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Live Your Impressivity Show

Live Your Impressivity Show

By Alex Badita
Everyone talking about living the impressive life and you feel like you're just figuring it out? Alex Badita, author and journaling expert, interviews every two weeks creative entrepreneurs about personal and business growth, mental health and meaningful tools to navigate life with purpose and motivation. Discover how to live your impressivity and start impressing yourself today.
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Learn to Trust Your Intuition with Journaling with Jessie Chiang
How many times have you heard that you should trust your gut or your intuition? How many times you felt it when something wasn't right? We all have this superpower of our inner voice or intuition, but we muffle it down because we can't explain it. In this episode, you are invited to bring back to surface your intuition and to practice it with the help of journaling. Our awesome guest is Jessie Chiang, Spiritual Business Coach and an Intuitive Mentor. She is known for her inspiring stories and her connection to the Angelic realm, is a certified Empowerment Coach and graduated from St. Cloud State University with a BA in Psychology. She specializes in coaching highly sensitive entrepreneurs to use their innate gifts, align to their soul mission and achieve results fast with intuition and energy work. Jessie is also the Founder of the Soul Clean Co., an online business that sells energetic cleansing bath and body products. When not on Zoom coaching her clients, she loves going outdoors with her son and her highschool sweetheart in sunny Southern California where she calls home. Connect with Jessie on Instagram Check out Jessie's membership Club Lumen Spirit ****************** Thank you for joining us for the last episode of Season 1 in Live Your Impressivity Show We will be back in February 2022 with new episodes. Connect with Alex Badita: Instagram: LinkedIn:
December 08, 2021
Journaling In Schools: Why Kids Should Keep A Journal with Florina Russu
“Journaling in schools” is an ambitious project initiated by Alex Badita and Florina Russu and looking to be developed in schools across Romania and internationally. We believe that journaling should be taught from early age because it has so many benefits in the emotional and neuro-development of children. Our mission is to encourage over 1,000 middle-school students to start their first journal and fall in love with the art of expressive writing. My guest is the co-founder of the international campaign "Journaling in Schools". Florina Russu is a teacher, global edupreneur, photographer and founder of Global Edupreneurs Academy Globularia. Her photos offer guidance and teach visually the instructive and informative roles we are assuming in a dynamic process of conscious skills achievement. Florina is on a mission to transform education with powerful visionary practices and close connections with children. Mother of three, proud wife, author and a role model for her students, Florina is a leader in education. More about Florina: Details about "Journaling in Schools" project: Order a copy of "My First Journal" and contribute to the education of children all over the world:
November 17, 2021
How Does A Gratitude Journal Really Work?
Many books and studies show that a simple five-minute daily gratitude journaling can increase your long term wellbeing by more than 10%. That means less stress, less anxiety, better sleep, more motivation, more creativity, more productivity. It has even been associated with the same feeling as doubling your income! Sounds like it costs too much to not start your gratitude journal straight away! In this episode, I'll share with you the best way to create a pleasant experience when you start your gratitude journal. I'll share neuroscience facts about gratitude and a framework and prompts to never get stuck in your journaling sessions. If you want to implement gratitude journaling for your business growth, you will love sharing the journey with other fellow entrepreneurs in the Journaling Studio. This program starts in January 2022.
October 20, 2021
Why We Need Nature Journaling for Resilience with Jackee Holder
Nature journaling involves awareness, mindfulness and grounding. Writing in a journal about the nature around us requires us to take a break and observe, pay attention, even in the middle of the city. Find the wilnderness in your own city and find your resilience in times of stress with nature journaling. Discover the benefits of nature journaling with Jackee Holder, this episode's guest. A well seasoned walker of London streets, parks and green spaces with over 10,000 walking hours under her belt, Jackee Holder is a custodian of trees, gathering stories to keep memories of our urban woods alive. Jackee is an author, leadership and wellness coach and coach supervisor working in leadership and organisational development. Jackee is the author of four non-fiction titles including  49 Ways To Write Yourself Well and Be Your Own Best Life Coach. Her published works includes the illustrated Writing With Fabulous Trees Writing Map and the newly published ReWilding The Page Writing Map, a portable guide offering writing and journaling activities tips for connecting with nature and the environment. Download free nature journaling prompts: Connect with Jackee on Instagram: ****** Connect with Alex Badita: Instagram: LinkedIn:
September 29, 2021
What To Write In Your Journal For Creativity with David Chislett
Creativity is one of the most desired skills to have in the workplace, in business or in life. Being able to "connect the dots" and bring new fresh ideas to the table is unique and should be encouraged. My guest in this episode, David Chislett, also known as the "Creativity Activator" breaks down the neuroscience, the myths and misconceptions of creativity. He walks his talk and he expresses his creative side through poems, music, sculpture, fim-making and many other outlets. "I am forever curious, which leads me to always ask WHY… and HOW? As a result, my career has enabled me to join dots across many worlds.", confesses David. Connect with David Chislett: Home: LinkedIn: Facebook: Patreon: Instagram: YouTube: ******************** If you are an entrepreneur, you already know that creativity also means motivation to pursue your dreams. Join the Journaling Studio, a platform dedicated to growth-driven entrepreneurs who want to create impressive results with clarity and focus. Sign up for 1 month, cancel anytime. ************* Connect with Alex Badita: Instagram LinkedIn
September 14, 2021
Redefining Self-Care: Journaling for Busy People with Mary Allison Brown
Self-care is not selfish and we need to prioritise it and make time for it. If we don't we will have to make time to treat illness and othr health issues. Even when you are busy with work, family and social life, you can still find time for yourself in the mix.   My guest in this episode, Mary Allison Brown is on a mission to redefine self-care and to support busy people to prevent burnout and manage stress. Journaling is one of the 5 pillars that Mary Allison developed in her approach for "mental health hygiene". Mary Allison Brown, MSW, LICSW, CMHS, licensed mental health therapist and consultant, author, speaker, and Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional. She is the author of the five-star rated guided journal “Align With Joy: A 30-Day Guided Joy Journal Designed to Help You Cultivate a Life Filled with Joy and Gratitude.” She is also a featured author in the international best seller “Mastering Your Inner Game: Moving Mountains with Mindset.” Connect with Mary Allison: ******************** Bring self-care into your business to feel more clear and confident. Join the Journaling Studio, a platform dedicated to growth-driven entrepreneurs who want to create impressive results with clarity and focus. Sign up for 1 month, cancel anytime. ************* Connect with Alex Badita: Instagram LinkedIn
September 01, 2021
The Art and Science of Journaling and Storytelling
Did you know that business journaling and storytelling have some things in common? While storytelling is a process that can support your branding, marketing, pitching and even sales, the business journaling tool brings you multiple results in all these areas and further in your business development. In this episode, I share about the similarities and differences between journaling and storytelling, the neuroscience of stories and also practical journaling prompts for boosting your storytelling tips. FREE access to Storytelling Masterclass here Want further support with storytelling? Apply here Connect with Alex Badita: Website Instagram LinkedIn
August 18, 2021
Building Healthy Habits with Journaling from Rob Swagten
Have you ever struggled when building a new habit? How about when you want to let go of a bad habit or addiction? Discover the formula for your transformation journey from Rob Swagten, Habit Coach and Founder of Worthy Tweaks. What are healthy habits, how can you stick to them and really see the results when using journaling? How do you know a habit is good for you and what are the steps to implement it in your life? Find out the answers in this interview with Rob. Check out Rob's Habit Journals Connect with Rob ************* Want to implement healthy habits in your business with journaling? Join the Journaling Studio, a platform dedicated to growth-driven entrepreneurs who want to create impressive results with clarity and focus. Sign up for 1 month, cancel anytime. ************* Connect with Alex Badita: Instagram LinkedIn
August 03, 2021
Journaling for Healing Trauma with Christine Bergsma
How can you navigate your emotions when you go through a life-altering event? Find out more about using journaling for healing trauma from Christine Bergsma, Founder & CEO of Journaling Through. Learn about what questions to use in your journal if you are going through infertility, emotional eating, cancer or grief. Plus, how is your life similar to a movie and more in this interview with Christine. Discover Christine's journals Connect on Instagram ************* Want to know more about business journaling? Join the Journaling Studio, a platform dedicated to growth-driven entrepreneurs who want to create impressive results with clarity and focus. Sign up for 1 month, cancel anytime. ************* Connect with Alex Badita: Instagram LinkedIn
July 07, 2021
Why is Journaling important?
Have you ever tried writing in a journal? This episode introduces the topic of the first Season, journaling. Discover the 3 main benefits of expressive writing and why is journaling important for living an impressive life. Host Alex Badita also shares about her story and how journaling saved her life. 
July 07, 2021