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StarGirl After Show Podcast

StarGirl After Show Podcast

By AfterBuzz TV
Courney Whitmore's life changes after discovering not only her stepfather's old life as a superhero, but also a source of immense power in the form of a staff. Join us on the STARGIRL AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we follow Courtney's acts of inspiration for future heroes. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date.
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StarGirl S1 E8 Recap & After Show:"Daddy's home"

StarGirl After Show Podcast

StarGirl S1 E8 Recap & After Show:"Daddy's home"

StarGirl After Show Podcast

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July 12, 2020
StarGirl S1 E8 Recap & After Show:"Daddy's home"
On this weeks RECAP: DC's STARGIRL - SEASON 1 - EPISODE 8 - SHIV PT 2 - Pat is in a car accident, the squad go on a mission, and Stargirl and Shiv rematch. We start off with Barbara at dinner with her boss, unbeknownst to her Icicle. He leaves for a "business meeting" which turns out being him freezing a Waste Disposal former executive partly responsible his wife's death in a revenge murder. Barbara gets a call that Courtney and Pat have been in a bad accident, as we watch Pat's car careen off the road and into a pole. At the hospital, Pat tells Courtney about the car accident. It is the cover for Courtney's encounter with Shiv. Pat wants to tell Barbara the truth, but Courtney begs him not to. Courtney is worried about the mission and knows her mother will unallow it. Cindy and her father Dragon King have a discussion about the events that transpired. Dragon King is not impressed and in fact is disappointed with Cindy, which seems to be his usual attitude. Cindy expresses she was successful, Dragon King is not happy with her actions and threatens to take his mask off as punishment. Courtney is in bed after her injuries. Barbara seems upset at Pat, and blames him. Mike and Courtney revisit their brother/sister moment except this time it gets sentimental. Mike expresses regret for being jealous and says he is happy Courtney is his sister and Pat is her new dad. Pat has a similar heart to heart with the staff. He talks to the staff who does not respond. He expresses he wants Courtney not to get hurt. As Pat leaves to talk to Barabara the staff shines showing acknowledgment. Yolanda, Beth, and Rick are not happy with what happened to Courtney. Rick is especially upset and throws a tantrum, however Beth is able to speak reason and says she has a plan. That day all three go over to Cindy's after school and Beth goes up to the door. Pat shows up and goes with Beth. Cindy's step mom Bobbie lets them in. Comedically, Pat and Beth fumble that he is Beth's father and a mechanic. Beth uses her glasses to search the house while Pat stalls. Bobbie asks Pat to fix the plumbing and then comes onto him. Beth goes downstairs to the lair and then upstairs to Cindy's room. Henry is in his father's den suffering from the onset of his powers. Unable to stand the pain he searches for ibuprofen and is able to manifest his telekenetic powers. He finds a key to his fathers closet lair. He finds a letter detailing Cindy is his detail and there to watch him. Meanwhile. Cindy pays a visit to injured Courtney in bed at her house. Surprisingly Cindy apologizes for her attitude at the football game. She engages in girl talk as Courtney warily engages in return. Cindy seems sincere as she eats all the candy she brought for Courtney. As she leaves she casually mentions she knows Courtney is Stargirl, but wont tell her father. She then threatens she will kill of Courtney's friends. Courtney unaware of her friend's whereabouts texts them Cindy knows her identity. Yolanda updates her on their whereabouts. Courtney then lets them know Cindy is on her way home. Cindy gets home while Beth is in her room. Beth tries to hide, thankfully Yolanda has dawned the Wildcat outfit and climbed the wall to the room. She takes Beth to safety in the nick of time. The friends and Pat make a hasty retreat. Courtney on the other hand knowing her friends are in danger goes to get the staff. The staff will not go with her at first but then goes. Courntey gets to Cindy's house and immediately attacks. Cindy and Courtney have another fight. It spills onto the streets. Henry shows up displaying his power and sens a brain shockwave that throws Courtney and Cindy. Cindy is halted by her father's minions he send her to him. Henry is reading Stargirls mind and knows it is Courtney. All this and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow. Stay tuned.
July 8, 2020
StarGirl S1 E7 Recap & After Show: "Taking Care of Business" w/ SPECIAL GUEST NEIL JACKSON!
Hosted by Jeff Williams, Tehran Van Ghasri, Alice ford, and SPECIAL GUEST NEIL JACKSON! Courtney needs to be part of the team, Cindy is so mean, and Barbara goes on a business trip. We begin the episode in the hospital where Henry is still grieving over the injury of his father Brainwave.  Cindy comes to visit her boyfriend but really wants to plan for homecoming.  Henry is in no homecoming mood as he is gloom patrol because of his father.  Cindy feigns sympathy, however if she even has a heart it is not there. The team walks into school with a new found confidence and zest.  As they hero walk in the halls, Cindy bumps into them and calls them all losers.  Cindy then bumps into the janitor and knocks his mop down.  Why is Cindy so mean, Courtney asks.  Most of the team responds she has always been, Beth points out she changed in elementary school when her mother died, and now has a second step mother. The ever empathetic savior, Courtney helps the janitor with his mop and decides to reach out and be friends with Cindy.  Before parting ways, the team enthusiastically decides to meet up for practice later. Cameron goes home and sees his father, Icicle.  Icicle, the villain yet amazing father, senses something is wrong and asks.  Cameron discusses being too shy to ask Courtney out to Homecoming.  Icicle, unaware Courtney is Stargirl, recounts a romantic story between himself and Cameron's mom, how she had been waiting for him to ask her out.  This encouragement is advice for Cameron to just ask out Courtney. Courtney, Pat, and Mike attend the Homecoming football game.  Courtney is paying attention to Principle Bowmen, who she suspects of being the Fiddler.  Mike is jealous of the attention Pat seems to give Courtney and vice versa.  He has also noticed they have been acting suspicious lately.  While Pat is getting concessions, Cameron musters the confidence to ask Courtney to the Homecoming Dance.  Courtney says yes, expressing she was supposed to hang out with Cindy.  She then tries to ask Cindy to hang out another day.  Cindy, feeling rejected, pushes Courtney away and says never again. Courtney then follows Principle Bowmen to her office.  Principle Bowmen goes through a secret door.  Courtney suits up and follows.  Meanwhile Cindy has gone to her father's lair but has no access.  When she sees an intruder she suits up in her father's suit as well.  As Courtney is looking for Principle Bowmen she is attacked by Cindy in costume, but her face revealed.  The two fight.  Cindy reveals a super healing power when Courtney inadvertently burns her face with the staff.  Cindy gets the better of Courtney until The Janitor comes to her aid with a powerful sword.  The staff goes and finds Pat and brings him to the injured Courtney which sends Cindy away.  The Janitor int he background recognizes Pat. All this and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned.
July 1, 2020
StarGirl S1 E3-6 Recaps & After Show: Justice Society of America
On this episode RECAP:  DC's STARGIRL - SEASON 1 - EPISODE 6 - Justice Society of America - Courtney has recruited a new Justice Society with the kids in her highschool and Pat is not happy. Two characters begin the episode by killing the coach.  Clearly they are members of the Injustice Society.  Icicle gives them their power suits. Courtney goes out at night as Stargirl. Pat finds out about the items taken from the Justice Society and learns about Courtney's new team.  Pat is not happy and tries to explain to Courtney how dangerous this is.  He pleads with her to get the items back from the other kids. Pat goes to Rick's to get the hourglass back.  Courtney decides to speak to Yolanda and Beth for their artifacts back as well.  Yolanda and Beth refuse and simply walk away.  Rick does the same thing to Pat.  Courtney tries to speak to her friends after school as well.  Rick shows up and tries to express they do not need Pat.  Courtney sticks up for Pat but reluctantly agrees to go on their investigation further into the Injustice Society, against Pat's wishes. Icicle sends The Gambler to prepare the two people from the beginning of the show who turn out to be Sportsmaster and Tigress.  The Gambler then goes on his own mission for the plan. When Pat gets home he realizes Courtney is out with the team.  He goes in search of them as the new team in their new suits go into a building.  Tigress and Sportsmasters are also in the same building and a huge fight breaks out.  Great fight screen leads to Tigress and Sportsmaster retreating upon Pat's arrival and helping out. Icicle is happy about new missile codes The Gambler was able to retrieve.  Now they need Brainwave.  They also determine to find out who the new Justice Society members are. All this and more on the Afterbuzz Aftershow.  Stay tuned. Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Tehran Non Ghasri and Jeff Williams Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
June 24, 2020
StarGirl S1 E2 Recap & After Show with Christopher James Baker: Truths and Run-Ins
After Courtney has an unexpected run-in with a member of the Injustice Society of America, Pat reveals the truth to her about their history; Barbara is elated when she sees Courtney making an attempt to get along with Pat. Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Chae' Jones, Tehran Non Ghasri, Jeff Williams, and special guest Christopher James Baker Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
May 27, 2020
Stargirl S1 E1 Recap & After Show: Brightest Stars
In this premier pilot episode of CW's STARGIRL - SEASON 1 - EPISODE 1 - PILOT - A golden age of heroes protected the world for decades.  Ten years ago that golden age ended.  But this one has just begun. We being the episode following Pat Dugan in a classic, seemingly 1955 Oldsmobile, driving frantically towards a mansion estate.  Inside the mansion a roaring battle is going on between the Justice Society of America led by Starman's heroics and the Injustice Society comprising of villains Brainwave, The Wizard, Icicle, and Grundy.  Starman putting up the last bit of fight heroically stops Brainwave but is caught off guard by a sharp icicle by Icicle which leaves him fatally wounded.  Pat Dugan, Starman's sidekick gathers him and takes him into the car.  Grundy gives chase, as Dugan puts the car into special gear and takes to the sky but not before the car is damaged by Grundy.  The flight gets the sidekick and hero out of harms way but crash lands later.  Unharmed by the crash but fatally wounded, Starman gives Pat the staff and tells him to hide it.  To give it to one who is worthy, and humorously that is not him at all. Mike has become very adjusted and made new friends.  He leaves as Courtney is left with Pat and Barbara. Courtney also finds the Cosmic Staff which brightens and comes to life at her touch.  The staff only meant to be held by Starman works for Courtney and takes her on an adventure.  Courtney finds herself at the drive in and once again stands up to the jock bullies as they bother other movie goers, blowing up the jocks car. As she sleeps that night, the staff comes to Courtney.  The staff takes her to practice.  As she practices, the jock, Henry King Jr is being chastised by his father for blowing up the car.  Realizing the significance of the staff, we see that his father, Henry King Sr, is none other than Brainwave.  Suspicious of the return of Starman, Brainwave calls Icicle who tells him to do nothing.  Brainwave goes to investigate and runs into Courtney.  As a fight is about to ensue, Pat emerges in STRIPE, the robot armor suit. An all star cast with all star action, we discuss this on the Afterbuzz Aftershow and more.  Stay tuned. The After show is hosted by Tehran Von Ghasri, Chae' Jones, and Alice Ford. Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
May 20, 2020