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Ask Anuuma - The Medicine Woman Podcast

Ask Anuuma - The Medicine Woman Podcast

By Anuuma
Anuuma, Medicine Woman, and Herbalist takes time to talk freely, answer questions and talk about healing and pleasure in all capacities. Join us weekly, for all things health, wealth, spirituality, sexuality, & holistic healing.
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Episode 1 - On Judgement & Being God
In this episode I talk about us projecting and being judgemental and how that actually is a reflection of where we are in life and how we perceive the world. I also talk about us being God, being anti-religious, and more.  This is just a free space for me to talk about all of the things related to life, love, spirituality, herbalism, pleasure, holistic sexual health, and more.  Thank you for joining me. 
September 20, 2021