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Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

Get Your Brave On with Amanda Carroll

By Amanda Carroll
Inspiring you to live a strong and courageous life no matter what life throws at you with the daily #GetYourBraveOn pep talk, and conversations from your favorite artists and guests on how they choose bravery during the plot twists of life.
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Brave Lesson 4: Mindset Mastery
Your thoughts provoke your life. This episode will teach you how to stop expecting calamity around every corner, and manifest the life you really want by tuning into the right "frequency" by imagining what it WILL feel like when you accomplish your goals. Once you master your mindset you will be unstoppable!
April 12, 2022
Brave Lesson 3: Connect the Dots Backwards
Life's biggest moments typically follow the most stressful ones. This podcast will help you create a plan to rebuild your life after a plot twist. Getting Your Brave On to get the life you want happens in small steps.  Don't beat yourself up!  If you have started and stop this same goal multiple times it's okay!  You are normal!  The reason why we get distracted and fail at goals is because we get overwhelmed at the end result.  It seems impossible so we give up. Instead, we are going to work backwards.  Success happens when we focus on one step at a time to get to the goal! Today, get out a sheet of paper, or maybe page 3 in your journal and write your goal and your date at the top. We can use mine as an example,
April 05, 2022
Brave Lesson 2: Circle a Date
 Do you feel like your life has been on pause?  Are you stagnant, but deep inside you want to burst out into a new life?  Making this ONE simple decision today, is a giant step closer to living your dream life. "Let's circle August 1st" -she said.  My best friend Patty in Virginia challenged me to do that when I was going through my divorce.  I became a single mother suddenly, when my ex husband came home one night from a business trip to Brazil and announced he was leaving the family.  I was living in this tortuous limbo land of having no clue what my future would look like. This is how I created a new life, and how I can teach you how to create a life you love too!  Click here to support Debbie in her goals!
March 15, 2022
Miracles for Ukraine
A baby born in the war zone of Ukraine!  Listen and be inspired by the BRAVE stories and miracles you are NOT hearing on the news about the strong and courageous men and women that are staying to fight and protect in the Ukraine.   I broke my episode plan to share with you my new friend, Tina Vasilchuk, founder of the Facebook page, Miracles For Ukraine.  They are telling the stories of miracles happening now, and making new ones happen! Tina was born in Ukraine, now lives in Roseville, California.  Her sister is in the Ukraine, refusing to leave, even after giving birth to her new baby in the war zoon.  Now she and her husband are building refugee camps in Odessa, Ukraine.  Listen to her story and be OH SO INSPIRED at what we can learn about bravery from the courageous Ukranian people.  
March 03, 2022
Brave Lesson 1: Be The Best You
"Well we're out of milk".  What a ridiculous thing to say when your husband announces he's leaving you with three kids under 4 years old.  This is my story of how I suddenly became a single mom and why I'm now using it to help YOU choose bravery after the plot twists in life.   In this episode, you will hear the mission for Get Your Brave On and get the first lesson on how to build back your life after the unexpected happens.   Getting Your Brave On Begins with You!
March 01, 2022
#7 Be the Boss of Your Fears with Ellie Holcomb
Giving God your "surrendered yes"!  Musician Ellie Holcomb on risk taking, overcoming anxiety herself by helping her daughter overcome it!  This will inspire you, and give you specific techniques on breathing through those moments of anxiety so you can get your sanity back.  This podcast is like a big hug from God.  
June 01, 2021
#6 In Process with Riley Clemmons
LOVE HER!  How 21-year old Christian recording artist, Riley Clemmons, gets her brave on and chases down her dreams! 
May 25, 2021
#5 Plot Twist? Refuse to Quit with Billy and Jodie Ballenger
What if life isn't about celebrating a series of successes, but about remembering the times God stepped in to offer mercy during failures? You will be BLOWN AWAY by the newest podcast episode with Billy and Jodie Ballenger.  It will help you look at whatever plot twist your life is in right now and refuse to quit chasing down mercy and grace. They met at juvenile hall (not the good kind), and through a series of failures and the consistent grace of God they are now speakers, authors, and now Billy has released his first Contemporary Christian music, called Tree and the Nails. If there has ever been a time in your life when you think your dreams have been cancelled because of your mistakes, remember the Ballenger's story, accept mercy, and refuse to quit.  Love, ac 
May 18, 2021
#4 Lessons from a Legend: Amy Grant
Life lessons from a legend. It's a special Mother's Day edition with Amy Grant! She's the mother of Contemporary Christian Music and a true mothering legend.  I love how she calls her husband, Vince Gill's daughters her "I Do" daughters, how she went an entire year with "no spending for sport", life affecting songs, and the cowboy lessons that we should all adopt that changed her life: "Every couple of months you ought to make a list of what matters in life, and if month after month you're not spending anytime there, you ought to re write that list because those things don't really matter." -Amy Grant
May 04, 2021
#3 End Crippling Fear with Bart Millard
Crippling Fear, life changing books, and anthems to help you prove the naysayers WRONG. Honored to talk with the voice of "I Can Only Imagine", Bart Millard, from Mercy Me, about how he deals with fear, the book he recommends everyone read, and the story behind his new song, "Say, I Won't".
April 27, 2021
#2 Faith Family Food & Football with Tamela Davis
How NFL Linebacker, Demario Davis's, wife Tamela chose bravery when her 10 month old was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer, and her realization of what real masculinity is through the eyes of her faithful husband.
February 05, 2021
#1 Get Dressed & Get Moving with Emily Vavra
Millions of Americans are stuck at home and  navigating working from home for the first time ever. As a self-employed entrepreneur Emily Vavra offers tips to help ease the transition!  Oh my friend this podcast is SO MUCH MORE than practical tips, this is a lifestyle change that has been forced upon us and Emily is the perfect person to give us the right perspective.
March 19, 2020
Conquering Coronavirus Fears
"There are no emergency press conferences in heaven today." Pastors Curt Harlow and Efrem Smith from Bayside Church help you deal with your fears over the coronavirus, and what they are doing to continue to worship even when we can't gather together at church.  Don't miss my favorite moment of the podcast.  When Pastor Smith says, "Take what would trap you in fear and let it liberate you with focus."
March 13, 2020
Breathe.  The most powerful 5 words that anyone ever said to a woman I feel is this: “It’s going to be okay.” It really is, I promise you  Simple, but doesn’t it make you powerfully exhale all your fears and worries?! Here’s why that feeling is real and you can have it every day.  I found it in Psalm 36. You can feel SAFE, SECURE, and LOVED after listening to this!
February 27, 2018
Like a Boss! Secrets to Survive Valentine's Day
The ultimate love letter from God, a Prayer for you to feel loved, and ideas on how to celebrate as a family.
February 15, 2018
Instantly Feel Better
On Today's Show: How to instantly change your mood by reliving one of your favorite moments; daily prayer asking God for help in achieving your deep rooted desires, how to be a wise woman, and not feel like a hot mess!
January 25, 2018
Get to Your Goal by Connecting the Dots Backwards
In this episode:  Daily prayer to let tings go, connect the dots backwards to achieve your New Year's Resolution, Carrie Underwood's shocking admission, and Get Your Brave On with Brain Cancer...
January 07, 2018
The Secret to Getting rid of Regret
In this episode you will get the Secret to getting rid of regret, having a theme song for your life, lifehack for your closet, and Get Your Brave On stories!
January 06, 2018
Getting Over Failure
Getting over failure and making resolutions anyway, how Carrie Underwood now has to get her brave on, and why you might want to try "chewing" on God's word this yea
January 04, 2018
Lifehacks for your New Years Resolutions
Daily Prayer to get closer to God for the new year, if you were sitting down for coffee with Jesus, and lifehacks for your resolutions
January 02, 2018
Live like it's a Scandal
Love like it's a scandal.  This Christmas give away grace!
December 23, 2017
Give Compassion for Christmas
Daily Prayer to create great Christmas memories, don/t forget to give away compassion especially to you, and the greatest love story ever told.
December 21, 2017
Be Done Thinking Small
Do you think God would want you to pray just the prayers you think He can answer, or the ones you have no idea if they are possible or not?  It's BIG Prayer Tuesday.
December 19, 2017
Dealing with Difficult People
It's a challenge that you don't want to accept, praying for the most difficult person you deal with.  Also worst Christmas jobs, and what to wear to all those Christmas events.
December 19, 2017
Prayer to "Think You Can"
Remember that children’s book, “The Little Engine that Could”? He pulled a train full of toys up a hill by saying “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Today’s prayer is to help you “think you can” too and change the thoughts in your brain from doubt to confidence.
February 08, 2017
Big Prayer Tuesday: The Dream Edition
Join me in the prayer to get the life that you dream about for God says everything was created through him nothing not one thing came into being without him so if we want the things that we dream about I think we need to include him and ask him for his help!
February 07, 2017
Daily Prayer for a Comeback!
I believe in you. Today's daily prayer will be for you to stage at patriot size come back in your life!
February 07, 2017
Daily Prayer to Improve Your Relationships
You don't have to RSVP yes to every fight you're invited to. Today's daily prayer is about being a peacemaker instead of causing conflict
February 03, 2017
Daily Prayer
Don't let your feelings get a vote, and talk you out of pursuing the will of God for your life.
February 02, 2017
Big Prayer Tuesday!
Dear God, help me to swap out my worries for security! Thank you for protecting us! for Your are “my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in You, and I am helped.” -Psalm 28:7 Okay God, here I go. My heart trusts that you will take care of my family’s health, You will provide for my family financially, You will give me a clear path of what direction my life will go. I imagine You right now going ahead of me, walking in front of me with a shield protecting my heart, my body and my soul, showing me which turns I need to make. I don’t have to worry. -In Jesus’ name, Amen.f Yes
January 31, 2017
Daily prayer
I was inspired when I got an email from a friend of mine on Facebook that said, "thank you for not posting anything negative about the election." And I was reminded about how powerful our words are.  You have an opportunity to use every word as a gift for someone.  Today's daily prayer is to help inspire you to only speak life and possibility.
January 27, 2017
In the Stable with Mary
Was it really a silent night?  What the first Christmas was like from Mary's perspective, a poem written by Beth Moore.
December 23, 2016
The Single Mom & The Most Important Thing
The single most important thing I want you to know as a single mom:  You are a whole family. You are not missing something, you are not lacking, you are not incomplete, you are not broken, you are important, and you have a legacy to build.  Don’t. Give. Up. Question:  What do you want people to say about you after you are gone?
September 28, 2016
The Single Mom & The Ex
"You don't always have to come to every fight you're invited to." Learn how to have more peace in your relationship with your kid's dad!
September 19, 2016
The Single Mom & (Un)qualified with Steven Furtick
Banishing your thoughts of feeling unqualified or inadequate to handle what life throws at you.  This conversation with New York Time's Best Selling Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church.  He shares a VERY special message just for SINGLE MOMS!
March 22, 2016
The Single Mom & The Struggle
The life of a full time single mom feels like a constant struggle, like a track full of hurdles that you have to complete every day, and you start the race already tired. It’s like living on the edge of chaos every day. One slip, one hurdle knocked over, has a domino effect. Boom everything falls apart.  What do you do if your life feels like this?
March 15, 2016
The Single Mom & Valentine's Day
Maybe your Valentine's day is full of red roses and boxes of chocolate. Or maybe it's full of disappointment and apathy. If this is the case, I'd like to try to change your attitude about it. Here's a Valentine that might help. It's a love letter to you from God. Every line is a verse from the bible about how much God loves you. If it encourages you, maybe you could also share with others, letting them know about the ultimate love of God. It's a never-ending, never-stopping, unbreakable, always and forever love of God.
February 12, 2016