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Down The Rabbit Hole

Down The Rabbit Hole

By Werimba
Welcome to Down The Rabbit Hole. This is a space where with the help of my friends I get to explore topics that are too big to understand alone.
Knowledge is everywhere, you only need to be open enough to receive it.
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Digital Rights and why you should care about them

Down The Rabbit Hole

Decolonising Science
GUEST BONUS! This episode, hosted by Matilda Odera, is part of a project for a "Decolozining Science" class taught at a graduate level at NC State University by Dr Madhusudan Katti. She is joined by Sanya Noel, a Mechatronic Engineer, based in Kenya. The premise of it is speaking to professionals working in various scientific fields about their backgrounds, how they developed an interest in science, their understanding of decolonization and how they apply it to the work they do.  There is a deliberate effort to erase people of color when we speak of the origins of science. There is also a documented imbalance when we look at who is used to procure science vs who benefits most from the product (as a reference look at the origins of gynecology and who dies most today from birth complications that could be preventable). What this interview and a class like Dr Katti's seeks to do is bring awareness to the process of science while highlighting Black and Brown people involved to curb the alienation from the field thrown at them and to point to the discrimination that exists when the products of science are out there. Sanya's input is unique because it highlights decolonization in an African and engineering context and tells of the legacy of colonization in industries we buy from today.  Matilda has never done a podcast before and has been accused of giggling at inopportune moments - both of which you will be treated to in the course of this podcast - and she asked that you bear with her.  She hopes the ideas presented here create a larger conversation about how we are working as a people to create systems that serve us and everyone in the society we live in.
March 17, 2022
Trust The Process
What does trusting the process mean? In this episode, I attempted to share my version. Let me know what yours is. Follow me on @drth_ke on Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.
July 29, 2021
The Father's Day Episode
"Growing up, the idea of masculinity and manhood seems to be predefined. For a lot of men, as they try to fit in, it can be a hit-or-miss type of situation as they try to make meaning out of it." In this episode, we get to explore all of this hosted by Kelvin Kaesa and our guest - Mbugua. Enjoy! Resources Fatherhood And DADing Different -
June 20, 2021
The Mother's Day Episode
Do you remember the day you realised that your mother is not called MUM? That she actually has her own name?  When we are kids we naturally place our parents on a pedestal. It’s not until you grow up that you recognize that they are as human as you are with their own individuality separate from yours. Our episode today is in celebration of mothers and motherhood, I am joined by Jacinta Wanjiru, a mum and a daughter, to talk about parenthood. Resources An Overview of Kenyan Generations Why The Millennial v. Gen Z War Should End This episode was produced by pres.sed media. pres.sed is a platform that champions and celebrates artists, creators and storytellers of our continent. They are a multimedia storytelling platform curated by creators, art enthusiasts and above all champions of the stories of Africa. Follow me on @drth_ke on Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.
May 27, 2021
Digital Rights and why you should care about them
What rights do we have as digital beings? The digital era has expanded the way we conduct our lives. We now exist as digital beings communicating and interacting with other digital beings. As we increasingly conduct our lives online – shopping, socializing and sharing information – our digital rights are becoming more important. To help me take this conversation further, I am joined by Margaret Wanjiru to discuss what our digital rights are and what they are and why we should care. Resources What are your digital rights? Profile Pic Meme - #DollyPartonChallenge What is Cambridge Analytica? Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal Can you have both security and privacy in the internet age? Platform Governance of Political Speech About CIPESA This episode was produced by pres.sed media. Follow me on @drth_ke on Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.
April 30, 2021
Bonus Episode: Bullying And Its Effects
While recording the last episode, we were joined by Denise Wanjiku, to talk about how to identify trauma caused by bullying and what can be done to stop it. Listen to what we had to say. Follow me on Twitter @drth_ke and share this podcast with everyone you know. :) Resources: List of Therapists and Wellness Apps -
March 18, 2021
Bullying And Its Effects
Bullying is recognized as a problem all over the world, usually defined as behaviour that is aggressive, intentional, repetitive and that contains an imbalance of power whereby the victimized person has difficulties defending themselves. It happens to many of us whether you’re young or old and regardless of whatever gender, race, or beliefs, you can find yourself being criticised for being who you are. I was joined by George Mbatia to talk about bullying and its effects. Resources:  List of Therapists and Wellness Apps - Follow me on Twitter @drth_ke
February 25, 2021
Money vs Personality
Happy New Year, everybody!  January is a crucial time for most of us. This is when we make our resolutions and plans that guide us through the year. This month, to help me explore how to think and use my money, I invited two financial advisors to discuss how our upbringing and beliefs influence the way we spend our money. If you want to reach out to them, you send an email to Ann Thiongo - and Judy Gakii - Follow me on @drth_ke on Twitter. And if you like what I’m doing, please don’t forget to subscribe and share. Resources,comes%20to%20managing%20household%20money
January 05, 2021
Playing as Adults
Remember how playtime was important to us as kids? We’d bargain with our guardians to let us go find our friends and it would sometimes end up getting us into trouble because you'd lose track of time.  Then as soon as our bodies grew and our voices started to become deeper, as if to emulate the adults in our lives, playing became a thing most of us looked down on. Now when burnout is the ever-looming tragedy, finding a way to switch off or to forget about things is vital.  Seeking ways to play has never been more important as a way to helps us unplug and recharge. So today, let's explore the idea of play as adults. What does it mean to us and how do we do it? Resources
December 01, 2020
Let's talk about Shame.
Shame is a feeling we are all familiar with but we often confused with guilt. On this episode, I am joined my Lina Mijide (one of my favourite Gemini),  to talk about this dark mysterious feeling and how we navigate it.   I am also curious to find out what you think about this thing called Shame. Tell me all about it on Twitter: @dtrh_ke - Resources
November 10, 2020
What is Your Purpose?
The question “what is your purpose” is notorious for throwing most of us off. In this episode, I am joined by my friend, Tracey Gachie, to discuss what makes us wake up in the morning.  Resources  How To Find And Do Work That You Love (Ikigai) - Now that I have gotten into a rhythm and flow of how I write and produce the podcast. Please expect a new episode every 1st Tuesday of the month. Remember to share with everyone you know. :)
October 06, 2020
Doing Gender - Are we All Performing Gender?
Are we All Performing Gender? On this episode, I invited my friend, Yvee, to talk about what gender means and the role it plays in our society. Resources/Quotes
September 08, 2020
Is Self-Transformation Possible?
“We have, all of us, an impulse to improve ourselves, an impulse toward actualizing more of our potentialities, toward self-actualization, or full humanness or human fulfilment, or whatever term you like. Granted this, then what holds us up? What blocks us?” “… the “fear of one’s own greatness” or the “evasion of one’s destiny” or the “running away from one’s own best talents.” — Abraham Maslow When I read about the Jonah Complex (a phrase that describes the fear of one's own greatness), I remember thinking how I had never thought about his predicament as a complex. LOL. Seriously though, on this episode, I invited back Wanyuru and this time we are joined by Zosi Kadzitu to talk about self-transformation. This is part 2 of the first episode and I encourage you to listen to that first (if you hadn't already). Resources:
August 11, 2020
Being Your Own Worst Enemy
Sabotaging yourself can feel like being weighed down by chains that you don't know how to get out of.  So why is it easier to focus on the fear than what's beyond it? In this episode, together with my friend - Wanyuru Muiruri- we got to talk about self-sabotage and what we are doing to move past our fears. This is part 1 of a 2-part conversation. In the next episode, I'll further explore why we fear our own success. Extra Resources:  The Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Saboteurs  The Psychology of Self-Sabotage and Resistance
July 21, 2020
Down The Rabbit Hole - An Introduction
There are some questions that might seem simple but the answers aren't easy to come by or depending on who you ask, you get different opinions. Well, I'm curious to hear different perspectives and this space will be a way to explore that. Stick around for more. 😊
July 10, 2020