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Disability with Mālama

Disability with Mālama

By Aloha Independent Living Hawaii
Aloha Independent Living Hawaii presents Disability with Mālama, a new podcast channel that discusses the disability community. From local issues in the State of Hawaii to current policies throughout the United States, we help to give the term disability a face in the world.
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Aloha to Disability with Malama

Disability with Mālama

Aloha to Disability with Malama

Disability with Mālama

Episode 3: Interview with AILH Board Member Scott Suzuki on Legal Guardianship
Join Leelynn and Roxanne as they interview one of AILH's Founding and Current Board Members Scott Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki is an attorney that specializes in Legal Guardianship and explains more of what that means, when parents need to start thinking about it, and why it's important for parents with disabled children.
September 17, 2021
Episode 2: Interview with SPIRIT Club Founder Jared Ciner
Leelynn and Roxanne interview the founder of SPIRIT Club, Jared Ciner. SPIRIT Club is one of AILH's partners in providing our consumers with fun and engaging physical activity. Learn more about our partner and how we've worked together during the pandemic to get our consumers active.
August 20, 2021
Episode 1: Interview with AILH Executive Director
It only makes sense to let you get to know who we are, so here it is! Learn more about Aloha Independent Living Hawaii from our very on Executive Director, Roxanne Bolden.
July 16, 2021
Aloha to Disability with Malama
Welcome to Disability with Malama, a brand-new podcast hosted by AILH where we discuss all things disability throughout the State of Hawaii.
June 13, 2021