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Apostates Anonymous

Apostates Anonymous

By Matthew J. Distefano
Apostates Anonymous is the show you turn to when you're no longer a heretic. Join host Matthew J. Distefano as he tips over just about every sacred cow known to man. It's sure to be a good time for any true heathen or heretic.
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The Wages of Grace (w/Special Guest Brandon Dragan)
In today's episode, I sit down with new Quoir author Brandon Dragan to discuss his debut novel The Wages of Grace. Check out the book at Book Synopsis: Thierry Laroque, war hero and retired mechanic in rural Tennessee, would like nothing more than to live out his days in peace and quiet, but a dark secret buried in the distant past continues to haunt him. When his Wall Street power-broker brother-the person he blames for the loss of his one true love-shows up destitute at his door after decades of estrangement, Thierry comes face to face with the ghosts of a life frozen in time. To support my work, head over to #Quoir #wagesofgracebook #brandondragan #grace
November 30, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 10
Match week 9 has come and gone, and Tottenham got another win, this time 2-0 over City. This week, they play Chelsea away. I preview the week and give my predictions. To support my work, head over to, and make sure to check out for all things Matt!!! #COYS #premierleague #footballfridays
November 27, 2020
Dropping the "Christian" Label (w/Special Guest Yosef Shum)
Whether we play music, paint pictures, or counsel others, it's best to drop the "Christian" some attach to it. In other words, be an artist, not a Christian artist. Start a band, just don't start a "Christian band." All this, plus I sit down with Yosef Shum to talk about his time in a Christian drug and alcohol detox camp. To check out Yosef's work, subscribe to his YouTube channel.  To support me on Patreon, click here. Subscribe to my Patheos blog. #christianity #patheos #christian #podcast
November 23, 2020
We All Have Biases (w/Special Guest Rafael Polendo)
We all have biases. The Left. The Right. Yours Truly. All of Us. So, what do we do about that? It starts with listening. Plus, I sit down with Quoir Publishing owner Rafael Polendo, to talk about our favorite show: The Office. To link up with Rafael, head over to, and follow on Instagram @quoir. To support me on Patreon, click HERE!!! #quoirpublishing #quoir #biases #experience #liberal #conservative
November 16, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 8
We are heading into the international break, but that doesn't mean we can't catch up with where the season has been, and preview matches that are coming our way on November 21.  To support my work, head over to and sign up. #premierleague #tottenhamfc #COYS #FOYG
November 13, 2020
Election 2020
Unless Trump gets his way in the courts (I don't think he will), Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United States. In this episode, I offer my thoughts. Huge shout-out to Kamala Harris for being the first Black woman, the first Asian woman, the first woman, and the first daughter of immigrant parents to become the VP.  To support my work, head over to #election2020 #donaldjtrump #josephrbiden #election
November 9, 2020
Into the Grey (w/Special Guest Michelle Collins)
Today, I talk to Michelle Collins about her upcoming book "Into the Grey," which will be coming out soon on Quoir Publishing. Plus, since election day is coming up, make sure you vote!!! To support my work, head over to #michellecollins #intothegrey #podcast #newbooks #quoir
November 2, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 6
Tottenham bounced back with a 0-1 win at Burnley. Arsenal forgot how to score. And United continue to struggle. All that, plus my predictions for Match Week 7.  Support me at #thfc #premierleague #patreon #europaleague
October 30, 2020
Christian Cancel Culture
Christians tend to bemoan #cancelculture. But they've got the same thing going. Case in point: John Piper's recent denouncement of Donald Trump and the Christian backlash. Plus, I take a question from a listener about why I gravitate toward Buddhism over Christianity these days.  If you want to support my work, head over to And please pick up The Bonfire Sessions: Autumn today! #christianity #farewelljohnpiper #donaldtrump #cancelculture
October 26, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 5
Tottenham blew a 3-0 lead to draw, 3-3, against West Ham. Liverpool lost the best defender in Europe to a knee injury. The Premier League is getting crazier and crazier, so I sit down and chat with Liverpool supporter Dillon Naber Cruz, to discuss it all. #premierleague #spurs #tottenham #liverpool #football
October 23, 2020
Trump is Vain, But So Am I
In today's episode, I ramble on about Trump, Evangelicals, social media, and how vain I am. Plus, did you know that The Bonfire Sessions: Autumn is out on 10/20/20? Well, it is. Link to it through To support me on Patreon, click here. #donaldtrump #vanity #evangelicalism #thebonfiresessions #socialmedia
October 19, 2020
Universalism and Direct Experience (w/ Special Guest Adam Ericksen)
Why am I a Universalist? Is it because I think the Bible seyyyyyyyzzzzz? No, not BECAUSE it says, though I think it does say it. It's because of direct experience. How? Listen to the show and find out. Plus, I talk with Pastor Adam Ericksen about Trump, conservatism, and the recent debates. If you love this show and all the work I do, and you wanna see it continue, support me at Even $1 goes a long way. To follow the Raven Foundation, click here.  #universalism #tacitknowledge #epistemology #adamericksen #ravenfoundation
October 12, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 4
Last week's Premier League matches were beyond wild. Villa beat Liverpool 7-2. Spurs carved up United 6-1. So, I sit down with my boy Aidan Parle, a longtime United fan, to get the low down. Plus, my predictions for next week's games. To support me on Patreon, head on over to to sign up. 
October 9, 2020
The Debate, COVID, and Coexisting
The first Trump v. Biden debate was an absolute sh*tshow, so I talk about it a bit. Oh, and now Trump has COVID. Plus, I talk about how coexisting isn't some radical notion.  To support the show, check out my Patreon site. Every $1 helps!!! #trump #covid #debate #coexist 
October 5, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 3
Updates on Premier League, match week 3, including the horrible handball rule that needs to be changed NOW. Also, get my predictions for match week 4. #premierleague #thfc #COYS #properfootball
October 2, 2020
Trump and Jesus (w/Special Guest Dr. Rev. Katy Valentine)
What do Donald Trump and Jesus have in common? Not much. That doesn't stop Evangelicals from pledging their allegiance to both though. How does this make sense? I'm not sure, but I'll spend this episode ranting and raving about it. Plus, I talk to Katy Valentine of the Heretic Happy Hour podcast about Paul, sex, and self control. To support me on Patreon, follow the link. #Jesus #Trump #Evangelicals #makeamericagreatagainagain #MAGA #sellouts
September 28, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 2
Match week 2 is done and dusted. Europa League is getting into full swing, and Tottenham is I sit down with Brandon Dragan to chat about what's been going on in the League thus far. #tottenhamfc #tottenham #thfc #premierleague
September 25, 2020
Let's Talk About Gay Stuff (w/ Special Guest Kyle Butler)
Recently, I was on a podcast where I defended my LGBTQ+ affirming stance. Today, I want to talk about that and get to some things I wasn't able to get to on that show. Plus, I sit down with Kyle Butler to talk about oneness, global consciousness, and whether, in spite of the world's divisiveness, we are actually progressing as a species. As always, I ask that you take 5 minutes to sign up on so that you can become a producer of this show and all of my work. #kylebutler #lgbtq #gayaffirming #equality #oneness
September 21, 2020
Football Fridays: Match Week 1
Match week 1 is done and dusted. I cover the scores, the highs, and, if you're a Tottenham supporter like me, the lows. I also preview next week's matches.  #tottenhamfc #tottenham #thfc #premierleague
September 18, 2020
California is Burning (w/ Special Guest Derrick Day)
California is on fire. In fact, each and every summer, things only seem to get worse. Could it be due to climate change? Conservatives seem to say no. But scientists, at least 95% of them, say yes. Find out my thoughts in this week's episode. Plus, I talk to Derrick Day, co-host of the Heretic Happy Hour podcast, about his rabble-rousing on social media. To support this show and my work in general, head over to and start giving. Even $1 per month helps bigly. #derrickday #climatechange #californiafires #byefelicia
September 14, 2020
Football Fridays: 20/21 Season Preview
Welcome to the season preview of the 2020/21 English Premier League. I am joined in this bonus edition episode by three guests, Dillon Naber Cruz, Brandon Dragan, and Aidan Parle. I sit down with each for 15 to 20 minutes to talk about their clubs and to get their thoughts on the upcoming season. If you are into English football and are excited for the season, this is the episode for you. #THFC #liverpool #FOYG #arsenalfc #premierleague #englishfootball
September 11, 2020
6%-Gate (w/ Special Guest Keith Giles)
There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding the latest from the CDC regarding COVID-19 deaths. So, I set the record straight on this snark-filled cuss-fest of an episode. Plus, I sit down with Keith Giles, an author and co-host of the Heretic Happy Hour podcast, to talk about his latest book, "Jesus Unexpected." If you want to become a producer of this show and all the great content I put out, join me at For even $1 a month, you can ensure this work continues on. And make sure to check out my site, where you can pick up all my books. #CDC #COVID19 #keithgiles #jesusunexpected #allsetfree #patreon #heretichappyhour
September 7, 2020
Jerry Falwell Jr. and Kenosha (w/ Special Guest Matthew Korpman
The world around us is burning to the ground. Kenosha, Wisconsin. California Wildfires. Hurricane Laura. Covid-19 still rages on. Oh, and Jerry Falwell Jr.'s kink. We'll mention it all. Plus, we give scholar Matthew Korpman a call and talk about saying no to God. Sounds repulsive? Great. It'll be a perfect thing to talk about on today's show. If you want to become a producer of this show and all the great content I put out, join me at For even $1 a month, you can ensure this work continues on. And make sure to check out my site, where you can pick up all my books. #jerryfalwelljr #kenosha #blacklivesmatter #californiawildfires #judgenot
August 31, 2020
Creedal Statements (w/ Special Guest Michelle Collins)
In today's episode, we talk about creedalism and how I believe it leads to division and divisiveness. Plus, we talk to the one and only Michelle Collins about the psychology behind conspiracy theories like #QAnon. Check out her podcast "Book Ish" and be on the lookout for her books Into the Gray (2020) and Learning to Float (2021). To support my work, please sign up at For as little as $1 per month, you can become a producer and will unlock lots of goodies. #QAnon #learningtofloat #intothegray #michellecollins #psychology #creeds #creedalism
August 24, 2020
My Deconstruction Story
How did I go from a Christian to a heretic to an apostate? Well, I'll tell ya! We'll get into where I came from, how I started questioning the doctrines of my church, and how I eventually walked away entirely. A special shout out to all my Patreon backers, who are responsible for production of this show and pretty much everything else I do. If you want to support me, head over to to sign up. Check out my site if you are interested in all the other goodies I have, from shirts to books to essays and more. #deconstruction #faith #allsetfree #patreon #faithjourney
August 24, 2020
QAnon Is A Cult
What is #QAnon and who started it? Why is it important to talk about and why are so many people falling for this misguided conspiracy? I answer these questions and much, much more in today's episode. Follow my work at and check out my other podcasts, Heretic Happy Hour and The Bonfire Sessions.  #QAnon #conspiracytheories #Trump #Q #JFKJr #cults
August 24, 2020
In this trailer episode, I introduce the show, who I am as a writer and podcaster, and why I am launching this podcast. I talk about how much misinformation there is out there and how we are going to combat it all. While you wait for the official launch, check out my site and my other podcasts: Heretic Happy Hour and The Bonfire Sessions #apostatesanonymous #podcastersofinstagram #readmorebooks #podcastinglife #podcast #apostate #heretic #allsetfree
August 20, 2020