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Art of Gravity

Art of Gravity

By Art of Gravity
From Ruckus, a podcast about what it looks like to pull together new art worlds in the American South and Midwest, and how we might do it together.
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02. Alt-Text as Poetry and Bojana Coklyat

Art of Gravity

07. Kiah Celeste's It Is What Is Not Yet Known, with John Brooks and Mary Clore
This episode features a conversation that centers on the current solo show up at Quappi Projects (Louisville, KY) by Kiah Celeste titled It Is What Is Not Yet Known. L Autumn Gnadinger speaks with the artist, joined by John Brooks who runs Quappi, and fellow editor at Ruckus, Mary Clore. - It Is What Is Not Yet Known at Quappi Projects Kiah Celeste John Brooks Mary Clore
February 25, 2021
06. Amplifying Black Artists in Louisville
In honor of Black History Month, we are going to rebroadcast the audio from a panel event that Ruckus hosted last year in our Big Talker’s series on the subject of “Amplifying Black Artists in Louisville,” which features Dr. Kalia Story, Ashley Cathey, and Brianna Harlan, moderated by Ramona Dallum Lindsey. The conversation itself felt just as important to listen to in early 2021 as it did when it happened in the summer of 2020, and while it focuses on the unique racial dynamics in Louisville, KY, it has lessons for art worlds all across the U.S. Featured in this episode: Ramona Dallum Lindsey ( Ashley Cathey ( Brianna Harlan ( Dr. Kaila Adia Story ( - Big Talkers is a quarterly lecture and panel series hosted by Ruckus, and is funded by contributions from Great Meadows Foundation. - To watch the panel online: To support Art of Gravity on Patreon: For all other Ruckus content:
February 11, 2021
05. Jordan Nassar's The Field is Infinite, with Joey Yates and Anna Blake
A conversation between Anna Blake, contributor for Ruckus, Joey Yates, Curatorial Director at KMAC Museum in Louisville, KY, and artist Jordan Nassar, whose work is currently on exhibition at KMAC in a solo show titled The Field is Infinite.  Jordan Nassar Anna Blake Joey Yates If you have thoughts or ideas for this show or would like to get involved with Art of Gravity, send an email to If you’d like to see this and all of our projects grow subscribe on Patreon for as little as $1 a month (I promise every little bit helps).
January 28, 2021
04. Joseph Hart of Deep Color
L Autumn Gnadinger speaks with Joseph Hart, founder and host of the podcast, Deep Color. Joseph (he/him) is an artist and educator living in New York, and in each episode of Deep Color, Joe has long-form, thoughtful conversations with artists––largely in the New York area––to talk about everything from studio work, to background and influences, the logistics and financial aspects of making art, and much more. Several years and several dozen episodes into Deep Color, I think of Joe as someone who has been steadily improving an already terrific project, and if you aren’t familiar I encourage you to go check it out. - If you have thoughts or ideas for this show or would like to get involved with Art of Gravity, send an email to If you’d like to see this and all of our projects grow subscribe on Patreon for as little as $1 a month (I promise every little bit helps). 
January 14, 2021
03. Glass Breakfast with William M. Duffy
Audio from the Glass Breakfast interview series featuring William M. Duffy.  From Louisville, Kentucky, William M. Duffy graduated with a B.F.A. in painting from the Louisville School of Art. A self-taught stone-carver, Duffy's figurative and abstract sculptures have been exhibited throughout the United States and can be found in numerous private, corporate, and public collections. Duffy also works in wood, metal, and found objects while also having taught art for over 35 years to students of all ages, social, and economic backgrounds. Filmmaker Ian Carstens sat down with the artist in his Louisville home. Glass Breakfast is an online gallery organized by curator/filmmaker Ian Carstens. Through one-on-one interviews and online exhibitions, Glass Breakfast serves as an alternative space for the appreciation and conversation of contemporary art. Ian Carstens uses the documentary, experimental, and curatorial modes to create both interiorly personal pieces as well as multidimensional collaborative projects. Carstens currently lives and works in Bloomington, IN. - To watch this full video interview: To see more Glass Breakfast videos: If you have ideas for this show, get in touch at
December 31, 2020
02. Alt-Text as Poetry and Bojana Coklyat
In this episode: L Autumn Gnadinger speaks with Bojana Coklyat about the project Alt-Text as Poetry, and web/image accessibility in the arts. Bojana Coklyat is an artist, disability activist, and one half of the project Alt-Text as Poetry—a  workbook, blog, and workshop series dedicated to reimagining our relationship to image description and image accessibility. Alt-text (or, alternative text) is what web users with low vision might use to interpret the content of an image online, and is a (generally underutilized) cornerstone of web accessibility. Bojana and Shannon Finnegan, Alt-Text as Poetry’s co-founder, take this often utilitarian language used to describe images on the internet and encourage users to engage with it through many of the same tools and freedoms as one would with poetry. The resulting descriptions are then allowed to live on their own, without the image that originally prompted them, not unlike poetry—as simple, but potent art objects. - For a condensed transcription of the interview featured in this episode: -
December 17, 2020
01. LPAR Open Letter and Nápoles Puerto Spotlight
An open letter from Brianna Harlan that introduces a project that she initiated called the Louisville People’s Art Report, which analyzes hundreds of surveys from community members about their experiences with the arts in Louisville, Kentucky, especially as it relates to issues of racism and sexism, but sadly makes clear issues well beyond that.  An Artist Profile of José Manuel Nápoles Puerto, written and recorded by Sara Olshanksy. - - - - - People featured in this episode: Brianna Harlan (she/her) is an artist and creative interventionist. She is receiving her MFA in art and social action at Queens College and working as a program coordinator for a diversity, equity, and inclusion incubator for City University of New York. Sara Olshansky (she/her) is a regular contributor to Ruckus and a working artist based in Louisville.   L Autumn Gnadinger (they/them) is an artist and art writer originally from Louisville. Currently, they are an MFA candidate at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA.  - - - - -  To read more about José Manuel Nápoles Puerto and to access a transcript: To read more on Brianna's open letter about the Louisville People's Art Report and to access a transcript: - - - - - Next steps for the Louisville People's Art Report: Sign up for LPAR email updates: Social media updates: instagram @_briannaharlan The links below will allow you to add 3 words for your priorities and 3 words for your desired values as they pertain to this work. Priorities Values Donate to the work, venmo: @BlackLoveBlooms; paypal: - - - - - Support Ruckus and Art of Gravity on Patreon:
December 02, 2020
Pilot Season Trailer: Art of Gravity
From Ruckus, this is Art of Gravity, a podcast on building new art worlds in the American South and Midwest, and how we might do that together. As a first step, we are spending this pilot season experimenting with how a complementary audio platform like this, can make art journalism more participatory, more accessible, and more anti-racist than it would be as plain writing, alone.
October 28, 2020