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McLuhan's Window

McLuhan's Window

By Alexander Dennis
A window into Marshall McLuhan's life and perspective, and also a window upon the world of media, technology, culture and society as seen through this perspective.
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BREAKING NEWS: Steve Bannon is a McLuhanite

McLuhan's Window

MCLUHANS WINDOW Marshall McLuhan 1960 Popular/Mass Culture: American Perspectives - The Communication Revolution
Sit back, enjoy. What happens in this episode is that I kick back with you and we watch a black and white 'debate' with four individuals: Three professors from Indiana and, of course,  Marshall McLuhan. It's always interesting to see how McLuhan steals the show and becomes the focus of attention of any debate he has ever been in.  The link to the YouTube is here:
January 21, 2021
Talking McLuhan with Mom... the secret recordings
The photograph accompanying this episode of the podcast is the reason for this episode of the podcast. Speaking with my mother  about my McLuhan Joke episode, she wanted to know where I got the photo. I told her about how one can trace information sources via google images.  To give her an example, while we were on the phone I sent her a link to the Toronto Life article where I found the photo, and Mom and I discovered the article together.  Midway through our phone conversation, I realized what a great guide mom's interest in McLuhan could turn out to be. I began secretly recording.  She, like a true Mom, wanted to know who the women in the picture were.  I hadn't even thought to identify them, I'd just assumed it was their wives. The photo was taken in 1970 out front of the Windsor Arms hotel in Toronto's Yorkville district.  As the caption in the article reveals. The women in the photograph are Corrine, Marshall's wife - and Teri, McLuhan's daughter, acclaimed documentarian.   It's clear Trudeau is caught in the act of charming them both.  The fabulous article is a must-read for McLuhanites and the general public alike. 
January 06, 2021
BREAKING NEWS: Steve Bannon is a McLuhanite
It may only be breaking news to this author, but to me, the knowledge that Steve Bannon was a McLuhanite, explains EVERYTHING about Donald Trump's 2016 victory. Today, just today, a pal sent me an excerpt from PBS, where Steve Bannon talks McLuhan in relation to Trump's mastery. This is an exciting moment for me. It just confirms and validates so much. And it is the Eureka Moment that has spawned the first McLuhan's Window Podcast. It's the final piece of something I have known and been blathering about for years. In the podcast I reference a piece I submitted to the Wall Street Journal (maybe next time, buddy!) about Trump's McLuhanesque chicanery, complete with specific Trump techniques to prove it.  In fact, the rise and fall of Trump's media prowess may well be echoed in the rise and fall of his closeness with Steve Bannon.
January 04, 2021