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Glowe Accelerator Podcast with Ariana Jahja

Glowe Accelerator Podcast with Ariana Jahja

By Ariana Jahja
Despite all that has and continues to change in our external environment, the real battle is still internal, and real change isn’t produced until we face our minds and our thoughts.

Mental Loops is all about learning to rewire your brain in order to start dreaming bigger, taking action, programming your brain to work for you, not against and to hear stories of others who have already done so. If we can imagine it in our minds, we can create it in our life. My goal is to share positive mental loops with you and share tips and tricks on how to start taking aligned action!
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How To Own Your Confidence & Be Unaplogetically You...NOW with Ashley Hann

Glowe Accelerator Podcast with Ariana Jahja

[Client Spotlight] How to Triple Your Results without Burning Out - with Michelle Eisenhart
In today’s episode, I want to introduce one of my DEAR clients who has kindly agreed to share her experience coaching with me over the last year or so. Michelle is a lighthouse and a powerhouse at the same time a marketing superhero and founder of Fly Pages and Fly Page Vault a STL-based marketing  firm with a big mission to support small businesses in getting the marketing they need to succeed. She is a wonderful mother and wife and a joy to talk to. We met at a co-working space during Covid and I fell in love with her energy immediately and secretly hoped I could get to coach her! My wish came true because after giving a presentation about how to be more creative in your business Michelle approached me and as she tells the story “hired me on the spot because I was her person”! Fast forward a year later and Michelle is not only thriving in her business but she has woken up to the power of her nervous system, her thinking, and the connection to a deeper purpose and passion in her business. In this episode we talk about what it takes to triple your business in just one year, how to feel better AND what it takes to do the work withe a performance coach.  Michelle Eisenhart  Linked In: Website: Ariana Jahja  LinkedIn: Glowe Connective -
September 30, 2022
[Burnout] It’s Not What You Think It Is
Have you ever taken time off to alleviate burnout, only to come back and immediately feel just as burned out as you did when you left? It may turn out that you were treating the wrong symptom, or perhaps overlooking the true source. We’re here to help you better understand burnout, so that you can avoid disaster in your work and personal life, solve it for good, and produce the best work of your life. In this episode, Kim and I discuss in detail what burnout looks like and the triggers that can be present and how to spot them! Check out the full blog post here: Connect with Kim: Instagram: kimbolourtchi LinkedIn: Connect with Ariana:  Instagram: Ariana_Jahja  LinkedIn:  And of course... Glowe: Instagram: gloweconnective
July 11, 2022
[Body Power] What To Do When You Can't Think Your Way Out of S*** w/ Kim Bolourtchi
Kim Bolourtchi is an incredible human being. Not only is she the most eclectic, positive person I've been around - but she is also an inspiration to anyone who wants to know how to step into their power using their body.  Kim is a professional dancer who has discovered how to use one's body to inform the mind when thoughts and language become ineffective.  In this episode, we explore the ways in which we can use cognitive-behavioral coaching and embodiment practices together to create more confidence and "get out of our heads". We use tons of examples such as public speaking and dancing and we share personal stories and practical tips on how to use one's body power to gain more confidence.  You don't want to miss this episode and I can't wait to hear your comments and experience with this topic.  Taking cognitive behavior coaching to the next level through deep embodiment  Why "fake it til' you make it" doesn't really work  Definitions and practice of cognitive-behavioral coaching and embodiment  Examples of what to do when walking into public speaking situations  What to do in addition to "power posing"  Practical tips and tools for stepping into your body power Why chaos can be helpful for growth  Importance of communication channels for trust and growth Connect with Kim:   Instagram: kimbolourtchi   LinkedIn: Connect with Ariana:  Instagram: Ariana_Jahja  LinkedIn:  And of course... Glowe: Instagram: gloweconnective
April 13, 2022
[Motivation] The One Shift That Can Change Everything
In this episode, I break down four ideas about passion and purpose and I share thought loops that you can start introducing into your daily belief work towards your higher self. How they are different How they intersect Why having many many passions is possible How to find clarity and make a decision over time. Why purpose is eternal and how your unique message can help others. How to start thinking about and extracting purpose in your everyday life. Listen to the four thought loops I share in this episode and share any loops you might find useful on your own quest towards finding meaning and purpose so you can start living unstoppable. Glowe 101 Workshop - IG: @gloweconnective IG: @ariana_jahja Books Mentioned: The Invisible Leader, Man's Search for Meaning 
January 05, 2022
[Embodiment] Supercharge Your Energies Through Conscious Practices w/ Dr. Lynnea Annette
Lynnea is a business consultant and leadership coach who helps conscious business leaders avoid burnout, build resilience, and rise above toxicity. She is also a professor at Washington University in St. Louis!  With Lynnea’s proprietary methods, her clients create more time for themselves and feel more focused and energized. Lynnea created dramatic changes in her own life through years of training in cutting-edge personality work and somatic energizing techniques. She has now systematized these methods into an efficient program to reclaim your time and supercharge your energies so you can live your juicy, purposeful life with confidence and empowerment. We had an incredible conversation discussing some of the following topics. Bringing conscious practices such as breathing and emotional awareness and practices of mindfulness to organizations. Why conscious breathing is beneficial. Emotional intelligence as somatic experience instead of just theory. How she helps people understand their personality patterns and parring that knowing with specific energy practices that help to release patterns. How compressed energies get stored in the body and what that means for us as humans. How to tend to our emotional and energetic hygiene. What it means to "drop into our body". How emotional pain manifests into physical pain. Why we can't just solve emotional problems through our head. Healing through non-linear, biological, nonverbal modalities that can happen in quantum time. Why just looking at hard data doesn't show the whole picture of the human experience. Examples of quantum entanglement in real life. Grounding ourselves in the bodily sensation of knowing. Why doing data is necessary but not sufficient. Binary vs Non-Binary and what it means for us. The energetic exchange and entanglement between parent and child interactions. The one thing to start with after listening to the podcast. HERE is the link for Breathing With Your Spine. HERE is the link for 3 Invisible Power Leaks
November 17, 2021
[Motivation] How to Glowe More in Your Career (or Business) with Glowe Connective
Today's episode is with Whitney Kenter & Celeste O'Brien - Together they make up GLOWE Connective! They believe that When you glow, you wake up every day with enough energy for yourself, others, and your business. You can provide the momentum not only to keep things moving forward but also to continue evolving and breaking new ground. You dedicate yourself to keeping your people at the center with a vision that inspires and focuses energy, a culture of trust that encourages and rewards innovation and individuality, and the structure, process, and technology that let people do their best work. With Glowe Connective, you can experience regenerative energy while leading your company to transformational growth. In this episode with discuss: Why they e or Energy is at the core of their business and how it plays a role in their company. Doing "the work" not only on an individual level but also on the business level and how it could impact our culture. Tools they use to help people uncover their essence and help them align to the company. Why saying "find your purpose" can be daunting for many people and how to approach it instead. How to bend by doing the things you love How to create space for more creativity in your life. Creating space to get done more, quicker. Taking time out of the equation and replacing it with energy and priorities. Stigmas around trauma and the importance of doing "the work" Building systems to heal traumas so we can show up fully in the workplace Using different techniques to unblock energies in our bodies. They both share the mental loops that have helped them get to where they are today! You can find them @ IG: @glowewithme and @theofficialcelestesaurus  LinkedIn:
October 08, 2021
[Brain Hacks] Achieving Peak Performance with Flow States (Woman Rising Podcast Re-Post with Ashley Lane Adams)
I had the honor to get interviewed by Single Mom Coach Ashley Lane Adams! Check out the Woman Rising Podcast on iTunes or Spotify! Today’s episode is with Ariana Jahja, a Peak Performance Coach! She talks about how our brain works, mindset, and getting into a flow state! She also has an amazing pain to power story that she shares! It is a super juicy conversation that you don’t want to miss! Share this post with anyone who needs to learn more about accessing the flow state! ♥️ @ariana_jahja
August 23, 2021
[Healing] Tools to Heal & Re-Parent Ourselves + Intergenerational Trauma
Selma Bacevac is a licensed psychotherapist who has worked in the mental health field for over a decade. She holds post-graduate training in infant and child mental health, maternal mental health, complex intergenerational trauma, and attachment-related problems. Selma specializes in helping Balkan women heal intergenerational wounds Through her work, she has created a meaningful movement of Balkan women who are healing and changing how they see themselves, their Balkan sisters and how they choose to parent their children. IN THIS EPISODE WE DISCUSS: Selma's background and how she got into this work and how and why she started her movement! The significance of biculturalism and how it affects us, especially as parents  What conscious parenting is from her perspective  Mother and father wounds and how they are created.  What it means to re-parent oneself.  The importance of creating safe & secure environments for ourselves and our children.  Boundary setting. Significance of emotional regulation and specific tools on how to start learning to self-regulate! She also shares the risks of emotional repression and how it might show up in our every day. Intergenerational trauma healing and the benefits of creating a family tree.  How old programming might keep us from growing in our business or career.  Fear-based thinking and core beliefs in business.  GUYS this episode is GOLD - plus I share some insight on my journey with visualization and HOW IT'S BEEN WORKING FOR ME! As always, if you feel called to share this episode - tag us, share it with 3 friends and/or teach this information/concepts to someone else! MUCH LOVE! Selma's Info: IG: @balkanmanatherapy Website: Upcoming RETREAT!! July 17 + 18 -   IG: ariana_jahja Website: 
July 15, 2021
[Career Tools] Find Your Way to Feel-Good Work with Author Sarah Vermunt
Sarah Vermunt is the Founder of Careergasm and the author of Careergasm and Career Rookie. She helps people figure out what the heck they want so they can quit jobs they hate and do work that feels good. Her work has been featured at Forbes, Fortune, Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and lots of other cool places. She lives in Toronto and online at In this podcast short but sweet episode we chat about! Why clarity before the strategy is important How to feel safe within ourselves before exploring new career paths is crucial Why pressing pause on the HOW in job search can be beneficial How to handle emotions during career search, transitions Tool to release your inner toddler! How to actually discover what you are passionate about and take action on it. Tactics on how not to talk yourself into a job. What to do if you are part of toxic work culture. Setting boundaries at work. She also shares several mental loops that have allowed her to get to where she is today! If you enjoy this episode tag us at @ariana_jahja or @careergasm @careergasm FREE Course: Find me @ariana_jahja or
June 07, 2021
[Story+Tools] From Pain to Purpose Through Blogging with Amila Tutundzic
Amila Tutundzic is a blogger, a mom of two, a researcher with a medical background, and a hobby writer. She re-discovered her love for writing during her battle with postpartum depression. Her therapist suggested writing as an outlet and little did she know how much that was going to do for her. Her ultimate goal with starting the blog was to use her experiences to write thought-provoking pieces that help build bridges into discussions that need to happen (for healing, for improvement, for moving forward)!  Her energy is INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL, you will love this episode especially if you have thought about self-expressing and/or starting a new project or business!  In this episode we discuss: Her journey of starting a blog The "behind the scenes" when writing her blog posts Listening to our intuition as moms and women in general How she leaned into self-expression by being vulnerable and how you can do it too Answering the call to be more and do more  Tips on how she creates her blog posts in case you've been interested in doing the same! How to connect with Amila: IG: Amila's Blog: Follow me on IG: ariana_jahja Website:
May 06, 2021
[Inspiration] Being YOU
What if you already know EXACTLY who you are and all you need to do is just let go of resistance? In today's 5 minutes inspirational message, I share my thoughts on what it means to be YOU and what question to ask yourself to find the answer within yourself. 
April 23, 2021
[Learning] 5 Steps to Creating Strategy Around Your Goals
In order to create something - be it a business, a brand, reach a career milestone or personal goal, it's important to think about and understand how to approach it from an internal perspective, meaning mindset, curiosity, and attitude but ALSO from a strategic level…Meaning using our default mode network, prefrontal cortex to figure out what we are trying to do and what steps we want to take in order to create results. This way we can activate a superpower called FLOW.  In this week's podcast episode I share with you the five steps of creating a strategy around your goals! If you enjoy this episode, tag me on IG @ariana_jahja! 
April 20, 2021
The Art of Boundary Setting to Heal Your Inner Child
Adrian Ellison is a modern-day Medicine Woman with a gift of bridging language between what we see with what we feel. She is the Founder of The Alpas Project & Self Healer Mastermind which encourages individuals to take their physical and mental healing into their own hands. She does this by providing tools to bring awareness to the uniquely unconscious parts of ourselves to access our gifts. Having healed her mind and body of chronic illness, her passion for teaching alternative methods of healing and activate the intuitive healer within us all is at an all-time high! Some things you will learn about in this episode: The power of self-healing and inner child work Setting boundaries that align energetically  Looking through the lens of curiosity in everything we do How to get clear and conceptualize who we are Where to find us: Adrian Ellison The Alpas Project - IG: @adrianellison Ariana Jahja @ariana_jahja
March 31, 2021
How to Receive Love & Acceptance (Meditation Inside)
Falling into self-doubt, negative self-talk, or judgment about ourselves is a common thing in the human condition. Always believing that we need to be better, thinner, richer, prettier, more productive…. This truth has us not feeling enough about ourselves and tragically, we might not believe we are worthy of our own love. While there are many different ways of self-love and self-care, one of my favorite ways is meditation. When we sit in silence and meditate on self-love, it allows us to remember that we are perfect, just the way we are. That we ARE worthy of love, especially our own and that love is always available to us. Meditating gives us permission to get vulnerable with ourselves and sit with all our thoughts and feelings, rather than resisting them. We can feel without judgment or whatever it is that we need to feel in that moment realizing that thoughts and feelings aren’t permanent.  They come and go just like clouds. Any feeling of unworthiness is only temporary and that we can choose a better feeling at any moment. This past weekend I led a group of about 20 women at a self-care event ran by Coda Stl and wanted to share it with you so that you have access to it any time you need a moment to step back and reconnect and receive the light and love that’s always available to you.
March 18, 2021
Allowing Fear To DRIVE You with Samantha Wallace
Sam Wallace is an Entrepreneur, Fitness Cover Model, Fat Loss Specialist, and Health and Wellness Coach. She is the Founder + CEO of Sam Wallace Fitness, an online personal training company where she specializes in helping her clients with weight loss and creating lifelong sustainability, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Samantha is passionate in helping other individuals regain their quality of life and helping her clients instill health and fitness into their everyday lives almost seamlessly. Her goal is to educate and empower men and women on the importance of their health and wellness through her online presence. She has been featured on the cover of Scottsdale Health Magazine, The Side of Mayo Podcast with Nick White, and Beyond The Image Podcast with James Patrick. As well as recently influenced for Fab Fit Fun, Wycked Naturals, and Bodytrec, Siete and many more.  Sam thrives in helping others unlock their greatest potential by helping them create a lifestyle of balanced health and wellness. ++++++++Topics we discussed:  Her journey growing up as a competitive studio dancer and how it affected her body image.  Her struggles with eating disorders and substance abuse issues. How she found clarity in her life and career after high school Bodybuilding and her experience in the industry  Starting her business off the ground during the pandemic Habit formation during health programs  Lifestyle formation vs. diet  Importance of showing up and keeping things consistent Allowing fear to drive you and be uncomfortable  Showing up authentically on social media as a fitness model Attracting your vibe and your tribe She shares details of her 16 week program IG: samwallacefit My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
March 16, 2021
Learning to Access Self-Love From Where You Are Now with Self-Love Coach Carlos DelaPlaya
Growing up Carlos was painfully shy + constantly believing that others were more valuable than me. He battled with addictions to drugs + pornography + suppressed my self-expression + my sexuality to others. After experiencing breakdowns + breakthroughs in various retreats + transformational settings, he finally beat his battle with drugs, came out of the closet, + began to unapologetically own his self-expression going from the awkward one in the corner to MC’ing conscious dance parties, facilitating retreats, + life coaching. He is currently a Self-Love coach + Tik Tok content creator who works with clients to develop unapologetic self-expression + a deep sense of self-worth + love in themselves where they’re at. You will LOVE this episode where we dicuss the following: Carlos shares his story of self-expression. Importance of self-expression as a human. Power of music and dance and his history with it. How he returned back to dance and why he abandoned it for a while. How dance and development intersect. His re-invention of the starving artist story. Healing through plant/mushroom medicine. Superfood mushrooms. Importance of keeping our body healthy through movement and food. The willingness to feel pain and how it moves us into action. What if feeling sad isn't a problem? Why we are not broken. Inflammation in the body and functional movements. How he healed his body back into dance. Trauma healing through cathartic release. TikTok: Twitter: IG:
February 22, 2021
5 Stages of Shifting Into a New Identity
Are you someone who is trying to reach a specific goal. This episode might be for you.  Reaching goals requires shifting identity. In order to create this new identity, we must first believe, so that we can take action towards who we are trying to become, or what we are trying to accomplish. Since I have thought about this quite a bit lately as I was creating the content for my current Mastermind group I wanted to share this process for you using all the things I have learned from my coaches - I broke it out into five sections for you five stages if you will and I hope you find it helpful. 1. Getting clear on your goal and who you want to become, I am talking about measurable SMART goals. 2. Digging deep into your current belief system 3. Identifying the mental loop error 4. Solving for the error and thinking on purpose, this is the place where imagination and creativity are a must. We have to believe that it's possible for us and we must start telling a new story and answering our brain every time it offers for us to believe we can't do it or why we shouldn't do it.  5. Receiving, accepting I can't wait for you to hear this and would love to hear from you! Books: The Biology of Belief  Check out:
February 04, 2021
The Healing Power of Sound with Lisa Grezlak/Svound
About Lisa Grezlak / Founder of SVOUND: 2003 was the beginning of my transformational journey into higher consciousness. Since then, my journey has led me to study and gain a deeper understanding of presence, higher consciousness, and healing. On my path, I had a transformational experience with Sound Healing that opened healing in me from depression, anxiety, and several chronic conditions. Today I am a Sound Vibrational Therapist and I help individuals heal their mind, body, and spirit with the transformational power of sound vibration. In this episode we discuss:  Lisa's story in detail and how she "accidentally" encountered sound healing. Dis-ease in mind, body, and spirit Her experience of what unconditional love and infinity looks like How she quit her high-powered job and why Why sound and why today? How sound balances your body and sound waves Letting go and healing with sound Meditation and how to accept all that is This is a jam-packed episode with tons of goodies!  Lisa also offers a free mediation for all of my listeners here, don't miss this freebie! Website: IG: My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
February 01, 2021
Iron Mindset of an Opiate Survivor with Dominique Velasquez
Dominique Velasquez is 42 years young, born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. She is a wife, a mother, and recently became a grandmother. (Yay) She is a PROUD SURVIVOR of opiate addiction. She almost lost her life to addiction because she was ashamed to ask for help because she feared the judgment of others.  She beliefs that the stigma of addiction is the biggest reason so many others lose their life to the disease.  As difficult as it was to share her story, it was more difficult to stay quiet. She knew that by staying quiet she was supporting the stigma. She shares her story to give others hope, and to let them know they are not alone.  In the episode, we discuss how she broke free from the shackles of opiates with the help of a therapist, coach, her faith, and by training her own brain to take the actions needed to recover and gain her freedom back.  We also discuss:  How her addiction started Why she was ashamed to get help What physical and mental withdrawals felt like Her mission to share her story How her connection to a higher power got her through Learning to have her own back What it meant for her to surrender Gaining time back by not living for pills and how it changed her life Importance of community while going through recovery Relationship between shame and addiction She shares the steps she used to turn things around for herself She shares several thought loops with us that helped her created an iron mindset.  IG: uniquepivot
January 13, 2021
Following Your Inner Compass in 2021 with Samantha Nimock
Samantha Nimock is a Yoga instructor, Coach, and owner of the Village Yoga Studios. Her journey from childhood on and where she is today is an inspiration to many to start following their inner compass and create the visionary dream life they always wanted. She is my coach and guide towards my truth and I can't wait for you all to listen in on these topics we discussed in this conversation. Samantha's story and how we met Her gift of reading people and how she got to be good at it Creating a path she thought she wanted and realizing that it's not what she wants! How she shifted paths and  took a leap of faith What it means to follow your inner compass How she created the vision for Village Yoga Tools to manifest and create the life we want Developing our inner  listening, feeling and noticing Steps to connecting to your  true inner being Reverse engineering goals How to tune into our imagination and envision what is possible for us How to imagine more and feeling gratitude for what we have at the same time Her experience of yoga and what it means to her Yoga as therapy for grief and anxiety How a yoga pose helped her know how to surrender Losing the ego on the mat Vibrational frequencies and how your body is like a musical instrument How to know where you      are going and keep your focus there Receiving and accepting what      is and what's given to us One of her main thought loops is "I am born for this"! Check out the episode for more nuggets! IG: samantha.nim or villageyogastudios Website:
December 29, 2020
How to Bring Passion Into Your Career with Nina Delagic
Nina Delagic is a Medical Esthetician and Master Facialist in St. Louis, MO. She is extremely good at what she does and not only that, she is extremely passionate about the work that she does. In this episode, we discuss her love for her job, her thoughts, and how she keeps it fresh and real on a daily basis! We discuss the following:  Nina's story and why she is so passionate about her work Her love for skin & journey in her career growth The complexity of being a human Importance of reading energy in people Healing through energy release Females empowering and supporting each other Social media How she gets out of a funk Why every day is a different battle Music and mood Why she makes feeling good a priority  Letting people go with love Striving for results and progress, not perfection  And much, much more! Nina's website: Nina's IG: My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
December 14, 2020
How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids with Peaceful Parenting Coach Sarah Rosensweet
Sarah Rosensweet is a certified peaceful parenting coach, speaker, and educator, and the parenting advice columnist for Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three big kids (ages 13, 16, and 19). Peaceful parenting is a non-punitive, connection-based approach that uses firm limits with lots of empathy. Sarah works one-on-one virtually with parents all over the world to help them go from frustrated and overwhelmed to:“We’ve got this!” In this episode we discuss. I know you will get as much value out of it as I did!   Sarah shares her story of being a parent and how she became a parenting coach How her children led her to her career Peaceful parenting concept Trusting your intuition as a parent How to influence kids behavior through connection How to get your kids to care what you think Setting firm limits without punishing your kids Scaffolding to support your expectations for your child Why you don't have to make a child feel bad in order to teach them something How to stop yelling at your kids How yelling hurts the relationship Stop, drop, and breath technique How to handle aggressive behavior and big emotions The concept of the emotional backpack Using empathy in parenting Importance of being present at the moment with your kids What delighting your child means Using laughter as a bonding tool Song mentioned: Ablaze Alanis Morrisette - Mental Loops Sarah shares: Kids are doing the best they can He is not giving me a hard time, he is having a hard time "This is it" Sarah's Website: Her Parenting Quiz: Sarah's IG: My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
November 30, 2020
How To Own Your Confidence & Be Unaplogetically You...NOW with Ashley Hann
Ashley Hannawacker is an online branding and marketing strategist, author, and speaker. Ashley specializes in creating powerful, cohesive online brand experiences and is an expert at making websites that make money. She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Shape, Shark Tank, and Addicted2Success and has been mentored by Gary Vaynerchuck!   Ashley is very passionate about personal growth and mindset through which she has led various presentations, coached leadership training, and written a #1 best selling book: Magnetic Confidence: Attract the Results, Relationships, and Life You Want! She empowers women to be fully-expressed & On Fire in every area of their life! She inspires others into action through her powerful, conscious presence. In this episode we discuss:  Her story of social anxiety, low confidence, and fear How and why she started playing BIG  How to flex the confidence muscle What it means to be certain in your convictions  How to break from "shoulding" on yourself Integrating our thoughts and emotions How to shine the light on emotions rather than running from them Moving from fear to faith Receiving compliments vs. deflecting them Why life is an awareness game  Why we teach people how to treat us! How to flip the script on playing the victim  Importance of inner child and shadow work Cultural influences and self-image Forgiving parent and parent relationships Courage card exercise and speck exercise for anxiety AND MUCH MUCH MORE! She also shares several mental loops including:  When in doubt, focus out! Being true to your intentions Listen to the entire episode for the rest! Ashley's website: Instagram: Ashley's Book:  Magnetic Confidence My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
November 16, 2020
Four Mindsets that Drive Your Success with Ryan Gottfredson
Dr. Ryan Gottfredson is a mental success coach and cutting-edge leadership consultant, author, trainer, and researcher. He helps improve organizations, leaders, teams, and employees by improving their mindsets. Ryan is currently a leadership and management professor at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at California State University-Fullerton (CSUF). He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources from Indiana University and a B.A. from Brigham Young University. He is Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of the book “Success Mindsets: The Key to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership.” (Morgan James Publishing) Ryan has published over 15 articles across a variety of journals including the Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Business Horizons, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, and Journal of Leadership Studies. His research has been cited over 2,000 times since 2014. In this POWERFUL episode we break down the following topics: How underlying fears and insecurities can run our lives. The 3 jobs of mindsets Importance of integrating the brain Why some people have negative mindsets vs. positive Reptilian, Mammalian, and the human brain - what's the difference? What shifting mindsets actually means Why promotion mindset is closely correlated with a PURPOSE driven life! How trauma affects mindsets What the four sets of mindset are Some of his favorite mental loops are: What am I doing for their eyes not to sparkle?  They are doing the best they know how to.  Book mentioned:  The Gift  Ryan's website: Instagram: ryangottfredson My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
November 02, 2020
How to Have Better Relationships with Inna Mel
"Inna Mel is a relationship coach who helps single successful women stop wasting time on the wrong men and attract their King!  Her personal struggles have been the driving force that inspired her to become a coach. Experiencing the pain and challenges of unhealthy relationships has helped her identify problem areas and enable her to empathize compassionately with those with similar struggles. She has been featured in Social Lifestyle Magazine, and Yahoo " Top 10 Relationship Coaches Transforming Lives in 2020." She is also a contributor for Thrive Global and Thought Catalog." In this episode, we discuss all the following topics, and more! Identifying non-negotiables Clarity work The importance of knowing your own worthiness and attracting love How relationships with caregivers/parents can determine relationship patterns Clearing and working through programming Adult attachment styles and relationship success Impact of stress on relationships Working through anger, pain, and guilt in order to attract better relationships Pre-date rituals Feminine and Masculine powers Rediscovering yourself to find the perfect match Her opinion on soulmates Her Mental Loops during her life changes. Be bold, have the courage to create the life that you want. You are amazing and you can become anything that you want. Book mentioned: Attached  Inna's website: IG: @iaminnamel My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
October 19, 2020
Why Freedom is a State of Mind with Chase Silverstein
Chase is the founder of Elevate II Educate, an incredible Yogi, Trainer, and Naturopathic wellness expert and self-pronounced "Free Spirit" with a plan doing meaningful work, every day.  His mission is to help driven free spirits create a life that they don't have to vacate from. Like many extraordinary people he has a powerful pain to purpose story that has allowed him to become passionate about helping others take control of their health and wellness through mindfulness, nutrition, weight lifting, and yoga. He will be sharing his story with us that has inspired him to become a "free spirit" in every sense of the word and the mental loops that have allowed him to take control of his life and his experience through unconditional love and awareness. He will be sharing many, many "mantras" that support this mindset to a tee and you can start implementing into your everyday life.  We also discuss topics such as how to train your brain by taking the Yoga practices to every aspect of our life. What happens on the mat translates directly to how we do things off the mat! Incredible truth bombs shared - You don't want to miss this one! We discuss the following topics: -The car accident that changed his perspective on life, the mind, and the body and why he calls it his biggest blessing! -Making a conscious decision to turn his life around after the accident -Getting past other people's judgments and beliefs and the fear of death -His journey as a bodybuilder and how he learned the importance of the mind/body connection -The topic of brain and gut relationship -Importance of sleep -Why he showed up on his yoga mat the day his dad passed -Why you are the plan and how utilizing your calendar can change your life -How to stop identifying with bad programming -Importance of unconditional self-love -Why meaningful work is the pre-requisite for alignment and joy -Immolate what you are inspired by and respect the standards of your goals -Importance of breathwork and how the breath is consciousness And much, much more…. A couple of his mental loops/mantras: If perception is reality, I might as well practice peace, love, and joy. Your world is what's ends up on your calendar Your perception of me is a reflection of you, my reaction to you is an awareness of me. Make sure to listen for the rest! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot and tag us @ariana_jahja and and let us know your thoughts! My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
October 07, 2020
Passion vs. Purpose & Where to Begin
Working with hundreds of people has taught me one thing, most of us struggle with identifying and deciding what we care about. In this episode, I break down four ideas about passion and purpose and I share thought loops that you can start introducing into your daily belief work towards your higher self How they are different How they intersect Why having many many passions is possible How to find clarity and make a decision over time. Why purpose is eternal and how your unique message can help others. How to start thinking about and extracting purpose in your everyday life. Listen to the four thought loops I share in this episode and share any loops you might find useful on your own quest towards finding meaning and purpose so you can start living unstoppable.
September 21, 2020
Intro to Mental Loops
Welcome to the Mental Loops Podcast! Congrats to you for seeking out information to upgrade your brain and start making it work for you, not against in order to become unstoppable. In this episode, I talk about the foundations of this podcast and what my story, goals, and intentions are!
September 14, 2020
How Being Imperfect Can Be Our Key to Success
Perfectionism is the unrealistic striving for flawlessness and setting high-performance standards, accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations of us. In this first solo-cast, I dig into my journey with perfectionism and how it has affected me. I also break perfectionism down into the following topics: What it means to be a perfectionist Why it's holding us back from becoming free and successful and sometimes even depressed The root causes of perfectionism  How to be an imperfectionist Mental Loops I would like to share on the topic of perfectionism are:  I care more about putting work in rather than the actual result I care more about who I want to be rather than what other people think I care about doing things than doing them right I care more about success than I care about failure I care more about the task than the timing For the rest of the loops that will help you become an imperfectionist, listen to the full episode! The book I reference in this episode is How to Be an Imperfectionist by Stephen Guise Enjoy! Tag me in your IG stories @ariana_jahja with your thoughts so we can see and share them on our platform as well. My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
August 31, 2020
The Dark Side of Wellness with Ashley Gibson
Ashley is a wellness coach who has experienced the dark sides of wellness hands on.  In this powerful episode, she shares the story of her journey from a tragic accident to aligning her mindset with the right thoughts towards a healthy life.  We discuss: What it means to be an introverted extrovert Her accident she had to tragically live through; as well as the transformation that followed after Obsessions over "looking and feeling perfect" and how it challenged her relationship with others, as well as herself. The mental loops that allowed her to start becoming more aligned with herself and her health:  Tag us in your IG stories @ariana_jahja and @awhite829 with your thoughts so we can see and share them on our platform as well. My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
August 31, 2020
How to Bring Out Your Inner Badass with Angela Lou
Angela is a fitness instructor at one of the best boxing gyms in San Francisco, HitFit SF. She has been an inspiration for me and many others, and I wanted you to hear her story!  In the episode we discuss: What it means to go through adversity, growing up diverse, and pulling strength from the unknown.  Being a female boxer and how to bring out your inner lioness! How she preps for her classes and what she thinks in order to bring a bad-ass class, every time.  Her resilience towards the shutdowns in CA and how she pushes through to show up for herself and her clients,  despite the external struggles of COVID. The mental loops she shares with us are: I treat others the way I want to be treated. Listen to the episode to catch more mental loops that can change your mindset to become a badass! Tag us in your IG stories @ariana_jahja and @angelato_ss with your thoughts so we can see and share them on our platform as well. My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
August 31, 2020
Seeing Our Struggles As Gifts with Edina Hamulic
Edina is an Oola Life & Wellness Coach. She is passionate about helping women and inspiring them to walk this journey through a healthy body & mind. We were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off, as we share a lot of similar coaching principals on how to break through and take our experience to the next level. I appreciated her energy and powerful perspective on how to change our minds to become our highest selves, even through adversity and struggles. In this episode, we talk about: Our Bosnian background and going through adversity Importance of processing our trauma Feeling alone and being alienated Dealing with anger and how to come through to the other side Importance of self-awareness and being awake The difference between deep work and “just being positive” Why our stories are a big deal and why we should share them Learning from our past and intentionally looking at struggles as gifts Seeking external approval and how it can be soul-crushing Speaking and finding our truth Edina’s mental loops that she lives by today: 1. I have the power to create the life I want to live. 2. No matter what comes my way - I am capable of overcoming, growing, and pushing forward. For more of her mental loops, listen to the episode to extract thoughts that will make you a more balanced person who can see struggles as gifts! Tag us in your IG stories @ariana_jahja and @edinafit with your thoughts so we can see and share them on our platform as well. My Website: Instagram: @ariana_jahja Facebook: Ariana Jahja Coaching
August 05, 2020