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Inside the Crime Files with Anne Marie Schubert

Inside the Crime Files with Anne Marie Schubert

By Inside the Crime Files
Anne Marie Schubert hosts guest “insiders” who recount notable cases and novel legal arguments. Experts, evidence, and experiences with California's groundbreaking prosecutors.
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Golden State Killer - pt. 1 | True Detectives

Inside the Crime Files with Anne Marie Schubert

The People vs. John Doe
Anne Marie talks with Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Amy Holliday, retired Sacramento Sheriff Cold Case Investigator Micki Links, and Sacramento Police Department Detective Shaun McGovern about the People vs. John Doe case, and how innovative use of the law has brought rapists like Mark Manteuffel to justice, after 30 years of eluding capture. (Originally aired 16April22)
April 16, 2022
The San Diego Cold Cases | Jodi Serrin & Barbara Beck
Anne Marie is joined by the parents of Jodi Serrin, a 39 year-old victim of sexual assault and murder from 2007. While a cold case for more than 10 years, it was DNA technology that ultimately brought her killer to justice after he committed suicide. San Diego District Attorney, Summer Stephan, highlights the work of the San Diego Police Department's cold case division with 43 year veteran Anthony Meli. Collectively, they share the impacts of horrific crimes, like the Barbara Beck case, on the San Diego communities and how advancements in forensics are changing investigations dating back to the 1960's. (Originally aired 11March22)
March 11, 2022
The Disappearance and Murder of Christie Wilson
In this episode, Anne Marie focuses on how forensic evidence and DNA helped identify and convict Mario Garcia for the murder of Christie Wilson.  She is joined by Christie’s mother, Debbie Boyd, lead investigators Nuno Tavares and Don Murchison, and Placer County DA, Morgan Gire. (Originally aired 4Feb22)
February 04, 2022
The Exoneration of Ricky Davis - pt. 2
Experts talk with Anne Marie to break down the forensics and innovation that helped to exonerate wrongly convicted Ricky Davis. They include the investigators, crime lab officials, and district attorneys from the case. (Originally aired 21Jan21) 
January 22, 2022
The Exoneration of Ricky Davis - pt. 1
Ricky Davis spent 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, turning his life, his family, and his future upside down. Anne Marie talks with Ricky and his lawyer Melissa O'Connell of The Northern California Innocence Project, about the use of DNA technology used to exonerate Ricky Davis. (Originally aired 7Jan22)
January 07, 2022
Golden State Killer - pt. 4 | Team Justice
In the fourth and final episode of the Golden State Killer series, Anne Marie speaks with acclaimed Deputy District Attorneys Kelly Duncan, Thien Ho, Amy Holliday, Cheryl Temple, Dave Alavezos and Deborah Lloyd as they recount DeAngelo's sentencing. (Originally aired 22Dec21)
December 22, 2021
Golden State Killer - pt. 3 | Warriors for Justice
Anne Marie talks with survivors of the Golden State Killer who now serve as inspiration for other sexual assault victims. (Originally aired 10Dec21)
December 10, 2021
Golden State Killer - pt. 2 | Prop 69
Anne Marie is joined by Bruce and Ron Harrington who led the movement for Prop 69. This law changed the face of crime solving with DNA technology and helped to find 'the needle in the haystack' to bring the Golden State Killer to justice. Jill Spriggs recounts pivotal developments in investigations and subsequent cases. (Originally aired 29Nov21)
November 19, 2021
Golden State Killer - pt. 1 | True Detectives
In the first insertion, Anne Marie takes listeners inside The Golden State Killer case. Recounting the behind the scenes, investigation and prosecution of Joseph DeAngelo. He was responsible for one of the most horrific and notorious criminal cases in California’s history. Members of "Team Justice" examine the unique techniques, innovative ideas and inspirational stories that came out of this case. Audio credit: Center for Sacramento History, KCRA TV and KOVR TV Film Collection (Originally aired: 29Oct21)
October 29, 2021
The Grim Sleeper - Lonnie David Franklin Jr.
Anne Marie recounts one of California's most notorious cases with retired detectives, Paul Coulter and Dennis Kilcoyne and forensic scientist, Jill Spriggs. They discuss the investigation and arrest of Lonnie David Franklin Jr., better known by the nickname Grim Sleeper. This serial killer was responsible for at least ten murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles, California from 1985 to 2007. (Originally aired 22Oct21)
October 20, 2021
People v. Scott Allan Wright
In late 1993, Scott Allan Wright moved from Rockford, Illinois to a neighborhood in Suisun City, Solano County, to live with his father. Shortly thereafter, two victims were raped or sexually assaulted nearby. Anne Marie recounts the cases with Kurtis Cardwell. He is the retired Chief District Attorney Investigator Solano County, California, former Deputy Sheriff for Solano County and Police Officer and Sergeant for Suisun City Police. Over 35 years working in Law Enforcement. (Originally aired 18Oct21)
October 14, 2021