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Antennas to heaven

Antennas to heaven

By dangarant
Musical revelations and other stories.

Cover image from The Book of Miracles.
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ATH #10 - Andy - A celebration of life, death and music

Antennas to heaven

ATH #10 - Andy - A celebration of life, death and music
From Ghana to Sweden, and from Amsterdam to Addis Ababa and back. A journey into sound with Andy Moor (guitarist of The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans, Lean Left and other projects) through rhythm, improvisation, and the sheer joy of playing collectively and celebrating music. SONGS Bengt Berger Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Bitter funeral beer Bengt Berger Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Blekete Bengt Berger Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Tongsi Bengt Berger Bitter Funeral Beer Band – Funeral dance (Live at Frankfurt 1982) Fela Kuti – Expensive shit Ornette Coleman – Street woman The Ex – Theme from Konono The Specials – Nelson Mandela Roland Kirk Quintet – Volunteer slavery (Live at Paris 1972) Emahoy tsegué-maryam guèbrou - The homeless wanderer Konono Nº1  – Kule kule
September 25, 2020
ATH #9 Ilja - This song is yours
What happens to songs when they become living things? Jason Mraz published “I’m yours” in 2008. Since then, the song has mutated in the hands of a legion of fans and admirers. The story in this episode travels from Amsterdam to Nicaragua and Madrid, following the journey in which “I’m yours” became Ilja’s song. SONGS Jason Mraz ft. Sungha Jung – I’m yours - Koosen cover - I’m yours - Ukelele tutorial with chords - I’m yours - Ukelele tutorial - I’m yours - Bass tab tutorial - I’m yours - Tyler Joseph cover - I’m yours - Kalimba cover - I’m yours - Ricardo García Salas cover - I’m yours - Ukelele tutorial in Spanish - I’m yours - Xaphoon pocket sax cover - I’m yours - Violin and saxophone cover - I’m yours - Harp cover - I’m yours - Misty Flowers cover - I’m yours - dvjph cover - I’m yours - Cello cover - I’m yours - uke3453 cover - I’m yours - Hiroshi Yoshimura – Dance PM
August 31, 2020
ATH #8 Max - A bird's eye view of yourself
During the lockdown, many of our cities become silent and filled with echoes from the past. The music of Burial could perfectly fit in this eerie landscape. These tunes bring Max back to his bedroom in Adelaide when he was 17 and he was just looking for answers. SONGS Burial - Subtemple Burial - Broken home Vangelis - Tears in rain (Blade Runner OST) Jet - Are you gonna be my girl Burial - UK Burial - Night bus Ray J - One Wish Burial - Archangel Burial - Forgive Burial - Homeless SOUNDS
May 11, 2020
ATH #7 Edwin - A new form of listening
In 1977 Iannis Xenakis was the sound of the future. Edwin guides us through one of his compositions, that still today uncovers new dimensions in sound. Is the future not what it used to be? Tracklist:  Isao Tomita - Arabesque #3 Mica Levi - Lonely void Iannis Xenakis - La legende d'Eer Kraftwerk - Intermission (Radio-Activity) Sam Kidel - Disruptive muzak
January 31, 2020
ATH #6 Vanessa - Forces you can't control
There is music that is part of us, even though we don't know it or we resist to accept it. Trying to reflect on this contradiction, Vanessa shares a live performance of fado, traditional Portuguese music, that still speaks to her in a deep and unexpected way. SONGS Zeca Afonso - Grandola, Vila Morena Michael Jackson - Thriller PJ Harvey - Rid of me Peaches - Fuck the pain away Claro intelecto - Peace of mind Mariza - Gente da minha terra (Live Lisboa, original by Amalia Rodrigues) Taylor Deupree - A dead yellow carpet Fennesz - The Stone of Impermanence
September 20, 2019
ATH #5 Doron - A heart in tune
A song that still hurts. The moment Gustav sang "Our revolution has just begun", everything changed.  From techno raves in Israel to finding love and tabla lessons in Amsterdam. When you don't feel at home, can music provide a sense of belonging?   SONGS Gustav – Genua Deepchord – Sunset Molecule feat. Martina Topley Bird – Black Steel (Public Enemy cover) Anindo Chatterjee - Tal Dhammar OTHER SOURCES OF SOUNDS Youtube - SFX slow heartbeat
May 9, 2019
ATH #4 Daniel - There are other worlds
"There are other worlds they have not told you of (they wish to speak to you)". This song by Sun Ra inspires this story about a never-ending quest for new worlds (and sounds) and people to share them with. SONGS   Yo La Tengo – Detouring America with Horns, Polynesia #1, The Sea Horse, Sugarcube. Sun Ra – There are other worlds (they have not told you of).   Gilberto Gil – Andar com fé.   The Meters – Cissy Strut.   Group Doueh – Cheyla ya hiuune. OTHER SOURCES OF SOUNDS Freesound -   jordanielmills, koenbram. Youtube - BeautifulNZ, Yo La Tengo live at CBGB 1992 uploaded by Tim Trent, My Bloody Valentine live at London 1992 uploaded by spaced81, Yo La Tengo "sugarcube" clip uploaded by nathanidiothend, WBCBS montage uploaded by Ellis Feaster.
May 9, 2019
ATH #3 Christian - Shine on
August, 1975. A beautiful but dark summer day in the farm. Does music have healing powers? Music by Víg Mihály, Pink Floyd and Christian Doepke.
January 5, 2019
ATH #2 Hanna - A little island of people
Hanna encounters gangsta rap in the idyllic hills of Tuscany. Songs by Olivier Messiaen, Chris & Cosey, The Caretaker, Burger Ink and Jay-Z.
January 5, 2019
ATH #1 Ilse - The music came over me
A high school love. A night in Paradiso. What happens when you dance with your eyes closed? Featuring the music of Aphex Twin, Eurythmics, Pras, Plaid, Chris Clark and Múm.
January 5, 2019