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Are You Awakening?

Are You Awakening?

By Kimberly Darwin
What was that fleeting feeling you just had? Was it YOUR feeling...or someone else's? As empaths, we experience not only our own emotions, but those of others around us too. Join us on the roller coaster of emotion! We'll start with one word, and explore its emotional essence, for yourself, and for those around you.
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Empathy For Empaths - Judgment

Are You Awakening?

Empathy for Empaths - Grace
We channel Source energy through us for the purpose of serving mankind. By going through the difficulties and challenges of life, we learn to let our Higher Selves guide our words and actions.  In this episode where we relax and endure some cat video bombs (YouTube link below), we discuss the meaning of grace and how we can use it to amplify our empathic experience. 1. Definition of grace 2. Self-acceptance when we're not feeling so graceful 3. Accessing your depth of character by allowing Source to shine through you. Video link on YouTube:
July 12, 2022
Empathy For Empaths - Judgment
Starseed, there is a reason that judgment exists on Earth.  Although we tend to consider it a negative behavior, it has a purpose that benefits humanity in a big way. Let's review judgment from a different perspective: 1. Ego - but whose ego?? 2. Contrast - the starting point for judgment 3.  Self-recrimination - SHOULD you know better? Learn how to recognize what's really going on inside of you when you judge and turn it into a positive experience!
June 12, 2022
Empathy for Empaths - Being Relatable to Others
Empaths, why are you feeling those feelings and whose are they? Today's word:  Relatable 1. Show up as you are 2. Empaths mirror others' behavior 3. You are drawn to relate to certain people  What happens when you're misaligned?  Your body tells you! You are the mirror to others wanting knowledge about themselves. Check out the blog at
June 09, 2022