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The Andy Jacks Podcast

The Andy Jacks Podcast

By Andy Jacks
It shouldn't take a lifetime of learning to start making a difference now. Share this journey of discovery as Dr. Andy Jacks, award-winning school principal, speaker, and author, discusses life, the struggles we all face to be better people, and how this affects us as educators. Read articles and learn more at
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5 - Panicked or Prepared?
Have you ever thought about what you are thinking about before stressful moments occur in your life? Join me as I discuss panic vs preparation and how that affects our well-being. Share your thoughts with me on social media @_andyjacks. 
February 28, 2021
4 - Tough Choices
Our life and our work as leaders are full of tough choices. Join in real talk with school leader and professional learning expert Kip Lynk about how we can use practical strategies like backfilling our schedules, being purposeful in our planning, and empowering others along the way. Share your thoughts with me on social media @_andyjacks. Read the supplemental blog post:
February 20, 2021
3 - Who's In Charge of Your Day?
How do some people seem to get things done and look like that are in full control, even now in the midst of a chaos? It is possible and you can do this too. Let’s talk about how to clarify our priorities, set our agenda, and accomplish our goals. Listen in on a story about puzzles, a few challenging quotes, and a strategy to take back your day. Share your thoughts with me on social media @_andyjacks. Read the supplemental blog post here:
February 12, 2021
2 - A Detour Doesn't Mean You're Lost
Just because you take a detour doesn’t mean you’re lost. Some journeys take longer and are more challenging. But we can make it. In life and in the classroom, our perception of our ability to affect the journey is what really matters. This episode reflects on time I almost was lost at sea and a discussion of how the perception of control affects our lives. Share your thoughts with me on social media @_andyjacks. Read the supplemental blog post here:
February 1, 2021
1 - The Problem with "Perfection"
What is perfectionism, how does it impact our lives, and what can we do to reduce it for our work with kids? This episode includes real stories about time mismanagement, a golf analogy, and some thoughts how to improve for planning interventions.  Share your thoughts with me on social media @_andyjacks. Read the supplemental blog post here:
January 20, 2021