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DevOps With Zack

DevOps With Zack

By Arshad Zackeriya
My name is Arshad Zackeriya, a DevOps Engineer and an AWS Community Builder. I will be delivering some awesome podcasts about the current industry, best practices and daily use cases of DevOps. Follow this podcast for some awesome updates about DevOps.
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Candy Crush

DevOps With Zack

WEB3 Meets DevOps
Nowadays everyone is talking about WEB3. I always had this thought about what WEB3 is and how DevOps can be involved? Luckily I had a chat with my good friend and colleague regarding this matter. After the discussion, I thought of recording a podcast and sharing it with you all. listen today to understand whats is web3 and how it’ll be used in the future. and more importantly, how can DevOps help the blockchain development to glide through. About Kalith: Founding Partner at Metalist and Fitclub. Graduate of North Dakota State University, Bachelors in Computer Science with Magna Cum lade honors. Over 10 years of experience as a serial tech entrepreneur having executed over 50 successful projects and 2 projects in the crypto space. Connect with Kalith on LinkedIn : Check Kalith’s Awesome Projects : Metalist : Cyber Fox : Check about Alchemy :
August 10, 2022
Candy Crush
Alex Radu is a VP Product Adoption and Marketing for Public Cloud at JP Morgan Chase in Glasgow, Scotland the land of the unicorns (it's a thing). Alex is also a speaker, tech community manager and recent graduate of an MSc Computer Science at University of Bath. She used to work as a conversational developer, software engineer and community manager among other things. Alex is a fervent advocate of diversity in tech and loves to support various communities, like codebar, Aspiring Women Speakers, #IamRemarkable, GitHub Campus Experts, Women Techmakers and more! In her role, Alex helps bring products and brands to life using community and marketing, as well as acting as a navigator between product, design, engineering and customer teams. This is all supported by data and feedback in all the work she does in the product space and can help reach the adoption and retention goals of the business whilst delighting current and potential customers! Connect With Alex Radu:  LinkedIn Polywork Twitter
February 12, 2022
Distributed Systems Observability
Amila is discussing about Distributed Systems Observability. He is a Senior DevOps at Zalando, Germany. He is Specialised in Kubernetes Ansible Automation Architecting AWS based solutions Implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines Implementing deployment pipelines for micro service architectures. DevOps and Agile practices. Deep root cause analysis. LinkedIn :
December 20, 2021
A Developers Guide To Polyglot Debugging
Had a great discussion with Shai Almog about Polyglot Debugging. Shai Almog is a Developer Advocate at Lightrun. Co-Founder of Codename One. Java Rockstar, Speaker, Author, Blogger and open source hacker. He is a major open source contributor who led key global projects around the world in his 30 year professional career.  Publications : Medium : GitHub :
November 10, 2021
Women Who Code
Today's guest speaker is Sewvandi - Undergraduate Trainee @ IFS R&D, an Open Source Enthusiast. She is Volunteering in: Women In FOSS Core Representative President - SLIIT Women In FOSS Secretary - SLIIT FOSS Board 20/22 Core Volunteer - FOSS Sri Lanka  Her Portfolio - Blog - LinkedIn - GitHub -
October 18, 2021
My Friend's Red Car On The Highway
Today's guest speaker is Chamila Liyanage - Software Architect @ LSEG, Specializing in Microservices & Cloud based Large scale systems design and development. We are talking about some fascinating use cases of DevOps. Camila's YouTube Channel, Which is really great he did in the Sinhala language. Kuppiya - YouTube
October 03, 2021
Enabling DevOps In A Startup
Ravindu is sharing his experience with DevOps transformation in a start-up and the journey of how they enabled DevOps. He is an Associate Technical Leader @ Emojot inc and DevOps and Cloud Computing enthusiast. Ravindu's Blog :
September 21, 2021
The impact of Observability on the Business
Darshan is an awesome Palowan, Crypto Enthusiast. He discuss about the importance of Observability and the impact of Observability on the business. He is a DevOps Consultant in Palo IT Singapore
September 12, 2021
Your Order From Kubernetes Is Here!
Thulasya is sharing his past experience with one of the leading taxi/food booking app in Sri Lanka about How Kubernetes made their lives easier, how they managed their infrastructure with unexpected loads (such as rainy days )and some of the best practices, he is an Associate Tech Lead at SyscoLabs, also a Kubernetes enthusiast Medium: GitHub:
September 05, 2021
Running out of IOPS in AWS RDS?
Thilina is sharing his one of the recent experience with AWS RDS Write IOPS. How their team identified bottlenecks in a web application that consists of insensitive writing operations while carrying out a benchmarking load test. He is an Associate Technical Lead - Cloud Services at Sysco Labs and a blogger. Thilina's Medium Link :
August 29, 2021
Azure DevOps
Kasun Rajapakse is a cloud enthusiast based in Sri Lanka and currently works as a Senior DevOps Engineer for Ascentic. He has more than eight years of experience in cloud technologies, is well versed in multiple cloud technologies, and has a particular interest in everything Kubernetes. He writes technical blogs about Kubernetes, Terraform, DevOps, monitoring, and many more for his blog & actively contributes to the community by speaking in user groups, conferences, and content creation. Kasun is also Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and holds several cloud certifications from Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud. This episode all about what is Azure DevOps, what tooling Azure DevOps Service Offers and More about Azure DevOps.
August 22, 2021
DevOps for Data Science
Data science and machine learning are often associated with mathematics, statistics, algorithms and data wrangling. While these skills are core to the success of implementing machine learning in an organization, there is one function that is gaining importance – "DevOps for Data Science." Today we have our special guest - Dilan Jayasekara who started a career as a Software Developer and then changed his career path to Data Science and now currently working as a Data Engineer at Pitcher Partners, Melbourne. About Dilan: Portfolio : Blog : Other : (Music Data Analysis) Connect with Dilan: LinkedIn:
August 14, 2021
How SRE Relates To DevOps
There is a massive misconception about SRE among the DevOps community. Most think it's all about Monitoring the Production. But is it true? Today, we have a special guest, Kanchana Wickremasinghe VP & Product Manager of Choreo Data Plane at WSO2, to discuss how SRE Relates To DevOps. 
August 13, 2021
I’ve Automated My Self Out Of A Job
"The most powerful tool we have as developers is automation." -- Scott Hanselman When it comes to DevOps we always talk and hear about Automation! Lets Understand what is this Automation and how pivotal in DevOps.  Guest : Shehan Marino, Lead Engineer in (DevOps/Delivery and Infrastructure) at Xero New Zealand
August 11, 2021
Demystifying DevOps
In the Software Industry there is a misinterpretation about DevOps. Is it tool ? a Service ? a Product ?. Lets Demystify DevOps!  Guest : Nilesh Jayanandana is an Architect at WSO2 Sri Lanka, A visiting part time lecture at SLIIT (Sri Lanka) and a Kubernetes Trainer.
August 08, 2021
Intro DevOps with Zack
Hello everyone, welcome to the DevOps with Zack podcast. My name is Arshad Zackeriya and I am currently working as a DevOps consultant. I will be delivering some awesome podcasts about the current industry, best practices and daily use cases of DevOps. Follow this podcast for some awesome updates about DevOps.
August 07, 2021