amends. The even make us think that Ray may actually be a decent guy who might be falling for Rene. But they take that all away from us in episode 5. Jackie is unable to stay sober and loses her way. Unfortunately it costs her the love of her life and even saving Krista. Krista’s death gave us one thing though, a side of Osito we have never seen. We get a much better understanding of who and why Osito is who he is. It gives Junior a look into what his life could end up looking like. What we don’t know is what Rene’s life will end up looking like because she seems very much into Ray. Even tells him that she does not want to be his CI anymore but Ray doesn’t seem to feel exactly the same. Who knows how Jackie or Junior will handle Krista’s death or whether Rene can truly trust Ray. Hosted by: Monse Bolanos - @monsebolanos & Gabriella Castania - @gabriellacastania
June 30, 2020
Hightown S1 E2 & E3 Recap & After Show: Severely Weatherbeaten & Rebellion Dogs
The sex, drugs, alcohol, lies, deceit and partying continue in Province Town but not as much for Jackie. After spending a week at rehab, Jackie decides to check herself out to find out more about Sherrys death and her friend Krista Collins. But Jackie has no idea what she’s getting herself into or who she is even confiding in. Well, she thinks she’s talking to her friend Junior but what she doesn’t know is that Junior is working for Frankie and Osito. He’s their boat guy. We are able to confirm that Junior tried to dispose of Sherrys body but did it unsuccessfully because of a super moon, he tells Frankie. But for a second you think Junior is trying to be a better person but when Osito forced him to beat someone up he has no problem doing it. Frankie also doesn’t know who he’s talking to, like his baby momma Rene. Rene attempts to go undercover with another cop to get Ray and his team closer to Osito. But this isn’t Ositos first time around the block so it instantly backfires on Rene. Osito doesn’t seem to have the best morals either since he showed up to the strip club and demands Rene give him a lap dance without Frankie knowing. Frankie thinks he knows what he’s doing from the inside but Ray and Rene have gotten a little too close. Ray should have probably listened to Jackie who reached out to tell him about Krista but he wasn’t interested in hearing from a recovering alcoholic. And it’s too bad because Krista is alive and it looks like she might be in trouble. Who knows where all the drugs, lying, & deceit will get us. Hosted by: Monse Bolanos - @monsebolanos, Gabriella Castania - @gabriellacastania, Karla Contreras - @karlalcontreras, Divij Vaswani - @divijvaswani
June 2, 2020
Hightown S1 E1 Recap & After Show: Love You Like A Sister
Hightown opens up on two friends waiting in their car on a rainy night to pick up some drugs. Before we are given much else we get our victim of the season because Sheri is shot almost instantly as she meets her “drug dealer.” Two guys roll her up and drive away not knowing that there was actually a witness, Sherry’s friend Krista who was in the car but stepped out to pee in the bushes moments before Sherry was shot. L This is the beginning of what seems to be a crazy and twisted crime by some amateurs because Sheri’s body comes to shore and is found by Jackie Quiñones, played by Monica Raymund. We quickly find out that Jackie loves to party and live her life on the edge while also working as a service officer for the Marine Fisheries department. The death doesn’t seem to affect her too much or that’s the vibe she gives as she’s talks to Detective Ray Abruzzo played by James Badge Dale. Unfortunately for Ray, Sherry was his informant and he quickly took action to find out who killed Sherri by visiting an inmate by the name of Frankie Cuevas who he thinks may be involved or at least had an idea of who’s involved. And Detective Ray doesn’t stop there, he even visits Frankie’s baby momma. But it turns out that Jackie may have been more affected than we thought about the murder because she goes out for a fun night to forget what she saw and loses control. Not just of her mind but control of the car and crashes. Jackie, under the influence of alcohol and cocaine is now possibly facing a felony because she had a passenger in her car. In order to help her sentencing she unwillingly goes to rehab. We see her spiral out again but also seems to gain a sense of reality and what she needs to do. As we get the last shot of Jackie in her first AA meeting we see a shot of various peoples photos who have been to this rehab center and we see Krista. Clearly, this is only the beginning.
May 19, 2020