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Appetite For Change

Appetite For Change

By Appetite For Change
Elena Duggan MasterChef Australia winner 2016, and Rob Rees MBE, bring you Appetite for Change. Two friends from opposite parts of the world who are kind, informed and experienced foodies, collaborate with inspiring guests to discover the power of purpose, and it's alignment with food. Each episode providing insight, recipes and a call to action.
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#4: Learn about battling weight and bad habits and hear about managing business and life during a pandemic with determination and passion

Appetite For Change

#9: Boston Medical Centre Rooftop Farm Manager Lindsay Allen explains how to set up an urban rooftop farm inspired by community and a desire to make a positive change
Lindsay Allen from Boston, USA joins Rob and Elena this week. Lindsay is Farm Manager at Boston Medical Centre Rooftop Farm. We learn about the inspiration and practical elements of setting up a rooftop farm in an urban location and how to achieve this by using the strengths in a community to develop , design and run it. We hear about hope for the future and the desire to develop better opportunities for farmers of all backgrounds in the future. Hearing this will get you wanting to find out more about how you can develop a better urban food system for the future and farming that is inclusive for all.   LINKS:  
February 10, 2021
#8: Protsahan – an organisation fighting child sexual abuse, empowering adolescent girls and feeding thousands each week. Founders Sonal and Jaswinder Singh share their inspirational story
Protsahan India Founders Sonal and Jaswinder Singh from Delhi, join Elena and Rob this week. They share their story on how they first met and transitioned from busy corporate lives to even busier lives but ones full of purpose in the non-profit sector. This profound conversation covers all aspects of issues related to running a young girls refuge and education establishment and the power of Art, Media and Food in helping to rebuild and shape lives for the future. We learn that India has some great wines and that bit by bit the collective doing good adds up to make a difference. Please note this episode does cover issues such as sexual assault and violence. LINKS:
February 3, 2021
#7: Learn about being a parent, carer and remaining motivated when most of us would probably just walk around in circles
Elena and Rob are joined by Jenny Willis, to be inspired by her experiences and knowledge. Jenny shares her story with a focus on her role as a parent, carer and a career in leadership development. They discuss the challenges Jenny and her son Dan face leaving the home to enjoy life in what Jenny calls ‘our normal’ and we learn how many chest thumps make a great restaurant review. Hearing this will get you thinking differently next time you engage with someone living with a disability and may inspire you to engage in discussion with your local hospitality services. LINKS:
January 27, 2021
#6: A celebration of food, culture and the world's oldest living peoples, Australia’s First Nations as told by Sharon Winsor
Elena and Rob are joined by Sharon Winsor to be inspired by her experiences and knowledge. Surviving trauma and many setbacks, led to resilience and a fighting spirit.  Her work and Country became her healing, and yet the rest of us are the beneficiaries of her output in her incredible products, tireless education, sustainable and respectful practice, and now a safe and delicious space for First Nations people to connect with community and culture. LINKS:
January 20, 2021
#5: Learn how going the extra mile changes lives for good
Elena and Rob are joined by Cat Clarke, to be inspired by her experiences and knowledge. Cat shares how leaving school and entering the hospitality industry led to a pathway into teaching at secondary schools, and going the extra mile for the young people in her care. They hear about the importance of First Nations produce and culture, and how Cat brings this alive in the communities in which she lives and works. Hearing this will nurture your desire to know more about teaching, First Nations food, and what ideally education policy could look like in Australia. LINKS:
January 13, 2021
#4: Learn about battling weight and bad habits and hear about managing business and life during a pandemic with determination and passion
Elena and Rob are joined by UK Superstar Chef Tom Kerridge to be inspired by his passion and commitment to the industry and his authenticity as a leader. They discuss the campaign for a ‘seat at the table’ to get a Minister for Hospitality, managing multi hospitality businesses during a pandemic, the importance of focus and determination in overcoming bad habits, Manchester Utd or Arsenal  as well as a tribute to the late gourmet and brilliant Chef Albert Roux. A must listen for all of Toms Pirates! LINKS:
January 10, 2021
#3: Learn about how to be the best you can be, from a winner
Elena and Rob are joined by Phil Vickery MBE DL - England World Cup winning rugby player and celebrity MasterChef UK Winner, to be inspired by his experience and knowledge.  Friends from the UK catch up and take the rise out of each other whilst we cover baking, being authentic, how do two MasterChef winners compare notes, and Phil's love of connecting people. Hearing this will get you thinking about ‘is winning everything’ and how do you gather a mindset to be the best you. LINKS:
December 9, 2020
#2: Learn about involving community and feeding thousands each week
Elena and Rob are joined by Cathie Steele, to be inspired by her experience and knowledge. Cathie shares her story of how after 30 years in physiotherapy and health service management, she ended up leading Bendigo Food Share helping over 12845 Victorians in Australia every week.  We even hear about hippos! You can’t help but want to get involved with purpose in your community after hearing from Cathie. LINK:
December 9, 2020
#1: Learn from forward thinking, system change makers in social enterprise
Elena and Rob are joined by partners and co-founders of STREAT Kate Barrelle and Rebecca Scott OAM, to be inspired by their experiences and knowledge. Both share their stories about science, social enterprise and impact, their friendships or otherwise with dogs, bananas and how important supporting vulnerable young people is. Hearing this will lift your hearts and encourage you to value the role of social enterprise in communities, help understand behaviour change and provide OHS around hang gliding. LINKS:
December 9, 2020
Appetite For Change Trailer
This trailer introduces you to how Elena Duggan and Rob Rees first met after Elena's win on MasterChef Australia in 2016 and how they instantly connected around food and purpose. Inspired by each other's work they explain what to expect from Appetite for Change a new podcast from the two foodies with guests who will inspire you to do something different.
October 18, 2020