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The Martial Arts Woman Podcast

The Martial Arts Woman Podcast

By Andrea Harkins
This podcast is devoted to martial art women who make a difference! Host, Andrea F. Harkins, interviews fascinating martial art woman all over the world to explore their journeys as they navigate through life, difficulties, distractions and obstacles but emerge renewed, capable, and strong thanks to martial arts. Andrea is an author, columnist, blogger, podcaster and martial artist.
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Melanie Gibson - Coping With Mental Illness Through Taekwondo

The Martial Arts Woman Podcast

Melanie Gibson - Coping With Mental Illness Through Taekwondo

The Martial Arts Woman Podcast

Abbey Rickman - The Power to Overcome
Abbey Rickman is an inspiring woman with an amazing martial art mindset who overcame several life challenges. She tore her ACL not once, but twice. The initial one caused a  disappointing honorable discharge from the military where she dreamed of being a military police officer (security forces). Somehow, she landed exactly where she needed to be and found happiness in her current career as a criminal paralegal in the district attorney's office.  As a trial paralegal, Abbey shares her insights on why reporting sexual assault to the police is cathartic for many women, even though it can be a difficult process. She explains why plea deals sometimes occur and how they still ensure some justice is done. Abbey is a 4th degree master in Tang Soo Do. She candidly shares how she once had to use martial arts for physical defense (ouch for that guy!). We chat about why practicing in heels for women is more important than you think, why martial arts are important for women, and how women can get started in training if they are interested but are unsure about getting started. Abbey's insights and experiences, personally and professionally, remind us that overcoming is the greatest power we have.  Andrea's Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program book: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast:
May 28, 2022
Dalia Vitkus - Overcoming a Traumatic Past to Martial Art Success
Where do I begin? Dalia Vitkus has an array of astounding stories that will blow your mind. She grew up in a rough part of town in Chicago dealing with peeping toms, gangs and bullies. At age 15 she was very nearly raped in France by the manager of a disco club (a buxom French woman stormed into the bathroom to save her!). She defended her boyfriend in a fight by kicking the assailant with her boots on! Sometime later, as a martial art student, she unexpectedly met Bill "Superfoot" Wallace at a martial art seminar and ever since he's been a friend, mentor and instructor. She also shares how she began her martial art school. Dalia works as an officer of the court and helps to identify and eliminate human trafficking. There's so much more! Don't miss this fascinating discussion with martial art woman, Dalia Vitkus (pictured here with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace).  Dalia's Links & Info:  New Wave Kicks:  Instruction in the Martial Art discipline of Taekwondo and the Superfoot System; certified by the U.S. Chung Do Kwan Association (USCDKA), Bill "Superfoot" Wallace in the Superfoot System and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Andrea's Links & Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program: Thanks for listening and have an amazing day! Stay inspired! -Andrea
March 27, 2022
Jackie Bradbury - Engaging Modern Arnis Practitioner and School Owner
Jackie Bradbury began martial arts just shy of her 40th birthday. She was a two pack a day cigarette smoker at the time and realized she had to change her ways. She also needed to find a way to deal with a stressful job. She decided to begin martial art training with her family and the rest is history. She and her long-time husband, to whom she refers as her best friend, train together and recently opened their own school after operating a martial art program for many years. Jackie's background includes black belts and ranks in other styles, but the best fit for her is Modern Arnis.  I met Jackie on social media about 8 years ago when we both began our blogs….mine, The Martial Arts Woman, and hers….The Stick Chick. The topics are different but it's fair to say both are written by enthusiastic martial art women with a message! In this podcast, Jackie shares her martial art background, training, and instructors. She fills us in on her recent surgeries and why she is able to rebound faster than most thanks to her marital art mindset and training. We also discuss what it is like to train and teach with your significant other. While we didn’t have a chance to chat about it in the interview, I would be remiss to not mention that Jackie is a huge Kansas City Chiefs Fan and her other interests are “sci fi and fantasy geekery of all kinds," punk music, art and even video games.  Make sure you like her links and pages to (as Jackie aptly states)  "break up your Facebook stream full of memes, politics and selfies!" I think you will mostly enjoy Jackie’s enthusiasm and obvious true love for martial arts in today's podcast.  Jackie’s Links and Info: See Jackie's Full Bio Here: Please check out her Pinterest, Tumblr, MeWe, Twitter Instagram and on Twitter and The Stick Chick Blog. Andrea's Links and Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book:  Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:  How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program:  Thanks for listening and have an amazing day! Stay inspired!  -Andrea 
February 13, 2022
Lynda Hatch - Remarkable Role Model
Lynda Hatch was born with a hearing impairment that was discovered around 6 months of age. So, don't be shocked when you hear a male voice on this podcast! Her husband, David Hatch, graciously translates throughout the interview. Lynda wanted to make sure that listeners knew she was the one answering the questions and her husband is translating so you will on occasion hear her respond verbally before David translates. Lynda and David met early in her training years and they have practiced and taught together ever since. They have resided in Michigan for many years. Why did Lynda begin martial arts as a young woman at a time when women students were few and far between, anyway? She wanted to learn how to protect herself and she also experienced some bullying as a young girl (not for being deaf but for her red hair and religion!) which prompted her to seek out martial arts. Lynda began martial arts in the late 1960's.  She earned her 1st degree black belt in Karate in April, 1977. She was the only female in a male-dominated karate club. She shares insights on how she learned martial arts during these years without any verbal cues like counting or not being able to hear an opponent's breath or movement during sparring. In 1985, Lynda and David met Guru Dan Inosanto (Guru Dan Inosanto has over 40 years’ experience in the martial arts and is a world authority in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts) at a seminar and their training with him continued though seminars and private trainings. Lynda says that she learned to be a good instructor from those who trained her. She has a huge list of accomplishments and gives credit to Guru Dan Inosanto and Sifu Francis Fong, as well as others, for her accomplishments. We all know, though, that dedicated and determined martial artists put in the hard work and effort, which is exactly what Lynda did with the extra challenge of not hearing.  Lynda wrote a chapter for my book, The Martial Arts Woman, where she shares how she overcame adversity in her life. Today we learn what ignites her passion and commitment to martial arts and more importantly, why being hearing impaired is not a setback, but simply an alternate path for her. Lynda shares a favorite quote which encapsulates who she is as a martial art woman. She says, "If it's going to be, it's up to me." Enjoy!  Lynda's Links and Info: (Attributive Martial Arts, Inc. website)  (Attributive Martial Arts, Inc.) (Attributive Martial Arts, Inc. Instructional DVDs) Andrea's Links and Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast:
January 11, 2022
Joan Cather - Ambitious Mastership Journey
Joan Cather: "Martial arts for women are a safe haven, a place where they can grow at their pace."  Joan Cather is a passionate, determined and goal-oriented individual who does not accept barriers from preventing her from being the best person she can be in all areas of her life. She is a martial artist, instructor, and school owner who truly wants the best, not only for herself, but for all. Joan began martial arts in 2000 and recently achieved mastership in Taekwondo and she shares that ambitious journey in this interview. Her pure enthusiasm about martial arts and life is refreshing and you will find yourself nodding in agreement to her personal philosophy on living a powerful and productive life. Joan's Links and Info: Andrea's Links and Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast:
November 26, 2021
Michelle Schramm - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Saved Me
Michelle Schramm's life story has some shocking twists and turns. But, today, she copes with her traumatic past with a new perspective, thanks to martial arts. By profession, Michelle is a school  teacher who recently opened her own private schoolhouse, a pretty impressive gesture that fulfilled one of her personal goals. This ambitious teacher's past, however, is filled with debilitating abuse began when she was 14 years old when she was molested and raped by the youth pastor at her church. She endured his abuse for 8 long years until, as a young woman, she found the strength to go to the authorities and bare all the intimate details. The residual of this event from 20 years ago remains. She is the mother of 2 sons ages 19 (a product of the abuse) and 11 (who she adopted at birth). Because of the abuse, Michelle spent years believing everyone was going to hurt her, until her oldest son began martial arts and she saw the impact of his instructor on her son's life. She decided to give martial arts a try and eventually settled on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which she claims, "saved her life." She weighed more than 300 pounds when she began. Through her practice she has lost significant weight and also became a competitor who has won numerous competitions as a beginner and later, a blue belt. This real-life overcomer story proves the power of martial art practice,  Michelle inspires you and me to finally take the steps toward self-healing and self-betterment, even when hope wanes.  Michelle's Links & Info: #WomenofArnoldBjj Andrea's Links & Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast: Thank you for listening to The Martial Arts Woman Podcast!   
November 02, 2021
Lena Smith - Be Fearless
In 2013, Lena Smith's son was murdered when she was just beginning martial arts and was a yellow belt. Her son struggled with mental illness and addiction and she was worried about him. Though just a yellow belt when he was murdered, Lena found comfort in the dojo and a chance to heal through her martial art practice. She says, "Karate helped me fill the void in my mind." Her martial art story begins at 50 years of age at the prompting of a friend to take karate. We laughed about the fact that she initially wondered if martial arts were part of some "weird religion," but once she learned more about karate, she immersed herself in training and earned her black belt. She shares some of the struggles she faced in learning karate and how she overcame them, including dismissing negative self-talk. Nine years later, she is a black belt and trains about four times a week. She recognizes the awesome benefits that karate offers including fitness and a positive mindset. She reminds us all that we must be fearless in our martial art practice and in life! I know you will enjoy her positive, light-hearted nature and her remarkable martial art journey. Andrea's Links & Info: The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program book: The Martial Arts Woman Blog: Andrea Harkins website:
October 10, 2021
Vicky Green - The Power Within
Vicky Green has been involved in martial arts for nearly 40 years! She shares why she began martial arts, what it was like competing against men, and why her goal is to simply change one life through her teaching. Of course, she has changed many lives over the span of her career. Listen in to how she uses a martial art mindset in life, especially fairly recently with the loss of her husband of 48 years. She discusses the ups and downs of owning a club, why she chose to be a non-profit organization, and what conflict resolution "without force" means. Her most poignant comment bellows true for many women in martial arts who are students or instructors, "We are givers."  Vicky is an 8th Dan in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan, Chief Instructor at Shell Rock Karate Club, and owner of Greens Self Defense. She was trained by Master Dan Heidt, a 9th Degree Black Belt (Grand Master) in self defense for women and conflict resolution without force. Her story will inspire you to make a difference and to continue to push through in life with perseverance and purpose.  Vicky's Links & Info: Vicky is the co-founder and Chief Instructor of the Shell Rock Karate Club and a member of the National Women's Martial Arts Federation. She currently conducts training sessions throughout Iowa and neighboring states to help others learn self confidence and personal power.She is CEO of She is also a security officer at a college.  Andrea's Links & Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program book: The Martial Arts Woman Blog: Andrea Harkins website:
September 10, 2021
Christy Anne Padigimus - "Karate Chose Me"
Christy Anne Padigimus has had her share of life's difficulties. Her first marriage ended partly because her husband forbade her to learn martial arts. Even more heart-wrenching, her son took his own life nearly three years ago. Martial arts helped her overcome all and move forward in a positive direction. Christy recently earned her black belt at age 50. Christy says that she did not choose karate; rather, karate chose her. She began learning martial arts with a couple of her children in the kids' class and finally after 2 years, she began adult lessons. Her martial art journey and experiences, both learning and teaching, help her cope with her devastating obstacles and move forward in a positive and passionate direction. She remarried (her karate instructor) and lives life with a vibrant positive attitude. She loves being the mother of a large family and a grandmother. In this podcast, Christy highlights the importance of self-healing and self-care and reminds you that life is a gift never to be taken for granted. Listen in as Christy inspires us all to overcome and to use the tools available to us to live a long, powerful and productive life.  Links & Info: Christy's School: Ultimate Impact American Kenpo Karate Instagram:  Facebook: Andrea's Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program book: The Martial Arts Woman Blog: Andrea Harkins website:
August 08, 2021
Martial Arts Helped Me Overcome Fears - Andrea Harkins
We all have fears. Fear of rejection, the unknown, or even strange nightmares that wake us up in the middle of the night. I am right there with you!. Time and time again in my life I allow fear to rule my direction. Fear ironically kept me safe from failure. Then again, I never quite felt fulfilled...until I learned a martial art. Martial arts are physical. However, when you step back and look at your practice and feel the curve of its direction your life, you recognize that it allows you to overcome fear and so many other obstacles. Suddenly, you equate martial arts with your life and you recognize that slowly, gently, effortlessly, you begin to overcome the fears that once lurked over your life. Today, I discuss how I overcame the fears in my life, in my quest for success, thanks to martial arts.  Links & Info: The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program: The Martial Arts Woman Blog: Andrea Harkins website:
June 25, 2021
Melanie Gibson - Coping With Mental Illness Through Taekwondo
Author, Melanie Gibson, explains how she found a way to renew herself and cope with her mental illness through her Taekwondo practice. She recently published her memoir, Kicking and Screaming, a memoir of madness and martial arts, in which she shares a brutally honest, yet inspirational and witty account of her intimate struggles with multiple mental illnesses, substance abuse, and poor relationship skills. We talk about her return to Taekwondo after her initial practice when she was ten years old and how it allows her to cope with her mental illnesses in a way she had never experienced before. This story is real, inspirational, and another testimony to the power of martial arts.  Melanie was raised in Snyder, Texas. She has a bachelor's degree in English from Texas Woman's University, a master's in library science from the University of North Texas, and an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. Melanie has worked in the healthcare industry since 2004, with roles as a hospital librarian, corporate trainer, and learning designer. She continues to pursue advanced taekwondo black belt degrees and writes about martial arts and life in general on her blog Little Black Belt ( She lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Melanie's Links & Info: Complete bio:    Melanie's Social Media links: Melanie's book locations:  Amazon: Barnes & Noble: Andrea's Links & Info: My new book, How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program, is now available! The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book:…/dp/150297830X
May 08, 2021
Christine Bannon-Rodrigues - Inspiring World Champion
Christine Bannon-Rodrigues and I grew up in the same town in Rhode Island and went to the same high school just couple of years apart. Small world, right? I'm sure she didn't know then that she would be a martial art world champion one day, nor did I know that I would interview her on my martial art podcast, but here we are. Christine is a world champion many times over and runs a school with her husband in Warwick, R.I. She has been on too many magazine covers to mention, as well as Halls of Fame, trading cards, and in television and film. She has been a product designer, model and spokesperson for Macho Products for over 20 years. You will be inspired by her desire to set and achieve her martial art goals and how she brings a martial art focus into her life every day. Enjoy!  Christine's Links & Info:  Ocean State Grand Nationals: Christine's Facebook page:  Christine is a spokesperson for: Andrea's Links & Info:  The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book:…/dp/150297830X COMING SOON! New book - How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program 
April 16, 2021
Patricia "Pat" Williams - Positive Martial Art Warrior
Pat Williams is a positive martial art warrior. She is a 10th degree black belt who began training in the 1960's. Many know and love her for her  positive daily Facebook posts. Although she has been in a wheelchair for 4 to 5 years because of her knees, she continues to train and teach. She practices martial art techniques from a wheelchair perspective. She says, "This wheelchair does not stop me." Pat shares about life as a martial art woman in the 1960's, her sparring competitions, and her love for teaching children. For her, awards and accolades signify her effort, love and respect in martial arts. Prior to retirement, Pat was a city bus driver and experienced a few situations when martial art training helped. For instance, she has once hit in the head with a bottle, but fortunately, she turned her head in such a way that the blow to the head did not kill her. Pat believes more women train today because of assaults or attempted kidnappings. Her advice to women who want to learn a martial art is: visualize yourself learning different styles; ask questions; go to seminars where you can sample a wide variety of martial art styles; and find a good school in your area.  Pat Williams Facebook Page: Today's sponsor: Snake Fist Karate Federation Links: Enter code VIPER at the SFKF video program page for 20% when you buy all. First 100 only. SFKF  SFKF video program Andrea's motivational books:  The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X
March 26, 2021
Bethany June Dillon - Inspired by Native American Warriorship
Overcoming incapacitating medical issues and a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of her doctor, Bethany June Dillon perseveres through the strength of her Native American heritage and culture. She creates Native American jewelry and weaponry and researches and writes about Native American warfare (she has authored two books on this topic). She is beginning a new magazine that delves into others' achievements, and explores scientific discoveries and Native American issues. In this podcast, she shares about the various interesting martial arts she has practiced and how they impact her life. She is recuperating from several physical issues, but plans to return to martial arts once healed. For Bethany, martial arts are important for women because they provide both mental responsibility and strength. She explains that, in many ways, martial arts are like a "tribe" where martial artists work together to lift each other up. Listen to this fascinating woman who shares her talents and her struggles, yet somehow, leaves us all with a sense that everything will work out if we take one day at a time. LINKS & INFO:  Bethany's Links & Info:  Bethany's Facebook Page: Bethany's books:  War-Torn: A Look at Warfare in North America Before European Influence: War-Torn: The Arrival: Andrea's books:  The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X
March 06, 2021
What Women Need to Know About Effective Self-Defense with Tiffany Richards
*Some disturbing stories are shared in this episode* Today's show is a little different in that it does not focus on a martial art woman, but rather effective self-defense for women. Tiffany Richards of Peaceful Warrior Women's Self-Defense guides us through the reasons why most women students prefer a woman self-defense instructor; how she overcame her own physically abusive situation in her twenties (even during a time when she practiced martial arts); truthful stories of other women who faced devastating assault situations; reporting incidents to the police; relevant statistics; why men never feel the way a woman does when deciding where to walk or park alone; and why her self-defense instruction is emotional and relatable to women. All of her techniques are "pressure tested" to ensure they work in real situations. Tiffany has been on television, news and other media sharing her self-defense information and strategies. Don't miss this important topic.  You can also check out Tiffany's prior interview about her life as a martial art woman on an earlier episode in this podcast.  Tiffany's Links & Info  Websites:  upcoming seminar Saturday, February 6 from 2-4PM in Scottsdale; register here Social Media: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts & Healing Center 7830 E. Redfield Rd., Ste. 1 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Ph: 480-200-1187 Andrea's inspirational books and links:  The Martial Arts Woman:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X
January 30, 2021
Rebecca Durr Moffett - Far From Ordinary
Meet Rebecca Durr Moffett, an ambitious Judo practitioner who practices transcendental meditation and has worked in a battered women's shelter for more than 30 years. She also earned a master's degree in Public Administration while working. Rebecca refers to herself as an ordinary martial artist and in many ways, I understand. I, too, am the every day type ordinary martial artist who pushes and plods along in practice, but with high ambition and anticipation. Still, after talking to Rebecca I realized that she is far from ordinary. Enjoy her interview and be inspired! Read more about Rebecca here:  Links & Info:  - National Domestic Violence Hotline - Rebecca's martial art club, Champions Judo Andrea's Books & Resources:  The Martial Arts Woman:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X The Martial Arts Woman Podcast:
January 26, 2021
Lynn Varghese - A Brain Tumor Survivor Dedicated to Martial Arts
Lynn Varghese was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003. After three surgeries and a shunt, it was found to be benign. In 2012, she began training martial arts in her basement for a full year before finally joining a martial art class. She is a devoted wife & mother as well as an energetic and determined martial art woman and instructor. Listen in to her inspiring story about overcoming her brain tumor and why she began her martial art journey. Read Lynn's bio and more information here:  Lynn's Links:  Kali Academy- MKG - MKG International Zoom Classes - Andrea's Links: The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X 
January 06, 2021
Fran Charlton - A Woman's Tumultuous Upbringing Morphs into a Budo Mindset
Today I have the honor of presenting probably one of the most compelling interviews of a woman whose life is filled with ups and downs but who seems to conquer all, Fran Charlton of Sweden. Fran's interview is compelling. She will capture you with her beautiful story-telling and captivating personality. She was born into a family of creative individuals; however, her childhood was riddled with trauma, drama and abuse in her family. She heard the abuse her mother endured and some of these sounds she can never forget. But her mother turned to karate and learned enough to protect herself against her abuser. She then suggested that Fran learn karate and Fran has never looked back. Fran discusses her extreme competition regiment and malnutrition, her long track to get to university, an unplanned pregnancy, and she talks about the effect of long term or chronic injuries on health and life. She shares about her hip surgery from which she recovered at a rapid pace. Her styles include karate, Aikido and Kung Fu. She delves into why women stop practicing martial arts. She opened a karate clinic with an open communication concept, a sports and injury clinic, and her new Budo Mindset program that provides tools for a better mindset as well as creating a physical tracker to assist in creating a unique program for individual needs. Go here to read more about Fran's story: 
December 20, 2020
Kristy Hitchens - Empowering Women Through The Pink Belt Scholarship Program
Kristy Hitchens talks about how and why she founded the Pink Belt project in Australia, a  martial art scholarship for women in need, especially victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. A journalist and media officer by trade, and a blogger on the side, Kristy has a sprite enthusiasm about martial arts and makes a positive difference as a martial art woman. She is a Taekwondo black belt, karate student, and also a wife and mother. In this interview she shares insights on why martial arts are important for women, why being a beginner is a good thing, how she overcame a physical injury to take her black belt test, and why failing is a step on the ladder to success. I’m sure her interview will inspire you to be the best that you can be and strive to make a positive difference in the world, too. For more information and Kristy's bio, click here: 
December 05, 2020
Lady Lallaine Reed - A Candid and Lighthearted Martial Art Master
This lighthearted and laughter-filled interview matches Lady's personality perfectly. Listen in as she shares about martial arts, movies, holistic health, writing and even belly dancing! She also provides insights about online teaching and what advice she would give to a woman interested in learning martial arts.  Links & Info: Lady's School & Website: Andrea's Motivational Books: The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X 
November 22, 2020
Penny Pitassi - Multi Martial Art School Owner and and Active Shooter Trainer
Penny Pitassi is a multi- martial art school owner and an active shooter training trainer. She began martial art training in 1989 and holds rank in several different martial art systems. She worked in the Air Force as a B52 crew chief (only 2 of the 400 in this position were women!) then later became an Air Force Historian and part of the Honor Guard. Seven months before retiring from the Air Force in 2007, and with several years of martial art experience under her belt, Penny began her 1st martial art school which she eventually grew into four successful schools. In this interview, she shares insights on how to grow your school; why teaching character development is a necessity; teaching martial arts to your own children; how she finds success teaching martial arts in PE programs in private schools; and how and why she became involved in learning and teaching an active shooter program. This is a podcast full of interesting and valuable information from a very interesting and motivated martial art woman.  Links & Info:  Penny's Links: Andrea's Motivational books:  The Martial Arts Woman book:…/dp/1544916213 Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:…/dp/150297830X
November 16, 2020
Alena Turley - Insights and Inspiration from a Hapkido Perspective
Alena Turley understands the power of Hapkido training.  As just a white belt, she fended off two attackers and later overcame a brief imprisonment at home by knife. With her own experience of trauma and abuse behind her, she is uniquely qualified to work with women to develop strength and confidence on the mats with warmth and determination. Today, she is the founder of one of Australia's first women's only Hapkido classes. She is a blogger, an award-winning educator, a content creator and a mother of three. She also founded an ethical lifestyle & soulful parenting hub.  Links & Info:  Read more about Alena Turley here: - Ethical lifestyle and parenting hub  Andrea's motivational books:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:
November 07, 2020
Megan Westerman - Motivated by Martial Arts
Listen to Kung Fu practitioner Megan Westerman's  insights on why sometimes losing is winning and why she thinks more women should learn a martial art. Megan overcame anxiety, depression and an eating disorder in her teens by going to martial art classes where she did not have to worry about anything but training. Martial arts push her to reach her goals. As result, she says, "I want every woman to do some form of martial arts." Today, she is a Kung Fu instructor and competitor. She lived, worked, and practiced Kung Fu in China for a period of time in the past.  See her bio below or at  Bio: Studied traditional martial arts since 1995 at the age of 9. Earned Shodan in Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate in 2004. Assistant instructor from 2000-2005 at the Okinawan karate-do school in Orlando before moving to Tampa in 2006. Trained in Shaolin Kung fu, Tai ji, and Sanda under Shifu Mario Salazar at Mt Song Martial Arts since 2007, currently is Mt Song Academy's youth program leader and adult kung fu/sanda instructor. Lived/worked in China from 2010 to 2011. Studied kung fu and mandarin while living in China. Given honorary title of "Coach" at Grandmaster ShiDe Yang school in Deng Feng while training there. Multiple-time Gold-medallist in the ICMAC kung fu circuit, and ICMAC Grand Champion in traditional Northern forms and weapons in 2011 and 2012, 2013, 2019. Qualified for the US traditional kung fu team in 2019 through IWKF. (Previously scheduled to have World Competition in 2021, pre-COVID) Demo team member and leader since 2011 of Mt Song Academy's traditional Lion dance and Kung fu demo team. Group leader and coordinator of Mt Song Academy's Cultural Trips to China, during which students travel to China, tour famous sites, and also experience immersive study at a kung fu or tai ji training school. Links & Info: Megan's school: Andrea's Motivational books: The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:
October 31, 2020
Terri Green - A Groovy Black Belt from the 1970's
Terri Green began practicing martial arts as a teenager in the 1970's. She decided to forego the traditional, expected lessons back then of sewing and cooking in exchange for semi-contact street fighting and earning a black belt. Terri was a teenager, about 14 years old, when she started. Her parents signed her brother up for lessons to help toughen him up. After watching him take the classes she asked her parents if she could take the class and they felt it was a waste of time for her. She convinced them that she needed to be able to defend herself and they eventually agreed. She began learning semi-contact and street fighting then and it was the best exercise she ever had. There were not a lot of women in the classes, so every time she worked out with a man, she had to prove herself and show that she was tough. She says, “I had to literally beat them up to make them work out with me.” She also learned weapons, like knives and chains, and guns.  She even went on the bus to class with a huge machete knife on her. Yes, times were different in the 1970’s. I know you will find this podcast well…pretty groovy. Check out more of Terri's story here:  Andrea's motivational books:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:
October 24, 2020
Maca Navas - The Sword Woman
Practicing a sword form in the park during COVID times, Maca Navas is known to the locals as "The Sword Lady." They don't know her name but they see her grace and commitment to her practice. Maca practices Kung Fu and Tai Chi.  In this Podcast, she shares how she struggled for many years of her life with an eating disorder, anorexia. She describes it as a "disease of her soul" where she did not feel comfortable in her own skin. Martial arts helped her overcome and cope with her personal challenges and allows her to be the person she feels she was always meant to be. She hopes that her story inspires others...and it will.  For Maca's full bio go here: Links & Info for Maca: Kung Fu Instagram @macarenita_navas Andrea's Motivational Books: The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: COMING SOON: How to Start Your Own Martial Art Program
October 17, 2020
Gwendolyn Wilkins - Eclectic Martial Artist and COVID Nurse
A year out of nursing school, Gwendolyn volunteered to be a COVID nurse when the floor in the hospital where she worked became the COVID unit. Her years of martial art practice taught her very valuable lessons - fearlessness and confident commitment- and she vigorously uses them in life and in nursing. Gwendolyn shares her insights on being a woman in martial arts, overcoming and understanding societal expectations, giving yourself permission to find your voice, and more. She is a creative and eclectic woman who was formerly a Birth Doula and who enjoys a variety of creative endeavors such as a Star Trek project, her crafting business, being a graphic artist, and a blogger. She is a wife and a caregiver of her 13-year-old niece. Gwendolyn's Links & Info “Dancer’s Dream Boutique”: “Gwen’s World Blog” Andrea's Motivational Books:  The Martial Arts Woman book: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone book:
October 10, 2020
Rebecca Knight - Anything is Possible
Overcoming a religious cult for the first ten years of her life, Rebecca Knight found a promising future in martial arts. Read Rebecca's full bio here:  Rebecca's Story: My childhood was difficult at best. I grew up in a religious cult (in Mexico) and endured physical, mental/emotional and sexual abuse for the first 10 years of my life. After moving back to the states when I was 10 years old, I found that it was nearly impossible for me to trust anyone, including myself. I struggled with self esteem, and confidence in every situation and doubted that I could ever recover from the trauma that I had gone through. I attended my first Kenpo lesson in 1996, and immediately felt something that I had never felt before - a small and delicate sense of worth, which grew over they years to an overwhelming feeling of confidence and strength. That feeling that was cultivated in me is why I train, and why I teach…to see that bloom in the hearts of the student that I teach, to show each and every one of them what they are truly capable of - and that is ANYTHING they put their mind and heart into!!! Rebecca Knight, the martial art instructor:  I teach because……I have the ability to encourage positive change; I have room for creativity; I am challenged; I can see improvement in myself and others; I can encourage respect and discipline; I can share my passion for the martial arts with others. I am proud to have been included on the Kenpo Compendium (by Amy Long) on 2008, I was featured on the Kenpo Women Website ( in 2012, and am most humbled by my inclusion as an honoree in Tom Bleecker’s The Journey - Book 3 2019. My husband and I own and Operate the American Institute of Kenpo in Tucson Arizona, and will be celebrating our school’s 20th Anniversary next September!!! We are grateful for our Master Council Members that guide us in the martial arts, business and in our daily lives; Sigung Stephen LaBounty, Bob White, John Sepulveda, Lee Wedlake and Mike Winkeljohn along with our business partner and fellow AIK School owner Mr. Andrew Pilch.  Links & Info: Andrea's motivational books:  The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book:
October 03, 2020
Michelle Manu - Powerfully Embrace Who You Are
"Own your space. Powerfully embrace who you are. Don't apologize for what you know. Continually strive to become more than who you are." -Michelle Manu. Michelle Manu's interview is captivating and inspiring, from her practice of a Hawaiian Combat Art to wellness, womanhood, and weaponry. Don't miss her discussion about training airline professionals after the September 11 incident (and she has a funny story on how she became involved in that training!).  Her brief bio is below:  Michelle Manu is known for her accomplishments as a 10th Black Belt and teacher (Kumu) of the rarely seen ancient Hawaiian Combat Art, Lua. She e is a wood weapons maker and expert. She is also the guardian and keeper of the only Kaihewalu Lua exhibit, located at the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, California. Michelle toured the Midwest as a professional Polynesian Hula dancer and choreographer (1990-2004). Michelle has been a vocational leader in the legal profession for twenty-three years. Check out her full bio at the blog page for this podcast:  Links & Info:  Sensei William Christopher Ford's 52 Masters interview: SHE Workshop: Weaponry seminar:
September 26, 2020
Karen Eden Herdman - Inspirational 7th Degree Martial Artist & Author
From her days in journalism, radio and broadcasting, to her martial art movie experiences, heritage, faith, martial arts practice, community service and inspirational writing, this Podcast interview covers the gamut of this "real deal" martial artist! Find out WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW about this empowered and inspirational martial art woman.  Bio (see full bio at  Karen Eden Herdman is a 7th degree martial arts master of Tang Soo Do. She is most well known in the industry for her inspirational writing. She has appeared in every major martial arts magazine in the country and world, including six magazine covers of her own. A journalist by trade, Karen has worked for NBC and FOX affiliates, with live broadcasts airing on CNN, and reporting for FOX national and Animal Planet. Her ability to turn everyday occurrences into life lessons started in the martial arts industry over 20 years ago, where she became known as the "Master of Inspiration." In 2000, she joined The Salvation Army and started the largest inner-city martial arts program in the world. Links & Info: Karen's links: "The Eden Assignment Inspirational Series" on Facebook: For links to some of Karen's books, see the blog version of her podcast at Andrea's Motivational Books: The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book:
September 19, 2020
Odette Russell - Grandmaster and Empowered Self-Defense Expert
Stalked by a drug dealer as a teen and young woman, Odette Russell knows a thing or two about the importance of protecting yourself and being a strong woman. Since her early years, she has dedicated much of her life to training in martial arts and teaching self-defense, as well as being a mother, wife, and a professional in the workplace.  Today, she is a Grandmaster with more than 41 years of martial art experience. Her dabbling in martial arts as a youth turned to dedicated committment when she met her husband, Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir, the founder of SWAM Martial Arts Academy. Odette also accomplished huge personal goals outside the martial arts, included earning a Ph.D in Health Psychology in 2018. She is a steadfast advocate of wellness & quality of life.  Find out more about this amazing martial art woman, her extreme training regiments, and her dedication to martial arts in this empowering martial art interview.  Links & Info:  Odette Russell's website: Andrea's Motivational Books:  The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast Sponsor: The Adventures of Harry & Friends
September 12, 2020
Violet Li - Prolific Tai Chi Author, Instructor, and Practitioner
Meet Violet Li, an established Tai Chi practitioner, instructor, and author of hundreds of articles about Tai Chi. Violet shares about her background and experiences, explains Tai Chi principles, theories and techniques, and discusses why martial arts are important for women. Listen to this fun and enlightening podcast. Violet's enthusiasm will make you want to try Tai Chi, too! Tai Chi offers profound benefits and everyone can learn it at any age. I also highlight many of Violet's achievements in martial arts. This interview is fun and engaging! It is a chance to learn more about this mindful martial art, its benefits, and how this passionate Tai Chi martial art woman shares her knowledge with the world.    Links & Info:  You can also view this podcast and see Violet's Bio here:  Violet's Websites: Thank you to Sifu German Garcia who recommended that I interview Violet! Check out his Facebook page here: Andrea's Motivational books:  The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast Sponsor: The Adventures of Harry & Friends
September 06, 2020
Mary Stevens - UK Instructor & Project Manager of FairFight (India)
Martial Arts give women permission to be powerful. -Mary Stevens Listen in to my engaging interview with UK martial artist, Mary Stevens. Mary is a dynamic instructor and martial art woman, an author of children's books, a mother, and project manager for FairFight, an Nonprofit Organization that uses martial arts as a vehicle to empower vulnerable women in Zimbabwe and India. Her full bio with the podcast link can also be found here: Links & Info:  Fairfight: Mary's children's books: Warrior Monkeys and the Volcano Adventure Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts: Andrea's Motivational Books: The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast Sponsor: The Adventures of Harry & Friends
August 29, 2020
Adette Rice - A Passion for Martial Arts
With a passion for teaching and a natural talent for martial arts, Adette Rice felt a strong desire to break down the gender barriers and change the public impression of martial arts training. She set out to create a learning environment in which all members are welcomed, supported and accepted. Since opening the doors in 1999, Adette has positioned Driftwood Martial Arts as the premier training centre in Kitchener/Waterloo and a top school in the province of Ontario, Canada. Before opening her studio Adette was an avid and highly successful competitor winning several national and world championships. After retiring from competition Adette put her focus on developing champions amongst her own students with great success. Her students continue to perform at the highest level both nationally and internationally. A key area of focus for Adette is community involvement.  Her training began training in Hamilton, Ontario under the direction of Sensei Layton Morrison in 1990. Adette currently holds the rank of 7th dan in Goju Ryu and continues to train under Carlos Montalvo Hanshi.  Adette continues to work tirelessly to dispel many of the stereotypes associated with the martial arts. When she’s not punching and kicking Adette enjoys spending time with her husband and children and is an avid traveler always on the lookout for the next adventure. When she finally manages to spend time at home she loves to cook, read, run and cuddle with the dogs. Links & Info:  Adette's School: Andrea’s Motivational Books: The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: The Martial Arts Woman Podcast Sponsor: The Adventures of Harry & Friends
August 22, 2020
Lucie Marsh - From Trauma to Triumph
Lucie Marsh is currently one of the few females ranked as 6th Dan in the SKIF organization. She lives in the UK and has run her own dojo and competed in more than 7 World Championships, several European championships, and hundreds of National Championships.  While her background and achievements seem completely normal, Lucie's background and journey in martial arts is riddled with traumatic events including beatings from local girl gangs when she was younger, sexual harassment in her career, an abusive relationship. She had her first taste of martial arts in her early 20's when she joined her architect father in Malaysia and learned to compete and win. She continues to compete today even though she has crippling and chronic arthritis in her hips and can barely walk. Somehow, she is able to perform the kata in competition through the pain. Learn how Lucie overcomes all through martial arts and goes from trauma to triumph in this captivating interview. Andrea's motivational books: The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book:
August 15, 2020
Collegiate Karate Views - Andy, Marissa, Gabby & Cameron
Collegiate karate perspectives from four martial art women! Listen in as these women share why collegiate karate is so important and why their instructor, Sensei Swanson, is so instrumental in their love and participation in this martial art. These women share a perspective rarely discussed, how practicing karate during their college years helped them achieve and grow into the accomplished women they are today. SEE THEIR FULL BIOs IN THE BLOG VERSION OF THIS PODCAST WHEN PUBLISHED at:  Links & Info: Karate Science (Dynamic Movement) book by Sensei J.D. Swanson, Ph.D: Andrea's Motivational Books:  The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: Other Books: The Adventures of Harry & Friends The Java Buzz Show with Andrea, Restita & Jane: @thejavabuzz on Facebook. 
August 08, 2020
Martial Arts Saved Me From Failure - Commentary
Do you think you would be the person you are today if not for martial arts? Martial arts saved me from being negative, unhappy and miserable. Before martial arts, I was not confident or secure in who I was. Now, I have goals & dreams and martial art friendships that are deep in my heart. I have the confidence to step out and share my stories and the stories of other martial art women because it is my passion and purpose.   Martial arts help you find the "extraordinary you," and they are a tool that help you become the person you truly want to be. Listen to how martial arts saved me from failure and negativity and maybe you will recognize how important they are in your life, too. Never give up! Links & Info:  The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book:
August 06, 2020
Tiffany Richards - School Owner, Holistic Health, Master Ken & More
Martial artist, entrepreneur, holistic health, Cirque Du Soleil, Master Ken, Speaker, Self-Defense expert and school owner, Tiffany Richards. Tiffany Richards is a martial art school owner and holistic health practitioner.  Listen in as she shares her experiences in all of these topics, and more!  Tiffany is the Co-Founder of Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts with Sensei Richard Poage who passed away in 2017. The mission of the school is to create a family community of health, wellness, healing and friendship. She carries on his legacy at the school along with a wonderful support team. She also has a business in holistic health and in her twenties had an exciting journey traveling with the Cirque du Soleil as a massage therapist and fitness coach. She was also Master Ken's live show manager and was a speaker more than once at the Martial Arts Super Show.  Listen to her inspiring journey as a woman, martial artist, and entrepreneur, and what advice she gives to martial art women today.  Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts: The Back Rub Company: Andrea's motivational books:  The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book:
August 01, 2020
Sarah Tucker - New Children's Book Series on the Benefits of Martial Arts!
"If this touches one person, I'm blessed!" - Sarah Tucker. Sarah talks about creating this lively book series for children based on martial art tenets. If you are an instructor, parent, or homeschool educator, you need to meet Harry & Friends! This fun Podcast discussion explores the behaviors and relationships of children through this powerful martial art book series that delivers relevant and important life lessons. Do not miss this enjoyable chat about entertaining kids and teaching martial art tenets through these adorable characters!  We also talk about the obstacles of writing and publishing books.  Links & Info: Facebook for The Adventures of Harry & Friends: Sarah's Book: Harry's First Martial Art Lesson: Andrea's motivational books: The Martial Arts Woman:
July 25, 2020
AnnMaria De Mars - World Judo Champion, Professor & Entrepreneur - Fight to Win!
Listen to this fascinating and fiery interview with AnnMaria De Mars, World Judo Champion and Entrepreneur - Owner of 7 Generation Games - games that make you smarter!  AnnMaria says, "you can either fight to not lose or fight to win," and she applies this across the board from competition to life. Learn what she considers a big mistake in her martial art journey and what the only thing is that she ever watches on television. Her biggest life-lesson is to always remind yourself how far you have come to where you are today.    She was the first American to win a gold medal in the World Judo Championships in 1984! Listen in as we chat about why she began martial arts at age 12, why competing was important to her, what women should be aware of when choosing a school or instructor, raising children while working 2 or 3 jobs, what winning the Judo Championship means to her, her entrepreneurship, and her business, 7 Generation Games, and so much more. There are a few "bleeps" here and there...let's just say this interview is fired up! Don't miss it!  Links & Info:  AnnMaria De Mars Links & Info:   - 7 Generation Games, USA "We make games that make you smarter"  - Strong Mind Studios, Chile Andrea's books: The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies) Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book:
July 18, 2020
The Fabulous Four - Jane, Debbie, Emily & Susan
Meet Debbie Hoplamazian, Emily Darlage, Jane Larkin Meiser and Susan Serota, four martial art women who do not know each other but who share their insights on the importance of being a martial art woman, empowerment, why women should learn martial arts, and how to take the first step into the martial art school. They all manage or own martial art programs or martial art outreach.  Jane shares why being a martial art woman is so important and her favorite tenets of martial arts.  Debbie talks about how she uses a martial art mindset in life and some misconceptions about women who train in the arts.  Emily discusses what she would say to a woman who is interested in learning a martial art and how martial arts empower her.  Susan explains one of her biggest martial art obstacles and why she decided to begin martial arts in the first place 31 years ago.   I hope you take a few minutes to listen to their journeys. I am sure you will learn something new and be inspired and motivated to be all you can be.  Links & Info: Emily Darlage: Susan Serota: Jane Larkin Meiser: Debbie Hoplamazian: Andrea's books:  The Martial Arts Woman on Amazon: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone on Amazon:
July 11, 2020
Trina Pellegrini - Childhood Abuse to Master/Self-Defense Expert
Listen to my captivating interview with TRINA PELLEGRINI! Currently, Trina co-hosts a new show with Cynthia Rothrock on Facebook. Check it out! Trina's interview is enlightening and is a reminder of the importance of martial art and/or self-defense training. Trina's childhood abuse struggle (not graphic, but emotional) fuels her to train in martial arts and eventually become a martial art master and a self-defense expert for women.  Trina talks about how she teaches situational awarness and how martial arts and self defense helped her defend two separate attacks.  Today, she teaches her very own self-defense system for women, TRU, under her overarching program, Unafraid Women: @unafraidwomen on Facebook. Women learn simple skills, techniques, and especially situational awareness.  And, Trina shares a surprise about the truths of situational awareness.  We also talk about her martial art background and her husband! Be prepared for a martial art journey like no other!  Links & Info Cyn & Trina - Str8 Outta the Box: Unafraid Women Facebook Page:      (@unafraidwomen on Facebook) The Martial Arts Women Book: (or contact me for signed copies)  Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone Book: xoxo Andrea "The Martial Arts Woman Podcast"
June 27, 2020
Take a Risk, Reap the Reward
This episode is a positive message about finding success in your life by taking risks, accepting challenges, and following your heart. Martial arts gave me the confidence and tools that I needed to become a writer, motivator, and podcaster and reach my personal goals. What's holding you back? Listen in to an inspirational message that will motivate you to take the risks that can finally lead you to success.  If you would like more inspiration:  he Martial Arts Woman: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: Free Blog:
June 21, 2020
Tag Team Interview with Restita DeJesus and Kathy Long
I'm thrilled to have my long-time social media friend, Restita DeJesus, to the show. Restita was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and began her martial arts study in 1978. She currently holds certifications in Karate, Eskrima/Kali, Filipino arts, Wushu, and Tai Chi and others. She is a former 3-time USAWKF National Champion and World Champion Tai Chi forms competitor. She owns Seattle Wushu Center in Seattle, Washington and teaches with my other guest today, Kathy Long! As many of you know, Kathy Long is a retired Kickboxer, Boxer, Mixed Martial arts fighter and actress. She was raised in California and has trained in Aikido, Kung Fu, Kali, and Brazilian JuJitsu. Kathy attained a mega 5 world champion titles (amazing!!!)in her kickboxing career! Kathy's film career includes:  The Stranger, Knights, Under the Gun, Art of submission,Santa's Summer house and more. As mentioned earlier, she currently  resides in Seattle, Washington where she teaches with Restita DeJesus and co-hosts the Dynamic Dojo Radio Podcast.  This interview is a tag-team event with two amazing and accomplished martial art women. Both are former champions and both are career martial artists and passionate about their work. Listen to Restita's discussion about why she became a martial artist (Kung Fu TV?) and how she overcame a debilitating injury by practicing Tai Chi. Kathy Long shares why she decided to become a kickboxer and a fighter, what it's like to be in movies, and if being a woman fighter brought her obstacles...or opportunities.  Finally, listen in to Restita and Kathy's inspiring advice to all martial art women!  On an added note in today's Podcast, listen to what a few Facebook martial art friends have to say about the martial art mindset - Joelle White, Johnny Hunter, Benjamin Barrett, Rog Domaschuk, and Dave Farley. Links & Info: Want to learn Kung Fu San Soo or KICKBOXING with Kathy Long? Contact her here:  Want to learn Escrima or Tai Chi with Restita DeJesus? Contact her here: Watch the Dynamic Dojo TV Martial Art Podcast typically on Sunday nights at 6 PM Pacific on Facebook.  Andrea's inspirational books:  The Martial Arts Woman: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: Blog:
June 18, 2020
Shannon Henry - Faith, Family & Martial Art Mindset
Shannon Henry is a 4th Degree Black Belt, school owner, and homeschool mom of four. Find out Shannon's views about the challenges women in martial arts face as martial artists and role models. She was recently on the local news explaining why martial art schools are essential during COVID-19 times.  Can you believe that she drove herself to the hospital when she was in labor with one of her children? Now that's using a martial art woman mindset! We discuss the challenges, triumphs, and opportunities that martial art women face.  And, you won't believe how similar we are in so many ways! Shannon's dynamic personality and martial art insights touch us all in some way. Be inspired and motivated to share your own genuine stories about being a martial art woman right here on The Martial Arts Woman Podcast.  For fun, Find the quick blooper in the podcast about Shannon's ringtone on her school's phone! It's something everyone is doing!  Be inspired and motivated to share your own genuine stories about being a martial art woman right here on The Martial Arts Woman Podcast.    Shannon's school:  Shannon's school Facebook page:  Andrea's inspirational books and blog:  The Martial Arts Woman:  Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:  Blog: 
June 03, 2020
A Champion for Women in Martial Arts - Chrissie Howard
Chrissie's fascinating journey includes a 15 year stint as a police officer and prison guard in the UK where she honed her skills in control and restraint training. Her story begins as a youngster who eventually overcame severe shyness. As a young adult woman training in the early 1980's, Chrissie acheived her black belt, 2nd and 3rd dans between the age of 15 and 23.  She often won competitions, but her strive for perfection, even when a winner, was an obstacle that was difficult to overcome. During competitions, her nerves "flooded her soul." Chrissie's perseverence allowed her to make a martial art comeback in training and competitions. At age 45, she earns her 4th dan. Chrissie overcomes all the difficulties to finally achieve her dream of owning a martial art school.   Most importantly, Chrissie is truly a compassionate martial art woman. Don't miss her honest and inspiring message to all women!  Be inspired and motivated to share your own genuine stories about being a martial art woman right here on The Martial Arts Woman Podcast.   #martialarts #woman #perfection #competition #shyness #overcome #persevere #brave #karate #taekwondo #training #blackbelt #difficulties #achievement #success #inspiration #motivation     Chrissie's "Ladies Only" online event for a charity taking place on June 24 for FREE UK time:   Chrissie's Karate Club Facebook page:    Andrea's inspirational books and blog:    The Martial Arts Woman:    Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone:    Blog:  
June 03, 2020
83 Year-Old Karate and Krav Maga Practitioner, Pam Neil
Meet 83 year old Pam Neil currently training for her 5th degree black belt test in January, 2021. Have you ever wondered if age matters in martial arts? Pam Neil is your answer! She also actively trains in Krav Maga. Pam began martial arts 20 years ago in her 60's. When asked what it is like to train with men, we both laughed when she mentioned that the men in class don't punch her hard enough! Martial arts are the base for her personal success, fitness, and how she is aging amazingly gracefully (most think she is in here 60's)! Here you will discover why martial art training is beneficial in a multitude of positive and energizing ways. She says, "This is the goal I want now. Yes. Is to be fit and get my 5th degree. And after my 5th degree, I will set another goal." Don't miss this one! It is super enjoyable and inspiring. She practices and teaches at National Karate Schools of Chicago.  #karate #kravmaga #training #woman #martialarts #age #mindset #inspiration #motivation #perseverence #blackbelt #effort #fitness #wellness #volunteer #achievement #encouragement #teach #confidence #selfdiscipline  Be inspired and motivated to share your own genuine stories about being a martial art woman right here on The Martial Arts Woman Podcast. Check out this blog: Age is not a number. It's a choice. Where Pam trains: Andrea's inspirational books and blog: The Martial Arts Woman: Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone: Blog: Andrea's social media:
June 03, 2020
Why Martial Art Women Are Important - Welcome!
This episode  is jam packed with information, advice, and inspiration.  First - Why martial art women are so important in our world today! Next - An invitation to be on the podcast! If you are a martial art woman with a story to tell that is inspirational or describes how you make a difference in the world, contact me to chat about it.  Finally - A very personal story about how martial arts and a martial art mindset helped me save a life!   Find me here:   Facebook: Instagram: Books:  The Martial Arts Woman (on Amazon): Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone (on Amazon):
May 16, 2020
May 9, 2020
May 09, 2020