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Quarantine With The Stars

Quarantine With The Stars

By AfterBuzz TV
Quarantine With The Stars is your chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite Hollywood actors, directors, producers, and writers to find out what they’re really doing behind the scenes while we all hunker down amidst the pandemic! As the famous phrase goes: “stars, they’re just like us,” and this time, it’s true! What series’ are your favorite actors watching? Are they still keeping their craft as we all play the waiting game? And what can we be looking forward to once the world settles back down? Tune in EVERY DAY, LIVE, to hear from your favorites, here on AfterBuzz TV.
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How Lisa Ann Walter is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV

Quarantine With The Stars

How Lisa Ann Walter is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV

Quarantine With The Stars

How Temptation Island's Javen Butler & Shari Ligons are Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Host AJ (@crimsonPEARL) checks in with Temptation Island's favorite couple, Javen Butler and Shari Ligons. Find out what the couple has been up to while in Quarantine and if they have tied the knot yet.
June 27, 2020
How Actor Cas Anvar is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Adept actor, CAS ANVAR, spent most of last year as pilot 'Alex Kamal' on Amazon Prime standout, The Expanse, and found himself "bicycling" to and from the Toronto set to Hollywood to join How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) for its final season. He is now in that rare group of being an Emmy contender as Guest Actor in a Drama Series on How to Get Away With Murder as well as an Emmy Contender as one of the beloved leads on The Expanse for Best Actor, Drama Series. Cas and V two shot Murder.jpgCAS ANVAR portrays 'Robert Hsieh,' a strong, confident, shrewd yet appropriately vulnerable, highly skilled lawyer who is one of the few romantic interests able to handle the enigma of Viola Davis' alter-ego, 'Annalise Keating' on this final season of How To Get Away With Murder. His character's spot-on, honest authenticity is the main reason she lets him stick around so long.
June 27, 2020
How Actress Shiloh Nelson is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Shiloh Nelson stars alongside Sofia Carson in Netflix’s upcoming film “Feel The Beat,” premiering on June 19th. The film centers on ‘April’ (Carson) who is a Broadway dancer down on her luck; she ultimately returns back to her hometown and is recruited to train a group of young dancers for a big competition. Shiloh stars as ‘Ruby,’ a shy, hardworking girl who becomes the stage manager. To prepare for the role, Shiloh underwent a month of dance training alongside her co-stars. Working alongside Sofia Carson, she received amazing acting advice from the veteran actress, who taught her to always be present on set, even if you aren’t on camera. Shiloh Nelson has an impressive resume of film and television at such a young age. Her breakout role came in the Sony film “Mom’s Night Out” alongside Patricia Heaton. That same year, she starred in Disney’s film “Tomorrowland.” At five-years-old, she transitioned into horror to star in the box office hit film “Annabelle.” Aside from film, she has starred in a slew of television shows including “NCIS,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Grandfathers” alongside John Stamos. She also recently voiced the role of ‘Keia’ in the Disney Channel animated series “Puppy Dog Pals.” The Portland, Oregon, native describes herself as quirky, energetic, and fun. She loves channeling her comedic side and when she isn’t acting, she entertains through the TikTok account and YouTube channel that she runs with her older brother. The two siblings create content parodying common things that all siblings go through, with some female empowerment themes to coincide. Both their TikTok and YouTube accounts have soared, with their TikTok boasting around 3.8 million followers and their YouTube garnering 200,000 subscribers. Shiloh’s favorite subject to study is language and writing because she feels it helps her channel her creativity that she can then transition into her acting. She loves to bake and garden in her free time. She is passionate about being involved with food banks and has previously helped out organizations like Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, and No Kid Hungry. She admires Dwayne Johnson for his all-around work ethic and hopes to one day play the role of a female action star.
June 23, 2020
How You Don't Nomi's Jeffrey McHale is Surviving the Qurarantine | AfterBuzz TV
In YOU DON’T NOMI, a chorus of film critics and fervent devotees explore the complicated afterlife of 1995’s biggest film flop, Paul Verhoeven's salacious Showgirls, from disastrous release to cult adoration and extraordinary redemption 25 years later. The film features Adam Nayman (Vice Guide to Film), April Kidwell (I, Nomi) and Peaches Christ (Milk) as well as archive interview footage with the cast and crew of Showgirls. While Showgirls is the main subject of YOU DON’T NOMI, the documentary is also a retrospective of Verhoeven’s directing career from RoboCop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Starship Troopers and Elle, among others. It explores the themes that unite his films, while showcasing Verhoeven as a genius and as a controversial figure all at the same time. Please let me know your thoughts. YOU DON’T NOMI will be in theaters June 5, 2020 and On Demand and Digital June 9, 2020.
June 20, 2020
How Actor and Philanthropist Phillip Keene is Surviving the Qurarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Acclaimed actor and philanthropist, Phillip Keene, best known as 'Buzz Watson,' the tech savvy member of LAPD's exclusive squad on TNT's hit drama franchise "The Closer" and spin-off "Major Crimes," is working with Project Wingman, a COVID-19 charitable initiative mobilizing volunteers from the travel industry to support frontline health care heroes with pop-up lounges in hospitals. In addition to his philanthropic work, he's also available to discuss LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood, share his story, and talk about his relationship with long-time husband, James Duff (creator of TNT's "Major Crimes & "The Closer") on behalf of PRIDE month. Growing up between South America and Orange County, Phillip got his first taste of theatre while in middle school, performing in "Annie Get Your Gun" and continued his passion throughout high school. After graduation, like most struggling actors, Phillip worked a string of odd jobs until one day when he bought his very first newspaper, flipped through the personal ads and stumbled upon one to become a Pan American World Airways flight attendant. He packed up his things, went to Miami for a six-week training program and then on to London which he would call home for the next few years. When the company folded in 1991, Phillip decided his next move would be moving back to California. He worked another odd string of jobs at a modeling agency, at the local gym, as a travel agent and even as a makeup artist. At this time, he also attended UCLA and double majored in history and art history and taking acting classes on the side. It was only by chance that a friend of his, who worked in the entertainment industry, set him up with his role on "The Closer," and the rest is history! Phillip's love for his past career with Pan Am never faded, and he has amassed one the largest collectors of the airline's iconic memorabilia. Since he began collection in 1996, his collection has grown to over 3,500 pieces and includes matchboxes, posters, uniforms and tableware.
June 18, 2020
How Musician Rhyan LaMarr is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
A true renaissance man. That’s what Rhyan LaMarr proves with the release of his debut musical project, aPERFECTmess. The Chicago-based artist taps into his first love of music to tell his life story through 20 tracks bringing together a list of who’s who in the industry. A cross between DJ Khaled-esque curation and Quincy Jones-like craftsmanship, the album unites voices from across genres and regions, including skits from radio personalities Sway and Charlamagne Tha God to tell LaMarr’s story of hope and perseverance. aPERFECTmess holds dual meaning to describe the mashup nature of the music and LaMarr’s personal journey enduring homelessness on his way toward establishing himself as a reputable filmmaker. Lead single “Stayed Down” enlists 1K Phew, Social Club Misfits, Jack Red, Mico Wave and Chi-Town legend Twista for an epic posse cut. “The Remedy” brings listeners a reflective note with Jonathan Mcreynolds and Jack Red as LaMarr expresses gratitude for the light he found when he was at his darkest point. “It took me my whole life to make one album, but this album is my whole life,” he shares of aPERFECTmess. Canal Street the film was released in 2019 and was LaMarr’s big break as a producer/director/screenwriter that gave him confidence to continue pursuing his artistry. It allowed him to travel across the country to share his story and build his own entertainment production company Red Guerilla Entertainment with fellow business partner Bishop Eric D. Garnes. After doing projects with late comedian Bernie Mac, Grammy-winning musician Common and Academy Award-winner George Clooney. He’s come a long way from having nothing but a pen and notepad. LaMarr isn’t reinventing the wheel by combining his love of music and film. He’s following in the footsteps of Kanye West, Pharrell, John Legend and 50 Cent by taking ownership of his craft and putting in his own spin of positivity. CONNECT WITH RHYAN LAMARR: Instagram - @RhyanLamarr Facebook - @RhyanLamarr Twitter - @LamarrRhyan Tick Tock-@RhyanLamarr83 aPERFECTmess (Volume 1) - Album Website- CONNECT WITH FEATURED ARTISTS ON "FIGHT ANOTHER DAY": Rhyan LaMarr - @rhyanlamarr Ta'Rhonda Jay - @tarhondajay Shirley Murdock - @shirleymurdock4real Jack Red - @lifeofjackred Angie Rose - @angierosemusik Mod G. - @modg_theproducer Bishop Garnes - @bishopgarnes
June 18, 2020
How Singer/Songwriter Madysyn is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Madysyn is a teen singer/songwriter who went viral when she was just 12 years old -- her video singing garnered over 10M views in just 2 days. She has over 1 million combined social followers! Her last cover, "Shallow" with Tyler Ward has over 18+ million streams on Spotify and counting, and she just released her debut country single, "Girlfriend" in Feb written by Ross Copperman (21 no.1 singles).
June 17, 2020
How The Great American Baking Show's Chris Tucker is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
While the world adjusts to a current new normal, many have taken to their kitchens to cook and bake to their heart's content. Everything from novice chefs taking a spin at Banana Bread to family meals now done with simple pantry ingredients. We would love to introduce you to one of TV's favorite bakers, Chris Tucker - Betta with Butta (ABC's "The Great American Baking Show") and recently featured with his famous Banana Bread recipe on INSIDE EDITION, to share with your audience his top baking tips and secrets, as he launches his own at home baking kits for two of his most popular recipes, with a portion of proceeds being donated to COVID relief efforts. Baking kits will be for his mouth-watering Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake (GF) and his Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies (V/GF) so anyone can enjoy at home. Additionally - for pride month, he has launched two new products with a portion of proceeds benefiting The Trevor Project. Chris' masterful menu is available to ship nationwide, and after the "safer at home" order was put into place, Chris quickly launched a "Quarantine Drop Off Menu" for Los Angeles residents, earning some celebrity fans, offering delicious baked goods, and a smile - from 6 feet away, straight to doors around the city - and now nationally via his online order form. The menu includes favorites both full "Butta" and Vegan/GF options as well for dietary restrictions. A Southern baker at heart, with a French twist, and a true believer that a little bit of butter makes everything better,Chris grew up baking with his grandmother. Some of his fondest memories growing up were spending time in the kitchen with her, creating, and of course, tasting delicious recipes. Baking had a beautiful way of spreading joy around the table during the holidays, and when she passed away while he was younger, his family looked to him to continue the tradition. Always a hobby growing up and into adulthood, Chris worked as a hair stylist for nearly a decade before he reclaimed his passion and love for baking, and soon found himself starring on ABC's most popular cooking show "The Great American Baking Show." With his sights set on a future of owning and running his business on a larger scale, and aspirations to be the Ottoleghi, Candace Nelson, and Clair Ptak of the pastry world, there's nothing stopping this self-taught baker aiming to bring some joy into everyone's kitchens, either with his pre-made items, or baking kits to spend time with those closest to us. When he's not working out of his recently acquired commercial kitchen space baking for the masses, Chris spends time continuing to hone in on his craft through reading and creating new recipes at home with his husband.
June 17, 2020
How Fuller House's Juan Pablo Di Pace is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Juan Pablo was born in Buenos Aires and is an actor, musician and director. He has lived in London, Trieste, Madrid and currently resides in the US. He is best known for playing the role of the passionate Fernando on Netflix's Emmy-nominated Number 1 show "Fuller House", which has won "People's Choice", "Kids Choice" and "Teen Choice.” He is famous for portraying the role of Jesus Christ on "A.D. The Bible Continues" (2015) produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey for which he won a GRACE Award for "Most Inspiring Performance" in 2016, for the role of self-made billionaire Nicolás Treviño on TNT's reboot of "Dallas" (2014) and for his appearance in the movie "Mamma Mia" (2008) as Colin Firth´s love interest, Petros. Di Pace has made several appearances on British television, such as BBC One comedy "The Catherine Tate Show" and BBC One film "Aftersun", and in Spanish television, such as "Supercharly", "Angel o Demonio", "Los Hombres de Paco", "El Don de Alba"and "Física o Química". On film, he starred in "Survival Island" (2004), "Tutti Intorno a Linda" (2006), Fuera de foco (2011) and "After The Reality" (2016). Juan Pablo has an extensive live theatre background. In 2017, he premiered his solo show "An Evening with JP" in New York's 54 Below, which he brought back to New York´s this last January 2020 at Green Room 42 to rave reviews and sold out houses. In 2018 he headlined a 3,000 people concert entitled “The Music of George Michael” with The Houston Symphony´s 70-piece orchestra. His one man show “Primer Acto” was nominated for best One Man Show at the BroadwayWorld Awards and won the Butaquita Award for best One Man Show (Madrid, 2013). Juan Pablo has had an extensive musical theater career, dubbed Spain´s “original male triple threat”, starting with Bob Fosse's musical "Chicago" in London´s west End, and then starring in "Grease” as danny Zucco (Italy, 1999), Tony Manero in "Saturday Night Fever" (Madrid, 2009-2010) and Juan in "Más de 100 Mentiras" (Madrid, 2012). As a filmmaker, Juan Pablo has recently created “MINUTIAE” a web series in confinement about the “minutia” of life, with weekly premieres on his YouTube channel where fans can watch live every thursday at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.  Guest stars include Andrea Barber, Soni Nicole Bringas, Jack Plotnick, Victoria Di Pace, Justin Root, Adam Hagenbuch. He has written and directed several short films including "La Belleza", "Venki" ,”Admission,” “Ellos Dos" and the feature film “New Boy.” Juan Pablo is developing two feature films with his long time collaborator Andrés P. Estrada. In Music, Juan Pablo has released the singles “Broken”, "Just A Feeling" and "Sunrise, Sunset" (2018) worldwide and is currently finishing his upcoming EP of new original songs, including “Moonchild,” “Be Ready” and “Without You” co-written with Nick Gale (Dua Lipa). In 2013 he released his debut album "Primer Acto" (2013) and in 2010 he had a number one hit "We Wanna Rock” in Europe. He has worked with Diane Warren, Desmond Child, Nick Gale, Daddy Supreme, Joshua Olsen, Michael Franklin, Jeffrey James, and Kole among others. He has played sold-out shows in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Madrid.
June 16, 2020
How S.W.A.T.'s Carlo Arrechea is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Sizzling hot Havana, Cuba-born bilingual actor Carlo Arrechea is a star on the rise in Hollywood, recently making his U.S. prime time debut in the CBS hit TV series S.W.A.T. where he portrayed 'Gio Torres', a middleweight Cuban boxer, aka "The Caribbean King." In the series, Torres is a prize fighter set to win a huge upcoming match when his pregnant wife if kidnapped and held for ransom. He enlists the S.W.A.T. team and works with them to retrieve his wife right in time for the delivery of their first child. The heartfelt role has garnered him much media attention and was one that was especially significant to him as it tied back to his Cuban roots. A third-generation actor, Arrechea’s career began at the age of 6 when he played the son to his biological mother in a telenovela in his home country of Cuba. He fell in love with the craft and was selected as one of the stars of the children’s show “Los Chicos Altura” (“The High Kids”). In 2002 his family moved to Miami and he faced a culture shock that made him rethink acting. He decided to study psychology in college but dropped out after only one semester to return to his true passion. It was during this time that he got into theater and started receiving a lot of attention for his stage performances including “El Solar de la Palangana de Oro” by Raúl de Cárdenas, a work that opened many doors for him and earned him press coverage as the “new face of acting” by People en Español. From theater, he jumped into television where he began with small roles in well-known Telemundo and Univision telenovelas such as "Más saber el diablo", "El Cartel 2" and "Alguien te Mira". He also starred in two short films, "Fate's Decree" directed by Michael Ruiz and the super production "El Manantial", with renowned Sam Bradley as director. His career thus began to roll, and his name to be known on the Miami scene. Not long after he was cast in the successful Nickelodeon Latin America series "Grachi" which he starred in for three seasons (152 episodes). It was during this time that he also starred in his first leading film role in the romantic comedy LA REBÚSQUEDA, the highest-grossing Salvadoran film in the country's history. After his success in Latin America, Arrechea decided to move to Los Angeles to begin his crossover into the U.S. market. Throughout his acting career, he has starred in several television commercials, including the Johnnie Walker national commercial which toasts to immigrants and highlights their grueling path towards citizenship. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA and is an alumnus of the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. As a Cuban-born actor, Arrechea has always looked up to the original Latin Comedy star Desi Arnaz and a dream role for him would be to reprise the role of ‘Ricky Ricardo’ in a comedy series or film. In his free time Arrechea enjoys reading, meditating, and exercising, and sees every day the opportunity to grow and improve in all aspects. He also enjoys volunteering for The Ronald McDonald House, where he feeds, plays games, and speaks with children and parents who have seriously ill children or family members in hospital.
June 16, 2020
How Musician Piera Van de Wiel is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
With domestic violence reports spiking due to COVID-19 worldwide lockdown, meet singer-songwriter Piera Van de Wiel who has captured the attention and support from the United Nations who is using her music to raise social awareness of domestic violence through her new single "Used," with proceeds going to the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women. With each impactful lyric, Piera sheds light on the dark reality of domestic violence by giving women around the world the voice they deserve. Please click here to listen to "Used": The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women mission is to prevent violence against women and girls by empowering groups especially at risk of violence, including adolescent girls and indigenous or ethnic minority women, and engaging strategically with boys and men as well as traditional and faith-based leaders to prevent violence. Born in England, Piera is a singer-songwriter and actor passionate about social impact and storytelling. She is the founder "Stronger With Music," a collective that promotes the importance of music and mental health and music and social impact. She has worked and performed with NGOs globally, including the Barefoot College International, Applaud Our Kids Foundation at 54 Below, the Aspire Artemis Foundation, and has sung at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for International Women's Day sponsored by the Mission of Djibouti, and at other UN sponsored events around the world, including the Regional STEAM & Innovation Symposia in St Lucia with UN Women and Microsoft. She has also performed at the Jazz at Lincoln Center where Spike Lee and Alec Baldwin were presenting. With her music, she hopes to benefit others; from her single release in 2019 "Come Back Home" which was written to aid humanitarian efforts in the Abacos Bahamas that was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. This song has been recognized and received a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Listener Impact at the Global Music Awards for independent artists. As an Actor she has worked on films that include period drama "Strip Clara," 1950s film "Tainted Choices" which are both on the film festival circuit, Fox Films "Amsterdam in Anatolia", and performed at the prestigious Rose Theatre in London, London Salvation Army Hall, South Hill Arts, Atlantic Stage 2 with the Atlantic Acting Company in New York, and her leading role in Off Broadway production of The Three Musketeers as Milady De Winter with the Classical Theater of Harlem. This production was nominated for Off Broadway theatre awards including 9 Audelco awards including Best Drama.
June 13, 2020
How Singer Jac Ross is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
In a time when change is needed more than ever, the enigma Jac Ross emerges carrying enough pain to incite cultural change and the love to remind us we’re all the same. For Jac Ross, his soul-stirring vocals are deeper than the ears that hear them. The sounds of his voice tell the stories of struggle and success, but most importantly impress a glimmer of hope in the hearts of those who witness his silky and powerful harmonies. Jac Ross embodies the iconic voices that shifted culture with songs such as “What’s Going On?”, “Change Is Gonna Come”, ”Strange Fruit”, “Fight The Power” and “The Blacker The Berry”. Singing upbuilding lyrics that advocate for cultural, social, and political issues, the vocal agent of change draws from the struggle of his own life experiences, almost like a Ta-Nehisi Coates-esque novel to deliver riveting engaging music that represents his community. Raised in the small town of Live Oak, FL, Ross’ adoration for music emanated from a bevy of factors. Exposed to an array of iconic soul and r&b singers, paired with the influence of his father’s career as a preacher, Ross’ precocious talent was nurtured at the early age of five. Though he came from a very strict household, Ross’ parents skillfully cultivated his talents by allowing him to dictate his own pace and tempo as a musician. As the self-taught pianist was polishing his craft in high school, he later bloomed finding interest in basketball, earning some attention to play on the collegiate level. Ross’ decision to decline those offers was due to his faith, love and confidence in his musical prowess. After completing high school, the determined musician gave himself seven years to make it in the music industry. During his seven-year climb, Ross’ journey was an arduous one. Ross’ hardships included recording in the dining room of his house, his child being born with a paralyzed arm — to his family being evicted to pay for their daughter’s surgery. Still, despite those colossal setbacks, Ross’ unwavering faith served as the vehicle to his glorious comeback. The self-proclaimed “Faith Dealer” noticed his luck changing when his co-writer Mezo, encountered R&B savant, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins at a mall in Florida. After an exchange of emails, Jerkins fortuitously opened the one which included Ross’ song “Gotta Be Mine.” Mesmerized by Ross’ spellbinding vocals, Jerkins asked for the rising singer to come visit him in- person for a meeting at his Orlando home. There, Ross delivered a riveting rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and an original song he crafted called “Freedom.” Enthralled by Ross’ musical makeup, Jerkins elected to sign the singer to his label Darkchild Records and work with him on his debut EP. After recording a whopping 88 songs, he and Jerkins began shopping around at different labels in hopes of finally finding a home. In 2019, Darcus Beese, President of Island Records personally signed the singer and now, Ross looks to shake the world with his debut project in 2020. Off to a speedy beginning, the emerging talent has already captured the attention of Ms. Cathy Hughes, founder and chairperson of Urban One Inc., who handpicked the crooner to open Urban One Honors, a televised special. The standing ovation received from cultural heavy hitters such as, Jamie Foxx, Billy Porter, Missy Elliott, Brandy, Chance the Rapper and others on his debut tv performance— speaks to Ross’s unique ability to capture audiences and his music that uplifts people of all ages. With more to come from Jac Ross, he has already begun to cement his place as the premier artist to watch going into the next decade.
June 13, 2020
How Love Victor's Isabella Ferreira is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Isabella Ferreira is one of the stars of Hulu’s upcoming series “Love, Victor” (based on the popular film “Love, Simon”). More details on the show and Isabella below. Looking forward to your thoughts. ~ “Love, Victor” is a 10-episode spinoff from the romantic comedy film “Love, Simon” that will premiere on Hulu inJune. The series focuses on ‘Victor’ (played by Michael Cimino), a new student at Creekwood High School — the same high school as the movie — on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation. Isabella plays ‘Pilar,” who is ‘Victor’s’ sister and confidant. Ferreira is most known for her work on season 7 of Netflix’s hit series “Orange is the New Black.” She played "Eva Diaz,” a rebellious thirteen-year-old girl who is not afraid to raise her voice and fight with her mother, Aleida Diaz, played by Elizabeth Rodriguez. Raised in Philadelphia, Isabella grew up with a passion for dancing, singing and acting. She currently resides in Philadelphia.
June 11, 2020
How Actress Aria Brooks is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Aria Brooks was destined for a career in entertainment. Born in Atlanta Georgia as the daughter of two Performing Arts educators, she began singing and dancing at a young age. Soon, she could be seen showcasing her talents in local musical theatre productions. At the tender age of 10, Aria made the decision to pursue acting as a career path and shifted her focus to TV and film projects. At 13, Aria is quickly establishing herself as a powerhouse in the industry. She was seen on the big screen with a pivotal role in the award-winning film Harriet. She played Anger, the niece of Harriet Tubman, who is part of the group she comes back to save. The all-star cast also includes Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Nettles, and Leslie Odom Jr. Aria also brought her talent to television with a guest-starring role as Nola in the anthology series Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings. Each installment tells an inspirational story based on the singer’s song catalog. In Aria’s episode, her character has a dog that reminds Dolly of her childhood furry companion, Crackerjack. The show is streaming now on Netflix. Other onscreen credits include Saved in the City and Nocturnal just to name a few. Aria’s breakout role came when she landed a spot as the newest series regular cast member on Nickelodeon’s All That, a reboot of the classic 90’s comedy series. Known as the network’s version of Saturday Night Live, the hit show allows Aria to hone her comedic talent alongside original cast member Kel Mitchell, who also serves as an Executive Producer. New episodes are airing now. When she is not filming, Aria enjoys creating her own content. She is an accomplished writer who has penned her own short film as well as a television series that explore the ups and downs of friendship. Aria also loves to sing and perform. She has written and produced two singles “Truly Me” and “Time Off.” The videos are available on her YouTube channel. Outside of acting, Aria loves to keep busy. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, doing crafts, filmmaking, making TikTok videos, and recording content for her YouTube audience. She and her family are also passionate supporters of the Kilgore Music Foundation, founded by famed saxophonist Ryan Kilgore, that aims to mentor, teach and inspire children to be lifelong musicians. Aria currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Atlanta, where she lives with her parents and younger sisters.
June 11, 2020
How Filmmaker Mark O'Brien is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Mark O'Brien is an award-winning actor and filmmaker. He is an English major with a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland. His mother was a nurse and his father a truck driver. Mark also has three older sisters. He married actress Georgina Reilly on January 6, 2013 after meeting on the set of the hit show Republic of Doyle.  Mark O'Brien best known for his the roles as Des Courtney in Republic of Doyle and Tom Rendon in Halt and Catch Fire. He won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor at the 8th Canadian Screen Awards for his performance as Terry Sawchuk in the biographical drama film Goalie.  Mark O’Brien can next be seen starring in Panoramic Pictures' THE RIGHTEOUS, which he wrote and will direct. He recently wrapped BLUE BAYOU opposite Alicia Vikander and Justin Chon for Macro and can be seen on the Showtime series CITY ON A HILL opposite Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge and Jonathan Tucker and produced by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Tom Fontana and Jennifer Todd. He previously starred in the Amazon series THE LAST TYCOON opposite Kelsey Grammer, Lily Collins and Matt Bomer and recurred for three seasons on the critically acclaimed AMC series HALT AND CATCH FIRE. Some of Mark’s recent film credits include Jason Reitman’s THE FRONT RUNNER, opposite Hugh Jackman and Vera Farmiga; the Denis Villeneuve Academy Award nominated feature ARRIVAL opposite Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner; the Andrew Niccol’s film ANON, alongside Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried; STATE LIKE SLEEP, opposite Michael Shannon, Luke Evans and Ben Foster;  KIN, opposite James Franco, Dennis Quaid and Zoe Kravitz; the Fox feature film THE DARKEST MINDS opposite Mandy Moore; Netflix’s HOW IT ENDS, opposite Theo James and Forest Whitaker; and GOALIE, opposite Kevin Pollak. Mark also stars in the critically acclaimed Fox Searchlight film READY OR NOT, opposite Samara Weaving and can be seen in Noah Baumbach’s feature MARRIAGE STORY opposite Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver.   Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - #Podcast
June 10, 2020
How Penny Dreadful's Rico Torres is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Young Hollywood's newest Latin-American heartthrob Rico Torres is recognized for his latest roles on Showtime's "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels" and HBO's "Ballers," in addition to countless international fashion campaigns. From a shy teen diagnosed with anorexia to becoming a hotly-tipped face to watch in Hollywood, Rico hopes to share his remarkable story to inspire other young people to reach for their dreams.    The Columbian actor was born in Florida after his parents immigrated to America while his mother was still pregnant with him. He graduated pre-med from Columbia University, but instead of attending medical school he sacrificed and risked everything to follow his dreams and moved to Los Angeles from Tampa with only $500 in his pocket to pursue Hollywood greatness. After only a year and a half of putting in sweat and tears in L.A., Rico is available to share his remarkable story of chasing and fulfilling his American dream. When Rico isn't in front of the camera, he enjoys staying fit and eating healthy. However, at a young age Rico suffered from anorexia. This caused him to be severely bullied as a teenager which led to anxiety and depression. Rico's parents also divorced while he was in high school, and he lived with his mother who was working two full-time entry jobs to make ends meet. Rico then took on the of working and taking care of his family. All his past experiences (good or bad) have caused him to have a very special outlook on life and he takes nothing for granted. Rico sees them as beautiful and inspiring moments in his life that have shaped him into who he is today.   With over 100k followers on Instagram along with soon to be announced acting projects on the horizon, we would love to arrange an interview with you and Rico to discuss his meteoric Hollywood rise, fitness & nutrition tips, and inspiring story to teens and young people everywhere. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - #Podcast HELPFUL LINKS: Website - http://afterbuzztv.comApple Podcasts - us on Twitter - us on Facebook - on us Instagram - -
June 10, 2020
How Hallmark's Cindy Busby is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Cindy Busby is a Canadian actress known for her work on the Hallmark Channel. She has starred in Unleashing Mr. Darcy, Marrying Mr. Darcy, When Calls the Heart, and her new movie Love in the Forecast premiering on Hallmark Saturday, June 13th. She has also guest starred in hit popular TV Series including; The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural,The L.A Complex, and The Secret Circle. Cindy just recently played the role of Jillian in “Web of Dreams” which has earned 14 LEO nominations. Quarantine With The Stars is your chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite Hollywood actors, directors, producers, and writers to find out what they’re really doing behind the scenes while we all hunker down amidst the pandemic! As the famous phrase goes: “stars, they’re just like us,” and this time, it’s true! What series’ are your favorite actors watching? Are they still keeping their craft as we all play the waiting game? And what can we be looking forward to once the world settles back down? Tune in EVERY DAY, LIVE, to hear from your favorites, here on AfterBuzz TV.
June 4, 2020
How Nickelodeon's Carson Rowland is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
For Carson Rowland, acting has been a serious passion for as long has he can remember. After years on stage pursuing musical theater, Carson made his way into the film and TV arena by landing the role of Riley Sturgis in the TV series, Tweet: The Series, in 2015 for 5 episodes. Not long after, he booked the series regular role of Cole Reyes, in the Nickelodeon TV series, I Am Frankie. Carson has a BS in Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University. Carson has two sisters, Catherine and Carolynn, and one brother, Connor (they are awesome).
May 29, 2020
How Dreamland's Stephen McHattie/Lisa Houle are Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
DREAMLAND is directed by visionary filmmaker Bruce McDonald (Pontypool, Weirdos, Roadkill, Hard Core Logo) from a script co-written by Tony Burgess (The Hoard, Saturn’s Rings) and Patrick Whistler (“Cardinal”). The film stars Stephen McHattie (Watchmen, The Fountain), musician/actor Henry Rollins (frontman of Black Flag, Feast, Lost Highway), Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers, Cape Fear) and Tomis Lemarquis (Blade Runner 2049, Snowpiercer). Stephen McHattie: Stephen McHattie was born on February 3, 1947 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada as Stephen McHattie Smith. He is an actor and director, known for Pontypool (2008), The Fountain (2006) and Watchmen (2009). He is married to Lisa Houle. They have three children. He was previously married to Meg Foster. Lisa Houle is known for her work on Pontypool (2008), Flashpoint (2008) and Haven (2010). Quarantine With The Stars is your chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite Hollywood actors, directors, producers, and writers to find out what they’re really doing behind the scenes while we all hunker down amidst the pandemic! As the famous phrase goes: “stars, they’re just like us,” and this time, it’s true! What series’ are your favorite actors watching? Are they still keeping their craft as we all play the waiting game? And what can we be looking forward to once the world settles back down? Tune in EVERY DAY, LIVE, to hear from your favorites, here on AfterBuzz TV.
May 29, 2020
How Actor Patrick Renna is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Patrick Renna has brought iconic characters to life on the big and small screens, proving that from comedy to drama, and from action adventures to romantic comedies he can do it all. In 2018 Renna can be seen on season two of Netflix’s award-nominated comedy series “GLOW.” Produced by Jenji Kohan, “GLOW” follows Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), a struggling, out of work actress in Los Angeles in the 1980’s, who eventually goes on to create the first women’s wrestling TV show. Renna is a scene stealer as Cupcake, a socially awkward GLOW super-fan. The series is slated to premiere season two summer 2018. Born in Boston, Renna moved to Los Angeles at a young age with his family to pursue acting. At thirteen years old he landed his breakout lead role, starring in 20th Century Fox’s blockbuster hit film “The Sandlot.” 25 years after its release the film is still a cult classic and Renna’s character Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter remains an icon- with one of his token catch phrases “you’re killing me smalls” still used by kids and adults today. At sixteen years old Renna starred in Disney’s “The Big Green,” directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan. He went on to work steadily throughout the 90’s and ‘00s in films including: “Son In Law”, “PUNKS”, “Blue River′′, “Very Mean Men”, “Life Blood”, “Dark Ride”, “Dorm Daze” and countless others. Renna’s long list of television credits include recurring and guest star roles on: “Bones,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “Boston Legal,” “The Closer,” “Judging Amy,” “ER,” “The X-Files,” and starring in the SYFY film “Lavantula” opposite Steve Guttenberg. While working in front of the camera has kept Renna busy, he is also passionate about writing, producing, and directing. He produced indie feature “Bad Roomies” which was released through The Orchard in 2015. The film, a dark comedy directed by Jason Schnell and written by Justin Mooney follows two guys (Renna and Tommy Savas) who decide to get a female roommate (Annie Monroe) for all the wrong reasons, forever turning their lives upside down. Most recently, Renna starred opposite Abigail Breslin and Chris Marquette in the comedy thriller “Fear, Inc.” (2016). The film follows a horror junkie and his friends as they sign up with a company that brings their customer’s greatest fears to life.
May 29, 2020
How Selling Sunset's Amanza Smith is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Amanza Smith may be the new agent at The Oppenheim Group, but is not the new girl to the team. Being best friends with Jason, Brett and Mary for over 18 years, Amanza is the one who introduced Mary to Jason. Their friendship is what drew Amanza to the cast of Selling Sunset. A single mother of two, Amanza has a unique perspective that sets her apart from others. Loyal, kind and strong, she does everything to provide her children with the best lives possible. Amanza’s down-to-earth personality demonstrates that she is authentic and relatable. She was born in Mt. Carmel, Illinois, and grew up in Vincennes, Indiana. Although she had a very humble upbringing, Amanza experienced a difficult childhood. Coming from a blended family, Amanza had an upbringing that was filled with obstacles to overcome, she was often teased for her skin color and hair. She never thought of herself as the “pretty girl,” and as she matured, learned to not take herself too seriously and to turn those struggles into strength. Amanza studied interior design in college and then at age 24, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Her successful modelling and performing career included being a professional cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts and one of the models on NBC’s Deal or No Deal. She married her now ex-husband, former NFL player Ralph Brown, in 2010. To make ends meet after her divorce, Amanza did everything from cleaning houses to walking dogs to retail and babysitting. Although making money was a struggle, Amanza says that having kids is the highlight of her life so far. Her children are now 9 and 10. Amanza used her passion for her children combined with her love of interior design to do children’s rooms until she made enough contacts to start a small business interior design business, that she has single-handedly grown into AmanZa LLC a now thriving design and furniture business. This year she also accomplished getting her real estate license and becoming an agent, she now works with The Oppenheim Group as a design specialist, staging many of their multi-million dollar properties. One month into filming Selling Sunset, her ex-husband suddenly disappeared, which forced Amanza into fully caring for her children on her own. Dealing with this major emotional life-altering event made everything more stressful on and off camera. Amanza’s favorite part of filming was sharing the experience with her best friend, Mary. As they have been through everything together, it was surreal for them to do the show together. Amanza recently started designing custom furniture and hopes to create her own line of home goods. She aspires to have her own show on a major network based on design and helping others. Amanza enjoys dancing, singing, painting, making DIY crafts and listening to self-help audiobooks. Sure to be a fan favorite Amanza is the lady everyone wants to be best friends with. AfterBuzz TV Host Jane Johnsen (@JaneJohnsen_) sits down with Amanza to learn all about the behind the scenes drama that we didn't see on screen, what it's like to be one of the top real estate agents in the Hollywood Hills, and her plans for the future. Follow Amanza: Follow Jane:
May 29, 2020
How Singer & Actress Laura Marano is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
As you may know, Laura is an established singer and actor, and she released her debut EP, ME, in March 2019. She has performed on the TODAY show as well as at the Radio Disney Music Awards, and at People Magazine’s Summer Concert Series. She has amassed almost 10 Million followers on Instagram, and 1.8 Million on Twitter + 2.5 Million on Facebook. In addition, Laura has starred in the series “Austin & Ally” and films such as SAVING ZOE and THE PERFECT DATE.
May 28, 2020
How Disney's Izabela Rose is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
African American-El Salvadoran-Italian superstar in the making Izabela Rose is poised to follow in the footsteps of Disney legends Zendaya, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato as she leads the cast of the new Disney film UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC (Summer 2020), based on The New York Times best-selling Scholastic fantasy fiction books of the same name. UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC centers around 13-year old ‘Nory Boxwood Horace’ (Izabela Rose), who discovers she has the ability to transform into animals, as she enters the Sage Academy for magical studies with her friend Reina Carvajal (Siena Agudong), who can manipulate flames. Izabela Rose gives a standout performance as the funny, charismatic, and optimistic heroine, whose unwavering belief that her unusual talent, along with those of her wonky friends, are just as valuable as those of her peers. Upside-Down Magic | Disney Wiki | FandomOriginally hailing from Valley Ranch, Georgia, Izabela discovered her love of performing at an early age when she began modeling and competing in pageants all over the Southeast. It wasn’t long before she realized her future was in entertainment, and by 2016 she had booked her first commercial for ABC Family. Soon after, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her twin passions of acting and singing. Steven Spielberg personally selected her for the role of ‘Olivia’ in AppleTV+’s reimagining of the classic anthology series “Amazing Stories,” and will soon star as the sassy ‘Young Jess’ in Disney+’s “Sulphur Springs” which has been described as a "Stranger Things"-like supernatural drama for the younger set. When she is not in front of the camera or honing her craft, Izabela spends her time volunteering with the Atlanta Mission and other charities dedicated to helping the homeless, a cause close to her heart. She also enjoys playing video games (Minecraft and Roblox are her favorites!), guitar and speaks Spanish fluently.
May 28, 2020
How Musician Omar Wilson is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Omar Wilson just released his new single, "96" co-written by Keith Sweat.  He is still enjoying the success of his two-step single, "The Groove", which still continues to top the charts in several countries.  "96" is lifted from Omar's debut album, "Living Legend", available now.  Later this summer, Omar will be releasing a tribute album, "Omar Wilson Sings The Classics", honoring Teddy Pendergrass, Sam Cooke, Donnie Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and a few others.  In 2018, Omar Wilson reached the #1 spot on the R&B Charts with his rendition of the classic, "It's A Man's World", maintaining the position for (3) consecutive weeks. Omar Wilson also made his Essence Music Festival debut in 2018 to rave reviews.  Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! -  #Podcast  HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Apple Podcasts - Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - See on us Instagram - Merch -  ABOUT AFTERBUZZ TV: Created by Emmy winner Maria Menounos & producer Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzz TV is the digital broadcast network dedicated to producing live and on-demand after-shows, news and coverage for nearly every TV show featuring expert recaps & interviews with cast & crew.
May 27, 2020
How All That's Kate Godfrey is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Kate Godfrey stepped into Justin Bieber’s shoes for ALL THAT on Saturday, May 16th on Nickelodeon. Take a look at the video here: The young actress performed a new version of his comeback single “Yummy“, where “Justin” sings an ode to school hot lunches and his gratitude for the ladies who serve them. On playing the iconic musician, Godfrey says: “Playing Justin Bieber was definitely one of my favorite characters I have played on All That. Ever since I was little I have loved listening to Justin Bieber, but I definitely never thought I would get to do an impression of him.” To prepare for the role, Kate says that she “watched the original “Yummy” music video about 50 times to study his movements and facial expressions.” The video also features some new choreography by choreographer Chris Judd. This gave Kate the opportunity to dance with some incredible talents. She says, “The dancers who were in the video were so kind and supportive, and they made the sketch even more fun to film.”
May 26, 2020
How The Chi's Yolanda Ross is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Yolanda Ross is everywhere: You may know her from her work in such films as ANTWONE FISHER and I’M NOT THERE or TV series like “Treme” or “How to Get Away from Murder.” She is currently starring on the NAACP Image Award nominated “The Chi” for Showtime which will premiere it’s new season on June 21st. In addition to the show, Yolonda has a film that just released on streaming services called BULL that also stars Rob Morgan. That film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year and was scheduled to screen at SXSW this year until of course, the festival was cancelled.
May 22, 2020
How Singer Ariel Rose is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Michael is an actor/filmmaker from Chicago, IL who stars in The CW series, "Roswell, NM." He made his television debut alongside Zooey Deschanel in Fox's "New Girl," and his short film, "Meme! True Hollywood Story," won the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. His latest film, "5 Years Apart," is due for a 2019 release. It's the first feature film Vlamis has produced and starred in. He is theatrically represented by CAA and Grandview, and commercially by Nu Talent.
May 22, 2020
How Rosewell: New Mexico's Michael Vlamis is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Michael is an actor/filmmaker from Chicago, IL who stars in The CW series, "Roswell, NM." He made his television debut alongside Zooey Deschanel in Fox's "New Girl," and his short film, "Meme! True Hollywood Story," won the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. His latest film, "5 Years Apart," is due for a 2019 release. It's the first feature film Vlamis has produced and starred in. He is theatrically represented by CAA and Grandview, and commercially by Nu Talent.
May 22, 2020
How Musician Laura Pieri is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
A fresh new face in the music industry, Laura Pieri (@thelaurapieri) has quickly become the “one to watch!” Currently starring on Snapchat Original’s hit show, Endless, Laura came onto the scene with the release of her 2018 debut pop single and video “I will Follow You”. Laura’s latest single, “All I Need” is a feel-good song that’s all about love. Cory Rooney, executive producer and producer for Jennifer Lopez, who has also produced for artists such as Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, & Mark Anthony, has marked Laura as his next artist for development. On today’s episode of “Quarantine with the Stars”, Laura sits down with AfterBuzz TV Host Jane Johnsen (@JaneJohnsen_) to share details on her new single, hit show, and how she’s been spending her time in quarantine.  Follow Laura:  Follow Jane:
May 22, 2020
How Choreographer Jemel McWilliams is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Jemel McWilliams is setting out to make his mark as one of the hardest working and creative choreographers in Hollywood. A creative/artistic director with over 10 years of experience, Jemel's creativity and skilled techniques have been displayed domestically and globally in performances for Hollywood's biggest artists including: John Legend, Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Nick Jonas, Kelly Rowland, Robin Thicke, X-Ambassador's, and Tracee Ellis Ross, among others - most recently working as choreographer and co-creative for TIME's 2019 Entertainer of the Year, LIZZO. A true renaissance man, Jemel is a highly regarded creative/artistic director, choreographer, movement coach, and dancer. In addition to working on tour and stage, Jemel's expressive aesthetic has be showcased in numerous award shows and television shows. Notable award show performances include: Janelle Monae's "You Make Me Feel," at the 2019 Grammy's, John Legend's "Preach," at the iHeart Music Awards, LIZZO's "Juice," at the 30th Annual GLAAD Awards, as well as performances for the BET Awards, Black Girls Rock!, and the European Music Awards. Television show performances include Saturday Night Live, The Voice, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and many more. Jemel has also served as a choreographer and creative director for national campaigns, working with distinguished brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Gap Inc., New York Fashion Week's Moncler Grenoble, and Zara. Jemel is known for creating narratives with his free-flowing moves. He has helped many artists tap into their present moment by creating a space where they feel free to explore and get in-tune with their body, giving them the confidence to own any stage. With an unwavering passion, skill and imagination for dance, Jemel is becoming a pioneering creative force and creating an empire with his production company Jemel McWiliiams Productions. His mission is to inspire, spread love and change the world through his passion for creating visual stories that shift the everyday narrative. As a dancer, his artistry, skill and attention to detail opened many doors and he soon began working as a choreographer's assistant. It was in this position that he gained first-hand knowledge on the importance of creativity, leadership, organization and patience. As a director, Jemel is recognized for his creative and expressive insight. Jemel's sharp vision and innovative decision-making has been represented in the music videos of artists such as, The Walls Group- "My Life", Rain & Whitney- "No Worries Step Clap" and MAAD- "Everything You've Got". Jemel's impressive knack for storytelling is illustrated across multiple platforms in the form of short films and online content.
May 21, 2020
How Actress Fiona Vroom is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Fiona Vroom can be seen as Miss Gillies, the school teacher of the children from the front part of Mr. Wilford's 1,001 car train, in TNT's Snowpiercer, premiering May 17th. Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, with 1001 cars, that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation, starring Jennifer Connell and Daveed Diggs, based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel series and film of the same name. Fiona has quickly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry for the diverse and engaging characters she brings to life on screen. From working alongside Christoph Waltz, Nicolas Cage, and Vera Farmiga, and being directed by Tim Burton and Justin Lin, Fiona’s presence transcends from set to the screen, and she isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Fiona has appeared in numerous television productions including Nickelodeon's 'Are You Afraid of the Dark", Netflix's "Altered Carbon", Amazon's "Man in the High Castle", Fox's 'The X-Files", BBC America's “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”, A&E's "Bates Motel", AMC's 'Hell on Wheels", The CW's "Supernatural" and "iZombie", and USA Networks "Psych". She can also be seen in the feature films "Power Rangers" (Lionsgate), "Star Trek Beyond" (Paramount), and "Big Eyes" (Tim Burton).
May 21, 2020
How the Cast of Tyler Perry's Bruh is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Barry Brewer began his career as a stand-up comedian in 2002 when he was just a teenager. Originally getting his start performing at local churches, Brewer perfected his craft performing in comedy clubs throughout Chicago before moving to Los Angeles in 2004. Brewer's early success came from televised comedy competitions such as Bill Bellamy's Who's Got Jokes on TV One alongside his peers, Tiffany Haddish and Lil Rel Howery and Comedy Dynamics' comedian showcase, Coming to the Stage. Mahdi Cocci is an actor known for The Lovebirds (2020) and Watchmen (2019) Phillip Mullings Jr. Is known for his work on American Soul (2019), David Makes Man (2019) From sleeping in parks to drug addicted parents, writer, actor, model and motivational speaker, Monti Washington, has had quite a journey to living out his American Dream. Because of the constant change and frequent moving around as a foster child, Monti was determined to break the stigma and stereotypes of foster children and decided to take action to reaching his goals and following his dreams as a prestigious actor and motivational speaker. For nearly 8 years, Monti has had the pleasure of starring in independent films, as well as being featured in numerous commercials, and being awarded the opportunity to speak at more than 130 venues (including colleges and conferences) across the nation.
May 21, 2020
How Singer Jac Ross is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Jac Ross, who was discovered by and is working closely with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, the Grammy-winning producer responsible for some of the most notable pop/R&B songs including "It's Not Right but It's Okay" by Whitney Houston, "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child, "If You Had My Love" by Jennifer Lopez, "Telephone" by Lady Gaga, etc. Jac’s voice is truly soul-stirring, but more so, his music has depth – powerful, thought-provoking, anthemic. It’s the kind that can potentially shift a culture – perhaps a generation. He embodies the iconic voice of some of his predecessors, and perhaps can someday join the pantheon of some of the greatest consciousness-raising American songs: “What’s Going On?,” “Change Is Gonna Come,” ”Strange Fruit,” “Fight The Power” and “The Blacker The Berry.” Singing uplifting lyrics that advocate for cultural, social, and political issues, the artist of change draws from the struggle of his own life experiences and comes with a message of hope – something we all are grasping more than ever. He is signed to Island records, and we are continuing to release music consistently, with an EP on deck. To date, we have released three singles: “It’s Ok To Be Black,” is both unapologetic and inspirational. “Saved” has become a fan favorite, partly due to the current state of our world. Also, this song was recently featured on the March 24th episode of FOX’s hit series EMPIRE.
May 20, 2020
How Pop Artist Caroline Romano is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Caroline is an 18-year-old emerging pop artist -- she's opened for Shawn Mendes, Daya, and Why Don't We. R3HAB's latest collabs include Zayn Malik, Icona Pop, Steve Aoki and more. The track has a fiery hook that speaks for itself. Quarantine With The Stars is your chance to get up close and personal with some of your favorite Hollywood actors, directors, producers, and writers to find out what they’re really doing behind the scenes while we all hunker down amidst the pandemic! As the famous phrase goes: “stars, they’re just like us,” and this time, it’s true! What series’ are your favorite actors watching? Are they still keeping their craft as we all play the waiting game? And what can we be looking forward to once the world settles back down? Tune in EVERY DAY, LIVE, to hear from your favorites, here on AfterBuzz TV.
May 19, 2020
How Singer/Actress Ainsley Ross is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Amir Yassai interviews Actress/Model/Martial Artist/Singer/Lifestyle Influencer/Writer/Director/Seven Lions Cover Model Ophelia She was cast for the music group Seven Lions(IG 234K) music video as Ophelia, the band liked her character so much they choose to name their new record label after it. She performed all her own stunts in the music video. She is known for her appearances in both feature films and television series', She is best recognized for having starred as Mia Hill in the television series Should I Do It? Should I Do It?|  Teaser Trailer [HD] | (2019): 
May 19, 2020
How Fashion Designer Elle B. Mambetov is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Previously featured in Vogue, ELLE, and Harper's Bazaar, Elle (who is Muslim) is poised to change the perception of modest fashion into something truly unique and sophisticated with the virtual presentation of her luxury womenswear brand, Elle B. Zhou on May 22nd. This virtual fashion line debut will replace her planned runway show and benefits Vogue's A Common Thread and Doctors Without Borders to raise funds for those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Elle is also launching her own store at Southern California's quintessential fashion destination, the iconic Beverly Center (Opening Summer 2020). This is Elle's U.S. fashion debut, as she was recently was released from a UK prison after serving two years before the U.S. government finally intervened to free her. In her upcoming PBS documentary, Elle will chronicle her jaw-dropping comeback story of how a successful African American woman can possibly go from the catwalk to the confines of a prison, and what she did when she discover she was a victim of fraud at the hands of her own friend.Elle's story depicts true details of scandal, police corruption, perjury, racism, prison life, US Government agency aid for Americans on foreign soil, and sexual misconduct by a prison staff member; to name a few. Please see her in an on-camera interview last month on the CBS Mel Robbins Show. Now Elle is looking forward to the future with the highly anticipated launch of her womenswear line Elle B. Zhou. "This collection is my brain, heart and soul stretching to collide two worlds of fashionable existence. Representative of my own journey into dressing modestly; each cropped top, short sleeved shirt, and pair of trousers have been repositioned to fit within this new world as I seek to redefine modest fashion." (- Elle B. Mambetov). Born and raised in the Southern United States to a single mother, Mambetov's creative and personal identity as an African American, Muslim woman has been inspired by her travels - which have taken her all over the world and back. A London Fashion Week designer at the age of 26, she has built brands in foreign lands, done business deals with former British Prime Minister David Cameron, and secured parnership deals with Toni & Guy and Evian.
May 16, 2020
How Farrah Abraham is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Farrah Abraham is an American reality television personality, singer, and writer who starred in MTV’s hit reality series 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom OG until 2018. She has since appeared on MTV’s Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach. Abraham is a New York Times best seller and mother to 11 year old Daughter Sophia Abraham.
May 15, 2020
How All That's Lex Lumpkin is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
‘All That’ breakout star Lex Lumpkin joins Quarantine with the stars to discuss how he is finding ways to stay creative and engage with fans during this time. The Indiana native discuss how life has changed, What we can expect on upcoming episodes of All that, and shares his love for impression, skits and possibly music on the way!
May 15, 2020
How Villain's Craig Fairbrass is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Saban Films will release the crime thriller VILLAIN on Digital and VOD on May 22, 2020. VILLAIN stars Craig Fairbrass (Avengement, Cliffhanger), George Russo (My Name is Lenny, Turnout), Izuka Hoyle (Mary Queen of Scots), Mark Monero (Sid and Nancy), and Robert Glenister ("Doctor Who"). The film is directed by Philip Barantini (“Boiling Point”) from a script by George Russo (My Name is Lenny, Turnout) and Greg Hall (Communion, The Plague). After being released from prison, ex-con Eddie Franks (Craig Fairbrass) wants nothing more than to start a new life. However, his dreams of normalcy are tested when he learns of his brother's dangerous debt to a menacing drug lord. To protect his family, Eddie is forced to go back to his former life of crime and learns that stepping back into this world can have devastating consequences in this action-packed thriller.
May 15, 2020
How Musician Branson Hoog is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Having already performed at VANS WARPED TOUR and SXSW, singer, musician designer and tattoo artist Branson Hoog has established himself as this generation's front man for all things punk, and alternative rock. Truly a multi-faceted artist, Branson is also a budding fashion designer creating signature streetwear merchandise for fans when the band is on tour. We would love to arrange an interview with you and the Not A Toy lead singer to discuss their upcoming new music, his tattoo career so far having inked notable talent including rapper Gashi and model Steven Kell, as well as how the tattoo industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and what the future could potentially look like moving forward. Signed to FEARLESS Records, Branson's new band Not A Toy will be releasing their new music with the lead single "J Cash." With an ambitious sound and melodic guitar hook, their first single will be sure to leave their fans and the alt. punk rock music fans wanting more. Cutting his teeth in the music industry while being a part of the band SHATTERPROOF, Branson is taking all his past experiences to fuel his new vision for Not A Toy. Pulling inspiration from bands like The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and Cambria, and Senses Fail, adding a modern twist, Not A Toy will be one of the new bands to watch throughout the rest of 2020. Along with the new music, Branson is also a well-established tattoo artist. Having been inspired by fans and the alt. punk rock community, Branson gives his all and tattoos with a purpose. Throughout his time touring the US, during his apprenticeship and for the last 3 years he has been tattooing professionally, Branson has come across many fans that struggle with self-harm and mental health. Branson has become an artist that transcends just performing live music and helps create tattoos that speak to those dealing with self-harm and inking them up with beautiful art to cover their scars as a positive reminder. Please use the following link to see Branson's truly one-of-a-kind creations: Never one to take on one project at a time, Branson also has a love for fashion and streetwear. Branson plans to next expand his streetwear style and line to his band's merchandise. With a purpose to create signature, high-quality merch for their legion of fans, Branson knows that quality can no longer be compromised for the traditional fast-fashion merch. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Branson knew from a young age that the arts would play a big part in his life. Growing up with a piano in the house, Branson began taking lessons with his younger brother and then transitioned to the guitar. Branson also performed as a dancer doing hip-hop and break dancing with his sister competitively. This led to Branson discovering Missy Elliott. To this day Branson still credits Missy for shaping how he creates music and fueling his inspiration when he was younger when it came to creating beats and writing music. Music ultimately connected Branson to the tattoo industry. While in high school he discovered the "emo rock" genre that had taken the US by storm and had started a band with friends. Discovering a whole culture within a genre of music truly opened Branson's eyes. He fell in love with the whole aesthetic of the "emo rock" genre and realized many of the artists he was idolizing at the time had tattoos. By the age of 18, Branson already had his first tattoo and was performing at local shows with his band. He would eventually go on to join the band SHATTERPROOF and began touring around the US and doing local shows. When Branson isn't busy designing tattoos, writing and recording new music, or creating new designs for merch, he can be found spending time with is fiancé in Los Angeles, and spending time with his family who still reside in Colorado.
May 15, 2020
How Lisa Ann Walter is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Lisa Ann Walter’s film career highlights include stand-out performances as Chessy in The Parent Trap with Dennis Quaid and Bobbie in Shall We Dance opposite Richard Gere. Other blockbuster films include Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise and the Lionsgate action comedy, Killers where she enjoyed stunt-driving a Mustang and shooting a glock at Ashton Kutcher. Other Films include Drillbit Taylor with Owen Wilson, Eddie with Whoopi Goldberg and The Trouble With Dee Dee, which garnered her 6 Festival Best Actress Awards. Based on her years as a national touring standup comedy headliner, Walter co-created, produced and starred in several network sitcoms; Fox’s My Wildest Dreams and ABC's Life's Work, the highest rated new show on ABC for the season averaging 19 million viewers per week. She is currently Creator/Writer & E.P. of her new half hour single-camera series Bitter. She’s very proud of co-starring in The More Things Change, an ‘Everyday Trans Woman’ half-hour comedy, where she also served as executive producer – debuting at Outfest-2019. She recently directed and starred in the comedic short, Jersey. Walter was honored to appear on the Netflix special, “Laugh- In: The Stars Celebrate”, as Lily Tomlin & cast formed her early love of comedy. She is recurring in the longest running medical drama on TV, “Grey’s Anatomy” and has enjoyed many guest and recurring tv roles over the years including Netflix’ “GLOW” as Betty Gilpin’s Mother as well as numerous independent feature films. On the other side of the camera: Walter has worked as Creative Executive Producer and show runner on innovative formats with top factual companies 495 Productions, Magical Elves, Esquire TV (formerly HDNET) and Propagate. Her hit dance/weight-loss competition series, Dance Your Ass Off, where she served as creator, Exec. Producer & Head Judge, originally the highest rated premiere for any Oxygen Series, was produced in 15 foreign formats. She also Executive Produced and wrote the stand up special The Naughty Show as well as co- created, Exec Produced & directed Gonzo Girlz in 2005, a groundbreaking female stunt/comedy webseries which aired on Time Warner, Comcast and Adelphia on-demand networks garnering 6 million unique views per episode and was the #1 show on the Sprint Network. She co-created Tour Dates, which celebrates the world of a female national touring stand-up comedians currently in development at a major cable network. As an author: Walter’s comedic memoir, The Best Thing About My Ass Is That It’s Behind Me (Harper Collins/Harper One) is a comedic look at a chronic self-loather and former “chubby” girl trying to make it in the glamorous world of size “0” Hollywood was #13 on both Amazon and the New York Times Comedic Essays Bestseller List. Missing her stage performance days, Walter returned to stand-up recently and was featured on “Gotham Comedy Live”. Missing her Stand-up days, Walter returned to the comedy stage, appearing on Gotham Comedy Live and Produced and producing and starring in Mom-O-Palooza Stand-up Show with Sherri Shepherd and Rosa Blasi which sold old an 400-seat venue in 3 days. But Walter is most proud of being a working mom of four with "One foot on the Red Carpet...The other at Costco" – and that her stomach is still reasonably flat after being the clown car they all came out of.
May 15, 2020
How 911: Lone Stars Ronen Rubinstein is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Rubinstein is a Russian Jewish actor, director, producer, writer, music and visual effects editor. He likes to sing, play the ukulele, drums and the bongos in his free time. Rubinstein's favorite outdoor activities include playing basketball, football, jet skiing, surfing and snow boarding. He graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2013. Rubinstein has appeared in many commercials, and is best known for his roles in the films: Condemned, Detachment, It Felt Like Love, Jamie Marks Is Dead, Some Kind of Hate and Something in the Way. He was also a comedic skit on The Late Show with David Letterman. In 2015, Rubinstein guest starred as Nathan on Orange Is The New Black. In January 2016, Rubinstein joined the main cast of Freeform's Dead of Summer as Alex Powell. His most recent role is TK Strand in 911: Lone Star. Interviewed by Bryant Santos @TheBryantSantos
May 14, 2020
How is Wrestling's Vince Russo Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
RAW After Show Hosts Jack Farmer and Flobo Boyce interview former professional wrestling writer and WCW World Champion Vince Russo. He is currently an author, writer, pundit, and host of The Brand!
May 14, 2020
How The Chi's Curtiss Cook is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Reprising his breakout role in the newest season of Showtime and Lena Wathe's hit series 'The Chi," returning on Sunday, June 21, we would love to arrange an interview with you and film, television, and Broadway star Curtiss Cook to discuss what fans can expect from the return of his infamous character "Douda" from the forthcoming third season. Proving he is one of the busiest men in Hollywood, Curtiss will also be seen in the highly anticipated Steven Spielberg directed film WEST SIDE STORY coming to theaters on Friday, December 18. Showtime's "The Chi" is a thrilling American drama series about life in a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. The dramatic series centers on a group of Chicago residents, who become linked by coincidence but bonded by the need for connection and redemption. Curtiss stars in the career defining role as 'Douda,' who is a successful Southside businessman and hustler, has ties to Reg (Barton Fitzpatrick) ), and his hands in a different pots throughout the south side of Chicago all for the good of "his" people. With 'Reg's' help, he'll become an unlikely mentor to 'Brandon' (Jason Mitchell) and throughout the season, viewers will come to find out if he's one to be trusted, feared, or both. The newest season will also be introducing Curtiss' wife 'Roselyn,' portrayed by BRAVO's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and Grammy Award-Winning song writer Kandi Burrus. Please use the following link to view the trailer from the upcoming season of "The Chi": The Chi Season 3 Trailer Curtiss will also next be seen in the new WEST SIDE STORY adaptation bringing to life the new character 'Abe,' a mysterious NYC man who has his hands in everything happening in the streets. Being released on December 18, 2020, the Steven Spielberg lead film is an adaptation of the 1957 musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. Other cast members in the star studded film include Ansel Elgort, Rita Moreno, Maddie Ziegler, and Corey Stoll, to name a few. An actor who began his career struggling on Broadway as a single father of 3 children, Curtiss first caught the bug for acting early in life in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Following his passion, he put everything he had into solidifying his future career as an actor. Curtiss became the first American to receive a full-ride scholarship to London's prestigious Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. He then moved to NYC and began performing on Broadway, including in productions of "The Lion King" and "Miss Saigon." Despite being a single father of 3 children, Curtiss received encouragement and help from his family to audition for television and film and is now best known for projects including ARBITRAGE, THE INTERPRETER, and SHUTTER ISLAND, along with roles in series such FX's "Mayans MC," NBC's "Manifest" as Netflix's "House of Cards," "Luke Cage" and "Narcos," to name a few.
May 14, 2020
How Katherine Castro is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Katherine Castro has launched her new video series 'Somos Good News,' inspired by John Krasinski's 'Some Good News' via BELatina News. The series highlights feel good, Latinx content, displayed as a true testament to our resilience even in the hardest of times. The starlet is determined to make 2020 a positive one, with the launch of her podcast Talk Fast Listen Slow and partnership with the intimate wellness brand, BLOOMI. 'Somos Good News' is hosted by Katherine Castro and longtime friend, Angela Carrasco and sets out to prove that not all news is bad and that among our "new normal," there are plenty of victories we should all be celebrating. Sasha Merci's character 'La Abuela' will be featured in each episode as well. 'Somos Good News' is produced by Lisa Cavalli, directed by Guisell Gomez, and edited by Anto Chavez. Angela Carrasco and Katherine Castro are the fast-talking, unapologetic, quick-witted, power duo co-hosts of Talk Fast, Listen Slow, the new podcast that is poised to become your guilty pleasure. The Los Angeles-based Latinas have been meeting and laughing over coffee in the comfort of each other's homes for years and decided to make their unfiltered conversations and advice on culture, love, sex, and mental health official and public. TFLS will be the podcast where people can let their guard down and have fun listening to these Latinas discuss dating in LA, entertainment news along with the anxieties we are all facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not one to slow down, Katherine has also partnered up with the intimate wellness brand, BLOOMI which provides sexologist-recommended non-toxic intimate care, hygiene, period and sex positive wellness items that are safe, effective and 'Bloomi Approved.' BLOOMI is creating the first 'Clean Standard' regulation in the sex health industry with their debut product, the Bloomi Arousal Oil, formulated with botanical aphrodisiacs. Over 40 trusted brands including Fur, Intimina, LELO and Dame Products can be found on the Bloomi Marketplace. Bloomi's partnership with Katherine will elevate sex positivity, shed light on existing Latinx startups, and is aiming to help close the gap of cultural discrepancy behind startup funding. Both, Katherine and Rebecca are advocating for more women and Latinx investors to join forces to accelerate the brand's growth and create a more inclusive and robust marketplace. While Latinx-led businesses are growing significantly in the US, access to capital continues to present a major challenge as only 0.4% of VC backed startups are led by Latina Founders. Rebecca is setting out to change this by partnering with progressive, sex-positive investors like Katherine to expand as the premier clean, sustainable, and solution-based destination for all women - especially for women of color - to become the CEOs of their bodies. Katherine has been open about her on-going battle with Hashimoto's Disease. The autoimmune disease is a disorder in which the immune system turns against the body's own tissues. In people with Hashimoto's, the immune system attacks the thyroid which controls metabolism. The first sign of the disease is often an enlarged thyroid, which typically causes the front of the neck to look swollen. However, Katherine has powered through this disease with an amazing support system and strict health regimen. Fitness plays a major role, so she continues to practice Brazilian Martial Arts, Aerial Silk-Trapeze, acrobatic gymnastics with Osei "Axe" Vita (trainer for Willow & Jaden Smith, Taylor Lautner).
May 12, 2020
How Actor Jason Oppenheim is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
As President and Founder of The Oppenheim Group, Jason leads a team responsible for representing buyers and sellers of distinguished properties throughout Los Angeles. He is consistently ranked as a top agent in the country and the #1 real estate agent in the Hollywood Hills/West Hollywood by the Wall Street Journal, and identified as a Top Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety in their annual lists. Jason also receives significant attention within the real estate community and beyond as a star of the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset, featuring his brokerage and agents as they sell luxury homes to their affluent and celebrity clients. With more than $1 billion in closed sales, he currently has more than $300 million in active listings, including the largest home in the Hollywood Hills and one of the largest listings in Los Angeles at $100 million. Jason received his law degree and an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and first in his class. While at UC Berkeley, Jason held a position as an instructor in the Political Science and Legal Studies Departments. After law school, Jason joined the Los Angeles office of the international law firm O’Melveny & Myers where he represented a broad range of corporate clients including the former CEO of Enron Corporation in a multi-billion dollar civil class action as well as the widely publicized Enron criminal trial. He later represented Advanced Micro Devices in a worldwide monopolization suit against Intel Corporation. Jason’s trial work, along with others’, has been featured prominently in The American Lawyer, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and other major publications. Following a successful career in law, including a prominent victory at the United States Supreme Court, Jason left his legal practice to follow five generations of family real estate tradition that began in 1889 when his great-great-grandfather started one of the City’s first real estate companies. He initially joined Coldwell Banker and quickly established himself as one of the Nation’s leading realtors – their team was recognized as the #1 Real Estate Team on the West Coast. After only three years in the business, Jason founded The Oppenheim Group brokerage at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr., where he and his team currently sell more than 100 properties a year, including many record-breaking transactions. He closed several of the highest-priced sales on the Sunset Strip including the largest sale ever recorded and the highest-priced sale per sq. ft., the largest Beverly Hills land sale, the highest-priced commercial sale per sq. ft. in Beverly Hills, and the highest-priced sale in Outpost Estates. His properties have also been featured in many of the world’s most prestigious real estate magazines, periodicals, and websites. Throughout his career, Jason has traveled to more than seventy-five countries on five continents identifying select properties and leading numerous multi-million dollar real estate transactions. He is also constantly dedicated to enriching the profession, where he has been hired to teach Real Estate Practice at the University of California, Los Angeles and has been retained to provide expert testimony in real estate litigation cases.
May 9, 2020
How are Musicians Avenue Beat Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
AVENUE BEAT’s Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff look like your average 20-somethings. But underneath the baggy clothes and wicked side-eye, the three young women from Quincy, Illinois are a pack of theater nerd songwriter/programmers sent to distill their angst of their generation with a wink and a nudge. “thank you anxiety,” written shortly after moving away from home, blithely name-checks all the ways social awkwardness makes life patently awful. Avenue Beat’s angst-rejecting anthem “Ruin That For Me” recently debuted on Country Radio and is currently climbing the charts. Named an “Artist to Watch” by Sounds Like Nashville, Taste of Country, The Boot, NY Country Swag and more, Avenue Beat was also selected as a Music Row 2020 “Next Big Thing,” Music Choice “Country Rising 20” and CMT ‘Listen Up’ 2020 Artist, in addition to being inducted into CMT’s Next Women of Country Class of 2020.They will join Rascal Flatts’ FAREWELL: LIFE IS A HIGHWAY TOUR this fall.
May 8, 2020
How The Oval's Ed Quinn & Kron Moore are Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Ed Quinn originally pursued a path in music before considering a career in acting. He was born in Berkeley, California and attended the St. Mary's College High School. After high school, Ed attended the University of California, Berkeley. He graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and lettering in Rugby and embarked on modeling throughout Europe, including Paris, Milan and Barcelona. Upon his return to the United States, Ed began his acting career. His first big break was the role of FINN in 2000 on the television series "Young Americans". Ed found work mostly on television during the early 2000s, including Jack & Jill (1999) and Crossing Jordan (2001). He appeared in the video sequel Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (2004). Other television appearances included episodes on JAG (1995), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), CSI: NY (2004) and most notably on vampire series True Blood (2008) and the Sci-Fi comedy/drama series Eureka (2006) in a Series Regular role. In recent years he has joined the casts of hit shows such as 2 Broke Girls, One Day At A Time, and Mistresses. During his time as a musician, Ed studied with instrumental rock guitarist Joe Satriani. After playing in the Los Angeles-based bands Mad Theory and Scattergood, Ed went on to cut his first solo demo CD, entitled "Quinn". Kron Moore grew up on the west side of Detroit. She has always been interested in the arts, particularly music. She began her performing career in grade school musicals and plays. In her teenage years, she was a member of several R&B/Soul groups before she branched out as an R&B/Pop soloist. She completed her solo album in 2002 and contributed lead and background vocals to several R&B, Gospel, Jazz and Hip-Hop artist's recordings. Kron holds a B.A. in Psychology from The University of Alabama, and graduated at the top of her class from the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts Video program. Her aspiration was to become a television news anchor, but soon after graduation, she was cast in her first film project. Shortly thereafter she involved herself in a host of stage and film productions. Between 2005 and 2015, Kron has been credited in over twenty- five stage productions. She's done voiceover work for several radio commercials: MDCH Peanut Gallery Commercial, MDCH Fortune Teller Commercial and Citizens Bank. Kron has also appeared in the following television, film and industrial projects: Tyler Perry's The Haves and the Have Nots (TPS), Swamp Murders (ID Channel), The Bewick & Mack Show (PG Productions), The Outsourced (Rod Oliver Productions), Mirror on Fire (Prince of Peace Productions), Game Over-Short Film (Rod Oliver Productions), This Must Be The Place- Feature Film (Cheyenne Pictures), Detroit 1-8-7 Pilot Episode (ABC Studios), Sucker- Feature Film (Sucker Prod., LLC), Johnson & Johnson (Luxe e Media), Merillat Kitchen (Hanson, Inc.), Cottonelle (Biggs Gilmore), Ford- Television Commercial (Metro-Detroit Ford Dealers), Into the Light- Feature Film (Rod Oliver Productions), BASF- Industrial (Matthew Hieber Prod.), GMAC- Industrial (MoonKochis Prod.), Ban Deodorant- Web Commercial (Enlighten Productions), InZer0- Series (Jamie Sonderman, Dir.), Company Policy- Short Film (Marshalle Montgomery, Dir.) and The Movie Show Plus (WB20-TV). Kron is also the lead vocalist of the Detroit- based band: Merge.
May 6, 2020
How Actor Kevin Bigley is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Kevin Bigley (Undone, Fox's The Moodys) stars in the new Amazon Original series 'Upload' from Emmy-Award winning writer Greg Daniels (The Office, Parks and Recreation). 'Upload' premieres on May 1st and is a new sci-fi comedy set in a technologically advanced future where humans can choose to be “uploaded” into a virtual afterlife when they find themselves near-death. The series follows a young app developer, Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), who winds up in the hospital needing to quickly decide his fate. After a rushed deliberation with his shallow girlfriend Ingrid (Allegra Edwards), he chooses to be uploaded to her family’s luxurious virtual afterlife, the Horizen company’s “Lakeview.” Once uploaded in Lakeview, Nathan meets his customer service “Angel” Nora Anthony (Andy Allo) and Luke Crossly (Kevin Bigley), a veteran of a future war with Iran. Crossly appreciates Upload for restoring his complete body, and the many luxuries, but pushes back against all the rules, hacking freebies wherever he can.
May 5, 2020
How Comedian Nikki Glaser is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Kelsey Meyer sits down with Nikki Glaser to discuss what she's been up to during quarantine! The fabulous, funny and extremely talented Nikki Glaser talks all things quarantine. You've seen her on Comedy Central, Netflix and heard her voice on SiriusXM. She's a comedian, an actress and the ultimate "roaster." Nikki has incredible stand up specials on Netflix, including most recent release Bangin'. She also hosts the show and podcast You Up w/ Nikki Glaser, which Corona or not, she still continues to bless us with almost daily!! Today, Nikki graces us with her presence, this is definitely not one to miss!
May 2, 2020
How Actress London Boyce is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
The motivated youngster can also be seen starring alongside Janelle Monáe in the upcoming Lionsgate thriller “Antebellum.” London Boyce stars as ‘Kennedi Henley,’ the daughter of Monáe’s character Veronica. The film centers around Veronica, a successful author who finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality set between two time periods. Boyce’s other acting credits include a guest-starring role on an episode of the Investigation Discovery show “Twisted Sisters.” Born and raised in Houston, Texas, London Boyce is a triple-threat. Aside from being an actress and author, she is also a young entrepreneur alongside her brother, Thomas Boyce. The two siblings have their own ice cream truck called Boyce Kids Cream Machine, where they sell ice cream during the summer at different festivals and events. Boyce is also the face of the latest Blue Bell Ice Cream campaign. When London Boyce isn’t acting, she loves to do a multitude of sports like gymnastics and dance ranging from ballet to hip hop. She also participates in Operation Christmas with her family, where they buy different items at Christmastime and ship them all over the world to those in need. Boyce also has an impressive singing voice, and she would love to one day pursue singing professionally. One of her career goals is to have her own Nickelodeon show or work alongside Storm Reid.
May 2, 2020
How Actress Edwina Findley Dickerson is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
On the height of her final season of HBO’s Emmy nominated, critically acclaimed series TREME, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey enlisted Edwina to star in OWN’s newest installment to primetime, IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG which premiered to record setting ratings and will soon premiere its fifth and final season. Other television credits include: FEAR OF THE WALKING DEAD (AMC), BLACK LIGHTNING (CW), CHICAGO MED (NBC), SHOTS FIRED (Fox), VEEP (HBO), and THE WIRE (HBO). On the big screen, Edwina garnered critical acclaim for her role in director Ava Duvernay’s award winning feature MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, which stormed the 2012 Sundance Film Festival as the year’s breakout film. She was seen in the hit Warner Bros comedy feature GET HARD with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, and the independent film FREE IN DEED which won the Venice Film Festivals’ Horizons Award for Best Film and Edwina garnered an Independent Spirit Award Nomination for her performance. Edwina will soon start production on the highly anticipated Amazon series THE POWER based on Naomi Alderman’s acclaimed novel of the same name, Edwina will star alongside Leslie Mann, John Leguizamo, and Auli’I Cravalho. A native of Washington, DC, Edwina is a graduate from the renowned Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the NYU Tisch Scholars Program. Outside of her acting career, Edwina is a sought-after motivational speaker and teacher; together she and her husband, Business Executive Kelvin Dickerson, are the Co-Founders of AbundantLifeU, a national organization empowering millennial to succeed personally and professionally. Edwina is represented by APA and Silver Lining Entertainment.
May 2, 2020
How Broadway Actress LaChanze is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
LaChanze is an award-winning actress who brings an exhilarating and electrifying presence to any stage she touches. Blessed with a powerful mezzo-soprano singing voice and a commanding presence, she consistently receives high praises from fans, peers and the industry at-large. Armed with the gift for dramatic storytelling, a sultry vocal dexterity and for bringing complex female heroines to life, audiences sit up and take notice of the actress whether in a hot Broadway production, television show, film or on concert stages. Most recently, she starred in playwright Jack Thorne A Christmas Carol as the Ghost of Christmas Present/Mrs. Fezziwig. Prior, she originated the role of August in two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage’s A Secret Life of Beesfor which she landed an AUDELCO Award for Leading Actress in a Musical. She gave a spellbinding performance in the high voltage Broadway’s Summer The Donna Summer Musical. In creating the nostalgia of Donna Summer, she landed nominations for the 2018 Tony Award nomination for Leading Actress in a Musical, 2018 Drama Desk Award Outstanding Actress in a Musical and 2018 Drama League Award for Distinguished Performance Award. LaChanze stepped onto stage 28 Broadway seasons ago, giving the original production of Once On This Island its beating and unforgettable heart, creating the role of lovelorn peasant girl Ti Moune. She won her first Tony Award for giving a voice to Celie, the unlikely heroine of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple, the musical’s original staging. Shortly after, she nabbed an Emmy Award for her riveting performance in the award-winning PBS special Handel’s Messiah Rocks: A Joyful Noise. In film, she stars in writer/director Marishka Phillips’ suspense filled film Melinda. She appeared in the award-winning film The Help landing a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Other films include former President Obama film picks for 2019 Diane, A Bitter Pill, Side Effects, For Love Or Money, Leap Of Faith, My New Gun, and the Disney animated feature film Hercules. In television, she will be seen in a recurring role in HULU’s The Underground Railroad slated to air this fall. She currently recurs in the CBS All Access hit show The Good Fight and appeared in the award-winning HBO special The Night Of, Person Of Interest, Law & Order: SVU, One Life To Live, Lucy, Sex And The City, The Cosby Show, The Cosby Mysteries and New York Undercover. Other Broadway credits include If/Then, Ragtime, Company, and Uptown It’s Hot. Some of her Off-Broadway credits include The Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin (Drama Desk nomination), Dessa Rose (Obie Award), Inked Baby, Spunk and From The Mississippi Delta. LaChanze brings her original, one-of-a-kind, one-women show, Feeling Good, to popular venues touching the hearts of audiences worldwide. This electric and highly praised tour mixes the perfect blend of emotional intensity with sultry vocals. Fans willing to take the ride and feel every pain, joy and excitement LaChanze feel, all through an autobiographical journey of her life with music and words.
May 2, 2020
How Bravo's Camp Getaway's Randall Klein & Gavin Stewart are Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
AfterBuzz TV host Jane Johnsen (@JaneJohnsen_) meets with Randall Klein (@randalljklein), star of Bravo's new show Camp Getaway. To be a good Social Coordinator requires a bubbly and outgoing personality, and Randall Klein loves nothing more than to meet new people and make them laugh. On the weekends, she’s ready to take a break from her true passion of being an educator to escape the big city and provide Camp Getaway campers with a memorable weekend... and of course, some carefree flirting. She is ready for some summer sun, summer fun, and perhaps to meet the one! Gavin is a Connecticut-born, NYC accountant who works hard during the week and is looking for a bit of R&R during his time off. Fresh out of a long-term relationship, he appreciates the attractions – and distractions – that Camp Getaway brings. His confidence, optimistic outlook, and great reputation make him the ultimate package for anyone looking for a summer fling. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: Randall Klein: Jane Johnsen: TUNE IN: “Camp Getaway” premieres Monday, May 4th at 10pm ET/PT on Bravo.
May 1, 2020
How is Recording Artist Porcelan Surviving Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Recording artist and songwriter, born and Raised in the Westwood area of South Memphis, TN. is today's contemporary urban/R&B “It Girl”. PORCELAN couldn’t help but ultimately pursue her musical aspirations, having immediately absorbed her historic musical surroundings from a young age while growing up in a family of instinctively musical people. “I don’t really remember it being anything I heard on the radio; I really m remember it being my family, like my Mom singing,” recalls the breakout songstress, when asked about the source of her first musical impression. “My parents are singers and musicians, so at family reunions it was really like `a thing'. Spurred by the encouragement of a fifth grade teacher who heard her voice early on, along with long car rides with her Mom listening and singing along to the likes of Bobby Womack, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye, school-aged PORCELAN found herself auditioning and performing for school graduation ceremonies which soon thereafter uncovered another musical gift…writing. “I started writing poetry I middle-school and realized I was good at it,” PORCELAN recounts. In keeping with that momentum, PORCELAN focused on building her reputation in music circles, doing everything from appearing on BET’s 106th & Park, collaborating on material with super-producer Timbaland, opening for Tank and gaining invaluable performance experience via a three-month tour of China with a cover band. “Doing show bands is totally different from being an original artist, so I had to learn how to entertain in that realm. Even though I was new to it, I started being around a lot of seasoned people who showed me the ropes." PORCELAN soon found herself in the studio with David Porter and fellow Made In Memphis songwriters/producers Hamilton Hardin and DeNarious Holmes recording her smoothed-out adult R&B debut single “The Real Thing Don’t Change” (along with “The One” and “Can You Hear Me Now”), which soon thereafter facilitated notable and buzz-worthy live bookings at SXSW (South By Southwest) and Essence music festivals. Once audience members and radio programmers increasingly grew aware of her simultaneously promoted EP, response to her second single release – the infectiously sumptuous beat ballad, “Lois Lane” – PORCELAN found her dream unfolding as she made her way up the Billboard R&B chart straight into the Top 15. While newfound fans await the forthcoming debut album, "Mood Ring", scheduled to be released later this spring, a steady-on-her-grind PORCELAN delivered her first Christmas album, "Joyful Hearts: A Season of Love", this past Holiday season. A most contemporary-sounding Christmas set which further displayed her knack for composing vibrantly soulful songs amidst thoroughly-pleasing, contemporary production. CONNECT WITH PORCELAN: Twitter: @PorcelanMusic Instagram: @PorcelanMusic Facebook: /PorcelanMusic
May 1, 2020
How Bravo's Camp Getaway's David Schreiber is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
AfterBuzz TV host Jane Johnsen (@JaneJohnsen_) meets with David Schreiber (@DavidSchreiber), star of Bravo's new show Camp Getaway. David is the owner and director of Camp Getaway, who has been passionate about the outdoors since his days at summer camp as a kid. In 2012, he took this passion to the next level and purchased Camp Getaway with the vision to create the ultimate adult camping experience. While he leaves the daily management to Senior Director, Claire, David makes sure to always have the final word on who gets hired…or fired. He might not be a micro-manager, but one thing’s for sure - David doesn’t hold back if things aren’t running up to his high standards. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: David Schrieber: Jane Johnsen: TUNE IN: “Camp Getaway” premieres Monday, May 4th at 10pm ET/PT on Bravo.
May 1, 2020
How Stephanie Arcila is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
A spiritual descendant of the original PENNY DREADFUL story set in Victorian-era London, PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS opens in 1938 Los Angeles, a time and place deeply infused with social and political tension. When a grisly murder shocks the city, Detective Tiago Vega (Daniel Zovatto) and his partner Lewis Michener (Lane) become embroiled in an epic story that reflects the rich history of Los Angeles: from the building of the city's first freeways and its deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore, to the dangerous espionage actions of the Third Reich and the rise of radio evangelism. Before long, Tiago and his family are grappling with powerful forces that threaten to tear them apart. PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS explores an exciting mix of the supernatural and the combustible reality of the period. This chapter is a bold new vision that will employ all new characters and storylines. The series stars Tony® and Emmy® winner Nathan Lane, Natalie Dormer, Daniel Zovatto, Kerry Bishé, Rory Kinnear, Adriana Barraza, Michael Gladis, Jessica Garza and Johnathan Nieves. Tony and Golden Globe® winner and three-time Oscar® nominee John Logan, the creator, writer and executive producer of the Emmy nominated series PENNY DREADFUL, continues in those same roles. Michael Aguilar (KIDDING) also serves as executive producer.
April 30, 2020
How Comedian Vladimir Caamaño is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
One of Variety’s “Top 10 Comics to Watch,” star of the new CBS hit, “Tommy,” and championed by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Howie Mandel, and Lilly Singh, Vladimir Caamaño has cemented his place in comedy and entertainment. Whether it be touring his stand up nationally, writing and working with some of the best late night shows in the US, starring in CBS’ latest top drama, “Tommy” alongside television vet, Edie Falco, or working on his next series idea, Vlad is absolutely one to watch in 2020. Born in Washington Heights, NYC and raised in the Bronx, Vladimir Caamaño is a first generation Dominican American, his comedic style developed from being the child of an immigrant Dominican family living in the cultural mecca that is New York city and has been often described as an elegant combination of urban grit and intellect. Comedy wasn’t always the chosen path for Vlad. He graduated Wesleyan University, and for some time, worked as a High School counselor and hired different teachers for after school positions. Finding a connection to his father through comedy, Vlad started pursuing stand up, moonlighting for 8-9 years cutting his teeth in clubs around the city until he booked the 2015 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. It was there the writing and acting bug struck for Vlad, gaining the opportunity to work with producers Adam Sztykiel and Bill Lawrence to write, producer and headline his own comedy pilot based around his personal life. Though it didn’t pick up, Bill Lawrence told him he could act, and should stick around. So, while continuing to tour for comedy at clubs including Stand Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, Dangerfield’s, and Comic Strip Life, he began booking guest parts and recurring roles including those on NBC’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Marvel’s “Runaways,” and NBC’s “Superstore.” He’s also been featured on Gotham Comedy Live, and Adam Devine’s House Party. Most recently, Vlad can be seen starring on CBS’ new drama, “Tommy,” as ‘Abner Diaz,’ security detail and wingman for ‘Tommy,’ (Edie Falco) when it comes to adapting to her new job as the first female chief of police for Los Angeles. When he’s not developing his next show, touring nationally, or filming for CBS, Vlad likes to dedicate his time to mental health focused charities. He has worked with the Psychological Trauma Center at Cedars-Sinai, a one-of-a-kind, school-based prevention and early intervention mental health program servicing the needs of Hispanic children in the community at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
April 30, 2020
How Halle Johnson is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Former Season 16 American Idol contestant Halle Johnson (Los Angeles, CA) has found a new stage on BIGO LIVE. At 15-years-old, Halle was diagnosis with GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) that almost ended her music career. Her passion for singing and songwriting defied the odds – Halle has achieved her dream of singing again, sharing her music and her story with the world. Embracing BIGO’s global live streaming social platform and entertainment community, Halle exemplifies how someone re-established their career and turn to an online community for support, friendship and a platform to be celebrated. BIGO LIVE (Owned by JOYY Inc, NASDAQ: YY) is a global content platform with approximately 400 million monthly active users across 150 countries and offers users a channel to broadcast their lives – showcasing talents, creativity, or connecting with others.
April 29, 2020
How Jesse Lynn Madera is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Americana singer/songwriter Jesse Lynn Madera blends her country/soul infused music with her poetic words of wisdom. The Nashville based musician is hoping to catch the attention of country, soul, and jazz loving individuals around the globe with her upcoming album, "Fortunes," which is now available for pre-order and will be officially released on Friday, April 24th. Here's a link to the Spotify pre-order: The album features a duet with critically acclaimed actor John Hawkes and Australian-born, LA-based singer/songwriter Joel Taylor. Madera produced a bulk of the the album herself, with some help from Paul Redel (mixing on Leslie Odom's recent album and engineered the 2017 ZZ Ward album), mixing by Ryan Hewitt (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Sheryl Crow), mastered by Eric Boulanger of The Bakery Studios (Hozier, Randy Newman, Harry Connick, Jr, Rufus Wainwright, Neil Young) and featuring incredible strings by Stevie Blacke (Pink, Chris Stapleton, Rihanna). Hailing from the rolling hills of West Virginia, Madera's love for music grew out of a family affinity for all things harmonious. With household gatherings often centering around song and expression, her unique musical upbringing aided in driving her passion for performance. Mentored in piano by renowned father of Rock 'n' Roll,Johnnie ("B. Goode") Johnson, Madera takes pride in the instrument having remained a constant in her journey as an artist and in her music. The stunning creative tookup a fascination with poetry around the same time, and it is this love for the written word which led her first to theater and then to music. Championed by husband and versatile actor Hemky Madera ("Queen of the South"), Jesse's charismatic songs have attracted a diverse group of people who continue to seek music from the up-and-coming artist. With tracks smoothly intertwining the deep emotion of jazz with the cool, humble songwriting of American soul, Jesse's folk-tinged country melodies in "Fortunes" stand as an impressive addition to a profoundly eloquent musical catalogue.
April 25, 2020
How Home Before Dark's Brooklynn Prince is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV's
Brooklynn is an actor and director known for her amazing work in The Florida Project and most recently Apple TV's Home Before Dark. She was also the voice of Ruby in The One and Only Ivan, the voice of Bianca in The Lego Movie 2, and the voice of Zoe in Angry Birds 2. To top it off she is only 9 years old!! Brooklynn is incredible and definitely someone we need to keep an eye on, the girl is going to do big things.
April 25, 2020
How April Parker Jones is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
April Parker Jones is an American television actress, best known for her roles as Darcy Hawkins in the CBS post-apocalyptic drama series Jericho from 2006 to 2008, and as Natalie Henning in the Oprah Winfrey Network prime time soap opera, If Loving You Is Wrong (2014—2020). In 2018, she joined the cast of the CW superhero series, Supergirl as Colonel Lauren Haley. Parker was born in Durham, North Carolina and attended North Carolina Central University before moving to New York. After guest-starring role on CSI: Miami, in 2006 she has won the series regular role of Darcy Hawkins in the CBS series Jericho. The series was canceled after two seasons, and Parker Jones later appeared on Lost, The Unit, NCIS, Scandal, and also had a recurring roles in 90210 and The Fosters. In 2014, Parker Jones was cast as one of leads in the Oprah Winfrey Network prime time soap opera, If Loving You Is Wrong. She plays the role of Natalie Henning, the single working mother. The series also stars Edwina Findley, Zulay Henao, Heather Hemmens, and Amanda Clayton. In 2015, she also had the recurring role as detective Claire Bryce in the ShondaLand's legal thriller How to Get Away with Murder, and the following year on Lifetime comedy-drama, Devious Maids. In 2018, Parker starred as Gen. Anita DuFine in the final season of TNT drama series, The Last Ship, and later was cast in a series regular role as Lauren Haley in the fourth season of The CW superhero series, Supergirl.
April 25, 2020
How the Family Karma's Bali Chainani is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
At 22-years old, Bali married an affluent Bombay businessman, but after ten years she left him and returned to her parents in Miami with her daughter, Anushka. With the support of her family and community, she raised her daughter as a single mom and later remarried; but quickly divorced again when she learned about her ex-husband’s deceitful and dishonest ways. After two divorces, Bali is focused on living her best life and setting a strong example for daughter. As an older member of the friend group, Bali straddles the line between her friends in their twenties and thirties and her friendships with their mothers, better known as “the aunties.” Now she is in a serious relationship with O’Malley, an Irish/German businessman from Kentucky with a passion for Olympic weight lifting, hoping that their relationship is as strong as his arms and the third time’s the charm.
April 24, 2020
How the Family Karma's Vishal Parvani is Survivng the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Vishal is always the life of the party. As the youngest in his family, he has spent his whole life under his parents’ wing, including living at home and working for his mother’s successful real estate company. At 32, he has decided to rid himself of his boyish reputation and take his 3-year-engagement to his fiancé, Richa, to the next level. In order to receive his future mother-in-law’s blessing, Vishal must prove he is taking the necessary steps to finally walk down the aisle.
April 24, 2020
How the Family Karma's Shaan Patel is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Shaan Patel is a young entrepreneur who started his real estate and design construction firm, Tanin Group, when he was 24 years old. Shaan comes from one of the first wealthy Indian families to settle in the community. After growing up on a compound dubbed “Grand Central Station,” with over 20 family members in 3 adjacent houses, he has since moved out to live with his girlfriend Pooja. He continues to work with his successful business and now is under pressure to set a wedding date.
April 24, 2020
How Tamika Scott is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Tamika Scott is best known as a member of the hugely successful r 'n' b group Xscape. She sang some lead vocals and a lot of harmonies in the group. When Xscape split in late 1998, and Tamika kept a fairly low profile, she did however record one solo track called "Day & Night", which was released in Japan in July 1999. Tamika Scott is the younger sister of fellow Xscape member, LaTocha. She was the first member of Xscape to become a mother; her daughter O'Shun Reney was born on March 24th 1994. Tamika resides with O'Shun, and her husband Darius Byas. Tamika is also the first member of Xscape to try her hand at production; she wrote and produced "All I Need", a song described by The Source as one of the best tracks on the album "Traces Of My Lipstick". Tamika was also believed to be an ordained minister, and it was rumored she was to release a solo gospel album in 2000.
April 23, 2020
How William DeMeo is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
A Brooklyn born actor, producer, director and writer. DeMeo is best known for his acting roles in Gotti, Analyze That starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal, First Kill with Bruce Willis and his reoccurring role on the iconic television series The Sopranos. Even with all his success over the past few decades, 2018 is proving to be his biggest year yet. DeMeo’s recent film was GOTTI were he played “Sammy The Bull” opposite John Travolta, He will also will appear in John Gallagher’s indie drama Sarah Q, out this year. DeMeo is a true entertainer that wears man hats. He is just released an Amazon Prime television series called Gravesend, set in 1980’s Brooklyn, which follows the story of a mob soldier looking to leave behind his life of crime. More to be announced later this year. In 1993, his acting career began when he was in the film A Bronx Tale directed by Robert De Niro. He later went on to write, produce and star in the films: One Deadly Road, Wannabes, Searching for Bobby D, Once upon a Time in Brooklyn, and Back in the Day, which he starred in alongside Alec Baldwin, Shannen Doherty and Danny Glover. To keep up with William DeMeo, follow him on Instagram @william_demeo
April 22, 2020
How Kara Hayward is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Hailing from Massachusetts, Kara discovered her passion for acting in her first play during summer camp. At the age of 12, she was discovered at an open casting call for the critically acclaimed Wes Anderson written and directed film “MOONRISE KINGDOM.” KARA was nominated for various Awards for her performance, including A Young Artists Award, Gotham Award, and a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award. Kara has worked with incredible directors in her young career, including Jim Jarmusch in his 2016 film “PATTERSON” and Kenneth Lonergan in his award winning “MANCHESTER BY THE SEA.” Up next, Kara will be seen in Martha Stephens’ feature “TO THE STARS” with Liana Liberato and Shea Whigham, which will be released in 2020. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Competition in 2019. Hayward also stars in the “THE SOCIAL DILEMMA” opposite Skyler Gisondo, which just premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Competition in 2020, as well as the comedy independent feature “DRUNK BUS.” “DRUNK BUS” was set to premiere at SXSW.
April 22, 2020
How Shawn Stockman is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
For 20 years Boyz II Men has been charming millions of fans the world over with their smooth vocal harmonies, legendary hits, and unmatched stage presence -- and founding member Shawn Stockman has been there from the beginning. In addition to constant touring and creating iconic albums and with his group Boyz II Men, R&B superstar Shawn Stockman will also once again be bringing his musical talent back to NBC's hit show, “The Sing-Off.” The singing competition features dueling a capella groups, and Stockman, with his world-renowned voice, will be bringing his expertise to primetime yet again as a judge on the show's third season. Shawn, born in Philadelphia on September 26, 1972 has helped to make Boyz II Men the best-selling R&B group of all time as the group's tenor vocalist. For the past two decades, Stockman and his bandmates Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris have been crafting classic albums whose appeal has withstood the test of time. Shawn's rich vocals have made timeless albums such as II (1994), Evolution (2007), and their most recent releases, Motown : A Journey Through Hitsville USA (2007)and Love (2009). Shawn and the Boyz are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. In February they set sail on “The Love Cruise,” in smooth, celebratory style aboard the Carnival Imagination. Boyz II Men planned a four day concert-cruise get-a-way out of Miami to the Bahamas. Shawn is currently in the studio with his bandmates recording a new album slated to be release this fall. And what is the secret to Shawn and his bandmates' stellar success? “I think it's respect: respect for each other's abilities, for what we each bring to the table, respect for each other as men,” Shawn explains. “We try to give each other space, room to breathe, room to grow – because we're not just Boyz II Men, we're also husbands and fathers, sons and brothers, members of our communities. At this point, there are no egos: We know we all built this thing together and we're all in it together.” Shawn currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Sharonda Jones and their children.
April 22, 2020
How Valeria Jauregui is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Valeria Jauregui Actress/Singer. She has a large influential role on Fox’s new hit series Deputy playing Stephen Dorff’s daughter, Maggie Hollister. She showed off her talent by participating in Flawless Brows commercials in both English and Spanish. She is both a Texas Native and Bi-Lingual and previously competed in La Voz Kids USA and earned a spot in the finals. She participated in Miss Teen Texas where her platform was, “Mirror mirror on the wall, love thyself most of all.” She also has modeling experience in the Macy's Fashion Show and Parker Trade Show. Valeria has extensive commercial experience including Domino’s Pizza, Monster Speaker, Ford Motor Company and more.
April 21, 2020
How Jen Lilley is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Jen Lilley, a musician, a mother, and the nation's leading celebrity foster care advocate who is herself a parent of two sons via foster care. On May 1st to mark the beginning of National Foster Care Month, Lilley is partnering with the foundation Project Orphans to establish a neighborhood here in the U.S. to give orphans and children in foster care safe and loving homes, with a focus on permanency and adoption. To raise awareness and money for Project Orphans, Jen is launching May 1st the #VoicesThatGive contest, an opportunity to give creators from virtually all walks of life including singers and actors a chance to win the grand prize of $10,000, a walk-on roll on Hallmark Channel's hit series "When Hope Calls" and much more. This week Lilley also launched her new weekly podcast Fostering Hope, which aims to help normalize and support adoptive families of all types, foster ethical practices, and champion for safe, loving families for the children who need them. In each episode, actress Jen has open, honest, informative, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking conversations with the most influential people in the world for foster care and adoption. Jen aspires to encourage people who are currently fostering children AND inspire more people to begin the deeply rewarding fostering journey. The first episode is available now to listen HERE. Jen Lilley's creative prowess does not end when the director yells cut, she is also a singer and songwriter, who looks to release her debut album LILLEY. Jen's lifelong passion for music coupled with being inspired by 1960's girl groups to create a collection of timeless songs that are set to have a whole new generation singing along. Her music exudes the same sultry ferocity of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton, with Phil Spector's wall of sound treatment via Rosie Danvers and her 50-piece orchestra. To support the album, Jen will be launching a contest inviting creatives from virtually all backgrounds to enter. Advocating for foster care and adoption is something that speaks to Jen Lilley's heart. While growing up in Roanoke, Virginia, Jen's parents were considered the "unofficial foster parents" due to their line of work - her father was a judge, while her mother was a director of a women and children's charity - making their home a "safe house" of sorts. Jen was awarded the National Educators Award for her tireless work in Guatemala and is known for advocating children's rights where she actively supports foundations that focus on protecting children against physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, and the world water crisis. Jen is a celebrity ambassador for the child abuse and treatment organizations Childhelp, Projec Orphans, ECPAT, and The Dave Thomas Foundation. We would love to arrange an interview with you and Jen to discuss her podcast, #VoicesThatGive contest and career and can be reached at to arrange. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - #Podcast HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Apple Podcasts - Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - See on us Instagram - Merch - ABOUT AFTERBUZZ TV: Created by Emmy winner Maria Menounos & producer Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzz TV is the digital broadcast network dedicated to producing live and on-demand after-shows, news and coverage for nearly every TV show featuring expert recaps & interviews with cast & crew.
April 18, 2020
How Kelly Murtagh is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Kelly Murtagh, the alluring, graceful and jovial actor, writer, singer and mother has established herself as one of Hollywood's hardest working entertainers with the upcoming release of her movies THE LOVEBIRDS starring alongside Issa Rae, Kumail Nanjiani, and Anna Camp now being released on Netflix, as well as her film SHAPELESS, which she wrote and stars in. We would love to arrange an interview with you and Kelly to discuss her upcoming films and projects, as well as her illustrious career having already stared in series and films such as USA's "The Purge," Hulu's "The First," Freeform's "Cloak & Dagger," and Netflix's TALL GIRL, to name a few. Coming to Netflix, THE LOVEBIRDS is a new romcom that tells the story of Jibran (Kumail) and Leilani (Issa). On the brink of breaking up, a couple gets unintentionally embroiled in a bizarre murder mystery. As they get closer to clearing their names and solving the case, they need to figure out how they, and their relationship, can survive the night. Kelly portrays 'Evonne,' Leilani's annoying close friends. Please use the following link to view the trailer: THE LOVEBIRDSTRAILER Kelly also wrote and stars in her upcoming film SHAPELESS which is loosely based off of her life, and tells the story of 'Ivy," a struggling New Orleans singer fighting to hide an eating disorder, must face her addiction and the monsters that come with it or risk losing everything. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kelly from a young age began acting, singing and performing at the age of 3 years old. Growing up, Kelly had a strong imagination and a love for being out in nature and appreciating the outdoors. By the time Kelly began middle school she had become shy and closed off. At age 14 she began her struggles with an eating disorder that would follow her through high school, college, and her professional career. While attending Elon University where she majored broadcast journalism, Kelly applied for one of their programs in Los Angeles the summer before her senior year. After graduating from Elon University, Kelly moved back to the west coast. While in LA, Kelly sought out treatment for her eating disorder after her doctors told her she was damaging her vocal cords and singing ability. After successfully completing treatment and getting the support she so needed from her friends, boyfriend (now husband), she began training with Emmy Award winner Hank Azaria and studied improvisation at the Upright Citizen's Brigade and The Groundlings. She booked a commercial/print campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops, which earned Kelly her membership in SAG-AFTRA as well as a billboard in Times Square, NYC. She began training with Emmy Award winner and Academy member Chick Vennera at the Renegade Theatre Group. Kelly relocated to New Orleans where formed Water Meter Productions, LLC with her husband, Robert John Gilchrist. Kelly and Robert have one daughter. When Kelly isn't busy in front of the camera, recording music or writing, she can be found at her local Bar 3 where teaches and takes yoga classes. She also loves spending time with her husband and daughter. Kelly also is looking to get involved with various charities and organizations that help all types of people dealing with body dysmorphia.
April 17, 2020
How Laura Bryna is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Magazine, New York Times, and Billboard, Laura Bryna is a rising star! Bryna's previous single "Sweet Revenge" has amassed over 2.1 million views on YouTube and climbed to #10 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Now with several Billboard Top Ten singles under her belt, Laura's forthcoming single "Stars Are Falling" is produced with Grammy-winner Damon Sharpe, who is known for his work producing Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and more. With a dynamic new sound rooted in country while inspired by elements of New Wave and Electronica, Laura Bryna's music is helping to modernize country while still keeping it true to herself. From seeing firsthand the power of the Make-A-Wish foundation after her brother suffered a brain aneurysm at the age of 13, Bryna has been actively involved with Make-A-Wish. Her single "Make A Wish" debuted at #7 on Billboard and lead her to become a board director for the Make-A-Wish foundation, a position which she still carries to this day. Her passion for marrying her musical pursuits with philanthropy also extends into her support for the military. Her song "Hometown Heroes" was used in a campaign for the Air National Guard, which involved Bryna embarking on a seven-country USO tour where she sang for thousands of U.S. troops.Magazine, New York Times, and Billboard, Laura Bryna is a rising star! Bryna's previous single "Sweet Revenge" has amassed over 2.1 million views on YouTube and climbed to #10 on the Billboard Dance Chart. Now with several Billboard Top Ten singles under her belt, Laura's forthcoming single "Stars Are Falling" is produced with Grammy-winner Damon Sharpe, who is known for his work producing Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and more. With a dynamic new sound rooted in country while inspired by elements of New Wave and Electronica, Laura Bryna's music is helping to modernize country while still keeping it true to herself. From seeing firsthand the power of the Make-A-Wish foundation after her brother suffered a brain aneurysm at the age of 13, Bryna has been actively involved with Make-A-Wish. Her single "Make A Wish" debuted at #7 on Billboard and lead her to become a board director for the Make-A-Wish foundation, a position which she still carries to this day. Her passion for marrying her musical pursuits with philanthropy also extends into her support for the military. Her song "Hometown Heroes" was used in a campaign for the Air National Guard, which involved Bryna embarking on a seven-country USO tour where she sang for thousands of U.S. troops.
April 17, 2020
How Jason Collett is Survivng the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Breakout movie star Jason Collett makes a statement in the upcoming star-packed gothic noir drama THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME opposite Tom Holland, Haley Bennett, Robert Pattison, Bill Skarsgård, Jason Clarke and Riley Keough, written and directed by Antonio Campos (THE SINNER), premiering on Netflix later this year. THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME, based on the novel of the same name by Donald Ray Pollock, takes place in the 1960s after World War II in Southern Ohio amongst a group of bizarre, compelling and disturbed people who suffer from the war's psychological damages. Collett plays Gary Matthew Bryson, a naïve partner-in-crime to husband and wife team of serial killers, Carl and Sandy Henderson (played by Clarke & Keough, respectively), who troll America's highways searching for suitable models to photograph and exterminate. Executive produced by Jake Gyllenhaal, the dark and gritty film intersects storylines with a sickly and unsettling ability to entangle viewers into its spell. A colorful array of delightfully nasty, dirty and chaotic characters awaits you upon your first watch, and while each person has their own story, characters are inexplicably linked in the most peculiar of circumstances. The highly anticipated psychological thriller is scheduled to be released on Netflix later this year. Collett has been acting on film and stage for over 15 years and is also a trained stunt professional. His appearances in television include HBO's "Watchmen," HBO's "Hung," and NBC's "Chuck." His film credits include "Stay at Condor Beach," the action-thriller "Military State," and the faith-based film "Inheritance", starring alongside legendary actor Robert Miano. Jason also played the lead role of Jamie Nabozny in the documentary "Bullied: A Student, A School, and a Case That Made History" for the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance program. Jason has studied under some of the most influential teachers in Hollywood, including Alice Carter, Joseph Pearlman, Robert D'Avanzo, Sandra Merril and Sara Mornell. Collett has extensive stunt experience and has trained in pole climbing, weapons, hand-to-hand fighting, prat falling, bungee harness, high falling and ATV riding. Some of his stunt experience has helped him not only in the acting industry, but he has also dressed up as Spider-Man to visit local children's refugee camps outside of Atlanta, his current hometown, to help bring some simple joy to the children who need it most.
April 16, 2020
How Liana Liberato is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Liana Liberato is an actress born in Galveston, Texas. She's been working professionally since she was 9 years old. Most notably known for her roles in Trust, Best of Me, If I Stay, and To the Bone. At 14 she won the Silver Hugo Award Best Actress at the Chicago International Film Festival for her role in Trust. She also received performance praise from Roget Ebert in the film. Liberato was named one of the best actors under the age of 20 by IndieWire.
April 15, 2020
How Stokely is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Stokley is a GRAMMY-nominated vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who is one of music’s best-kept secrets. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Prince, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson and more. He’s known best as the lead singer and drummer for legendary R&B group Mint Condition. In 2017, Stokley embarked on a new solo journey with the release of his debut album Introducing Stokley which produced two #1 singles “Organic” and “Levels.” He now continues that journey in a new partnership with the legendary Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’ Perspective Records. Stokley’s new single “She” is off his sophomore album due out this winter.
April 15, 2020
How is Tanner Beard Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Tanner’s latest film to hit digital streaming is We Summon The Darkness, originally slated for a theatrical release prior to COVID-19. It will release across digital and VOD platforms on April 10th, starring Alexandra Deddario and Johnny Knoxville. Tanner has acted in a slew of notable projects, such as Robert Rodriguez’ From Dusk Till Dawn The Series (action horror), Barracuda (thriller), Deported, Hidden In The Woods (horror), Thunder Broke the Heavens, Legend of Hell’s Gate, 6 Bullets To Hell (retro grindhouse western) and many more. Working in the industry as an actor, writer, director and producer, Tanner Beard created Silver Sail Entertainment, an all media based production company during the industry strike in 2008 as a source to create professional media content. Tanner has since produced projects including: a travel show, award winning short films, award winning documentaries, commercials, music videos, two seasons of a web-based television series and feature films such as the critically acclaimed ‘HELLION’ starring Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis, ‘THE LEGEND OF HELL'S GATE’, starring Eric Balfour, Henry Thomas, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Summer Glau, Kevin Alejandro and Lou Taylor Pucci and others. Tanner himself has recently completed Executive Producing four films under icon Terrance Malick and producer Sarah Green, starring talent such as Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Cate Blanchett, Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman. One of which is a documentary, ‘VOYAGE OF TIME’, produced alongside Brad Pitt, who also narrates the film. It recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival and it's North American Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, to much acclaim. As a producer, he has had films and documentaries in competition at top festivals around the world including Sundance, Berlin, Cannes, Venice, SXSW and Toronto, as well as his own Mammoth Film Festival. Along with RIPTIDE, Tanner’s other upcoming projects are an animated feature entitled ‘FRIDGEPORT’ he co-created with Paul Khoury and produced alongside Liam Hemsworth and Ashley Greene, and his latest passion project; a new Christmas comedy ‘JUST BE CLAUS’, which Beard co-wrote with director Tim Skousen and is producing with Jeff Kalligheri and Jared Hess of "Napoleon Dynamite". Follow @TannerBeard @SilverSailEntertainment and @MammothFilmFestival on Instagram. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - #Podcast HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Apple Podcasts - Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - See on us Instagram - Merch - ABOUT AFTERBUZZ TV: Created by Emmy winner Maria Menounos & producer Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzz TV is the digital broadcast network dedicated to producing live and on-demand after-shows, news and coverage for nearly every TV show featuring expert recaps & interviews with cast & crew.
April 11, 2020
How SHAB is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Love, motherhood, pop, drops of Persian, Latin and of course dance rhythms is the sound of Persian crossover artist SHAB, as she announces her new project via the disco ode to female wildness with lead-off single "Spell on Me." Through rhapsodic lyrics, this Iranian refugee has captured the attention of girls across Iran and its diaspora. Now she sets her sights on America. The mesmerizing pop-leaning "Spell on Me" single was helmed by Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe, who is known for his work producing Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and more. Featuring a steady stream of feel-good hooks, SHAB draws on her own romantic torment, crafting raw lyrics to her lover and heartfelt reflections on surrendering herself to intimacy. Through power ballads and dance floor anthems with the upcoming album, SHAB harnesses anguish and devotion, as she traces journeys of femme self-discovery. This mother of two has spent the last few years gaining a loyal Persian fanbase around the world, establishing herself as a pop goddess with purpose. Her new "Spell on Me" music video alternates between playful and surreal. An eclectic mix of sounds ring throughout her new album as she opts for a mix of urban tilting songs, pop ballads, and dance inducing knockouts. She combines and energizes familiar dance-pop sounds to make music worth getting lost in. With effortlessly huge choruses and distinct yet unpredictable vocals that's eccentric in the purest of pop sense. SHAB delivers a kaleidoscope of sound that goes hand-in-hand with the lyrics. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - #Podcast HELPFUL LINKS: Website - Apple Podcasts - Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - See on us Instagram - Merch - ABOUT AFTERBUZZ TV: Created by Emmy winner Maria Menounos & producer Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzz TV is the digital broadcast network dedicated to producing live and on-demand after-shows, news and coverage for nearly every TV show featuring expert recaps & interviews with cast & crew.
April 11, 2020
How Kevin Makely is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
An amazing phenomenon is happening as we dig into another month of the "new normal" and Americans are looking for the newest and best entertainment choices in their living rooms. Recent original motion pictures which did not receive a long enough brick & mortar release are finding massive new audiences. Such is the case with hyphenate KEVIN MAKELY's indie Western, BADLAND (Cinedigm), in which he produced and stars alongside Mira Sorvino, Bruce Dern, Wes Studi, Trace Adkins, James Russo, Tony Todd and more. Hitting Netflix only last Friday, March 27th the Papa Octopus Prods. presentation is #3 on Netflix's movie chart and #7 overall amongst Netflix's massive library of offerings appealing to their 167 million subscribers. This astounding massive audience with exceptional word-of-mouth gives new synergy to the labor of love project Makely developed, fueled and actualized. The satisfying Western is, obviously, appealing to far more than genre enthusiasts with its especially strong cast, an entertaining spin and an a solidly crafted story. Directed by Justin Lee, Kevin Makely persuasively inhabits the lead role of 'Matthias William Breecher,' a man of few words, many bullets and lethally efficient manhunter. With his gravelly voice, formidable stare and confidant physicality, Makely establishes his tough-guy bona fides while portraying a Pinkerton detective hired by a slave-turned-Senator (Tony Todd) to track down war criminals who fought for the Confederacy. Indeed, throughout much of Badland, Makely's understated performance is an unassuming anchor for scenes with an especially strong ensemble whose colorful dialogue is peppered with memorable lines. Singer/actor Trace Adkins portrays a grandiloquent former general who, not surprisingly, would rather not be hanged for his wartime misdeeds. Dern and Sorvino's effective and affecting performances, are so emotionally and dramatically satisfying, they together forward the storyline via a chilling run-in with a violent land-grabber played by James Russo. 2020 Oscar honorree, Wes Studi figures into the mix as Breecher’s (Makely) not-entirely-friendly rival in the manhunting business Produced by Makely's Papa Octopus Productions (an amazing story in itself!) with partners Jennifer Ambrose and Shawn Nightingale, Badland is a Western in which te good guys actually have to pause and reload — repeatedly — to come out the other side.
April 9, 2020
How Trinitee Stokes Is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Trinitee Stokes’ effervescent personality and no non-sense tell it like it is persona has made the move from Disney Channel to primetime on ABC’s #1 new comedy series “Mixed-ish!” Stokes stars as Tamika Brown, best friend to Rainbow Johnson, helping to make Bow's transition to Suburbia seamless and of course entertaining as possible “Mixed-ish” shares her experience growing up in a mixed-race family in the '80s and the constant dilemmas she and the family members had to face over whether to assimilate or stay true to themselves. Tamika is the bridge that helps her embrace her textured curls, style and doesn’t force her to pick a side like the rest of the world does. Trinitee is live and vibrant with the very best hair and wardrobe from the 80's! “Mixed-ish,” airs Tuesday nights at 9:00pm on ABC! Since Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover" wrapped last year, Trinitee has been committed to national literacy programs across the country through the literacy programs that provides resources to families that do not have readily access to books and art programs. Additionally, Trinitee has partnered with Points of Light to encourage her peers to commit to service projects across the country with the organized programs in various programs in education, family volunteerism and eradicating child hunger. Stokes’ released her first book earlier this year titled BOLD & BLESSED: How to Stay True to Yourself and Stand Out from the Crowd. BOLD & BLESSED is a conversation of love and inspiration in a world of filled with Instagram likes and pressures to look and behave in a particular manner. Faced with cyber bullying throughout the years, Trinitee was inflicted with feelings of self-doubt and insecurity among social media feeds filled with contoured faces, slender frames and a “standard of beauty.”
April 9, 2020
How Cameron Wright is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Cameron and his castmates recently took home a NAACP Image Award win for his breakout role in NETFLIX's "Family Reunion," and he is spending this time gearing up to release new music from with producer Nick Cannon on board to promote. Now on stay at home orders from filming season 2 in Los Angeles, Cameron's Netflix series "Family Reunion" features an all-star ensemble cast including Tia Mowry (Sister, Sister), Loretta Devine (Madea's Big Happy Family), and Richard Roundtree (Shaft). In "Family Reunion," which is penned entirely by black writers, Cameron stars as 'Mazzi McKellan,' whose family lives the good life in Seattle- their father was an NFL star and they have everything they want... except diversity. That all changes though, as their family vacation suddenly turns into a hilarious and touching, cross-country move to a small town in Georgia, where they get to know an extended family they didn't even realize they were missing. At just 14 years old, Cameron is an old soul with a jaw-dropping voice who cut his teeth dazzling theatergoers nationwide in the touring production of "Motown: The Musical." Wright starred in the sold out nationwide tour in three iconic roles: a young Barry Gordy, a young Stevie Wonder and the crowd pleaser himself, a young Michael Jackson. Based on the autobiography of Berry Gordy - who founded Motown records in 1959 as an outlet for black artists - the musical was nominated for eleven 2016 NAACP Theatre Awards, and won four of them. Music mogul Nick Cannon's latest musical and multi-talented prodigies - Ncredible Crazy Kids - is taking over for 2020, and features Cameron J. Wright as lead singer of the teen super group.
April 9, 2020
How Joy Osmanski is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Joy Osmanski, the alluring, graceful and jovial actor, dancer and mother of three has established herself as one of Hollywood's hardest working entertainers with the upcoming release of her two highly anticipated television series. Starring alongside Amy Poehler, Ty Burrell, Riki Lindhome, and Rashida Jones in FOX's "Duncanville" (airing on Sundays @ 8:30pm ET/PT), as well as DC & The CW's "Stargirl" (premiering on DC's streaming service on Monday, May 18, and on Tuesday, May 19 for the CW), which cast includes Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, and Luke Wilson, we would love to arrange an interview with you and one of Hollywood's hardest working moms. Joy is available to discuss her new series, as well as her overall career. Airing during FOX's Animation Domination, "Duncanville" centers around the life of 'Duncan Harris' (Poehler) an average 15-year-old boy, who is always one step away from making a bad decision. Along with Duncan lives his mom 'Annie' (Poehler), a parking enforcement officer, who dreams of being a detective someday and always has to watch Duncan, his dad 'Jack; (Burrell), who tries to be a better father figure to Duncan than his father was to him, his sister Kimberly (Lindhome), who is a normal teenager going through normal teen-phases, and his other adopted sister Jing (Osmanski). 'Jing' is also known as the moral compass of the family at 5 years old. Joy will also be seen in the action-packed DC Universe & CW's "Stargirl" as the infamous villainess 'Paula Brooks,' aka 'Tigress.' Best known for her skills in hand-to-hand combat and extensive weapons background, 'Tigress' is one of DC Universe's deadliest non-superpower villains. CW's "Stargirl" tells the story of high school sophomore 'Courtney Whitmore,' who discovers a powerful cosmic staff. After learning that her stepfather Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) used to be a hero sidekick, she becomes the inspiration for a new generation of superheroes. Born in South Korea, and brought to the United States when she was adopted at a young age by her American parents, Joy had a drive and appreciation for the arts from the age of 3 when she began ballet lessons in her hometown of Olympia, Washington. From the very beginning of school, Joy was moved up from kindergarten to first grade after a few weeks and would to be hyper-competitive academically throughout her entire school career. After taking multiple college courses her senior year of high school, Joy would continue on to university at Principia College and graduate within 3 years with a degree in creative writing and studio art. She would then begin her career as a graphic designer and moved to Boston. After a year on the east coast, Joy moved to San Francisco where she created her own graphic design company. Having continued to dance through both high school and college, Joy continued to work on her ballet and dance skills and would book professional gigs on the side. After seeing a notice for auditions for a local production of "Our Town," and missing her performing arts side, she auditioned for the play and was cast in the lead role. Following her performance, Joy auditioned and received her MFA from UC San Diego, one of the top three professional actor training programs in the country. After relocating to Los Angeles, with her husband Corey Brill, Joy has continued worked steadily in theater, television and film, booking roles in hit projects including FOX's "The Loop," Netflix's "Santa Clarita Diet," Freeform's "The Fosters, FIRED UP, and ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL, to name a few. When Joy isn't busy in front of the camera, or in a studio, she can be found spending timing with her husband and 3 kids whether it be walking their dog, or taking care of their 2 bee hives and cultivating their own honey. Joy also likes to spend her time keeping fit by doing weight training, yoga and cardio. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Lik
April 8, 2020
How Sarah Hoffmeister is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Sarah Hoffmeister will be starring alongside Katie Holmes in the upcoming drama “The Secret: Dare to Dream,” based off of the best-selling novel of the same name. Sarah plays ‘Missy Wells,’ the daughter of Holmes’ character ‘Miranda Wells.’ The family is hitting hard times as they recovering from the death of their husband and father. Along the way, Miranda Wells meets Bray Johnson (Josh Lucas) who helps to transform their lives. We see Sarah’s character, Missy, transform from a brooding, angsty teenager into an optimistic daughter who really helps her mother into the relationship with Bray Johnson, convincing her to see the turning points that are appearing in their lives. Sarah booked the role off of a single self-tape audition and thrived on set. When they wrapped, Katie Holmes gifted her with a bracelet and a book of poems, telling her that she had a “beautiful career ahead of her.” While this is Sarah’s first major film role, the young actress can be seen as a guest star on season two of Fox’s hit TV show “9-1-1” as ‘Jamie Cohen.’ Sarah has built her career from the ground up, starting with community theater before graduating to national commercials and short films before her feature film debut. As her career continues to flourish, Sarah hopes to one day work alongside Margot Robbie and Emma Stone, as she admires their versatility, and aims to play a character in an apocalyptic or suspenseful project. Growing up on the beach, Sarah Hoffmeister is an avid surfer. When she isn’t acting, her and her friends volunteer at A Walk on Water (AWOW), which offers surf therapy for children with physical and mental disabilities. She hopes to become more involved with environmental efforts as she experiences the litter first hand while surfing. She is also very passionate about helping animals, and aims to become involved with STAR Eco Station, an LA-based organization that helps exotic animals after they are smuggled into the country. She also participates in aiding hurricane relief efforts through her church youth group. Sarah is also involved in her church’s youth group band by playing the guitar and singing. Those are two hobbies that she loves to do outside of youth group as well as play the piano. What little free time she does have left, Sarah enjoys spending it at the beach. As a member of her high school’s surf team, she frequently gets up early in the mornings to take to the ocean and practice. Sarah aims to use her financial stability from acting to give back to the environment and those that are less fortune. She believes that everyone should see the world bigger than themselves and that nothing is going to get done if we don’t begin by helping each other. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 8, 2020
How JT Neal is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
JT Neal stars as the handsome farm boy Jacob currently on “Bless This Mess” currently in its second season. The show, from "New Girl" creator Elizabeth Meriwether and Lake Bell, follows New Yorkers, played by Dax Shepard and Bell, as they navigate leaving the big city to move to a farm house they inherited in Nebraska. They encounter unwelcoming neighbors, an unexpected barn dweller and lots and lots of chickens in their new country life. Season 1 saw Jacob in many comedic moments including the loss of a finger as well as a haircut gone wrong. Season 2 introduces a romantic interest to the farmer in training. The project has been JT’s dream as it combines one of his favorite television writers and comedy with veteran actors he’s always looked up to. The series also stars Pam Grier and Ed Begley Jr. and airs Tuesdays on ABC at 9:30 p.m. ET. JT grew up outside of Dallas with parents who embraced both film and music, so it was no surprise when at 12 years old he booked a role in a one act play at school. JT quickly fell in love with acting and his mom began to research acting schools and training programs so he could have the best training possible to pursue his dreams. He was accepted at Dallas’ prestigious Booker T. Washington High School For The Performing And Visual Arts; he drove over 100 miles each day to attend. JT booked his first job in Disney XD’s “Labrats” where he loved being on set so much that he didn’t want to use his dressing room. Moving to Los Angeles in 2014, JT booked roles in several TV series. He has gone on to book a supporting role in the Netflix film “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” which was released in 2018, 2019’s successful Netflix teen movie “Malibu Rescue” and a starring role in the Sony romantic drama “Life In A Year”, opposite Cara Delevingne and Jaden Smith. When not filming, JT loves to volunteer with Share A Meal, a charity that makes and delivers food to the hungry via food trucks in the Los Angeles area. He has volunteered every week for 2 years with the charity and is passionate about donating his time to help those in need. He plays the guitar, enjoys collecting antiques and vintage clothing, and has an impressive collection of vintage band / concert tees. He credits his parents for helping him succeed and telling him anything was possible, which has instilled belief in himself and the idea that with hard work he can make anything happen. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 8, 2020
How Crystal Hunt is Surviving Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Emmy-nominated actress Crystal Hunt, first captured America's attention at age 17 when she was cast as the troubled teenager 'Lizzie Spaulding' on the iconic CBS daytime series "Guiding Light." Now Crystal is the Writer, Creator, Producer and Star of the new TV series "Mood Swings" that gives a modern spin on "Golden Girls." The comedy airs on streaming service Pure Flix and follows four generations of women thrown together by circumstance to live under one roof and survive in Los Angeles. It is directed by Emmy nominated comedy director Sean Lambert ("The Larry Sanders Show," "Freaks and Greeks") and features Crystal's fellow soap stars Donna Mills ("General Hospital") and Robin Riker ("The Bold and the Beautiful"), and Oscar-nominated actress Dyan Cannon. Disillusioned with the pace of Hollywood and feeling there was a need for a great female ensemble comedy such as "Golden Girls," "I Love Lucy," and "Designing Women" which she grew up watching, Crystal took her career into her own hands to embrace the legacy of these female driven shows, while adding her own modern twist. Crystal Hunt is the creative and comedic force behind the series which follows 'Farrah' (Crystal Hunt) who after being recently divorced deals with an enormous mortgage on a Malibu mansion and so takes on roommates to earn money to support herself and her eight-year-old son 'Ryder.' Crystal's new roommates include 'Coco' (Robin Riker), a disgruntled working woman, 'Dani' (BAD MOMS' Christina DeRosa), a Canadian-Italian "culinary wizard" and aspiring actress, and 'Emilia' ("Ballers'" Sophia Gasca), a Dominican entrepreneur trying to secure U.S. citizenship. Jason Earles (Disney's "Hannah Montana") stars as 'Farah's' live-in, slacker handyman. After being spotted by an agent at the Actors Workshop in New York as a teenager, Crystal was quickly offered a role on "Guiding Light" that would last four years and earn the teenage actress an Emmy nomination. Coinciding with her rigorous television schedule, Hunt got her break into motion pictures, appearing opposite Zac Efron in the feel-good family movie THE DERBY STALLION. Crystal returned to her television roots in 2009 when she was cast as the devious stripper 'Stacy Morasco' on the ABC daytime series "One Life To Live", where she would stay for three years. She also starred on the docuseries "Queens of Drama" that followed a powerful cast of former daytime and primetime stars as they work in front of and behind the cameras to create, develop, pitch and produce a new steamy, serialized, primetime drama. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 7, 2020
How Emily Shah is Surviving Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Emily Shah, an Indian American actress and daughter of famed Bollywood producer Prashant Shah is making a name for herself as an actress and dancer internationally. Next up, Emily is set to star in and executive produce the Indian film "Jungle Cry" which has a theatrical release internationally to the U.A.E., U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa on April 17th, with a wide-release in India as well. Based on a true story, the film follows a young team of rugby players who grow up in the slums of India and made worldwide history after winning the 2007 Rugby Nations Cup in England. Emily plays the team's physiotherapist and is also an Executive Producer on the film.We would love to schedule an interview with you and Emily to promote her new film!! "Jungle Cry" is based on a true story that follows the journey of 12 underprivileged children, playing sports bare foot, who went on to win the prestigious U14 Rugby World Cup in England. The team came from the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Orissa, India, which has more than 30,000 children from tribal, underprivileged and orphaned backgrounds, and strives to eradicate poverty through education and sports. During the pre-production of "Jungle Cry," which is produced Bollywood Hollywood Productions, Emily read through the script and noticed a lack of female roles, so had the role of 'Roshni Thakkar' written in, ultimately deciding to take on the part herself. In preparation, Emily extensively researched rugby and shadowed a rugby physiotherapist in order to have a full understanding of the of what her character's job and significance to a rugby team entailed. Emily and the production team also went to the original Orissa school to select boys for the film who play rugby already. On top of the highly anticipated film premiere, she is creating a global catalogue with diverse stories now that she has joined her father's production company, Bollywood Hollywood Production." The film is directed by Sagar Ballary (Bheja Fry"), and also features Abhay Deol ("Hero," "Line of Decent"), and Atul Kumar ("Manto"), Stewart Wright ("Doc Martin, "Doctor Who") and Julian Lewis Jones ("Invictus," "Justice League"). The pic also features cameos by some of the top names in the sport, including referee Nigel Owens, Wales and British Lions fly half Phil Bennett, and Colin Charvis, former captain of Wales. The Chicago-born, New Jersey-raised actress is influenced by her multi-cultural family background, her love of dance and travel, and her passion for theatre. Emily grew up on set for her father's films and always felt an infatuation with both production and acting. Emily had the privilege of theatre training throughout her youth, including Lee Strasberg's Institute of Film and Theater in New York and Los Angeles, Madumati's Dance & Acting Academy in Hindi for Bollywood, New York Film Academy, and Weist-Barron. She trained in ballet at the American Repertory Ballet and Princeton Ballet School, and dances tap, jazz, and hip hop. When she was 13, she was selected for a dance troupe and eventually became a dance teacher for Stage Stars. As a teenager, Emily started working in local pageants, commercials, and print work for Indian American brands until she got a job on the set of "Jersey Boys" as an assistant to Clint Eastwood and later assisted in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," "Monster Trucks," and "Fast & Furious 7." Emily graduated with a degree in Entertainment Media Management from California State University and went on to grow her career in acting by working on national campaigns for Proactive, Sephora, Motorola, and T3. Emily is a UNICEF, Autism Awareness, and Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation ambassador and proudly works with various charities and nonprofit organizations involved with cancer, people with disabilities, and underprivileged individuals. This multi-faceted actress has been preparing for her big break since the age of five b
April 7, 2020
How Aleks Paunovic is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Aleks Paunovic knew from an early age that he was destined to tell stories; whether it was with his fists as an amateur boxing champion, with his instrument as a musician, or in the truest form of storytelling: acting. A skilled athlete with razor sharp focus-- not to mention a descendent of three champion boxers-- it’s no surprise that he acquired his first taste of success in the boxing ring. That drive and determination coupled with his love of living on the edge led to a successful career as a stunt actor. Though Paunovic was gifted in his physical abilities he was also a man of the arts, and exercised his love for music as a member of a rock band—where he was “discovered” while performing on stage. It was there where he was asked to audition for the HBO movie “Heads,” and as fate would have it he landed his first acting role and set forth to take Hollywood by storm. Portraying a myriad of roles on both screens big and small, Paunovic has brought forth his unique skill set and chameleon like talent to transform himself into each character he plays. Whether it is a developmentally disabled man accused of murder in “Personal Effects” (opposite Kathy Bates, Ashton Kutcher, and Michelle Pfeiffer), or as an overzealous karate dad opposite Tom Hardy in “This Means War,” Paunovic truly takes each role to a new level further conditioning and developing his craft. Next up for Paunovic is the highly anticipated “Snowpiercer,” for TNT, opposite Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs. In addition he stars as Julius in Syfy’s “Van Helsing,” (seasons 1-4 streaming on Netflix), which will return for its fifth and final season in the fall. He also portrays “Wech,” in Jason Momoa’s SEE for Apple+ TV, and will jump over the big screen with indie features “Chained,” and “Crimson Point,” both due for release later this year. Paunovic’s other feature film credits include “Hard Powder,” opposite Liam Neeson, “Siberia,” opposite Keanu Reeves, “Numb,” “War for the Planet of the Apes,” and the indie features “Volition,” and “Freaks,” which hit theatres September 13th. Additionally, he has starred in numerous television series such as: “Motive,” “Supernatural,” “Continuum,” “iZombie,” “The 100,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “Smallville,” amongst many others. Aleks Paunovic resides in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 4, 2020
How Sean Dominic is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
With his unparalleled meteoric rise, Sean Dominic, is the cultured, suave, handsome, actor, model and entertainer to watch in the new year! Taking over televisions Monday-Friday as 'Dr. Nate Hastings' on the Daytime Emmy Award-Winning CBS' hit drama series "The Young and the Restless," we would love to arrange an interview with the charming leading man to discuss his world renowned series, his career overall, as well as his hardworking journey to becoming Hollywood's new leading man in the soap opera world in less than a years' time. Having originally premiered on March 26,1973, and now in its 46th season on the CBS Television Network, "The Young and the Restless" has been the number one daytime drama for over 28 years. It revolves around the rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. Sean portrays 'Dr. Nate Hastings,' the son of Nathan Hastings and Olivia Winters, and would later become the adopted son of Malcolm Winters. Over the years 'Dr. Hastings' has seen and been put through traumatic events including his mother's ovarian cancer diagnosis right after his birth, an HIV scare, parental separations, as well as the deaths of loved ones, and patients. Born in Madrid, Spain and the child of a single mom serving in the U.S. Airforce, Sean spent much of his younger years growing up through a few states in the U.S. including South Dakota, North Carolina, Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware, to name a few. Sean from a young age had a fascination with arts and entertainment and searched for outlets to creatively express himself. His outlets included acting in local productions and school plays, including "Tied to the Tracks," "A Raisin in the Sun," and "The Wiz," to name a few. Sean also learned how to play instruments including the saxophone, and trombone, as well as performing in gospel choir - even developing his own R&B group with friends on the side. After high school. Sean spent some time in Atlanta modeling and working in the commercial market before moving to New York City. Sean would go on to travel around the world for modeling, including South Africa, Miami, and Los Angeles before honing his acting craft under the tutelage of acclaimed acting teachers including Susan Batson, Carol Ford, Rebecca Guy, and Tony Greco. Sean began booking roles of various film and television projects including OWN's "Greenleaf," USA's "Royal Pains," and BET's "Situationships," and soon after, landed the coveted role on "The Young and the Restless." When Sean isn't busy in front of the camera, he can be found working out at the gym, hiking, boxing, and playing basketball to stay fit. Sean is also an avid international traveler and enjoys working with local community organizations to help children and the homeless. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 4, 2020
How Jaime Callica is Surviving The Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Jaime Callica is the hottest thing out of Canada since the two Ryan's (Gosling & Reynolds). Only acting for a mere three years he has fast become one of Hollywood's rising stars and will next be seen as a series regular in Tyler Perry's highly anticipated new drama for BET, "Ruthless" (a spin-off of fan favorite, "The Oval"), which premieres late March 19th. He will additionally be seen in the new Disney Channel original movie UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC (Summer 2020) based on The New York Times bestselling fantasy fiction children's books of the same name. Audiences have just begun to get a taste for this multi-faceted, hard-working actor on his rise to the top while he curates an impressive resume alongside Hollywood elite. "Ruthless," the upcoming one-hour drama series by Tyler Perry for BET+, is a spinoff of "The Oval" and follows 'Ruth Truesdale' (Melissa L. Williams) as she's forced to play nice with a scandalous religious cult of powerful sex crazed fanatics in the hopes of freeing herself and her daughter. Callica plays 'Agent Brian Rollins' a driven, dedicated worker that loves his wife, and loves his job. When he receives a call to action, he knows he has to step in. In UPSIDE-DOWN MAGIC, ten-year-old 'Nory Horace' discovers she has magical powers and can turn into animals but can't quite get it right. Nory attends a school for other kids with "upside-down magic," and her father, played by Callica, wants to keep her powers a secret. Viewers may also recognize Callica from some of his past TV and film roles including "UnREAL," "Lucifer," "Wayward Pines," Spike Lee's TALES OF HOOD, and most recently alongside Kelly Rowland in MERRY LIDDLE CHRISTMAS. Born and raised in Toronto by a single Trinidadian mother of mixed Chinese, Indian and Spanish ancestry, acting wasn't always at the forefront of Jaime's mind, but he was always a performer. From a young age, he was inspired by the pop stars he saw on screen and decided to take dance classes, specializing in tap and jazz. He graduated on to martial arts, becoming a black belt at 13 (though he had to wait for his official belt until age 16), and eventually, through a mishap by running late to class, found himself joining and competing on the track team. When pursuing colleges, Callica settled on criminology in Vancouver, before eventually transitioning into business. He always had a knack for numbers, and soon was buying condos, townhouses and businesses to call his own. But the acting bug struck suddenly one day - and realizing life is all about taking chances - he dove into the high-risk career in the entertainment industry. Within a year he sold his businesses, started taking acting classes, doing background work and whatever he could, and made the official move to Los Angeles. With over 30 credits in just 3 years, he hasn't looked back. Now splitting his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver, when he's not filming, Jaime likes to spend his time working with causes that focus on helping single moms, or parents with disabilities.
April 3, 2020
How Brooke Ence is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Brooke has become an international fitness icon to her Instagram following of more than 1.4 million, a movie star from breakout Hollywood film roles in WONDER WOMEN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and is appearing in the upcoming 2020 FOX competition series "Ultimate Tag." After a spinal fusion surgery in 2017, Brooke became a bigger threat outside of the fitness arena, launching apparel (ENCEwear), a skincare line (ATHIA) as well as the popular podcast series (Between the Reps). But the want to compete was something she couldn't avoid. After putting off what she did for so l ong, she had a realization that came in the form of three words -- "You should compete!" Besides all of the praise and accolades she's received throughout her career, one challenge that she didn't account for was staying in peak condition at 30 years old. Being more aware of her body while still maintaining her fitness goals has helped Brooke enjoy the process of competing for a big tournament again. Referring to herself as the "professional underdog," Brooke is taking in the small moments during her rigorous training program. Seeing the people that marveled at her abilities, instead of the place she would finish is putting her future in fitness back into perspective. Taking with her the mindset of when she began her storied career is helping her focus. Her outlook is to have no expectations and to compete out of sheer enjoyment while taking in everything that comes with it, or as she puts it with her "eyes wide open". But Brooke admits this won't be easy. "It's going to be a really painful road." After getting her second wind, Brooke is ready for another set of reps in front of a packed San Diego crowd at the West Coast Classic.
April 3, 2020
How Bria Samoné Henderson is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Breakout star, Bria Samoné Henderson has been tapped for a recurring role alongside Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Sarah Paulson, Margo Martindale, Uzo Aduba, Elizabeth Banks and Tracey Ullman in the HULU/FX drama miniseries, MRS. AMERICA. The nine-episode limited series from Emmy-winning writer Davhi Waller (Mad Men) and Oscar-nominated producer Stacey Sher, tells the story of the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), and the unexpected backlash led by a conservative woman named Phyllis Schlafly, played by Blanchett. MRS. AMERICA Henderson will play Ms. Magazine editor Margaret Sloan, an outspoken, funny, radical-thinking African American feminist and civil rights activist who marched with MLK. The out lesbian, single mother and accomplished poet, was an intersectional trailblazer in several cultural and political movements. Through the eyes of the women of that era - both Schlafly and second wave feminists Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug and Jill Ruckelshaus - the series explores how one of the toughest battlegrounds in the culture wars of the 70s helped give rise to the Moral Majority and forever shifted our political landscape. Henderson recently starred in the National Black Theatre's production of The First Deep Breath by Lee Edward Colston II and directed by Malika Oyetimein. She received her MFA in acting from the University of Washington's Professional Actor Training Program. Henderson likes to explore her identity as a black woman on the roles she takes on. Not only is she an actress but also a spoken word poet, playwright, and solo show artist. The work she creates or is drawn to is political, intimate, playful, and reflective. She believes that performance/theatre art is therapeutic for all people and it's one of the only forms of expression that require communion. She thinks of herself as a vessel of art with her work becoming a mirror of the truth. When she is not on set, Henderson spends her time volunteering and helping others. She has spent most of her time tutoring youth, involving herself in the community and even traveled to Africa with "For My Sister." Alongside the volunteers, Bria assisted with lessons at a Nigerian school and created youth programs for girls.
April 3, 2020
How Alex Meneses is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
ALMA Award nominated actress, model and philanthropist Alex Meneses stars in the upcoming movie THE WALL OF MEXICO, which will be in theaters nationwide in August 2020. Alex is also available to discuss her illustrious career having been a part of such series including CBS' "Why Women Kill," The CW's "Jane the Virgin," CBS's "Everybody Loves Raymond," and NBC's "Telenovela." Starring in the upcoming film, THE WALL OF MEXICO, which premiered at last year's SXSW festival, and garnered favorable reviews from The Hollywood Reporter , which called it "one of the most intriguing" at the Festival. The film follows a wealthy Mexican family who decides to build a giant wall around their ranch compound to stop the townspeople from stealing water from their magical well that is believed to be the fountain of youth. Alex portrays the fierce 'Monica Arista,' the cunning matriarch of the family who will do absolutely everything in her power to protect her family and her family's well. The film also stars TWILIGHT's Jackson Rathbone, and award-winning actor Esai Morales. Alex is a Chicago native who fell in love with acting while in high school after being inspired by a performance from Rita Moreno in "Westside Story." Following high school, Alex landed a modeling contract and moved to Europe where she worked regularly in Italy, France and Greece. Upon her return to the US, she entered The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute to hone her acting skills. Alex first rose to fame as 'Teresa Morales' on CBS' hit series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and would later go on to receive an ALMA Award nomination, as well as a Comedy Award nomination for her role as the luscious Italian girlfriend of 'Brad Garrett' on the hit CBS sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond." When Alex is not busy acting, she can be found dedicating her time, money and heart her philanthropic and volunteer work. Alex has served on the Board of Trustees at Children's Hospital Los Angeles for ten years and has helped to raise tens of millions of dollars for the hospital. She also serves on the Boards for United Hope for Animals and The Chicago Symphony and is a member of The Chicago Historical Society. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 2, 2020
How Titus Makin Jr., aka Butterfly Ali is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Butterfly Ali's blend of progressive R&B, indie hip-hop, thoughtful chillwave, and all-out pop explosions is a psychic liberation from genre, expectations, and convention. If he looks familiar, you're right to assume. Born and on IMDB as Titus Makin Jr., Butterfly Ali currently stars as gritty rookie LAPD officer on ABC's "The Rookie," and is recognized from his teenage breakout roles in the hit TV series "Glee" and "Pretty Little Liars." Now for the first time with his music, Ali has created a space where he can be entirely himself. In his new single "Listen to Me" out everywhere April 1st, Butterfly Ali makes a true musical statement of who he is in under three minutes. Though a backbone of warm bass wrapped tightly around "Be My Baby" drums, along with a soulful Gibson guitar and shimmering piano, he delivers a jaw-dropping throughline of emotion and melody which evokes the legends of Motown and Stax Records. Please see the private link to the standout "Listen to Me" single here: Butterfly Ali's love of Motown's big, bright beat and contemporary laid back grooves join together creating contrasting musical textures and moods... think Andre 3000, Marvin Gaye, Anderson .Paak and you're getting warmer. His signature voice is soft, airy, and authentically him in his recent breakout single "Rose." Followed by his anthemic single "Righteous" released just a couple weeks ago. Cinematic both in production and overarching themes, please see the beautiful music videos here: "Rose": "Righteous": Butterfly Ali has all the charm and careful attention to detail as you would expect from a perfectionist obsessed with 60's Motown, Stax Records, and 70's funk. For him, music delivers something that Hollywood just can't, where he accepts nothing but complete control over his art. He can be seen on his filming off days popping up in LA venues performing live, where he has done for the last few years cutting his teeth and honing his craft. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 1, 2020
How Actress Amanda Fuller is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
AMANDA FULLER is best known as Kristin Baxter (Tim Allen’s oldest daughter) - on FOX’s long running and beloved comedy “Last Man Standing.” The show’s eighth season is airing now through May. This season, Amanda will also be directing her first episode (Ep. 818 airing April 9th). A seasoned actress originally from Sacramento, Amanda was seen on the last two seasons of Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” as Madison “Badison” Murphy and has had a long career on many other shows like “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “That 70s Show,” “Judging Amy” and more. She also starred in the indie film Fashionista alongside Ethan Embry. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
April 1, 2020
How Hemky Madera is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Dashing, transformative actor Hemky Madera ("Weeds") returned to television as the menacing 'Pote Galvez,' lieutenant of the Vargas Cartel, for the fourth season of USA Network's award-winning crime drama "Queen of the South," which just wrapped season 4 and is already picked up for season 5 opposite Alice Braga (I Am Legend), Justina Machado ("One Day at a Time") and Peter Gadiot ("Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"). Based on the bestselling book La Reina del Sur by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, "Queen of the South" tells the powerful story of Teresa Mendoza (Braga), a woman who is forced to run from the Mexican cartel and seek refuge in America. Along with "Queen of the South" he is starring in "Perry Mason" an upcoming HBO drama. Born in Queens, New York, Madera was raised with his family in Santiago, Dominican Republic, where he began his acting career in the Dominican Republic television production "Grandes Series Domincanas" with a leading role in the limited-series "En La Olla" and "Trio en Alta Mar," both helmed by director/producer Alfonso Rodríguez. After college, Madera moved to New York City to pursue acting and began booking prominent roles in feature films including DREAMING OF JULIA with Harvey Keitel and Gael García Bernal, THE LOST CITYopposite Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, and Bill Murray, and THE WRATH OF CAIN alongside Ving Rhames and Robert Patrick, to name a few. Madera is best known for his role as Mexican drug cartel criminal 'Ignacio' on Showtime's hit dark comedy "Weeds." Up next, Madera will star in a recurring role as a retired baseball player on the IFC television series "Brockmire." When he's not starring on hit television shows, Madera enjoys playing guitar, golf, flying airplanes and lending his time to organizations dedicated to spreading awareness for Down Syndrome. Madera is happily married and living with his two children and wife, singer-songwriter, Jesse Lynn Madera.
March 31, 2020
How Actor Rudy Pankow is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Rudy Pankow is an actor, known for Outer Banks (2020), The Politician (2019) and Deviant (2018). Rudy is a certified Kayak Guide. Rudy Pankow grew up in a small town in Alaska. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 28, 2020
How Actor Kai Bradbury is Surviving Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
He makes his way from The CW to Freeform in “Motherland: Fort Salem.” The budding actor can be seen as ‘Gerit,’ a male witch who comes to Fort Salem and strikes up a whirlwind relationship with one of the lead witches (Jessica Sutton) in the hourlong drama series. The series reimagines history where witches ended their persecution 300 years ago by cutting a deal with a burgeoning U.S. government to fight for their country as powerful soldiers. The story follows three young female witches in basic training in combat magic. “Motherland: Fort Salem” premieres on Freeform March 18, 2020 and on Hulu the following day. Recently, Kai made his leading man television debut as ‘Vincent Ohana’ in the CW special feature film “Warigami” (Fall 2019). The project is a first of its kind between CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the CW, which originally aired as a 10 part mini-series on CBC in Canada. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 28, 2020
How Actress Jenn Lyon is Surviving Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
In addition to her starring role as “Jennifer,” on CLAWS, she’s had quite a journey in real life and is no doubt using that road traveled to help inspire other women (and men). For years she struggled with an eating disorder that came close to ending her life, and thanks to the Renfrew Center in NYC was able to get the treatment she needed. Jenn is showing other women that it’s okay to take up space (we’re not all a size 2), and it’s okay to have a voice and to use it. Here’s a link to an article she wrote for Today Show ‘s website. In a recent interview she was quoted as saying: “I have openly discussed my struggle with eating disorders, and there is a quote that helps me when I start to backslide because of the ridiculous expectations we are fed. Naomi Wolf said “A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession with female beauty. It is an obsession about female obedience.” Jenn’s other credits include the FX drama “Justified,” where she portrayed the love interest of Timothy Olyphant’s character Raylan Givens, as well as “Army Wives,” “Louie,” and “Phil Spector,” amongst others. On stage she’s co-starred along the likes of Larry David in the hit Broadway show “Fish in the Dark,” and reuniting with Timothy Olyphant in the Off-Broadway hit “Hold On To Me Darling,” a role in which he hand-picked her to play. When it comes to Jenn Lyon, you will not meet a more down-to-earth, quick-witted and relatable woman. She’s as genuine and real as it gets-- so real in fact, that her CVLUX Magazine July issue (which she covered) was their best-selling issue to date. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 28, 2020
How Actress Natalie Dreyfuss is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Natalie Dreyfuss can be seen as Sue Dearbon (who becomes Sue Dibny) on CW’s “The Flash” (next episode airing 3/31 as of now). Her character is a socialite from Westchester, NY and the love interest / future wife of the Elongated Man (played by Hartley Sawyer on the show). Previously, Natalie was best known for her role as Cassie on CW’s “The Originals” and as Chloe on the long running “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” She’s also had roles on many other hit shows such as “Weeds,” “New Girl,” “House,” and “2 Broke Girls” among others. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to dedicate herself to the performing arts. At age six she began a concentrated regime in dance, a ten-year adventure that took her all across the country performing with companies including the prestigious American Ballet Theatre in NY and The Rock School in Philadelphia. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 27, 2020
How Actor Reed Horstmann is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Reed Horstmann is an American actor making his Netflix debut in 2020 in the Mario Lopez-produced series “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” as Stick, the football team’s equipment manager and one of Ashley’s good friends. His past credits include the short film “Cattle Call” and “Our Souls at Night”. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 27, 2020
How Actor Will Buie Jr. is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Will Buie, Jr. plays energetic and adventurous "Finn" in Disney Channel's comedy series "BUNK'D.” The show’s fourth season is airing now and the show has also been picked up for a fifth. A cousin of camp counselor Lou, Finn is realizing his lifelong dream of attending Camp Kikiwaka. However, his fearless antics often land him in trouble. Additionally, Will was seen as a lead in the acclaimed Netflix Stephen King film In The Tall Grass with Patrick Wilson last October. Prior to landing the role of Finn, Buie was featured in a guest-starring role on "Modern Family" and had a recurring role as "Brad, Jr./Ella" on "Daytime Divas” and in the film Gifted. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Buie loves learning about cars and is a whiz with almost all makes and models. He also enjoys traveling, spending time with friends, playing X-box, driving his Traxxas Rustler, biking and playing soccer. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 27, 2020
How Actress Aylshia Ochse is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Alyshia Ochse stars in Sony Pictures Televison’s new drama #FreeRayshawn (April 6th premiere), a new series from Antoine Fucqua, starring opposite Stephan James, Laurence Fishburne, and Skeet Ulrich. The series will be featured on Quibi, a short form mobile streaming service that takes long form content and breaks into bits (like a long story told in chapters). The series will then make its way to theatres as a feature film sometime next year. Previous credits include HBO’s True Detective, How I Met Your Mother, HBO’s Ballers, USA’s Satisfaction, amongst numerous others. Alyshia has also appeared starred as Cece in the feature film “The Other Woman,” opposite Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, and serves as host to her podcast “That One Audition,” , where she’s interviewed the likes of Jason Momoa, Peter Facinelli, Lucy Hale, Laurence Fishburne, etc., about their journey as an actor, the moment where their career took off, and what advice they have to impart on others looking to conquer their dreams. In addition to her work in front of the camera, Alysia is also author of “Life Letters,” which she wrote as a way to inspire others to look inward to truly understand our path and purpose. She initially wrote the book when she was experiencing a time in her life when she didn’t know herself or understand why certain things had occurred in her life. The book offers a guide to self fulfillment through letters written to one’s self and is available for purchase on her website: Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 26, 2020
How Actor Ian Verdun is Surviving the Quarantine | AfterBuzz TV
Ian grew up in and out of poverty, attending art school by the last minute generosity of a friend who had knowledge of his situation. After years of grinding and working a multitude of service jobs, Ian moved to New York set on making something of his career in entertainment. Now, Ian can be seen in the Freeform series “Siren” as series regular ‘Xander McClure.’ The series takes us inside Bristol Cove, a coastal town known for its legend of once being home to mermaids. When the arrival of a mysterious girl proves this folklore all too true, the battle between man and sea takes a very vicious turn as these predatory beings return to reclaim their right to the ocean. ‘Xander’ is a deep sea fisherman who gets embroiled in the bizarre events of the town which put him on a dangerous path as he hunts for the truth.“Siren” returns for season 3 on April 2, 2020. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 26, 2020
How Taylor Dayne is Surviving the Quarantine! | AfterBuzz TV
Taylor Dayne is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame in 1987 after her debut single "Tell It to My Heart" reached the top 10 across fourteen international music charts. Dayne achieved six additional U.S. top 10 singles, including "Love Will Lead You Back", "Prove Your Love", and "I'll Always Love You". Dayne has sold over 75 million records worldwide, making her one of the world's best-selling music artists. Additionally, she has earned three Grammy Award nominations, an American Music Award, and multiple New York Music Awards. She has also received New York Hall of Fame honors and was ranked at number 18 on Rolling Stone's list of the best female dance artists of all-time. In December 2016, Billboard magazine ranked her as the 28th most successful dance artist of all-time. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 25, 2020
How Actor Darren Barnet is Surviving the Quarantine! | AfterBuzz TV
The actor and writer has taken on the series regular role of Paxton Hall-Yoshida in the Netflix original series, Never Have I Ever, written and created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. He can also be seen as the leading man in the latest American Pie spin-off titled, American Pie Presents: Girls Rules, as well as a recurring character on the final season of Marvel: Agents of Shield set to air this summer. Barnet studied Japanese and French, and speaks conversational Spanish. His love for languages has given him an innate gift at accents. In Barnet’s spare time he likes to volunteer in his community in youth programs and is currently working on a screenplays and his music. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 25, 2020
How Actor Dante Hoagland is Surviving the Quarantine! | AfterBuzz TV
Dante Hoagland is an American actor. He began his career quite young and has recently been offered several impressive acting projects. In his debut year, Dante lent his voice to a character in a popular American animation series. Two of his most prominent acting roles have been that of ‘Coco’ in the film 'Fading Gigolo' and ‘Howie’ in the thriller 'Emelie.' Dante played the young Michael Bivins, the founding member of the R&B group 'New Edition,' in the group’s biographical miniseries 'The New Edition Story.' Dante was featured in the music video of hip-hop artist Danny Brown’s song 'Grown Up.' He is also active on 'Instagram,' where he often posts pictures with his mother and siblings. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 25, 2020
How Actor Beth Hall is Surviving the Quarantine
Beth Hall can currently be seen as Wendy on CBS’ hit show “Mom.” Season 7 of the show is airing now. Beth began her acting career appearing in commercials and in theater in New York City. Moving to Los Angeles, Hall booked her first television appearance with a guest role during the final season of “Murphy Brown,” on the Network. Hall portrayed Caroline, Roger Sterling’s secretary, on the Emmy Award-winning series “Mad Men.” Her other television credits include guest roles on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” JANE THE VIRGIN, “About a Boy” and “Parks and Recreation.” Born and raised in Bogota, N.J., Hall attended Rutgers University. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Philip, and daughter. Follow her on Twitter at @BethHall and Instagram @realbethhall. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 24, 2020
How Actress Kron Moore is Surviving the Quarantine
KRON MOORE is known for bringing dynamic female characters to life, showcasing her ability to illuminate their strong inner compass, unshakeable drive and sheer determination. She has proven to be a juggernaut performer who dominates any stage and captures the hearts of her audiences. It is this dedication that makes Kron one the industry's newest well respected and revered actors by fans and peers alike. Each Wednesday night, she brings to life the First Lady of the United States Victoria Franklin (one of primetime most talked about villains who trends social media for days) in the hit Tyler Perry/BET’s #1 rated series THE OVAL. The dramatic series captures the volatile relationship between the President, First lady, and First children, as they navigate their new life in the White House. Touted as the show’s “breakout star,” the unapologetic FLOTUS continues gaining national prominence for her devilish ways and being a strong-willed ambitious woman with a master plan. Her character has been compared to Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope, and Viola Davis’ Annalise Keating and others. Next, Moore will recur as Dr. Chapel in STARGIRL based on the DC Comics superhero Stargirl created by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, that is set to premiere in May 2020 on DC Universe and The CW. No stranger to performing, Moore has been entertaining since her youth. As a vocalist, her voice can be heard on several albums and has been part of various singing groups. The Detroit native boasts a host of television credits including OWN’s David Makes Man as Grace, Amazon Prime’s THEM as Nadine Sims, as well as OWN’s The Haves and the Have Nots, TLC’s Too Close to Home, ID TV’s Swamp Murders, Detroit 1-8-7, among others. Film credits include starring as Linney in the Sundance Film Festival official selection and Alec Baldwin executive produced BEAST BEAST, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Into the Storm, Mosquito-Man to name a few. Moore also boasts a storied career in theatre with credits including "Ain't Misbehavin', "Triumph and Tragedy- The Life of Sam," "Little Shop of Horrors" and has a number of television commercials, industrial projects and voice-overs under her belt. Committed to using her visibility and influence in positive ways, Moore remains an advocate for wellness, mental health, anti-bullying, women empowerment and education. Moore is a graduate of The University of Alabama with a degree in Psychology. She also studied Film, Television and Radio Broadcasting at Specs Howard School of Media Arts ranking second in her graduating class. Kron currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 24, 2020
How Actor Phillip Lewitski is Surviving the Quarantine
Phillip is an actor to watch, currently starring in the Hulu original series “Utopia Falls.” Phillip portrays ‘Apollo,’ a quiet and calm natured dreamer, who works as a mechanic, and brings his musical talents through drumming to the show. The series is a genre bending take on a coming of age story, where a group of teens in a distant future colony uncover a forbidden archive of historical, cultural, and musical relics. With the help of rap icon Snoop Dogg as the voice of the futuristic Siri, they use the power of music to ignite change in their reality to expose the truth. “Utopia Falls” is currently available for streaming on Hulu. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 24, 2020
How Actress Angela Robinson is Surviving the Quarantine
A native of Jacksonville, FL, Angela Robinson is best-known as The Ice Queen Veronica Harrington of Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. For her work as Veronica she is the 2015 recipient of the Gracie Award (Best Female Actress - One to Watch). Angela has worked on Broadway, off-Broadway and on stages throughout the US and abroad. Broadway productions include The Color Purple with Fantasia, Wonderful Town, Bells Are Ringing, and Play On!. Off-Broadway productions: Radiant Baby, Call the Children Home, and City Center's ENCORES! She has participated in National Tours of The Color Purple, Dreamgirls, and The Wizard of Oz with Eartha Kitt. Other television/film credits include Law & Order: SVU, Another Bed and several regional and national commercials. Favorite regional theaters: Baltimore Center Stage, The Alliance Theatre (Atlanta), The Alley (Houston), Berkshire Theatre Festival, Marriott Lincolnshire (Chicago), The Asolo (Sarasota), Papermill Playhouse (Milburn) and many more. Favorite roles: Deena Jones (Dreamgirls), Shug Avery (The Color Purple), Diva Woman (Radiant Baby), Sylvia (Two Gents) and The Witch (Into the Woods). She is the Winner of an Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE) award for her work as Shug Avery in The Color Purple, Angela has been nominated twice for a Black Theatre Alliance Award (The Color Purple, Dreamgirls), and for an Audelco Award (Radiant Baby). Angela is a member of the Grammy Nominated Broadway Inspirational Voices. Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 21, 2020
How Actor SteVonté Hart is Surviving the Quarantine
SteVonté Hart (born October 5th, 2001) is an American actor from San Diego, California. Soon after, he was submitted into a JCPenney’s baby contest, in which he won, thus kickstarting his modeling career. SteVonté Hart then went on to appear in catalogs and commercials until booking his first feature film, Mississippi Damned, as Little Sammy. From here, he decided to pursue acting and later worked on various projects such as Sage Alexander, Netflix’s “Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings”, and Own’s “Queen Sugar”. His most recent projects include a horror film, “616 Wilford Lane”, and Hulu’s “Little Fires Everywhere”, in which he worked alongside Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. SteVonté Hart is also working towards writing and producing his own content. Outside of film and television, SteVonté Hart is passionate about music and plans on releasing some of his own. Make sure to subscribe to AfterBuzz! - Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 21, 2020
How Broadway Star N’Kenge is Surviving Quarantine
N’KENGE (The Moon). NY Post called N’Kenge “Electrifying” in the role of Mary Wells in Broadway’s Motown: The Musical. Broadway: Sondheim on Sondheim. Off-Broadway: Mother Hare in The Golden Apple at NYCC Encores! West End: The Genius of Ray Charles. International soloist with symphonies & opera companies. N’Kenge is the conceiver, producer and star of Broadway-bound Dorothy Dandridge musical. Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 20, 2020
How Actress Mouna Traoré is Surviving Quarantine
Mouna Traoré is from rom the new Netflix series called “Self Made.” She is opposite Octavia Spencer. The movie also stars Tiffany Haddish and Carmen Ejogo. The movie is about the first African-American woman to become a self-made millionaire. Mouna will also be joining the cast of another very popular Netflix series but she can’t say just yet which one. Other recent projects of Mouna include "In Contempt" on BET, “Condor" for The Audience Network and The Starz series "American Gods." Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 20, 2020
How Actor Sean Whalen is Surviving Quarantine
Today, Jeff Graham interviews Sean Whalen about this whole new world of surviving the crisis. What is like for actors? What is doing in his spare time? And will this time inevitably inspire an upcoming Rob Zombie horror pic for him to star in? We discuss all of that, on today's "Quarantine With The Stars" series. Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit
March 19, 2020