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CONVERSATIONS for Clarity, Creativity and Change

CONVERSATIONS for Clarity, Creativity and Change

By AkinWaleEkunDayo
Conversations for balance and alignment between identity, faith and work: Clarity on matters of life, for a creative responsive that brings enduring and sustainable change to lives, places and situations.

Hosted by: AkinWaleEkunDayo - the Bringer of Joy
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The Means and The End

CONVERSATIONS for Clarity, Creativity and Change

The Means and The End
What is the edge of a righteous heritage over a wicked one? Is it justifiable to use lies to promote truth? Here is an episode on the life of a believer, who would do justly and righteously. Take a listen.
June 28, 2022
As believers, what manner of standard are we called to? A maturity that finds its essence is others or a type that is held to the highest level of accountability? This episode looks into details of the what is expected of one who knows and understand the word of God. Enjoy
May 30, 2022
Inexcusable Duality
There is no excuse for unrighteousness; both the lawful and the lawless would be judged by God. Every secret life must align to visible realities; else we are in the danger of self-condemnation. This one speaks to how we must handle the truth we already know; even the ones we would come to know. | SONGS 1: God of heavens and the earth, Unto you comes all praise and thanks. How lovely are you LORD, God, the source of all grace . . . | SONGS 2: We will always praise you God, The King that will not allow His mercies to depart from us, We will always praise you God, The King that will not allow the devil to damage our joy, We will always praise you God . . . | SONGS 3: In all ways we thank you LORD. We are grateful . . .
May 27, 2022
Freedom and Approvals
There is a choice that precede every action; even the retention of God in our minds requires a choice. What will you do with the freedom you have been given? What manner of things will you approve? Listen in and SHARE with others if it blessed you. Peace.
May 16, 2022
True Essence of the Gospel of Christ
What is the gospel? Is it a message about Christ, a message about the people, or both? Why is it good news? These are the subject of contemplation in this episode. In it, we reviewed where everyone was and how each one's decision would determine their life outcomes.
May 10, 2022
The Reality of Doing God's Will
How easy is it to do God's will? What are the realities that come with following the LORD's command? What must we do to deliver adequately and acceptable on God's heart.
May 04, 2022
ROMANS: An introduction into a book of the Bible that outlines Authentic Biblical Patterns to life.
We just started a verse-by-verse inquiry into the book of Romans for Authentic Biblical Patterns to par present and future issues of doctrine and lifestyle.
May 03, 2022
LUKE: A Review of an Outsider's Account of Jesus' Life.
In our home, we have been studying the Book of Luke, verse by verse, for over a year. This episode is our overall review of the Jesus that Luke described. We also have some thoughts on Luke, the writer, and how he arrived at his account, though he was not Jesus' disciple directly. Enjoy it.
April 22, 2022
6. Greatness and Honor
God is a God of covenant; He is not the God of the rich or the God of the poor. Whoever operates in covenant with God, He honours. Sometimes, very simple things become very difficult for very resourceful people and very needy ones do such without effort. It may seems that God is unfair or unjust; both the privileged and the poor may have issues with how God responds to them. In the end, it is he or she who ascribes greatness and honour to God that receives His help in every sphere of life.  This episode digs into the why God is on the side of anyone who cuts covenant with Him; who serve God because of His person, not His provision. God resists the proud, yet gives grace (His consent and goodwill) to the humble. Enjoy. Please remember to share this with others . . . Should you desire an electronic copy of the book - THE EDICT - please send us your email at and we will send it to you.  Contributors: Hannah Besong, Enahoro Isuh and Koffi Balou
January 21, 2021
5. Good Tidings
What exactly is the gospel? Who has the responsibility to bring good tidings? Among the people and in nations; what is the responsibility of the House of God?  In the scheme of things, what is your role in spreading the good news that being in Christ has made available. This episode digs into the importance of the good news in the midst of unending bad news all around. It emphasises how we must deliver these good news, speaking the truth of all situations, yet speaking in faith, not fear. Enjoy. Please remember to share this with others. . . 
January 10, 2021
4. The Word
What is the Word of God? Is it Bible? is everything in the Bible the Word of the LORD?  Written or spoken, the Word of God is weightier than mere words; if indeed, the highest manifestation of God is His Word; then, He is His Word.   Everything is temporal and they may lack eternal consequence . . . but whatever has eternal value would necessitate a proceeding Word of God. Indeed, nothing is forever but that which is a product of the Word of God. If God did not command it, it is hardly going to last forever.  This episode digs into the importance of the Word of God and why we must restrict our manifestations to the prescriptions of the Word of God. Enjoy.
December 31, 2020
3. The Glory of God
What is the glory of God? Is it the glitz and the glamour? Is it the splendour of material things or the manifest beauty that is ascribed to God? The highest manifestation fo God is His word. Therefore, His glory cannot be exclusive of His word. But how do we define the manifestation of His word that is not defined in beauty? When judgement comes, with wellness and peace that is withdrawn from the wicked, how can we define this in the context of the glory of God? The ultimate end of all is that the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the seas. Therefore, understanding the glory of the LORD helps us to accurately position ourselves in God's scheme of things. This episode delves deep into Scriptures to clarify what the glory of God is and what it is not . . .  Enjoy.
December 27, 2020
2. Warfare
The ‘gospel of the kingdom’ is a gospel of peace that must be promoted by wars. That may sound erroneous, but it is not! The battles begin from within and eventually starts to manifest in externally.   In the midst of these ongoing battles, he or she that is in Christ strides victoriously from victory that was already won before he or she is inserted into the battles. Have you been winning your battles? Will you win your new battles? This episode focuses on the how anyone on Christ responds to ongoing battles and wars and the value of letting the LORD be the LORD of Host. Enjoy
December 26, 2020
1. Mercy
The defining difference in what Christ represents is the love of God nested in His mercies. He did not come to condemn anyone; instead, he came to save people from sin (living beneath God's standard of design) - something they could not save themselves from. This episode explains what the mercy of God is and what it is not.  Enjoy.
December 25, 2020
Introduction to THE EDICT
God is Light! Therefore, a people cannot truly love God and love the world and false teachers in His house at the same time. There is indeed no friendship between the light and darkness. God is Love! This means that it is impossible for God’s people to express Him without being in Him. No one is of Him who is without Him. God is Life! So, there is a standard quality of life expected of those who fellowship with God. This life cannot be accessed until salvation takes place. It begins with being truly saved, through faith in Christ, not in what God is able to do. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” This change of location, heart and life is what The EDICT is about. It begins today and runs for the the next 41 Days at 7.00pm Listen in and be blessed. 
December 24, 2020
July 24, 2020
July 24, 2020