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By Ambriek Creations
People believe 9 to 5 is the only way to live, but what about alternative lifestyles? In this podcast, alternative lifestyles are a voice & these are their stories.
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EP 14: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Aaron Falvey


EP 14: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Aaron Falvey


EP 19: BE UNIQUE - interview with Jared
In this episode well be talking with Jared who is a one man band for now called The Daze to Come. In this episode well talk bout his story and how he chooses to move forward through the trauma he has faced in his past.  Also we talk a bit about conspiracy theories and other interesting stuff!
March 1, 2019
EP 18: BE UNIQUE - interview with Noah Myers
In this episode we have an awesome epic guitarist/music producer named Noah Myers. In this podcast we'll talk about how he started and even a bit of astrophysics who knew. 
February 22, 2019
EP 17: BE UNIQUE - interview with Victoria Morgan
In today's episode we have an epic guest named Victoria Morgan who is an awesome singer from Pittsburgh. This episode will be her explaining how she began and so much more! 
February 15, 2019
EP 16: BE UNIQUE - interview with Jessica Duca
In this podcast we'll be having a pretty chill episode with a woman name Jessica Duca  who is a Food pantry coordinator at Light of Life rescue mission in North side of Pittsburgh. Here we'll discuss about how this started, traveling, time travel and food in the mix. May be a chill episode, but it got pretty random real quick 
February 8, 2019
EP 15: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Rkham
  Rkham is a very inspiration and down to earth young hip hop artist who's main goal is to inspire others through his music. He believes that their should be equality with everyone no mater what shade you are or who you are. Most importantly he believes in speaking to his fans no matter who you are. He also has a new album out called Pen and Paper now available everywhere!!! Make sure to download it and give him your support. In this episode we'll hear his story and how he started his music career! We'll also here some funny jokes when it comes to his thoughts on certain subjects. follow him on: Facebook: @rkhamofficial97 Spotify: Itunes: Follow me at these sites! Facebook: @AmbriekCreations  instagram: ambriek_creations  Snapchat: ambriekcreation  Twitter: @AmbriekCreation 
February 1, 2019
EP 14: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Aaron Falvey
in this episode we'll be talking with a indie filmmaker from New Zealand on his projects and how he began!!!
January 25, 2019
EP 13: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Gonto
Latest episode of BE UNIQUE
January 19, 2019
EP 12: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Maame
Maame is an upcoming independent artist in her own lane. Through her rise as a singer-songwriter Maame has been winning over the hearts of music lovers! Her unique is most memorable and not only is she a great singer shes also a down to earth easy going person. In this podcast you'll hear how she started and great humor. Follow her on: Website: Facebook: @maamemusic Instagram: maamemusic  Follow me on: Facebook: @AmbriekCreations instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation  
January 12, 2019
EP 11: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Emmy Susani
Emmy Susani is a concert photographer who uses her lens to capture the emotions of one of the best musicians. Through the years she has finally reach the point where she can say she's happy. She came a long way to where she is right now and this episode talks about how she once dropped the camera and picked it back up in the most unexpected event.  In this episode we'll listen to how she was given a chance to see her true potential on what she was meant to do. This is her story and a way for you to get to know her as well. Follow Emmy Susani: website: instagram:  bleed_the_freak   twitter:   Follow me at these sites! Facebook: @AmbriekCreations instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation 
January 5, 2019
EP 10: BE UNIQUE - Interview with Eva Eris
Eva Eris is an inspirational independent singer who has suffered so much growing up from anxiety to PTSD. Through her struggles it gave her a voice to those who feel how she felt once upon a time ago. Doing this aloud her to grab her audience to become more then just fans.. their her family. Where she now offers free consulting at to connect with those who want to become the next rising artist just like her! In this episode we'll hear he story and how music help her overcome who  she thought she was. Along with some humor as well Eva Eris is a very down to earth and funny gal, I believe you all will agree too! follow her on: website: facebook: @evaerisofficial instagram: evaeriofficial twitter: @evaerisofficial  Follow me at these sites! Facebook: @AmbriekCreations instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation 
December 29, 2018
EP 09 : BE UNIQUE - Interview with Truman, Colossal Cam, and Frost
They all started as one little group who loved hip-hop, but then as they found each other they then became something greater then they thought. They still may be small, but they have a dream to become a great hip-hop artist. Don't judge them by what you see judge by their character. Behind these guys are humble common people who want to be able to give back to their community. Today I'll be interviewing Truman, Colossal Cam, and Frost and hear not only will you hear their humorous side, but you will also see what they want to do with what they have. Sure they may not have much yet but they have big goals. All shall be told in this episode. Follow Truman: Soundcloud: Follow Colossal Cam: Soundcloud: instagram: Follow me at these sites! Facebook: instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation
October 6, 2018
EP 08: BE UNIQUE - interview with Ellie Oldfield
Her hair and edgy style may catch your attention first, but it’s her vocal range and musical flare that will suck you in from the first to final note. Covering everything from classic rock to modern pop while infusing her own new-day punk vibes, audiences of all genres are more than satisfied. But, it doesn’t end there. While pursuing her musical journey, Ellie began writing original material which she weaves into her live show at just the right moment. Today I'll be interviewing Ellie Lee Oldfield where she tells her story on how her music began and also her process. Follow Ellie Lee: Facebook: instagram: ellieleeoldfield Follow me at these sites! Facebook: instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation
September 29, 2018
EP 6: BE UNIQUE - Interview w/ Aubrey and Russel Burchell
Aubrey Burchell has been playing ever since she was a young lad all starting with one song called De Colores. She has been pursuing her dream ever since to become a soulful pop singer. Thanks to her mom and dad she has made further than she has expected. With two singles out and also making it to the top 70 in AMERICAN IDOL. In today's episode, I'll be interviewing Aubrey and Russell Burchell where they tell me how it all started with a bit of humor in it too. Enjoy today's hilarious episode. Follow Aubrey Burchell: Facebook: instagram: aubzsingz twitter: @_aubreyburchell iTunes: Follow me at these sites! Facebook: instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation
September 15, 2018
EP: 05 BE UNQIUE - interview w/ Luke Weltz
Luke Weltz is a trainer, comedian, and musician who believes in living. He just wants to live his life where he can feel free through his 3 abilities. Not only does he want to feel free, but he also wants to help people. To feel like he achieved his dreams even if the pay is still building, he's still happy. In this episode, I'll be interviewing Luke Weltz where he tells his story of how he started. He also is very humorous by the way so a lot goes on in this episode! Behind though he talks about what he believes how people should be motivated and what he believes can help them improve themselves. Follow Luke Weltz on: Facebook Page: Instagram: lukeweltz Follow me on: instagram: ambriek_creations Facebook: Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation
September 8, 2018
EP 04: BE UNIQUE - Interview w/ Vince Bonar Lead Singer of Absent Minded Professors
Vince Bonar is the lead singer of the Absent Minded Professors who are a band with amazing talent! The Professors have played venues such as the Rex Theater, Mr. Smalls, and the Stage at Karma, but also are known to pack the house at the large bars in their local Westmoreland County scene. In this episode, I'll be interviewing Vince Bonar The lead singer where we will discuss how the band started, humor, and even some political views! Follow the Absent Minded Professors: Website: Facebook: instagram: Absent-Minded Follow me at these sites! instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation
August 29, 2018
EP 03: BE UNIQUE - Interview w/ an Presenter for Younique
Sarah Marie Conrad is a young entrepreneur for Younique where she sales superior cosmetics and skincare products! As a Younique Presenter, she is able to afford the freedom and luxury of being able to work from wherever and whenever she chooses. Not only though can she be free, but she can also give more time with her family. In this episode, I'll be interviewing Sarah Marie Conrad where she talks about her products, how this opportunity was given to her, and a bit of humor on the way too! Check out her products at Follow me on: instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation Twitter: @AmbriekCreation
August 23, 2018
EP 02: BE UNIQUE- Interview w/ Daniel Blake Production
Daniel Blake is a music producer from the Westmoreland County whose dream is to help others make music all from his little school house. At the age of 15, Daniel Blake decided he wanted to open his own studio to pursue his journey. In the beginning, though he never even wanted to touch any type of producing equipment ironically. In this episode, I'll be interviewing Daniel Blake from Daniel Blake Productions where he tells his alternative lifestyle story and how he became who is today. Follow Daniel Blake on: instagram: danielblakeproduction Facebook: Website: Follow Ambriek Creations on instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation
August 16, 2018
EP 01: Introducing Ambriek Creations: How the Clothing Brand Began
Starting a clothing brand wasn't my first choice of what to do in life it was developed. After a long journey of trial and error I actually stumbled upon this path. In this episode I'll be talking about how I developed the dream of having my own clothing brand. Follow Ambriek Creations on Facebook: instagram: ambriek_creations Snapchat: ambriekcreation
August 7, 2018