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All That Heals

All That Heals

By Vanessa Faria
All That Heals was created to honour all aspects of our healing journeys. It’s for all that ways and places that healing exists in our lives. Each episode is intended to leave you feeling empowered and nourished with loving permission to be more of your true self. We’ll be covering topics that will support you in your health & wellness on all levels; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, mothers, and healers, to artists, movement and fitness experts, as well as everyday people who have real stories about healing.
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ep. 05 Writing Your Story: A Conscious Process of Forgiveness & Change

All That Heals

ep. 09 Bioenergetic Healing - BIE with Kayla Saint-Onge
Kayla Saint-Onge joins Vanessa Faria to share her healing journey through some challenging years with Ulcerative Colitis and how Bioenergetic Healing changed not only her personal health radically, but then inspired her to become a BIE practitioner and continue to help so many others with autoimmune or chronic conditions. They speak about Vanessa’s most recent BIE session, where they worked on balancing emotions and give you a glimpse into all of the different ailments, diseases and frequencies that Kayla has in her clinic available for treatment from food intolerances, to geographic stressors to pathogens...and so much more ! This episode is super informative if you’re looking for an alternative energy modality to support your current healing protocol. Truly, BIE sessions with Kayla are a must!  @balancebykayla | Facebook 
July 31, 2019
ep. 08 Deconstructing Mindfulness with Yogini Aliana
In this episode Yogini Aliana joins Vanessa to deconstruct mindfulness and discuss how incorporating meditative practices in your daily life can support your personal wellbeing. You’ve heard it all before yes, but here we break down what mindfulness really is, what the goals are, what are some of the misconceptions and how being mindful can truly benefit you. Aliana tells the journey of how she discovered yoga, meditation and mindfulness and how it has made her a happier human being. We talk about her going back to school and taking courses in neuroscience, how a friend going through illness was her inspiration to become a yoga teacher, why choosing to be mindful is courageous, and both women share how mindfulness deeply supports their feelings of anger and impatience. Enjoy!  @yoginialiana | Facebook 
July 16, 2019
ep. 07 Self-Reclamation through Photographic Journeys with Amber Ellis
In this episode Amber Ellis from Creating Light Studio and Vanessa share a captivating heart to heart on how photography can be used to capture the messier moments of our lives and healing process, as well as the beauty of using photographs to manifest the expression and embodiment of you or your business. Amber shares some of her self-care and centering practices, how she has healed from disordered eating, and continues to heal and positively shift the focus of her lens around body image. Both women talk about what they are actively reclaiming for themselves as they dive into the heart and soul behind Amber’s Reclamation Series offering.
July 3, 2019
ep. 06 Harmonizing Connections between Men & Women by Healing the Masculine Wound
Vanessa is joined by Darren Austin Hall international sound healer, sacred musician & spiritual educator to discuss and share about the resources and work he's done to support men on their spiritual path of awakening and what offerings, practices, and communities are available for sacred men's gatherings (in Toronto). We explore how men and women can engage with each other more deeply when both sexes have compassion and a greater sense of the collective wounding. He shares about his eco-spiritual book in the making about learning to honour and respect more of the indigenous teachings, culture while reclaiming your own indigenous heritage. You can also expect to learn a little more about sound healing, while hearing a few laughs from these two pals!  Darren's Soundcloud Lectures | Purchase Darren's Music Connect with Darren on IG @darrendruid | Facebook 
June 25, 2019
ep. 05 Writing Your Story: A Conscious Process of Forgiveness & Change
Ashley Ann Pereira is a young author (The Key to Happiness), speaker and healing coach who is captivating and deeply nurturing in her change-making. Together they share their stories of forgiveness, change, and how writing letters have been monumental in starting their healing processes with family and friends. They speak about some of the early moments of their decisions to change and then embark on their conscious process of personal growth, finding purpose and confidence.  Connect with Ashley on Facebook and Instagram @ashleyannpereira Get her free guide here and join her Key to Happiness online program.
June 18, 2019
ep. 04 Healing through Art, Photography & Being Seen
Liana owner of HAVEN creative space in Montreal shares all about her personal healing journey, working through hormonal imbalances and how she healed her benign brain tumour through her love of art. We discuss how this journey deeply magnified her gift of capturing women through their own healing processes while turning their hardships into incredibly powerful imagery. Both Vanessa and Liana share about the magic that happens in collaboration and creation with other artists, and how healing it can be to be seen. 
June 11, 2019
ep. 03 How Generational Healing™ Changes Your Life with Crystal Rasmussen
Crystal Rasmussen and Vanessa discuss their journey becoming Generational Healers™ & Spiritual Guides and working with the ancestors to heal generational trauma that is passed down through the bloodline. They share what the process was like learning from their mentor Deborah Skye King, going through the 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Apprenticeship Training, and transitioning into the role of facilitator and teachers of the Generational Healing™ work. Learn all about how Generational Healing™ can benefit you, your family and the Earth.  Crystal's Facebook: Deborah Skye King - 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Apprenticeship Training - Generational Healing™ Book your Consultation to enrol into the Generational Healing™ Certification Training & 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings
June 4, 2019
ep. 02 All About Soul Therapy with Sarah Christine
Sarah and I share all about Soul Therapy, what it’s like for both of us to support women as Licensed Soul Therapists, our time working together and what her process was like going through the 3 Month Heart Immersion program with me as her guide. We share with you how to prepare for a Soul Therapy session, who these programs are for, and what Soul Therapy sessions can offer your personal growth, spiritual evolution and healing journey.  Connect with Sarah for a complimentary 30-minute Soul Therapy or Generational Healing™ phone consultation. @sarahchristinesedona Facebook
June 4, 2019
ep. 01 Esoteric Astrology & Flower Essences with Ines Heals
Ines from Ines Heals shares about managing attachment and desire, and the mystery of karma. Balancing the material and esoteric world for self-liberation and enlightenment through astrology. We chat about astro-geography, and how to use astrology as a tool for nourishing conscious partnership. She shares all about how working flower essences supports emotional, mental and etheric body healing while cleansing and purifying our inner and outer spaces. @ines.heals Facebook: Youtube: 
June 4, 2019
ep. 00 TEASER with Vanessa Faria
A brief welcome and introduction to Vanessa Faria and the All That Heals Podcast with a few words on healing. Thanks for listening and coming along on this new journey with me! Please remember to subscribe, rate, share & review.  Be sure to connect with me on Instagram @vaness.faria as I love to engage with my community there!
June 3, 2019